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Alt-Right Twitter trolls lament Marine Le Pen’s yuge loss in France, talk armed revolution

The mood on alt-right Twitter right now

In the wake of Emmanuel Macron’s yuge victory over his Nazi-lite opponent Marine Le Pen, the mood on Alt-Right Twitter is rather delightfully (to me) grim.

Indeed, more than a few Alt-Right Nazis and their fellow travelers reacted as if someone close to them had died ignominiously like Hitler in his bunker.

Others were more pissy than sad:

Some resorted to conspiracy theories to explain Macron’s lopsided victory:

More than a few lashed out at supporters of Macron, and French people in general.

There were more than a few predictions of imminent disaster:

For some, the election results showed that Alt-Rightists need to abandon whatever sliver of faith in democracy they still hold on to, and possibly start up some kind of Alt-Right freikorps.

This excitable gal, meanwhile, hoped for divine intervention. Her god is apparently a huge shithead who voted for Le Pen.

Good luck with that.

EDITED TO ADD: BONUS TWEET FROM CARL OF SWINDON! (Note, he really is named Carl, and he lives in Swindon.)

Carl has spent much of the evening on Twitter explaining that he’s not actually being anti-Semitic because at one point

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Brony, Social Justice Cenobite

I meant to type that Trove had “club worlds”, not “clubs”. We get a world. It’s “minecraft: the dungeon crawl” in a way I like.

5 years ago

@ Petra

Not true. Consider the blocades against the movie “The Red Pill.” I defy you to show me one position taken by The Red Pill that warranted such action?

Blockades? You- you don’t know what on Earth you’re talking about do you?

You defy me to? You clearly don’t know yourself what was in it, so why should I take the time to explain to you everything wrong with that fawning, uncritical, naïve puff piece?

You also haven’t explained what the hell you were talking about when you said your post had been ‘suppressed.’ Sounds like slander to me, because you dropped it in, without explanation, and then when asked what you meant you completely ignored it. So, what were you talking about?

You seem to be under the impression that men’s rights people care one jot about male victims of rape. They don’t. There is a wealth of direct quotes and links on this very website- David has been documenting it all for years.

Feminists do. Your ‘example’ of feminist suppression of male rape was a single woman who has since been constantly harassed.

Give me a choice between having five years of hate mail, versus having a conference I traveled hundreds of miles and spent months of money to set up fucked up by a fire alarm so a self-important asshole to scream at me for 14 minutes to “shut up” and trust her to take care of me, I’d go for the hate mail.

You actually sicken me.

Grace of Spades
Grace of Spades
5 years ago

I’m quite late to this as I am still catching up on my email due to getting sick. I love the regular commenters here – I’m one of those who always thinks of a witty and accurate retort no sooner than 10 minutes after hearing some misogynistic bullshit, and between David and the comments section, I am much better equipped through reading the troll take-downs.

Sadly, it doesn’t look as though Tell it Like It Ain’t is going to return to satisfy my burning curiosity: who is Frances, and why has she run out of chances?

@Troubelle, resident bard, do you think “Frances, Frances, out of chances” has any potential?

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