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Incel: Treat women like cattle, because, like cattle, they’re incapable of taking care of themselves

What the fuck are you talking about, incel?

By David Futrelle

Today, another misogynist comparing women to cattle. I found this one on the always informative forums, and it turns out he knows as little about cattle as he does about women.

UBERCEL, a prolific poster who has contributed some 2600 comments to the forums, started off his post “how women should be treated” by explaining just how dumb and helpless cows are:

Let’s take look at the case cattle.
Raised in small restricted areas all their lifetime, yet they think they have all the freedom.
They know nothing about tourism and the existence of such exotic animals.

Damn those cows and their lack of knowledge about *checks notes* tourism!

They don’t know how to take care of themselves, we have to clean them, feed them, milk them, and supervise in case of an emergency to call a vet.

Dude, you realize that cows can actually survive without people, right? The aurochs — the wild cattle that we domesticated some 10,000 years ago — somehow managed to live for roughly two million years without humans cleaning them, feeding them, milking them, or taking them to the vet. And there are wild cattle today, and they survive, because animal species cannot actually come into existence without being able to survive and reproduce. It’s kind of the most basic fact about evolution and, well, life itself.

Humans have higher intelligence and counsiousness, hence we understand what they don’t, we percieve what they don’t, make solutions for what they don’t even know was a problem.

We also confine them in dirty, overcrowded pens and kill them for their meat. I mean, people don’t generally raise cattle as a hobby; they raise them to exploit.

But hey, enough about cattle, because UBERCEL has some even more insightful comments about human females.

Among the two genders exist a very huge intellect gap. 99.9% of the time the inventor or a scientist is a man, yet these foids want to take the seats of a man in a college for equality without achieving results.

Weird, because these women “stealing men’s seats” in college are studying harder and getting better grades than men. Also, they’re not actually stealing seats from men. If anything, it’s the other way around, with college admissions offices giving male applicants a boost, admitting many with grades and scores lower than their female counterparts in an attempt to increase the number of men on college campuses.

But again, like cattle, we can’t blame them.

We have to treat foids and control them in a similar pattern to the cattle, while they know how to shower and eat by themselves, they can’t work to get the money or ingredients for such tasks.

Uh, most women work, and they currently make up the majority of the workforce. They buy their own groceries and pay their water bills. What planet do incels live on, anyway?

The pussification of the male and the masculinization of the female is increasing nowadays. And will still increase till the collapse of society again if we do nothing.

The blessed Babylonians and Mesopotamians found out about this long ago and became the most powerful and scientifically advanced empire in the world.

Huh. I’m no expert on the ancient Mesopotamians, but I’m pretty sure that while their laws restricted women in various ways, Mesopotamian men didn’t actually treat women like cattle.

Tldr; control females, create civilizations

Not … exactly. In fact, that’s pretty much exactly backwards. Female hunter-gatherers played a critical role, if not the critical role, in the invention of agriculture, which is what made civilization possible in the first place.

Naturally. most of those who responded to UBERCEL’s post on thought it was a work of genius.

“High IQ post,” wrote UndertakerCel, a self-described “18 year old truecel.”

Females should stay at home since teenagers and have sex with their pre-decided grown husband

UBERCEL enthusiastically agreed:

The predecided husband should be a good person to be able to take care of the cattle to be able make them fulfill their puropse(childbearing, child caring, and household chores)
Hence improving society

It remains rather astonishing to me that these defiantly ignorant Dunning-Krugerheads, who can’t even figure out how to use spellcheck, actually consider themselves to be the genetically superior philosopher-kings who should be running the world we live in.

Then again that all describes Donald Trump as well, and he actually is running the world we live in, so never mind, I’ll just be here banging my head slowly against the wall. Happy Friday!

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Well cattle can certainly get ornery. Only today the local radio news round here reported on a farmer believed trampled to death by his own herd as he was feeding them last night.

Everyone’s talking about the cattle, but:

“The blessed Babylonians and Mesopotamians found out about this long ago and became the most powerful and scientifically advanced empire in the world.”

No. That is wrong. All of that sentence is wrong.

That’s the incel… no, the right wing in general trope I find the most irritating. They know absolutely zero about history, and claim that past civilizations looked like their bizarre and unworkable ideal, or alternatively that past civilizations fell because of their practice of some quote-unquote vice.

No, the Spartans and the Vikings were not the manly cults of destruction you imagine them to be – in fact, women had more rights in those societies than many of their contemporaries. No, the Roman empire did not end because of homosexuality. Listen to yourself. The feudal system is not the only system of government that is in harmony with human nature. I would bet everything I own that you have no clue what the feudal syste even was.


