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A temporary period of darkness: Today in Tweets

Trump trying to look up the eclipse’s skirt

By David Futrelle

Today The United States was plunged into darkness, literally, and it was a welcome relief from the more lasting metaphorical darkness that overcame the country early last November.

Oh, and our misbegotten president took off his special glasses and stared directly at the eclipse. Because of course he did. Also, he’s bankrupting the Secret Service. More on that in a second. Bur first:

The most pointed eclipse tweet came from none other than Madeleine Albright:

But this was my favorite:

In other news:

And now the cute animals:

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4 years ago

Gussie Jives:

The media was going on about it like it was the next coming of Halley’s Comet.

Don’t get me started! I’m still fucking bitter about Halley. I looked forward to that for years, since I was a kid. Bought binoculars in anticipation. And then the bastard was barely visible, even out of town. I want to live to 100 just so that I can shake a fist at it next time it swings by.

Jack Graham
4 years ago

Madeleine Albright said the deaths of half a million Iraqi children under the sanctions regime she and Bill Clinton supported and enforced was “worth it”.

All darkness is temporary indeed.

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