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Nazi idiots accuse CDC of lowering “normal” testosterone range in plot to turn men gay

Typical low-testosterone gay men

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By David Futrelle

Watch out, straight dudes! The government is coming for your manhood!

Or at least that’s the accusation being leveled at internet Nazis. On neo-Nazi internet tip sheet The Daily Stormer, the writer known as Zeiger points to a six-month old Science Daily article reporting the results of a large-scale study designed to more accurately determine “normal” testosterone levels in men. Shockingly, to Zeiger at least, the study determined that the old “normal’ range was a bit high. The CDC and medical testing companies are adjusting their standards accordingly.

Zeiger is not pleased. “The chemical castration of the Western male is about to be kicked up to the next level,” he warns. “It’s a transparent push to feminize men and normalize being a low-T f*ggot.”

Zeiger warns that the new “normal” could even lead to the government trying to TERK OUR TERTOSTERONE!

[T]f this process continues, you could start seeing men with healthy testosterone begin to be seen as “pathological” because their levels are “too high” compared with the new standard. So power-lifters who watch their diets could start being prescribed drugs to lower their T levels.

First they came for the power lifters …

Over on his blog, Nazoid pickup artist James “Heartiste” Weidmann raises the alarm in even more outlandish prose.

Mother fucking yahweh, this is a declaration of war against masculinity. The ruling class wants a compliant and pacified herd of puppy dogs in place of the White men who could pose a threat to their ill-gotten and corrupted sinecures.

The soyfatted manboobed weepy feminist nümale is not a meme. It’s real! 

Hey, I think he means me!

Think about the implications. Are you a high T man who’s within the formerly normal range of male serum testosterone level? Guess what, you’re now suffering from pathologically high testosterone. Report to your nearest feminization camp for the requisite T-lowering Mazeltov cocktail of beta blockers, SSRIs, estrogen, dissolved birth control pills drawn from the local tap, and opioids.

There is a Western-wide War on Men, because the effete low T Globohomo taintlickers that have somehow wormed their way into power and laugh at the plebs assaulted by Diversity™ from behind their gated communities know…they KNOW fam…that testosterone is the elixir of the god emperors, and a million god emperors whose veins flow with the power of T and whose hearts are opened to ethereal channels of connection to their mighty warrior ancestors through their shared high T heritage are the ONLY FOE WITH THE FORCE OF WILL to oust the degenerate elite from their plush sanctums.

I think Heartiste is huffing something, but it’s not testosterone.

Pull the Goylent feeding tube from your soulgut and reclaim your rightful place in the pantheon of powerful White men as heir to a noble race of warrior poets.

Sorry dude, but making up words like “globohomo” and  “Goylant” doesn’t actually make you a poet, much less a warrior.

Our government is evil. It wants to pathologize masculine men and normalize fat women. The bureaucratic machine and its elite operators assault the very notion of Truth and Beauty, which they want replaced with Lies and Ugliness. This is our generation’s war, and I can’t think of a nobler reason to fight than the nature of our enemy…a globalist swarm of soulless atomized grubby usurers with no attachment to anything but their continued power.

So Heartiste is declaring war on … fat people? Well, if it’s on, it’s on. So, fellow fatties, if you ever run across Mr. Weidmann, I suggest you gut-check him to the ground and sit on him.

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@Nanny Ogg’s Bosom
Might be the apostrophe. They’re frequently used in SQL injection attacks so the software might automatically send posts with certain fields containing them to moderation. Or could be David hasn’t white listed you yet.

Considering some of the rows about prayer books in the past, the idea that people could be killed over them isn’t exactly far-fetched.

(Suddenly I’m reminded of arguments I’ve heard that the original Church of England ‘Book of Common Prayer’ served a similar purpose to English as the Gutenberg Bible did to German: it largely standardized the language.)

Over here, the usual reference for ‘cleaning out ships’ would be Stan Rogers’ song ‘The Wreck of the Athens Queen’.

So here’s to all good salvagers
Likewise to Ripper Rock
And to Napolean brandy of which
Now we have much stock
We eat a lot of chicken
And sit on a couch of green
And we wait for Ripper Rock
To claim another Athens Queen
O, the lovely Athens Queen!

Depends on what you mean by ‘wrecking’; technically it refers to salvaging a wrecked ship without official license and paying a portion to the crown. And the idea that historically Cornish people didn’t engage in that is absurd; all poor fisherfolk everywhere did so as a matter of course. Now whether they actually lured ships to their doom for this purpose is more questionable, of course. Still, makes for some fun stories, for sure.

It’s still a tradition. You probably read about how they cleaned out that container ship that ran aground.

This one?

@ jenora

Ooh, cheers for that. I’ll see if I can find it online. Love a good ballad

@ dalillama

There’s a joke amongst some of the locals here that the Torrey Canyon disaster arose from an ill advised attempt at blagging some free diesel.

@ jenora

That was jolly, especially in view of (or maybe because of) the subject matter.

It’s very common down here (and maybe other places?) to drink rum mixed with something called Shrub and brandy with something called Lovage. They’re sort of mixers that allegedly were introduced to mask the taste of salt water that had somehow managed to get into the relevant barrels; in no doubt completely non suspicious circumstances.

(It’s also a.weird tradition round here that you never just buy either of those drinks. You have to gamble for them in a game called Spoof and loser gets a round in)

@smartalek Yes, check previous posts, source is definitely by Tom of Finland, though it’s been photoshopped a bit.


People almost certainly were killed over prayer books. The issue in the 1600’s was whether Church of England ministers had to strictly follow the prayer book ceremonies, which helped lead to a civil war and revolution.

Victorious Parasol
Ohhh, I liked that video. But it was a little hard to make out the words.
Does it come in an English version?

I’ll show myself out………………..

The government is ran now by their kind so they don’t get to use that rage anymore. KKK racist misogynists run America so they got nothing to complain about. Also, science…do they teach that anymore?


Goylent feeding tube ? Or is… Goylent Green !? But Goylent Green is people !

And about Jojo, what Ooglyboggles said, + the fact that many names (of characters or stands) are taken from singers, bands or song titles. But with the last installment (“Jojolion”), the gay atmosphear has been cut down (well, for the 5 books i have read till now, in any case).

Have a nice day.

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