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This random incel’s theory on how bone structure determines everything about you will rattle your bones

Chad using his superior bone structure to charm the ladies

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By David Futrelle

In their forums online, where no one can see what they look like, self-described “involuntary celibates” come across as some of the most repugnant human beings that have ever walked the earth. Yet somehow incels think it’s their looks, not their personalities, that drive the women away.

Indeed, one commenter in the Braincels subreddit has managed to convince himself  that personality, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t exist — and that it is actually our bone structure that determines how the world treats us, and how we act.

In a post a week ago, everythingshewants7 set forth the basics of his theory, informing his fellow incels that “[p]ersonality does not exist, and I do not give a shit about it.”

Let’s see if we can follow his unique logic.

People behave the way their environment wants them to behave, and the way people treat them. The way people treat them is based on bonestructure.

Two sentences in and already I feel like I need a flow chart. So the environment takes one look at a person’s bone structure, and then issues a set of instructions as to how other people should treat them? Or does a person’s bone structure tell the environment how it wants people to treat them? Who’s driving this car anyway?

As people can’t resist social pressure, they start behaving according to other people’s expectations.

So a person’s bone structure is some sort of invisible puppeteer that determines people’s expectations, which in turn determine how these people treat the person with that bone structure acts, which determines how that person acts? Again, if someone could draw me a diagram I might understand a bit better.

So, if you look intimidating, people will treat you with respect or fear, and you’ll start to behave like the tough guy.

Well, ok, that make a certain sense. I mean, look at this intimidating-looking apex predator fearlessly attacking a much larger enemy.

Tremble before this kitten’s SUPERIOR BONE STRUCTURE!

Meanwhile, ladies use their not-so-intimidating bone structure to trick the world into thinking that they’re not evil sluts.

If you look innocent as a woman, people will think you’re girlfriend material and a nice person. You start to behave according to these expectations. Not only do you start to behave like that, you will perceive yourself as a nice, caring woman.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world she was girlfriend material.

What does this mean? It means personality is a social construction, and nothing else.

Wait, personality is socially constructed? I thought it was determined genetically by a person’s bone structure.

It basically does not really exist. Since I know this, I don’t give a shit about people’s personality anymore.

So bone structure is socially constructing something that doesn’t exist. Got it.

There’s nothing as fake and constructed as personality. You see a nice feminine woman, and you think she’s girlfriend material. Most likely, she’s the biggest slut of all, forcing [her] to lead a double life.

Wait, so bone structure only determines personality (which doesn’t exist) when a person is on their best behavior in public? It doesn’t affect their real personality (which also doesn’t exist, I presume)?

Behind closed doors, she’s being fucked by one chad after the other.

I should have known that the dastardly Chad was going to make his inevitable appearance. Damn you, Chad! Damn you all to hell!

When she steps out of the door, she plays her role. This is our so called ‘civilized society’. Nothing, nothing you see is real.


I think I might have to lie down for a while.

H/T — r/TheBluePill

NOTE TO READERS: Sorry I haven’t been able to post for several days; I re-injured my back and the combination of back pain and my chronic headaches kind of did a number on me. Feeling a bit better today. Thanks for you patience!

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3 years ago

To be fair, that kitten’s bone structure IS pretty great.

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