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Galaxy brained racist PUA: If we convince libs that cold weather = white supremacy, they’ll have to support global warming

Is Santa Claus a secret Nazi?

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By David Futrelle

Ok, so you know how there are lots of white people in northern Europe? And, like, Canada? What if a bunch of far-right shitlords were able to convince the media that cold weather was a white thing? Then the libs would have to support global warming!

That, in any case. is the argument of weirdo racist pickup artist guru Heartiste, and I have to confess that I did Nazi that coming.

In a post a couple of days ago, Heartiste set forth his proposition:

I hope the fake news media … declares winter a co-opted symbol of White Nationalism. … Just get the meme spreading that cold weather is congenial to Whites and causes nonwhites endless suffering, you’ll see shitlibs turning on a dime about their opposition to [autogenic global warming]. I want shitlib whites to feel uneasy every time they make a snowman with their 0.7 kids or strap on a pair of skis.

End game: shitlibs become global warming fans. lol

The big problem with this truly galaxy brained plan — aside form the fact that it makes no fucking sense —  is that the only people who seem to have swallowed the “cold weather means white supremacy” logic are 1) Heartiste himself and 2) a small percentage of his readers.

Heartiste earnestly pines for some sort of apocalyptic cold snap  — which is one seemingly paradoxical but possible result of global warming — hoping that a colder climate will literally wipe out millions if not billions of people who aren’t white enough for him.

He starts off his post with this attempt at poetry:

Winter created Whites.

Winter will save Whites.

Pray for the Long Winter.

Alms for the Grand Solar Minimum.

Shrines to the frigid night air.

Prayers to the God of the Land of the Ice and Snow.

The big freeze returns.

Then he spells out what he thinks the consequences of this “big freeze” will be:

The North Winds won’t always be survivable by the high time preference hordes. A shortage of heating oil coupled with a mini ice age should wonderfully purify heartlands and minds.

(The “high time preference” bit is a reference to the belief of many racists that people of color only think about the present and can’t plan for the future.)

A few of Heartiste’s readers think a “purifying” ice age would be just dandy.

“I’m a mountaineer with experience in -30 degrees F,” someone called Corinth Arkadin boasts.

I know a tiny amount of people (to include my Saxon woman!) who could do what I’ve done in that temperature.

Cull the herd. Bring on Winter.

But most of the commenters are skeptical, getting into long-winded and sometimes nasty debates on the evolutionary history of white people, with a few of them pointing out the rather obvious fact, ignored by Heartiste, that people of color have lived in cold climates for thousands of years.

One commenter called Doktor Jeep sidesteps the whole debate and urges his fellow shitlords to try to get the libs mad at Christmas instead.

So, if we would prefer to commit an ultimate act of taking “always offended” leftism and shoving it back up their asses without lube, all we have to do is take not only the winter symbology but the Christmas symbols as well and turn those into “white supremacy”™

It will make them ruin their own Christmas because they’ll take it away from themselves – or perhaps every horrible evil white male heterosexual christian gets free rent in the heads of every SJW alive as they go out of their way not to say “Christmas”.

Meanwhile, a commenter called Veritas offers a theory of white people that’s literally more galaxy brained than Heartiste:

Not that I have any hard evidence for this myself – but I truly believe, in my heart and soul – that the Aryan race descendends from another planet, another universe, that our himmlische Vater sent us here to save and redeem this world, for the benefit of all mankind

White supremacists are deeply weird.

Also, I’m white and I hate winter.

94 replies on “Galaxy brained racist PUA: If we convince libs that cold weather = white supremacy, they’ll have to support global warming”


I have a close family member who has gone through suicidal ideation and worse. It is definitely beatable, but don’t take it lightly. Remember that the inner voice telling you ending things is a viable option is a shitty liar. Kind of like Heartiste, but way more convincing. The general rule my loved one and their healthcare folks worked out is that suicidal ideation is definitely something to report to your healthcare folks and be treated for. Actually starting to consider a method for ending things is the trigger point we decided on for seeking immediate care. They are doing much better now, and finding a doctor who was very current on her knowledge of meds was the big difference.

Just one guys experience, don’t know if it will help, but know you will definitely be missed.

It’s always remarkable that these shitheels think that they’ll be the ones to survive an enormous cataclysm because they once went camping when it was cold out.