Even allowing for the fact that humans are notoriously bad at assessing the intelligence of animals, I believe cattle are acknowledged to be pretty bright, and they certainly have rich and complex family relationships when allowed to.

And they can be deadly. In the UK they kill more people annually than any other non-human animal does.

I wonder what cows would make of the intelligence of incels?

It’s very disappointing to see otherwise progressive and “woke” folk who see no problem with body shaming.

One of the reasons I gave up on Raw Story after Pandagon left is that an RS regular (one of those people upvoted by everyone) who was a supposedly woke dude would get nasty with me every time he saw a post by me. My crime? I once admitted that I’m fat. I don’t see progressives, as a whole, being any less fat-shaming than the rest of society. I think it has a lot to do with unexamined classism, along with ideas about bodily purity (don’t pollute your body with Coca Cola or deep fried twinkies!).

the name of one of WWE’s greatest icons!


Bill Kersten… the voice of “All Star Wrestling”… from VERY long ago….

tw: racism, white supremacy

off-topic, “How 911 calls on blacks are a new twist on something old: white flight

“We don’t want to see because it challenges our identity as good people,” says DiAngelo. “And it would require change that (we) don’t want to engage in. There’s a refusal to know or see that serves us.”
So how does anyone reach a person who refuses to know?

Hi! As far as I know, I’m a first-time commenter here (I wrote a lengthy/ substantive one a couple weeks ago but I believe it was lost in the ether never to be seen). Nothing deep to say here — although I do want to see the Great Violent Beef-Cattle Uprising Against Meatpackers But Also Incels — but in honor of Kupo and Ooglyboggles, from a few days ago, I wanted to say:

* I’m a cis-het male (albeit with a ponytail and a bright pink t-shirt for the punk band the Julie Ruin);

* I reached the age of 24 without ever having even kissed a girl, which was deeply frustrating and even contributed to two years of severe depression mid-college, but

* if you’d shown 24-year-old me a bunch of Incels posts, I would have said “holy crap, what a hateful bunch of morons”. Because I liked talking and listening to women just fine and had somehow processed that they were people. It’s … not actually that tricky to figure out. Which works as a comment on most of Futrelle’s posts.

Y’all make this an interesting site together. Keep it up!

Cattle manage just fine without humans. There’s an island north of Scotland where the last humans gave up trying to survive about 50 years ago. It’s a rock in the Atlantic, humans had being clinging on for centuries but eventually they had enough, but crucially they left their cattle behind. Those animals, and a couple of generations of offspring, are now essentially wild; they avoid humans when humans visit the island to check on them. I just need to remember where I saw it, maybe a BBC three parter about bronze age Orkney?

Anyway. Cattle, not at all unintelligent. Also, neither are women. Men had to deliberately prevent women from getting an education for millenia to be able to say otherwise. When education is equal, women seem to do as well as, or better than their male counterparts. I don’t suppose incels know, understand or care, really. Anything that contradicts their world view scares them I to putting their fingers in their ears and screaming “lala lala I can’t hear you”.

I lived in a small rural town all my life and in my experience. COWS ARE SCARY! Meadow stealth TANKS. RESPECT THE COWS! (Or they’ll hunt you down… or that might be Hit Monkey. ^^; )


Welcome! New commenters go into automatic moderation, so sometimes unfortunately the first comment doesn’t show up for a long time and doesn’t get seen.

Nanny Oggs Bosom,

It is funny how white men gripe about affirmative action and other measures to give everyone else a fair shake. They like to think they’re naturally superior. Yet, in the US at least, if university acceptance was based solely on grades and test scores, it would be heavily skewed towards women over men and towards Asians over whites. I remember reading about a study. One group of people was asked if college admissions should be based solely on grades and test scores or if race should be accounted for. The second group of people was asked the same question but informed that if they went solely by grades and testing, the student body would be disproportionately Asian as that is the demographic with the best grades and test scores. Surprise, surprise, white people in the first group were a lot less likely to approve of taking race into account than white people in the second group.

I’m pretty sure that people in privileged demographics know they aren’t actually superior. They claim they want equal opportunity, no special privileges, only because they know that biases are in their favor. This is why these same people are so willing to fight to keep people not in the privileged demographic away from opportunities whenever they sense that they can’t get away with coasting on their privilege anymore.

@ nanny oggs bosom

Those animals, and a couple of generations of offspring, are now essentially wild; they avoid humans when humans visit the island to check on them

Yup. They’re on an island called Swona.

