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Has-been “pickup artist” Roosh V sounds more like an incel every day

Sad fact: Women only want to date The Beatles

By David Futrelle

Pity poor Roosh! It seems like only yesterday the alleged pickup artist and semi-ironic rape legalization proponent was basking in a worldwide wave of adulation hatred as he trotted around a portion of the globe on his “Roosh World Tour,” bringing his message of “neomasculinity” to his small but fervent fanbase and generating headlines at every stop.

Three years on, Roosh is decidedly old news; traffic on his websites has fallen and his attempts to provoke the media beast have been generally ignored — and he has dropped his pickup artist schtick almost entirely, instead posting grouchy post after post lamenting what he sees as the terribleness of modern women and his inability to land himself a sweet virginal hottie wife.

Yes, the dude who won fame teaching men such innovative “pickup” techniques as  following drunk women home from bars and never telling them your real name is angry that evil “Chads” are bogarting all the women.

It seems, in other words, that this former PUA has now become something of an incel.

In a recent blog post with the petulant title “All That’s Left For Normal Men Are Rotten Women,” Roosh blames evil alpha males for ruining women for ordinary guys like himself. Sounding more than a little like a commenter from some egregious incel forum, he complains that “the most attractive women are being taken out of circulation to either join alpha male harems or participate in degenerate lifestyle choices,” rendering it nearly impossible for most men to snag themselves “a mentally stable and cute woman in her prime.”

“In the modern Western world,” he grouses,

a single famous man can command the sexual attentions of dozens—if not thousands—of women in their sexual prime, spoiling these women for normal men who don’t have the ability to tingle their vaginas with the same intensity.

It’s a little weird to see a guy who once made a living off his reputation as a primo lady-killer seemingly admit straight up that he can’t “tingle … vaginas” to save his life.

How many actors, musicians, and sports athletes are trying to plow through as much prime pussy as possible? How many Hollywood directors and music producers are leveraging their positions for sexual gain? How many club owners, restaurateurs, Arab sheikhs, and politicians are doing the same? Each one is taking way more beautiful women out of circulation than men like my grandfather [who Roosh says had three wives], all while elevating their standards to such an extent that no average man can ever gain their love, let alone two hours—or even two minutes–of their uninterrupted attention.

Two minutes? Is Roosh confessing that he’s a two-minute man? Well, as Jemaine Clement of The Flight of the Conchords once famously sang, “two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.” Except he was joking.

We also have to account for female lifestyle choices that are designed to delay or prevent pair bonding and marriage. The biggest is career. Most girls, while embarking on a career, balance out the boredom of working a meaningless job by hopping on the cock carousel and banging at least a few men every year.

He’s actually angry at the very notion that a women might have sex with … more than one or two men over the course of a year?

By the time a girl hits 25 years old, any man who meets her will have to deal with a walk-in closet of emotional issues and hang-ups from being pumped and dumped as much as a 1930’s brothel whore.

Apparently brothels in the 1930s weren’t exactly doing land-office business, if the women working there only had two or three customers a year.

Then there is the Instagram and Facebook lifestyle that creates crippling dopamine addiction, which causes a girl to only be satisfied if dozens of men are actively thirsting for her every day. I estimate that if a girl has over 500 followers on Instagram, she is so used to attention from throngs of men that the love of one man cannot possibly satisfy her.

Apparently Roosh can’t compete with Instagram “likes.”

We must also throw in the growing “travel blogger” lifestyle where, instead of using only her body to get attention, a girl uses pictures and video from exotic locations to enhance her beauty.

I’m beginning to suspect that Roosh spends most of his time following Instagram models and muttering angrily to himself each time one of them gives him a boner.

Other girls, with nothing substantial to offer the world, decide to showcase pictures of pets or their tasty overpriced meals, but even that puts them on a dopamine loop that ruins their future interactions with men.

Now he’s mad at women who post pics of their fucking DOGS or the sandwich they had for lunch? Honestly, dude, this is getting embarrassing.

Roosh goes on to complain about “sugar babies” and porn stars, then declares:

The Western world is a sinkhole for women. The prettiest of the bunch fall into the hole and get spit out years later an entitled #MeToo hag who can never be happy, making the Islamic four-wive rule seem downright egalitarian.

Yes, he said “entitled #MeToo hag.” He evidently thinks that women who are raped and/or sexually harassed are somehow … privileged.