Hate to quote Chapo again, but in the context of the Gaza protests of the American Embassy move to Jerusalem that left dozens killed, they pointed out that the vast majority of Americans (white suburbanites especially, but frankly all developed nations) really don’t know what it’s like to go without the bare essentials of life (food, water, shelter) the way the Gazans do. Water in particular is the truly precious commodity and all these weekend warrior survivalists playing dress-up haven’t given it a moment’s thought as they’re planning to overthrow governments and preparing for Mad Max to break out.

And forget the militia guys, you think these computer-dwelling CHUDs with bedrooms covered in anime pinups have given a single thought to potable water following a global cataclysm?

To quote Quark from one of the best episodes of DS9, “The Siege of AR-558”:

Let me tell you something about Hew-mons, Nephew. They’re a wonderful, friendly people, as long as their bellies are full and their holosuites are working. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time and those same friendly, intelligent, wonderful people… will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon. You don’t believe me? Look at those faces. Look in their eyes.

The irony here is that these CHUDs are nasty and bloodthirsty having everything at their fingertips.

And if you’re relying on your bare white skin as camouflage in the snow, you’re already as good as dead.

If you skin a white supremacist and wear them as a suit, however…

I kid, of course. Who’d want to wear something that disgusting?

Ugh, I put the quotes around the wrong word in my own post; they were meant to go around “savage”. Serves me right trying to compose a long post on a tablet keyboard… ☹️


I’m sad that someone called “Doktor Jeep” is involved in this.

I spotted that, too. Andrew Eldritch promised a new SoM album if Trump got in. If it ever happens, I don’t think these guys will be pleased with the lyrical content.


Pale skin doesn’t grant any kind of resistance to the cold.

I think it is correlated with other cold-weather adaptations to do with restricting blood flow to extremities and slow the onset of hypothermia. Having a body well adapted to heat-rejection in hot climates isn’t so useful in the arctic (and vice-versa). I don’t know if this is genetic or phenotypic, though; probably a bit of both.

Technically they may still have some advantage, because due to centuries of systemic exploitation and oppression, white people tend to be richer than non-white people and thus will havemore resources to mitigate the affects to their comfort.

As usual, this is great news for the 1% and maybe the 5%, but everyone else is basically fucked regardless of their personal melanin levels. I feel like there should be a word for the persistent human delusion that [out-group people you hate] will always be worse off in the event of [bad things happening] because of [probably racist and definitely stupid reasons].

So does Shack Fartiste actually admit that humans are an AFRICAN species? You’d have to admit that to admit the stuff about white skin being some “cooler climate/less direct sunlight” adaptation (uh, ‘baby steps’?).

That said; Inuit (N. American and Siberian) and Himalayans are still pretty swarthy….I think whiteness is also due to stuff involving Vitamin D and perhaps having kids with Neanderthals many millennia ago.

Anyhoo; White skin only makes someone “superior” at getting melanoma. It’s a deficiency of melanin….a freaky mutation of a normally Tan/Brown species.

Being white doesn’t make one better or worse than the others. I say this as a bona-fide white person, myself.

@ Pie:

I feel like there should be a word for the persistent human delusion that [out-group people you hate] will always be worse off in the event of [bad things happening] because of [probably racist and definitely stupid reasons].


@ Pie

I feel like there should be a word for the persistent human delusion that [out-group people you hate] will always be worse off in the event of [bad things happening] because of [probably racist and definitely stupid reasons].

Oh yes. This is a huge part of why we aren’t acting on climate change. It will kill every single one of us if nothing is done, but it will hurt vulnerable people in countries closer to the equator first and worst. A lot of people seem to think fortifying the global north against refugees is all we need to do. If you’re a white supremacist, the prospect of climate genocide is just too tempting, you’re already looking for excuses to let it happen before you even stop to think ahead about how you’re going to secure the homeland and a future for white children afterwards. You find some comforting fantasy about superior white male stemlogic brains solving the problem as soon as there are sufficient capitalist incentives for it, and for some reason 2100 is the last year anyone ever thinks or talks about when it comes to climate change, so no need to worry about how this’ll keep getting worse for several centuries after we stop driving it. Not very thousand year Reich oriented thinking.

The one thing I’d expect Heartiste to have some clue about is which way the wind blows among pseudointellectual low key white supremacists. It’s weird that he gets this exactly the wrong way around. I’m less surprised that he doesn’t know that the connection between climate change and white supremacy has already been noticed and named by non-nazis.