I seem to recall Chris Packham doing a piece on them. It may well have been in that documentary series you mention (which I really enjoyed anyway).

There’s also a wild herd in Northumbria. That lot have managed to cling on since Robin Hood times. They have red ears.

This made me think of Man-Eating Cow from “The Tick”. It escaped from Chairface Chippendale and used its anthropophagic abilities for Good, which automatically makes it morally superior to the burbling whatsits in the OP.

The first time I was in the presence of a cow, I was struck by just how BIG they are. Our distant predecessors who turned the aurochs into the cow achieved quite a feat.

@Gaebolga : similar to EpicurusHog, if you don’t know what you are talking about, well maybe don’t talk about it ? In your example :
* it’s not often with a furry bent. It happen, but it’s not that common
* it’s not “invariably female”. It’s just mostly female

(and while all the examples I have seen are in comics form, not all were japanese either)

I can understand why people are revulsed by that (as any kind of actually degrading porn, like all the enslavement / rape / “reeducation” kind). But I would like to not have too many hasty generalization made on hyperbole and lack of knowledge. Furry (and hentai artists) *can* be disgusting people, but that’s not related to them being furry.

RE: Domesticated cows. The first time I was close to a cow, was at the Michigan State Fair, many years ago. Frankly, what I remember best is how terrible its breath smelled.

Looking back on it, I’m sort of puzzled. Why should an herbivore have such bad breath? I can understand a cat having bad breath due to its diet, but a cow?

I would suspect being a ruminant (having basically several stomaches that function as “compost” tanks and regurgitating up half digested food to chew it even more) isn’t good for breath.

I’m sorry if I don’t use the right words. Specialized words used in agriculture is hard for me to translate even with the help of google. ^^;

I believe (and bear in mind that I’ve last taken a biology class in 1998) that ruminants “eat” their food four times as they have four separate stomachs which digest the food in different stages, all in order to extract all the nutrients from the plant matter that they eat. This is called chewing the cud. All in all, a ruminant’s life is pretty much devoted to eating loads and loads of grass and other low-growing plantlife and just digesting it over the course of several hours. This has been your PSA for today. 😀

All this cow talk reminds me of a human intrest pic I saw back in the 1980’s. It was a picture of a bull in a field standing next to a sign with the legend “If you want to cross this field, do it in 9 1/2 seconds. The BULL can do it in 10.”

I’ve always wondered how many trespassers dared that bull….

@ redsilkphoenix

If you are chased by a bull, run downhill. They have relatively shorter front legs than rear; so they’re not as fast that way.

Having said that, on one of the farms I lived on there was a very friendly bull, called Thomas. I’d cut through his field when out with the hound and he’d just tag along with us.

As Ubercel’s general intel idiocy has been more than adequately dealt with, I will simply comment on his lack of agrarian knowledge.
Technically, yes, certain dairy cattle like Holsteins would no longer exist if humans did not care for them. They have been bred to have such high milk production that without milking, their excess milk would cause them to develop mastitis and other infections.
However, cattle raised for meat and even some dairy cattle would be just fine. Ubercel’s high school apparently hasn’t covered the cattle drives of the 1800’s, when cattle were left to fend for themselves when they weren’t being driven to market. Feral cattle live today throughout the western US, and even notably in Hawaii, and can be quite dangerous. I’m quite sure that they are far more adept at survival than Ubercel would be in their situation.

Among the two genders exist a very huge intellect gap.

Are we talking about the sort of intellect that fails to notice women buying groceries, cooking meals, excelling in college, obtaining patents, working jobs, and running households?

Man, everybody talking about how dangerous cattle are is making me side-eye my childhood. My grandparents were dairy farmers and I’d play with the cattle every year when we went to visit. A ten-year-old girl off playing in the pasture with the cattle.

The steers were always very curious and skittish. If a human they didn’t know so much as walked by they would all group up to take a look. You could get the whole herd to take a couple steps back just by making a sudden movement toward them.

The calves were always either very skittish or very affectionate. We would always visit long enough after calving that they had already been separated from their mothers and they were used to my cousins feeding them.

The cows were the most ornery. A couple enjoyed having their faces scratched, but for the most part they ignored me, and either moved away if I got close to them or made squaring-off body language that I wasn’t dumb enough to ignore.

Now that I think about it, running around with the cows was actually really dangerous. I’m surprised my parents let me – they were really protective in most other situations. I guess since it’s how my mom grew up she didn’t even think twice about the possible danger.