The sad truth is that if you meet an attractive girl today, she was pumped and dumped by numerous sexy men, prefers to nurture her career than children, is addicted to attention via the internet, and has participated in some kind of scheme to exchange social status or cash for her pussy. She’s more than suitable for a bit of fun, but would it be wise to seek a relationship with her?

Yes, those lady grapes are definitely sour.

But take heart, ladies! Roosh is still a romantic at heart, and would be happy to settle for one of you!

Even with the obesity and short-hair epidemic, I still see a bountiful supply of cute girls I would happily reproduce with.

Great news for all human females!

I would love them, let them caress my beard, and lay my seed deep within their vaginal guts …

You would do WHAT in their WHATS!? Ewwwww.

… but the problem is that those guts are not for me—they are for the Chads who would never marry her, the beta orbiters who await her newest selfie as if it were a source of food, or the rich and lonely men who would sponsor her for thousands of dollars a month.

Dude, you’re honestly saying that you can’t compete with a woman’s “beta orbiters?” I thought pickup artists were supposed to be the alphas every woman years for.

They’re taking her out of circulation at the time I want her most, and by the time they are done with her, I no longer want her.

I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

I guess I’ll try to weasel in a bang or two when she is not yet fully degraded, and enjoy the fleeting pleasure that comes from it as much as I can.

You’ll :try to weasel in a bang or two?” Dude, you give weasels a bad name.

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4 years ago

Can I least hear how you propose to have a society in which men can have unlimited casual sex but women can’t have any? How would that work? Who would men have sex with?

Well, if only men are allowed to have casual sex, it stands to reason that they would be having sex with other men (and possibly with non-binary people, I’m not sure whether the NB folks would be allowed unlimited casual sex or absolutely no casual sex. Maybe they’d split the difference and have a specific, allotted amount of permitted casual sex.)

4 years ago

“Sex is like pizza – even when it’s bad, it’s good.”

Germaine Greer disagrees with you:

most rape was actually just ‘bad sex’ and ‘don’t involve any injury whatsoever’

4 years ago

I know women who agree

Yes I am sure you do Raoul. You seem to agree too?

Are you aware that on this site people get very very pissed off with women being lumped into one group where we are all the same?

That Roosh et al going on and on and on ad nauseum about the sluts and the whores that are Western women are just hateful rants by bitter and limited men/ boys?

Come on Raoul, don’t swallow any coloured pill!

Violet Beauregarde: Vulnerable Spitfire and Former Fetus for Diversity, Transgender Rights, and Science-Based Evidence Also Against Entitlements
Violet Beauregarde: Vulnerable Spitfire and Former Fetus for Diversity, Transgender Rights, and Science-Based Evidence Also Against Entitlements
4 years ago

Well for one thing, Rooshbag, we prefer guys who wipe their asses!

4 years ago

Roosh: *makes his living as a “pick-up artist” who convinces women to have casual sex with him*

Also Roosh: I am laid low by all these alpha Chads who women will just have casual sex with!

Like…how can he not see the inherent hypocrisy here?

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
4 years ago


I’m gonna open to say that I’ve had a bad couple of days and you’re the unfortunate who’s decided to amble drunkenly into my yard. Mea culpa, and I apologize to anyone offended by loud noises, explosions or swearing.

I’m gonna take a different tack from the course WWTH has taken. You say that

women are so addicted to: … [wealth, appearance, attention] … That they won’t want to form a bond with anyone.

Let me take my fucking scalpels out here, my dood, and carve this ridiculous statement at the joints, like Plato suggested in Phaedrus.

(That’s right, you Petersonian lobsters watching on the sidelines, I’m takin’ it to the root of Western Civilization here. Argue against your own idols you sycophants.)

Your argument is in three parts:

A) “Women are addicted to stuff”,
B) A set of evidences of what the womz are addicted to, and
C) An assertion that A and B imply that women won’t want to form a bond with anyone.

(I see you in there, you fuckin’ shitty dopamine-causes-bonding-but-only-in-women argument. I’ll get to you later.)

So! My critiques!

A) Provide evidence that women are addicted to any social behaviour, Raoul. “Here’s a video of a woman doing things” doesn’t count. Show me that women are engaging in social behaviours in manners that men aren’t, and that it’s an addictive behaviour.

B) Show how that this addictive behaviour is focused on acquiring ever-more-wealthy, attractive, endowed, attentive partners, and not, y’know, normal humans making and ending relationships like normal humans do.

C) Show how these addictive behaviours lead to an inability to form emotional bonds. And please, please talk about dopamine and serotonin, or talk about seminal fluids. Please. I would love to eviscerate some actual shitty-biology-arguments.