So does Shack Fartiste actually admit that humans are an AFRICAN species? You’d have to admit that to admit the stuff about white skin being some “cooler climate/less direct sunlight” adaptation (uh, ‘baby steps’?).

That said; Inuit (N. American and Siberian) and Himalayans are still pretty swarthy….I think whiteness is also due to stuff involving Vitamin D and perhaps having kids with Neanderthals many millennia ago.

Not to mention that Cheddar Man, one of the earliest Briton skeletal remains found, appears to have been pretty swarthy himself:

Everybody remember how the white supremacists lost their shit when that bit of news came out?

So yeah: Whiteness is a recent mutation that happened to benefit those living in colder, sun-starved climes…well, at least some of the time. Those who didn’t have the Vitamin D advantage of pale skin, still managed to survive on a fish-based diet, which just happens to make up for the vitamin deficit.

Funnily enough, though, I don’t hear many white supremacists banging on about how good for you fish is.

I think if there was a real threat of global cooling instead of warming, people in “white” countries would be freaking out a lot more, and not only because cooling would likely be more harmful to us in particular.

I suspect that people of North/Central European origin actually have a deep-seated historical fear of cold. Before the modern conveniences, winter must have been a miserable time, because most people had in store just enough shelter, heating and clothing to survive their local winter weather. Sick, elderly, starving or homeless people typically died during winter. Crop failures were typically associated with cold rather than hot summers. That last part was especially clear on the northern margin of agricultural zone, in places like Finland.

The “vitamin D advantage” is probably not much of a thing. People with dark skin don’t suffer in less sunlight. Dark skinned people can be diagnosed with “vitamin D deficiency”, but only because the levels used in modern tests are based on levels measured in white people (not because dark skinned people have rickets or any other symptoms of deficiency). White people store reserves of vitamin D, and other people just produce enough naturally, but have a lower “running” total, because of the lack of reserves.

Pale skin is not a disadvantage in colder regions with less sunlight, but considering how much people have to cover their skin in cold climates anyway, skin color doesn’t really matter.

Pale skin is a disadvantage elsewhere (such as in Africa, where albinos with even the best modern medicine still have a life expectancy of about 22). White people are closer related to Indian people though – and lots of Indian albinos look like ordinary white people – and the mutation probably stabilized into actual white populations in southern central Asia… and they probably moved north to get away from the sun.

So, white skin was never an adaptation to moving north, so much as moving north was an adaptation to having white skin.

Interestingly, some Indian and Roma (who originated in India) populations still have a very high prevalence of albinos. Because their albinos tend to look like ordinary white people, it led to the harmful stereotype that Roma “gypsies” steal white children. Not that long ago a Roma couple in Europe got their blonde blue-eyed child taken from them by authorities before genetic tests proved she was theirs.

I don’t subscribe to the black supremacist idea that white people are just albinos (and that that’s bad), because if so white people would end up having non-albino children all the time. But there’s definitely a strong connection between stable depigmentation in white people, and albinism in general (and the genes for blue or green eyes are the ocular albinism genes).

It certainly doesn’t make anybody superior, except at getting skin cancer.

*winter solidarity with people north of 60*

@Oooglyboggles *hugs* (won’t repeat what other have said 🙂 )


I’ve lived in colder climates than I do now. I prefer living away from the snow and ice I had to deal with growing up, and I didn’t exactly live in the coldest part of North America.

Man, if we could harness all the energy the PUAs and racists and MGTOWs continue to waste on their whinging, we’d have a manned Mars base by now, and probably a few L5 space stations to boot. And a Luna City – long as I’m dreaming, I might as well go for it.

Does Fartiste* really think we can’t tell what is or isn’t white supremacy? Or is he just trying to persuade us that white supremacy doesn’t exist? I’m not convinced even he believes that.

* Made that much better by the fact that in parts of the North of England, ‘trump’ is also a slang term for flatulence.

I feel like these idiots are a not taking into account that there’s nothing wrong with the Vitamin D levels for African Americans and a few more groups), as so many of us are mixed with the English, French and Irish people who enslaved and colonized our us. I mean Black people really aren’t put out much by cold weather. We don’t like it, but we are not unduly harmed by it, anymore than the White people we live next to are, and there are plenty of PoC who live above the snow line on the North American continent.

And I guess they forget about all the non-White people of the world who live above the snow line, some of whom do not have dark skin, like some of the Inuit tribes, and some of the Asiatic groups in far Eastern Europe.

