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Red Piller: Fellas! It’s your sacred duty “to make fat women ashamed of themselves again”

Some of the evil pro-fat-lady propaganda filling contemporary media if by contemporary you mean maybe 75 years ago

By David Futrelle

It’s tough to be a man in the year of our lord 2018. It’s legal for women to say no to sex, even if you’re married to them. Many women have jobs, and if you politely ask them, say, if the carpet matches the drapes they complain to HR instead of answering your simple query.

Men only hold 95% of the CEO jobs in Fortune 500 companies, and only 80% of those in the congress and Senate are men — and most of the women who’ve taken men’s jobs in politics and the business world are post-wall hags anyway. Even video games have female characters in them now —  and not all of them are skinny hotties with massive gravity-resistant bazongas that bounce up and down when they move.

Even worse, when you leave the house, roughly HALF of all those you’re likely to encounter are female. Even worser than worse, many of these women are FAT.

I recently ran across one brave soul in the Red Pill subreddit who is standing up against this final injustice, the worst of them all. In a post titled “Women are getting fatter because no one calls them out on it,” this internet hero launched a scathing attack on the women ruining his life by being fat in his immediate vicinity.

I recently spent 5 days in New Orleans. … I’m well aware of America’s current obesity crisis, but I was still shocked at how many fat women I saw. They were everywhere, and I can confidently say that they outnumbered fat men. 

Actually, the percentage of American women classified as obese (40%) isn’t that much greater than the percentage of men (35%), but, who knows, maybe New Orleans generates some sort of fat-lady-attracting magnetic field.

I saw countless couples where the woman was fatter than the man. It was practically the norm.

A skinny woman with a fat guy? Good for him. A skinny man with a fat women? HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. WAR CRIME.

At every restaurant I would see 5’5” women putting away just as much food as their 6’ boyfriend/husband. At every bar I would see these seemingly genderless, shrieking blobs guzzling sugary cocktails. On every block I would see overweight bachelorette parties stumbling down the street wearing revealing clothes … .

Woah. I just got chills. It;s just like that famous monologue from Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner, if everything he had mentioned in it had been fat. I wonder what that might have sounded like.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Fatties eating hot wings off the shoulder of Orion. I watched hamplanets glitter in the dark near the TGIFridays. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in a carton of ice cream. Time to diet.

But back to our internet hero and his rant.

Based on my observations, I can conclude that the main problem is there is no taboo against being a fat chick in America anymore.

It’s true. These days fat women never face any sort of criticism for their weight. Sure, the pressure to be thin leads countless teenage girls to develop eating disorders. Sure, when a woman turns down a sexual advance from a man, the spurned would-be lover might loudly inform her she’s just a “fat bitch” anyway. And sure, when fat women post selfies on social media, they might get hundreds of replies from angry dudes accusing them of being ugly fatties who are “glorifying obesity” by existing in public.

But that’s all in good fun! No harm, no foul!

I think a lot of men just accept it now- after all, society is constantly telling us that men and women are exactly the same. Women can (and should) eat just as much food as men, and to say otherwise is offensive and old-fashioned.

Yes, that’s right. The relentless message we get from the media and society in general is that men and women are exactly the same and should eat exactly the same things. Those stock photos of women laughing alone with salad? All in your head (well, except for these).

Nowadays, it’s very common to hear guys say shit like, “I hate when women only order salad at dinner” and then be applauded for saying it. I think that’s nonsense- when ordering just a salad, she’s trying to signal to you that she has self control and is unlikely to get fat later in the relationship. This is a good thing, and should be encouraged.

Also, she should force herself to hold in her farts every minute she is with you, because that means she’s trying to signal to you that WOMEN DON’T POOP.

Women tend to be gullible, so they easily buy into media messages telling them that “all women are beautiful.” If one of their friends gains weight, they will reassure her and tell her she still looks hot. In fact, I bet most fat chicks nowadays can go their whole lives without anyone saying, “You are fat, and this is not okay” to their face.

Dude, I think you may have used a wrong word here. When you said “go their whole lives” did you mean “go a whole hour,” because otherwise I’m pretty sure you’re making a sucker bet.

If you appreciate female beauty and femininity, it is up to you to help make fat women be ashamed of themselves again.

There’s nothing healthier than tearing down someone else’s self-esteem because for some reason you assume how they look is any of your business.