In all of the above, “google it” or “it’s just obvious” doesn’t cut it, brosef. Know why? Because I can think up perfectly good alternate explanations for women not pair-bonding with a large number of men in society like what they done in the good old days. Best one I can think of? Men treat women like second class humans.

Like, for example, thinking that they’re superficial, driven by greed and emotion instead of actual reasons. No idea where I fuckin’ got that one, though.

Turns out that when someone’s a misogynist your feculent beliefs leak out of their every sentence. Like a rusting sewer line, the crumbling gaskets sealing together the shaky structure of their arguments sputter and spit their slime like swamp-gas burbling through filth. Creativity abandons them, and every conclusion follows the same corrosive path out to the choked river of the internet. It’s hard to miss.

I’m rambling. No fluttershy gifs on this one. Call me Scildfreja Ábolgen.

Jesalin: Clit-o-centric Lesbian Goddess
Jesalin: Clit-o-centric Lesbian Goddess
4 years ago

Like…how can he not see the inherent hypocrisy here?

How the hell can others not?!

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

I too would be interested to see a response to Scildfreja’s challenges.

But please don’t just link to ninety minute YouTube videos; and definitely not anything from Psychology Today.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I’d also like to point out that the “western civilization” that reactionaries hold so dear is a capitalist one. Capitalism needs consumerism to thrive, especially as technology makes it so much easier to efficiently provide for our basic needs.

Social media and the way it’s used to encourage consumerism is a huge cog in the capitalist machine in the 21st century. Yet manospherians are so mad about women Instagram modeling or buying lots of shoes or liking to dine in restaurants.

To get angry at women for engaging in consumerism when it’s capitalism that encourages them to do so seems silly. At least if you’re pro-capitalism. It’s a rare manospherian who is a socialist, after all.

So that’s another question for our Roosh defender. How do you propose to have a capitalist society that is non-consumerist? Or at least non-consumerist for women. God forbid anyone criticize men for spending tons of money on video games, nice cars or PUA seminars and bang books.

4 years ago

How do you propose to have a capitalist society that is non-consumerist? Or at least non-consumerist for women.

That’s an easy one. You forbid all women from being able to earn money or have private funds/property. And of course remove all forms of social assistance and anything else that might give a woman any form of independence provide funds that women will be able to fritter away on degenerate things like makeup. If a woman wants to be able to eat, she’ll have to pledge herself to and put herself entirely at the mercy of a dude. That’ll enforce some proper monogamy (for women, at least).

Of course, the manospherians still won’t be happy because they’ll have to pay to support their sex slaves wives. They won’t be happy until their ageless virginal sex-providers are able to live solely on air (but are still completely and utterly devoted to the manospherian for no reason that requires any effort on his part). But that will remove the problem of vile consumerist women.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Sure, but how does removing half the population from economic activity help preserve capitalism?

4 years ago

Well, granted, it sure won’t be GOOD capitalism (as much as capitalism can be good), but the dudes will still participate, so it’ll limp along.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I’m not so sure it would. The idealized 1950’s housewife lifestyle was just as consumerist as consumer culture is now. It’s just that instead of botox and waist trainers, it was household appliances and cleaning products. Girdles and hair curlers. Which goes back to your point about how they want some sort of combination of June Cleaver and Michelle Duggar but with Barbie doll looks, but they don’t want to financially provide for that. I just don’t think they comprehend how much money, capitalism, consumerism is involved in the perfect housewife + male head of household industrial and post-industrial lifestyle. You can’t abundant high status lifestyles for men without women participating in the economy in some capacity. Whether that’s working out of the house, earning our paychecks and spending them freely or whether that’s spending money on keeping the house and kids perfect while not “letting ourselves go.”

The MRA/MGTOW/PUA/incel models of a fantasy world are just never remotely feasible and practical.

4 years ago

Just something I thought you may like. I’m looking after me mum’s dog, and apparently she likes your posts.

comment image

Oh noes I’m indoctrinating me mum’s pet dog with the matriarchy.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Love it! Welcome to the feminist cabal, doggie!

My cat is less approving of WHTM. Probably because he’s a male

ETA: I only meant to share the one of the gray tabby. I guess my misandrist female kitty had to horn in.

4 years ago

“All That’s Left For Normal Men Are Rotten Women,”

(points and laughs)

Fancy Roosh thinking he’s normal. Normal men WASH THEIR BUTTS WITHOUT WHINING ABOUT HAVING TO DO IT, ROOSH!

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