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Return of Kings: Keep immigrants out! Except for sexy lady immigrants, send more of those

Return of Kings dream girls

By David Futrelle

The fellas at garbage site Return of Kings have made their feelings about immigrants pretty clear. If you do a search for “immigrants” on the site, you get a lot of headlines like these:




You get the picture.

But it turns out that there’s one kind of immigrant that Return of Kings actually likes and wants more of: sexy lady immigrants.

A recent post on the site by regular contributor William Adams puts for the proposition that “FOREIGN WOMEN SHOULD COME BEFORE MEN IN ANY IMMIGRATION PLAN.” Adams argues that what he describes as a “massive influx” of “Middle Eastern and African male economic migrants” engineered in part by “globalists like George Soros” is ruining the dating prospects of native-born men in Western Europe and North America.

“Some have … speculated,” he writes,

that feminists in leadership positions either want to make things worse for native men, or that they want to increase the female value in the sexual market by making the society more competitive for men while improving their own access to men. More men imply a better situation for adult females who are free to pick among both native and non-native men and for both short- and long-term relationships.

And it goes without saying that “a better situation for adult females” is a very bad thing indeed.

In fact, according to a recent analysis by Eurostat, there were only “slightly more men than women (56 % compared with 44 %)” immigrants to European Union states from countries outside the EU in 2016.

But damn the facts, because in the minds of the horny racists at Return of Kings, the swarthy hordes are TERKING OUR WIMMINZ.

And so, as Adams sees it, we in the west need to open our borders to more women from places like Russia, Brazil, the Philippines and even “war-ridden countries like Yemen.”

This brilliant plan, Adams argues, could magically end racial division in the west and cut down on ISIS recruitment efforts.

When both white and non-white citizens notice that they have a higher chance of finding a long-term partner, they will focus more on living a stable life instead of joining pathetic extremist groups that do no one no good.

More importantly to Return of Kings readers, it will mean MORE WIMMINZ for them — a development that could also force the women that are here already to start treating dudes better.

[T]he sexual market will be much more balanced, and even native women may have to adjust and better themselves as a result of the tougher competition from their global sisters.

And it might even save Western dudes money on airfare as they won’t have to fly halfway across the world to find themselves hot foreign wives any more!

[W]hy should a man go and live in South America, Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia under worse material conditions when he can live in the West with a more traditional female partner?

This seems like a lot of work to go through to improve the dating prospects of some of the worst dudes in the West. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to deport all Return of Kings fans to one of these places?

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They think that the women they really want will feel desperate about being replaced by cheaper models and be more willing to lower standards and be with them. Just like they feel desperate about being ‘replaced’ by those obviously inferior folks who are taking jobs and women away from them. (Yes, projection strikes again.)

Or, more to the point: are you actually expecting coherent logic from these folks, given all the other mess we’ve seen reported here?

I think that they don’t realise that the female immigrants would integrate into more western ideals with the education and job offers and all that…. Rather than shouting out, once arriving on our shores “I NEED A MAN! ANY MAN WILL DO. I NEED SOMEONE TO OBEY!” And grab the nearest man available. I mean hell, Culture shock is a thing and it takes a while to get around that. Than you make friends, learn the lay of the land, learn the language, get yourself sorted with accommodation and an income, learn some of the customs and than maybe think about starting dating when you have the important bits down. By then you would realise what you want in a partner and therein lies why these guys would be rejected again. They don’t realise that to successfully attract women is not to treat them like slaves or game pieces. It’s to realise that we’re are living breathing people who have flaws and want partners who will stick with us thick and thin, who are willing to listen to us and be listened to in return and who will change and grow as we change and grow.
From Slutty Miss Havisham Penguin…. Didn’t mean to put my name up.

Wait, so these geniuses don’t want immigrant people bringing icky immigrant genes to their race… exactly what do they think will happen if they bring over immigrant women and fuck them?

I’m sure they think that their super-manly dominant genes will over-power and neutralize her submissive immigrant genes. We already know they don’t know jack shit about biology, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

In other news:

Healing proceeds apace, sitting still isn’t comfortable, and the longer I sit the achier I feel when I stand back up.

I still don’t have much sensation at all and I can’t help but worry that it might be permanent.

Also, I’m already very tired of having to have a shower and two baths every day.

Oh, and according to my partner, it looks damn good.

And the definition of awkward is having my MIL comment on that^.

Continued well wishes for a complete and speedy healing, Jesalin.

@Jeyne Doe:

Wasn’t there a Roosh post from a few years ago where he complained that he couldn’t find his ideal bride in Eastern Europe because vast feminist conspiracies were sending them to college and whatnot?


And shhhhh, don’t anyone tell him that the former Soviet Union (and all the other Iron Curtain countries) were actually ahead of the west, in those days, when it came to women having careers and being sexually liberated (and incidentally, more sexually satisfied than their western counterparts in direct proportion to all that). Socialism placed high value on gender equality and female emancipation! So of course Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, etc. women were getting university educations and going for professional jobs, instead of “traditionally” waiting for some drunken slob to sober up long enough to notice and maybe take a notion to marry them. And they’re still doing so, even now, although the economic collapse following the fall of the Berlin Wall has made it exceptionally hard for them to get those good jobs, or to scrape up the money for tuition. So of course they’re not making do with a heap of droppings like Roosh!

PS: Yay, Jesalin, glad to hear you’re doing well!

So instead, us “roasties” (to borrow from incel language) would have to be the ones to venture forth into the eastern world to find partners since the men would instead be the selective ones and the women would compete for them, in this fantasy of theirs?

Nah, too much effort. I’ll just adopt furbabies and date a battery-operated boyfriend instead.

These “traditional” women are just desperate to get away from their war torn, impoverished, broken, and otherwise destitute countries. If they do marry for a green card, first thing they will do is divorce the chump once they pass the legal goalpost. These guys idealize a woman that has never existed. Women complied historically with patriarchal structures because 1. We were forced to 2. We were brainwashed by law and religion to 3. Survival depended on it (average lifespan was only to the age of about 40.) Now that we have a civilization where we can brake away and live independently, we are choosing that option. So, in conclusion, the first chance women get to break away from patriarchies and become more egalitarian, we take it. I can’t think of a first world country where that general trend has not taken place. Of course, for MRA’s to realize this would require empathy and logic, instead of self absorbed delusion.

All countries may not have the police resources to go after child-abusing sex tourists, but a third world prison is a very real outcome.

I would imagine that vigilantes are given the blind eye a bit more as well. How many beatings (some fatal) could be attributable to a man trying to pick up 12yo’s in a country he has assumed is lawless?

The sexual market will be much more balanced, and even native women may have to adjust and better themselves as a result of the tougher competition from their global sisters

This might be the most cynical thing I’ve read on this site. And that’s saying something…

@Fishy Goat: Somebody needs to tell Ivan the King in those pictures it would be a lot easier to carry that carpet if he just rolled it up.

By George, I think I’ve got it!

It’s like ‘Enry ‘Iggins’ song in “My Fair Lady:” “Why can’t a woman be like a man?” Guys would be delighted to be randomly solicited for sex. Why can’t women be like that? Is that too much to ask?*

*Rhetorical question, asked ironically, and not really requiring an answer.


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God, I feel so inadequate.

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