In fact these people seem to be under the mistaken impression that they will be the only people left alive during some great freeze, never mind how they’re going to procure food that’s not growing, or hunt animals that can’t exist in such environments with no food either, thanks to the new ice age they’ll be celebrating.

In fact, this new fantasy of theirs (and really that’s all it is, just another bullshit apocalyptic fantasy), doesn’t take into account a whole host of things,including that there are plenty of White people (ncluding themselves) who wouldn’t be able to survive some new ice age, as they’re ill equipped to survive this more temperate one. Have they seen the suicide and opioid drug death rates for White men in this country?

At any rate, I never underestimate the ability of deeply delusional people to believe they are somehow going to survive the end of the world, so they can be in charge. In charge of what? Especially when everybody’s dead except for maybe a few, or a couple million people in far flung areas of the world.


These bonkeyheads need to re-read Mike Resnick’s “Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut off the Sun?” and hopefully grasp that the narrator of that story is NOT the good guy he thinks he is.

I would also like to point out that many Black people tan just fine. When it’s hot and we are exposed to much more sun we get darker. In the winter, some of us get a little paler. I know I lose some of my sunkissed look in the winter. I grow slightly fatigued but really that’s about it. I don’t know where they get the idea that brown skinned people can’t survive cold climates! Just another fantasy, then.


So, white skin was never an adaptation to moving north, so much as moving north was an adaptation to having white skin.

I don’t buy that. How’d stone age people even know there was less risk of sunburn in the far north?

In discussions of ancient migrations, there’s often this narrative that people (or some of the people) living in a certain area left because there was some specific and unusual threat or problem. I’d be more inclined to assume that ancient populations generally always had surplus population that’d eagerly go and conquer any new habitable area if given the opportunity. In absence of such opportunity, those same people would just suffer from mundane resource scarcity and have fewer surviving children.

In this view, northern areas were colonized just because it was possible to live there, once people learned to build warm shelters and make warm clothes. (And then they could advance even further north when the ice age went on a break.)

(Human skin color variation is probably partly adaptive, partly random)

I have met climate change deniers before, but this has to be the first person I’ve heard of that acknowledges the existence of anthropogenic climate change and is in favour of it. What a trailblazer.

I think if there was a real threat of global cooling instead of warming

I think there IS a real threat, especially in the North. There is a “school of thought” that holds that the Younger Dryas cooling period, ca 11,000 years ago was caused, in large part, by fresh water being dumped into the North Atlantic by melting glaciers. This disrupted the North Atlantic “conveyor“, cutting off the warm water which keeps the northern latitudes temperate. The current melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the Arctic ice cap could cause another cooling spell in North America and Europe.

Fantasies about how Fartiste, et. al. are going to prosper during the coming troubled times are just that… fantasies. During the Reagan “Star Wars” era, when the U.S and the U.S.S.R. were playing “wolf” with threats of nuclear war, I researched a lot about survivalism. While this put me in contact with a lot of people whose world-view was… ummm… different from mine, I did learn a lot. A broad consensus of those folks agreed that climate was probably the biggest wild card in the deck. If it’s too hot, too cold, too dark, too etc. to farm, the odds drop dramatically. Stockpiling, especially of food, is expensive and space-consuming. Stocks must be monitored, rotated, and protected. For long-term survival, it requires 10 acres of arable land per person to subsist using current farming technology. Add to that sanitation, hygiene, medical care, security, and a host of other factors, and the viability of survival in Fartiste’s mom’s basement becomes nil.

There are a BUNCH of people who have made viable long-term preps for the day of doom-i-ness, though if the number were even seven figures, I’d be surprised. Most of the igno-right trolls who tell us they will be running the world after the “fall”… well, they’re dreaming. I believe the vast majority have a stock of weapons and ammunition, maybe some food, water as long as the faucet still works…. They’ll survive until someone (slightly) better prepared discovers them.


That sounds like the kind of shit I was into in high school, except I was more along the lines of “global warming is poetic justice for humanity’s polluting ways”.

High school me was a real shithead.

The “vitamin D advantage” is probably not much of a thing. People with dark skin don’t suffer in less sunlight.

Nowadays, I’d say you’re right. We have much more varied and nutritious diets and plenty of foods that have been enriched with vitamins. (Here in Canada milk has extra vitamin D added.) There’s no need for a marginal advantage in producing vitamin D when we get all we need from our food.