Don’t think of it as being mean- think of it as tough love.

If by “love” you mean “hate.”

The only negative reinforcement that most women respond to is the threat of social ostracization.

Well, that is sort of a classic move. There’s just one flaw in your plan, dude, which is that most women wouldn’t actually be terribly hurt if you left them alone and went off by yourself forever.

If there is a fat chick in your social circle, pay as little attention to her as possible. If a fat woman tries to give you a hug, you should recoil a bit and make a “yeesh” face. You should talk about how disgusting fat people are when they are within earshot (thin women may pretend to be offended by this, but trust me it’s mostly an act). If you bump into a woman you haven’t seen since college and she’s gained weight, pretend to not recognize her at first. If a drunk fat woman tries to hit on you, tell her sorry but you aren’t attracted to big women.

Yes, spend your whole life actively trying to make other people feel bad about themselves for how they look. Nothing weird or creepy or fucking pathological about this.

If a fat woman in your office is talking to you, make a point to glance at her stomach every few seconds … .

If you get called in by HR for creating a hostile work environment just because you are in fact trying to create a hostile work environment, well, I’m sure Fox News and Breitbart and Jordan Peterson would be happy to take up your cause.

Let me just skip the part where he gloats about how cool it is to “make some fat chicks cry themselves to sleep at night” and brags about saving an alcoholic friend of his by being a dick to him.

I’m typing this on my phone, so I’m going to end my rant now. If you have any other fat shaming suggestions, please share them. And if you’re a fat guy reading this, I hope I hurt your feelings. Stop being so fat, you fucking fat fuck.

As it turns out, I am a fat guy reading this. You didn’t hurt my feelings. You just made yourself look like an insecure asshole who tries to distract himself from his insecurities by attacking other people for things that aren’t any of your fucking business. Shut your fucking face, you fucking fuck.

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Maybe I’m not the best person to answer this right now, but no one else has so I’ll take a shot at it.

Is there a power differential? If so, and if you’re on the side that benefits from it, it’s tone policing to ask someone not to respond in a way that makes you uncomfortable. I’m not saying continue to make yourself uncomfortable, but step back, distance yourself, let the anxiety pass, but don’t put it back on the other person.

If not, there’s no problem. Ask them not to be such a jerk.

Here’s an article that might help:

Thank you, kupo. I will pay closer attention to that difference in the future.

As long as you’re not trying to claim that health care is a right, I don’t care how fat you are.

@Alaniel (aka LittleLurker): I don’t have a good answer for that, but I believe the difference between a person here in good faith and a troll lies in how they react to the responses they get.

Someone asking a question in good faith will engage with the responses they get, or show that they are thinking about the clarifications people give them. A troll will ignore that, and (usually) gish gallop on to a different topic that people now have to dismantle.

It seems more like you’re wondering about someone’s tone though, and that’s more difficult to ask about. Kupo’s link is probably a good start!

I think it depends on if someone is ‘punching down’ or ‘up’, perhaps.

@Ed – health care is right. It’s a right for people who are addicted to something that had a high chance of giving them cancer, it is a right for people who are working with chemicals that we suddenly find out are bad for you, and it is a right for people no matter what their weight.

I hope the States gets health care that works. I hope you get to experience going to the doctor, and not worrying about the price.

I also hope that you never have any sort of condition that has weight gain as a side effect or symptom, or take any medication that could cause it.

Not because of the weight gain, but because that would mean you are sick, and I don’t want anyone to be that. Especially in the states, where health care isn’t a human right.


Also, weak troll is weak.

Ahhh this is why I miss the edit button! It should read:

Not because of the weight gain, but because that would mean you are taking a medication or have a condition that has this as a side effect, and I don’t want anyone to have to deal with that.

But also, people are naturally all sorts of sizes, and the ‘thinness’ that society *cough marketing $$$ cough* *cough this is the unachievable dream now, look back a few hundred years and it was *weight* that was the status symbol, not a stick thin figure that most people would need a lot of money and free time to prepare the food that allows this/ and exercise enough to achieve it cough* has decided is ‘fit’ isn’t any more ‘healthy’ than any other size.

In fact, getting to be that thin often seems to cause a shit tonne of disordered eating. :/

I posted this to an earlier thread, but it was rather late in the thread, and it probably fits on this one better anyway:

Woman uses obituary to advocate against fat shaming in medical profession

“Over the past few years of feeling unwell she sought out medical intervention and no one offered any support or suggestions beyond weight loss,” her obituary read.

