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White supremacists are taking the royal wedding hard

Happily pissing off the world’s racists

By David Futrelle

Pity the poor white supremacists on this, the Royal Wedding day. Unless you spent the day trapped in a well, and that well didn’t have a television or internet access or cell phone reception, you know that today is the day that Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the royal knot. You probably also know that the newly minted Duchess of Sussex is mixed-race, with a white father and black mother.

This last bit is all that white supremacist alt-rightists and their internet friends can think about. No obsessing about Markle’s dress, no gawking at the ridiculous hats, no jokes about the renowned human rights lawyer Amal Clooney showing up to the wedding with “her husband” in tow. Nope: The only thing about the royal wedding that the Nazis want to talk about is how the pasty-white Duke and the new Dutchess are white genociding Europe so hard.

Neo-Nazi rag The Daily Stormer mourned the wedding in a post with the lovely headline “Surreal Derangement: Harry and His N***erbitch Finally Married.” In the post, Daily Stormer writer “Adrian Sol” described the bride both at a “monkey” and a “jungle n***erbitch” and repeatedly expressed his wish that she be murdered (“Princess Di’d”).

“I hope the Britcucks are prepared for the day they’ll be ruled over by a mulatto overlord,” he groused, hoping that after this big day

[w]e might get some respite from hearing about this disgusting couple for a few months, until Markle is ready to give birth to their deformed spawn.

Alas, he lamented, “[t]here’s now a precedent for n***ers ruling over European countries as royalty.” The one silver lining?

This is the end of British royal bloodline. I hate those freaking people. … Ending this crusty old bitch’s [Queen Elizabeth’s] bloodline by race-mixing with a monkey is cosmic justice, at least.

The white supremacist blog Occidental Dissent had an equally over-the-top reaction to the wedding, asking in its headline “Are Y’all Ready For Some Hardcore British Bestiality?” In the post, “Marcus Cicero” said he was a bit jealous of those in “the capital of Cuck Island” — that is, London — because

you don’t exactly get to see ancient White bloodlines get defiled in pomp and ceremony all that often.

As Cicero sees it, he’s not the only one pig-biting mad about the whole mixed-race thing.

[T]here are millions who aren’t too happy about this wedding …

Cuck Island may have been subject to propaganda more vicious than across the Pond, and a large bulk of the population may be currently deracinated to some degree, but you can’t just override genetic instinct all that easily (remember that, Jews).

And looking at this, you can easily tell that a huge number of people just sense that something is just not right – our imagination of royalty is typically Northern European in appearance, and you can’t honestly even push the Southron European look with this Cheddar Man resurrection.

In case you’re neither an archeology buff nor an alt-righter, “Cheddar Man” is the name given to the oldest skeleton ever found in the UK, the remains of a man who, scientists say, had dark skin — a fact that had the alt-rightosphere up in arms when the news came out this February. The “Cheddar Man resurrection” is of course a reference to Markle and her supposedly dark skin (that in reality is not that dark).

“Cicero” goes on to suggest that the release of a Meghan Markle sex tape is all but inevitable, as he assumes she “was quite busy with Jewish film/show producers during her failed acting career.” He ends the post by implying that the wedding isn’t something to be celebrated but instead the sort of thing that “should [be] punished medieval Tower of London-style” with some nice beheadings.

He illustrates the post with a number of exceedingly racist memes; I’ve put one of them up here.

Meanwhile, over on Gab — the “free speech” Twitter alternative that’s become a haven for Nazis and trolls — alt-rightists and other racists basically competed to see who could post the most cartoonishly racist take on the whole affair.


Oh look! This guy manages to work in some incel-style “roastie bashing” alongside his racism. It’s almost as if there is some sort of overlap between incels and the alt-right.

This guy attributes the wedding to some intricate and  incomprehensible — to me, anyway — plan to control the black population.

This guy, meanwhile, has developed an even weirder conspiracy theory based around the notion that Markle is not actually mixed-race but actually just plain white.

And this last lovely comment will enable quite a few of you to fill in all the remaining squares on your Bigot Bingo card.

The royal wedding: come for the fairy-tale romance; stay for the white genocide.