Back when people had much more restricted dietary choices (without a ready supply of fish), especially in winter, I can see the adaptation having some advantages in the more polar climates.

All I can do is shake my head and dismissively say,


Really, does any of their garbage deserve spending a nanosecond of time you’ll never get back for a response?


So mirthful and knowing of all the White Supremacist butthurt he’s causing.

This made me laugh out loud. That’s exactly what he looks like!

Even the whitest white people who ever whited still have a hard time in the high latitudes, at least while they’re still growing. I remember a photo in National Geographic that showed little Siberian children standing around a UV lamp wearing nothing but their undies and dark goggles.


I love the expression the artist’s rendition has. So mirthful and knowing of all the White Supremacist butthurt he’s causing.

With a fair bit of “Oh, PLEASE” cynicism thrown in, to boot.

Mocked by a thousands-of-years-old corpse. Oh, the ignominy of the Master Race™.



Also; That comic book panel is awesome!

And Angry Young Eye Patch Comic Guy (excuse me if I don’t know the comic and look like a boob) has a point, a lot of white supremacists tend to be these dorks who are anything but “fit”.

I know we shouldn’t be “looks-shaming” but the point here is that white supremacists see themselves as these awesome human specimens when in reality, they’re more like science specimens.

“‘Blond hunk supermodel’ guy? More like ‘fetus in a jar of formaldehyde’ guy!”

On the same token is white guys having anger-induced aneurysms over the prospect of “big strong healthy young dark-skinned males” wooing the “pure white women”….Implying that non-white men are much more exciting, sexy, virile, hot, gorgeous, fit, awesome in bed, etc.

These same white guys never speak of “were hot, romantic and great in bed, too!”. Nope; They refuse to address that, as if sexual satisfied women was ungodly or something. “White Men Can’t Shag” isn’t a good indicator of “Master Race”.

White Supremacist rhetoric is a big “We are soooo incompitent and bland” Freudian-slip….They’re mostly guys who look like malformed thumbs who are terrible lovers in poor health who think that the people they hate are exciting, colorful, super-sexy, powerfully fierce, world-dominating Ernsto Starvo Blofeld clones with great rhythm, musical talent, financial acumen and perhaps magical powers and great fashion and home decorating sense.

I’m white and I live in a country with cold winters and they definately cause me endless suffering too. I *hate* when i am cold. There are nice things about winter but I prefer summer.

Much of Saskatchewan was suffering from a power outage today. Fortunately it didn’t effect us here in Saskatoon, but some communities very close to here were. I would imagine someone who is fond of Heartiste and his nonsense is at this very moment whining about their electricity not being brought back quickly enough, interfering with their porn watching.

All three if possible!
@Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
I have, and good news, there is a doctor nearby that can do that for me, possibly even pro bono. So starting winter I might finally get some hrt going. I’ll try to make my default thinking asking for help.
I shall be proud of who I am. Thank you for telling me that it’s not a bad thing to do.
@Chris Oakley
It’s often not easy getting it fast from my school as you need an appointment and lines are long. But I will try for that to happen. But I still got the 24/7 Lifelines, and sometimes my stepdad, mom and more likely my sister. I can rely on her for those things.
@Weird (and tired of trumplings) Eddie
I shall try do. I reserve the right to whine and complain the whole way through lol
I believe in those words fully, if not I probably would not be here to post and laugh at the mra’s with everyone.
I am sorry to hear that your loved one went through the same things, but I am glad to hear that you and your family are doing better. Honestly I need a therapist to find my exact stress triggers. It’d make my life much easier to what things make me off kilter.
@Brony, Social Justice Cenobite
I shall hold onto that thought. It helps me at times.
@Fishy Goat
*hugs back*

Also in other good news I finished my final research paper essay. Tomorrow I have an easy final exam and then I can take the entire winter break off. No more school stress and I can just relax.

On “Cheddar Man”. I recall when his remains were first discovered, his DNA was compared with a current resident of the area and found to be very similar. That was part of the evidence suggesting that most of the current inhabitants of Britain are mostly descended from the first people to return here as the ice retreated. But more recent evidence suggests that Cheddar Man’s population (the people who built Stonehenge) may have been largely replaced by invaders from the East in the early Bronze Age, armed with beakers. There doesn’t seem to have been any similar population replacement since (the Anglo-Saxon invasions, for example only seem to have replaced about 5% of the previous population – it was very much an “elite takeover”). Of course, ideas may well change again – the study I linked to seems to have been quite limited in numbers and geographic spread.