Turned out she had an inoperable cancer which hadn’t been caught earlier, largely because doctors hadn’t really looked before just telling her to lose weight.

It’s not just fat women that get mocked for being fat on social media. Conventional-weight women get called fat, too. Thin women get called fat, as well. It’s really the go-to insult.

I don’t understand the thinking that healthcare isn’t or shouldn’t be a right.

Even if you set aside morals, universal healthcare makes a lot more financial sense.

I was just reading the other day that Medicare for all would cost 17 trillion dollars less than our current health system.

When people put off care until they wind up having to go to the emergency room, that’s costly. The ER is more expensive than preventative care.

Then there’s the negative health and neurocognitive development effects from not having proper prenatal care. One of the many ways child poverty reduces the potential productivity of said children when they growup.

When people don’t get health care (whether it’s because of lack of insurance/money or because of fears of discrimination) it costs our whole society a lot more in ER costs, and lost wages or disability benefits costs.

It’s just incredibly stupid to look at healthcare as a privilege instead of a right for the thin and the economically well off.

At this point it’s impossible to believe that anyone opposes universal healthcare for any reason other than sheer bigotry and meanness.

People who think healthcare isn’t a right are just pathetic and irrational.

Healthcare is a right. People of all shapes and sizes, regardless of weight, are entitled to it.

Let me get ahead of some possible replies here. Go ahead and think up your reply, then look at the handy list below and select the ones that apply.

If we give people free stuff they won’t want to work; they’ll be lazy.

First, factually untrue. Societies which provide guaranteed health care have excellent GDP, low wealth disparity, high productivity, and tend to have higher quality of life.

Second, providing health care isn’t “giving free stuff”; it’s not a “handout”. It’s healing. Thinking of it in terms of an economic exchange is barbaric.

It’d be nice to do but we can’t afford it.

Bull. See WHTM’s reply above. The USA could save a heapin’ helping of money, revitalize their economy and greatly improve their standard of living by socializing their health care. The only losers in that exchange would be the insurance companies and the current crop of for-profit health care companies. Good riddance.

You miss my point. My point is that i don’t want to pay for people who willfully damage themselves by over-eating or eating unhealthy.

No, you miss my point.

There is an assumption that we know why people are overweight – that they’re greedy, with poor impulse control, and they can’t stop eating rich, sugary foods. This is medieval bullshit on par with the four humours theory which was such a driving force in gastronomy for a millennia.

Weight gain and body mass are about leptin and ghrelin, about insulin and glucagon. It’s complicated. Saying “put the fork down” in response to the medical concerns of someone who’s overweight is like saying “have you tried being happy” to someone who’s chronically depressed – it’s insulting, demeaning, and the opposite of helpful.

People of all shapes and sizes deserve health care. A skinny minnie like me should be able to get care for my ruptured disc, as should someone who’s overweight with the same problem. Because all people are worth caring about, dammit.

Nothing in the world is guaranteed. Nature doesn’t guarantee food, water, or health to people. Rights don’t exist.

Rights aren’t about what nature provides us, they’re about what we expect of ourselves and our fellow citizens. They’re the compliment to duties, which are things which our society expects of us.

You know, “rights and duties”, the cornerstone philosophy of modern democracies? Those things?

We expect our society to do its best to provide food for those who have none, and we expect our society to heal those who are wounded or unwell. If you don’t think we should expect this of ourselves and our society, I’d like to hear why.

It’s interesting that if you question military spending, a common response will be that the first duty of government is to keep its citizens safe.

I actually agree with that.

However you’ll then get a significant subgroup of people who share that belief, but if asked how much should governments spend on keeping their citizens safe from disease and consequences of injury will say, nothing, fuck em, that’s their own responsibility.

Just who the fuck is “we”?

Yes, I wondered about that.

As for the general debate… honestly, the balance between correcting people when they do something harmful and maintaining an environment where people can make mistakes without facing excoriation or exile is extremely fine (not to mention ever-shifting).

Also, weak troll is indeed weak.

Maybe a hamplanet is that snack those MRAs were talking about not long ago. You know, the one that involved consuming like 85 tons of processed meats and an entire bottle of salad dressing.

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