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What that was, and where it went, is an interesting research topic.

Deer liver, I should think, and aurochs, along with fish as Lumipuna notes. As to where it went, mostly into his stomach and his family and friends.

It would be interesting to compare when aurochs became scarce and the (now known to be relatively late) date that Britons stopped being very dark skinned.

ETA: there are two fish and chip shops at Cheddar Gorge, but I don’t know how far they date back.

EETA: of course it might just be ad-mixing with later, presumably lighter skinned, migrants from the Middle East, who make up a significant part of average Brit DNA.

ETA: there are two fish and chip shops at Cheddar Gorge, but I don’t know how far they date back.

“In local tradition, the chip is made of flint and you use it to gut the fish.”

@ Eldridge

Right now the greatest tool female supremacists have against us is the way we act.

Heh, there’s nothing you can really say to that.

Deer liver, I should think, and aurochs, along with fish as Lumipuna notes. As to where it went, mostly into his stomach and his family and friends.

Not from deer (or caribou) livers – they’ve got virtually no Vit D. Caribou liver also has toxic levels of Vitamin A (higher even than dog, seal, or polar bear, which’ll kill you in a week) – so they’d be avoiding that bit as a snack.
Both whale and seal fat are high in Vit D though – so that’s the likely source.

@ Shadowplay:

Caribou liver also has toxic levels of Vitamin A (higher even than dog, seal, or polar bear, which’ll kill you in a week) – so they’d be avoiding that bit as a snack.

Okay–you have piqued my interest; how do caribou wind up with higher levels of vitamin A in their livers than apex predators (who, I’d had the impression, amassed and concentrated it from the organs of their prey?) Is lichen that carotenoid-rich?

Okay–you have piqued my interest; how do caribou wind up with higher levels of vitamin A in their livers than apex predators

They haven’t, and I assure you that caribou liver is edible, evidenced by the fact that the northerly branch of my family is still alive (and my dad, come to that)

@ Mish,

White Genocide Kitty is sitting on us! No wonder the sky is grey. And the weather people say cloudy. A likely story. It’s a conspiracy!

On a serious note, this reminded me that I too have “computer problems” and maybe someone here could help?

I have nearly identical pix to this, it’s looking SE at Chicago from near Lake Shore Drive or Michigan Ave.

And my pix are all screwed up. Mac Book here, pro if it matters, a few years old. The one before that? Same. That crapped out but I was able to get the contents transferred to an external hard drive. And my pix are on there, they’re all out of sequence though (other people told me the same happened when they had to do this too.)

It did work and I could see the pix. The problem I have now is, with my new Mac Book laptop, I tried to download pix from a camera, it says it needs the iPhoto app for this, and that is now – on the external drive.


I tried to figure out what to do with mac help and reading things online, I couldn’t find anything and gave up. Later, I tried the external drive again, and looking at pix, and the iPhoto app comes up, the icon comes up on the lower menu bar and “bounces” as they do when you open them, – but, there were TWO iPhoto icons. (it did work though.)

Something is wonky here and I’m not sure what to do. I asked other people, they don’t know either.

So I have lost the iPhoto app to the external drive, so it says, two icons notwithstanding, and thus I can’t download pix from a card, onto this laptop. I need to get the iPhoto app back on the laptop.

Any ideas much appreciated 🙂

Unrelated, – I was thinking of getting a Windows laptop too, now I’m scared. 00

This thing here, does work well, is a few years old, wait ..
I just looked and it says mid 2012. Where does the time go? Also: OS X El Capitan. And it says I have 473 / 499 GB of memory free. So I could be utilizing this thing a lot more, I think.

So I’m thinking, instead of getting a Windows laptop, because my only interest is the “Microsoft Office Suite” – you can get that for Mac, right? I’m not sure how that all works. Would that be a better idea, or would it not even work? Eg. could I even get a version for this laptop. I also assume that using that on a Mac is the same as using it on Windows? My idea being here to “brush up on my admin skills”.

I guess I’m living 6 years in the past here. I will say that these Macs do keep on cranking along, and I think I can still utilize this thing, rather than spending un necessarily. I too have to watch my money.
I also have to run the updates on this thing one of these days, I am trying to straighten all of these things out and utilize what I have.