@ Ooglyboogles

Hugs to you. I’m late to the party but seconded what everyone has said about being glad you are here, and hoping you will continue to be so.

I know that sneaky crappy little voice: I have one myself. It’s a liar and it wants me dead.

But I cannot count the number of times I’ve had something happen that made me glad I didn’t take its advice.

White supremacy and cold weather makes me think of Lovecraft. In addition to his fantastical racism, he was extremely sensitive to the cold. Going out in 60°F was a grueling and sometimes dangerous ordeal for him.

Curiously, he was also inordinately fond of ice cream.

Angry Young Eye Patch Comic Guy (excuse me if I don’t know the comic and look like a boob)

That’s Reverend Jesse Custer, the title character of Vertigo’s Preacher (the one played by Dominic Cooper on the AMC series version, which I don’t think has gotten to the events surrounding that panel yet). Now you know, and knowing is half the Mandatory Educational Content Segment™.

I’m glad to hear that things are looking up, in many directions. Dreams can come true.


White supremacy and cold weather makes me think of Lovecraft. In addition to his fantastical racism, he was extremely sensitive to the cold. Going out in 60°F was a grueling and sometimes dangerous ordeal for him.

Curiously, he was also inordinately fond of ice cream.

Good lord, that’s two things I have in common with that eldritch horror of purple prose. I don’t do well in cold weather either (and I’m about as white as it gets, with my red hair and skim-milk complexion), even though I was born in Northern Ontario, where it’s cold more often than not, and extremely cold for most of the winter.

But oh my, I do love ice cream. In fact, I just polished off a bowl of it right now, while shivering in my slightly chilly study.

And yes, 15ºC seems to be my cutoff point for comfort outdoors, too.

@Austin G Loomis

Oh! That’s the Preacher guy! I always assumed his hair was spiky and messy (like Sid Vicious but an inch or so longer) and he wore a clergyman’s collar (hence why I didn’t know who the guy in that comic panel was). I’ve vaguely heard of that comic. Very gritty and edgy.

The guy in that one panel posted here looked more like a hot young Latino guy.

I will slap a trigger warning on this because I am going to talk about suicide ideation as I’ve seen it mentioned and I have way more personal experience with it than the average bear. I guess I needed to be better than everybody at something, and it had to be that. Figures.
I experience suicide ideation quite frequently and have for most of my life. I have type 2 bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and a truckload of physical problems which mean I am limited in what I can earn monthly, otherwise, I lose Medicaid, so I am constantly broke.
If I went to the E.R. every time I experienced suicide ideation, I’d have to live there.
For some of us, the medications only make the problem worse. SSRI’s make me manic and psychotic, something I’m usually not. So the “force the person experiencing suicide ideation to go to the E.R.” bit doesn’t work on people like me, who have chronic mental health conditions but know what’s going on. For such people (if we reveal what we’re feeling at all) it’s best to ask where our planning stage is at as opposed to our ideation. For me, the planning is usually fairly low.
The truth is, if I were ever to commit suicide, no-one would know until after the fact. If I’m talking about feeling like I wish I was dead, it really means that I want someone to listen to what the hell is going wrong in my life. It doesn’t mean I want you to tell me to go to the E.R. (or, worse, try to force me to go against my will) because the end result of that is that you’ll lose my trust and I won’t ever feel safe confiding in you again.
The problem with both mental illness and suicide ideation is that neither are one size fits all. They are extremely tricky.

The bit about white people coming from another planet. . .

They’ll be disappointed to hear that another nationalist got there before them. And he wasn’t white. Yukio Mishima was a gay Japanese fascist with a private army of pretty boys in sweet uniforms. Between writing Nobel-nominated literature–let’s grant him that he was and is a great literary figure–he paid the bills by writing potboilers.

One of these is the pro-nuclear war novel ‘Beautiful Star’ (‘Utsukushii Hoshi’) in which the protagonists believe they are undercover aliens from the Planet Venus (the beautiful star of the title) who have to initiate a thermonuclear war as a signal to off-world observers to come and gather them.

Mishima is an infuriating characters, to be sure. And I highly recommend the Paul Schrader movie about him: ‘Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters’. It was producer George Lucas’s greatest commercial flop, but it’s one of the truly great works of cinema, with astonishing stagings of Mishima’s works.

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