@Alan Robertshaw,

A real-life Ferdinand! 😀

Also, I’ll try to remember that bull running tip if I’m ever chased by one in a field that has hills in it. Which, given my current lifestyle, is extremely unlikely, but weirder things have happened.

@Monzach – Cows don’t have four stomachs, they have multiple chambers in their one stomach.

There is lots of great information here, but I guess a warning for pictures of the insides of the different parts of a cow’s stomach? Just in case that sort of thing is not something you’d like to see.

@ Alan
That’s the one! Definitely a Chris Packham bit. I have vivid aural memories of his voice. Something about it upsets my aural sensitivity, unfortunately. Because he’s come to Lincoln to do talks at uni and I haven’t been able to go to them.

I’ve heard about the Chillingham cattle too. Aren’t they similar in the ‘not being particularly domesticated’ sense to New Forest and Dartmoor ponies? Occasionally they get rounded up and checked over but are generally left alone?

Alan – That bull must be from Switzerland! By way of explanation, here’s a verse from a novelty song I used to hear on the Dr. Demento show way back in the 70s:

I’d like to be a cow in Switerland
Where the sky is always blue
Where the bulls like Ferdinand are meek
And so shy because the mountains peek (peak)

Where the bulls are all such gentlemen
So gently they go moo
I’d like to be a cow in Switzerland
I’ll bet that you would, too

Rhuu – Thanks for the heads up. I’m not generally terribly squeamish, but those particular pics put me in mind (without having seen them, even!) of cows that have had a “window” surgically inserted in their sides so that the digestive process could be observed. I first encountered this on a school field trip in (I want to say) second or third grade. Freaked me out then and still freaks me out to this day! Seemed a horrible thing to do unnecessarily to the poor thing. >:/

I will freely admit that most women can probably look after themselves better than I can, and that I would probably be completely screwed without my partner’s help (my partner is trans NB/male, but somehow I suspect that distinction would be lost on these idiots)

I’ve always found cow breath rather wonderful, fragrant as hay. Mind you, those were free grazing cows.

I wonder whether bad breath in a ruminant is a sign they’ve been fed all kinds of stuff (the ground up remains of other cows was a particularly bad idea).

The tendency of steers to follow you and gawp while sticking their tongues up their own nostrils is rather off putting.

I seen to recal some national park (in Denmark or the Netherlands) put in a herd of bullocks to deter people from getting it on in public.

All the talk of cows has me thinking back to my first visit to The Royal (Toronto’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair) last year. It’s kinda surreal to see all these gigantic animals just sitting there while people bartered over them and discussed how they had been engineered. That said, for the small farms, events like that are basically their livelihood, and it was interesting to talk to not only the farmers, but also the animal welfare personnel who inspect the farms and how much of the regulations are pretty much arrived at based on consensus rather than any hard standard.

There was actually a recent newspaper “debate” in the Star about how effective the vegan advertisements are. Personally, I’ve certainly come to appreciate the inherent absurdity of seeking out human characteristics to establish empathy towards animals, but ultimately, I find the action items lacking.

We live in a late-capitalist world with severe inequalities and often the less expensive choices are the ones with more cruelty attached. But more than that, the less expensive choices are also the ones with more cruelty associated with them.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years and broadly speaking, made peace with being a heavier guy. However, my liver specialist has advised me that weight loss is necessary to keep fat off the liver and as much as I’ve been more active, it didn’t do as much to reduce my weight as I thought, so I’ve recently made it a point of avoiding carbs later in the day and I’ve lost 8 kilos over the past two months just not eating as much high-carb foods for dinner. Chicken, eggs and cheese have been a huge part of that. I need protein from somewhere and animal products are really good source. I do my best to opt for cruelty-free eggs, but they’re just not the most affordable things in the world and not always available either.

In short, I think these ad campaigns can only take you so far. If we had a good sense of what our bodies needed and reasonable alternatives to animal products were offered, the culture shift needed would pick up steam. Because the USDA food pyramid was what I remember being taught in school, and 6-11 servings of breads and grains is ridiculous.

Nequam – Thanks for that, it makes me feel better. Also, back in the second/third grade, the fistulas were made of glass and metal (this was the late 60s) and looked like miniature ship’s portholes. I just about died when the tourguide (?) opened it!

Women don’t know anything about tourism?

Uh, industry figures on gender identity of the workers say that’s ridiculous. The majority of tourism workers in most countries are women. I myself am one. We know way more on, say, the Highland “Coos” of Scotland than these incels do on cows in general.

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