Fitting in the themes, I was not trapped in a well, but we didn’t have internet, TV, or cell reception this weekend at a cabin in the tundra.

People were eating caribou burgers, and did not die.

There was also discussion of very high vitamin A concentration in seal eyes, along with discussion of the weird texture of seal eyes. Which implies that high vitamin A concentrations must not be invariably lethal.


Both whale and seal fat are high in Vit D though – so that’s the likely source.

Probably right there; I hadn’t realised Cheddar was so near the coast. In which case the answer to where the source went is nowhere; there’s still seals and porpoises in the bay.

In which case the answer to where the source went is nowhere; there’s still seals and porpoises in the bay.

But human populations are much higher and people are almost exclusively eating agricultural foods.

I vaguely recall I once ate reindeer liver, a substantial amount one-off. Good thing if it wasn’t poisonous.

Much like Larry King when he was asked on air whether he paints his bald spot, I have only one question for the internet racist brigade:

“Why you care?”

I know the answer: they don’t care. It’s the hot piece of news and a good opportunity to espouse hate. It’s just in-group posturing and nothing else.

It’s (non)virtue-signalling!

Because they are desperately frightened by this — one of the world’s greatest political and social institutions has endorsed interracial marriage, and to top it off, the institution is British, and therefore “white” and at the core of white supremacy.

These jackasses are stunned that the descendants of King Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, King George V, and all the other Imperial Rulers are allowing a member of the races they ruled to join them in the palace as something BESIDES being servants, and to mingle bloodlines.

If the House of Windsor can include blacks in its family and descendants, then nobody is safe (to them). Truly, they think, the satanic Jewish conspiracy has triumphed in its efforts to pollute the world. Never mind that real pollution comes out of white-owned smokestacks…

Hmm, is the Prince Harry not the one who had been photographed in a Nazi uniform ? It was a costumed party, and he had presented half-excuses, if i remember well, but yet… Maybe that is why other nazis feel “betrayed” ?

Yes…he was wearing an “Afrika Korps” uniform. His grandparents, both World War II military veterans, hit the ceiling, and sent Harry to visit the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, where aging British WW2 Army veterans (and from other wars) live, including Korean War VC recipient Bill Speakman.

These aging lions who drove Rommel into the sea in Tunisia, stormed Normandy on D-Day, and liberated Hitler’s concentration camps in North Germany, suffering grievous physical and mental wounds and the losses of good friends in doing so, set Harry straight.

our imagination of royalty is typically Northern European in appearance

I dunno, my imagination of royalty is mostly the crowns and castles and such. Barely even associate the word with actual people. Maybe cos I’m Murican *shrugs*

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I have a great story about Cheddar Man that I love. He’s always fascinated me, and many, many years ago, I saw a program about him and how some researchers decided that doing a new thing – “DNA testing” – would be a fun way to get local kids interested, so they arranged with one schoolteacher to distribute test kits to all of his students. When the packet arrived, there was one extra test, so the teacher decided, on a lark, to test himself as well.

The results came back with the expected numbers of some general connection, but the teacher’s results showed that he was a direct descendant of Cheddar Man. They interviewed him, and he said “I know my family doesn’t move very much, but this is ridiculous!”

This came up sorta randomly on my screen and I thought:

“Wonder if any of these tweeters belong to the royal family?”

It’s not like whoever Harry married was going to give birth to the eventual king or queen anyway; they’re behind Charles and then William and his kids and it’s not like the Middle Ages when all the heirs had to go out and fight on horseback, plus they’ve amended the rules so that women can inherit over younger brothers too.

And young Master Archie is as lily-white as his other ancestors, in the event, even down there in 7th place. Certainly even at his age beats the 8th place Prince “Epstein who?” Andrew.

Frankly, the “Master Race” needs to learn about hybrid vigor. The fact that Harry married a woman of any ethnicity who doesn’t show up as a cousin of any sort improves the royal bloodline a lot. No more hemophilia or porphyria! The family tree/stick has grown a fork!

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