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Friday Night Cat Hat Open Thread

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Hey, how about a nice Friday night non-Trump open thread for not talking about Trump? TA DA. No trolls, Trump fans, etc.

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Does anyone know where to find a political quiz/test that puts the results into a chart shaped like this: +? On the bottom is statist, left and right are liberal/conservative, top is libertarianism(? I think, it’s been a decade or so) and in the center was centrist. I’m kinda curious as to how my views have changed since high school. (I was a centrist bordering on statist, then. I don’t think that’s still accurate.)
ETA: Pew Research says I’m a solid liberal, puts me at pretty far left and libertarian. [(-8.38, -7.9) to be precise.]


> Redsilkphoenix
Hmm, without no reference about the editor and/or the author, if it is as old as you say, and if it was not a “hit” at his time, there is almost no chance there are re-edition of it, and thus to find out what was the title. Can be a belgium comic, as they were a lot of them around the years you are talking about. Sorry.

Have a nice day.

@Axe, yup it’s a fine word 🙂 (One other that I still use occasionally is “scunner” – an annoying and/or momentarily gob-smacking blow dealt by fortune (also available as a verb); last said to me sympathetically as I came out of a shop and dropped and smashed the bowl I’d just bought 30 seconds earlier into a thousand pieces on the pavement (well maybe twenty pieces. I glued it back together. Though it was no longer suitable for giving as a birthday present as originally intended))

@ guest

Another brilliant article. I just wish I’d read it before I invested in all those Dutch tulips.

@Alan Well I hope you didn’t lose as much as Sir Isaac! You gotta feel for the guy, it must have been one of the few times in his life he realised he’d been a complete idiot. Will answer your other comment later!

@ guest

Well ‘genius’ isn’t necessarily a transferable skill. My favourite Alan Turing story is that during the war he converted all his assets to silver ingots which he then buried; and promptly forgot where.

Sometime after the war he remembered; but by that time they’d built Milton Keynes on top of his hiding place.

@pagan reader:
Be aware that is a libertarian website, set up to persuade everyone that they’re libertarians.

The statist / libertarian divide is a difficult one to measure anyway. Unlike Right / Left, there’s no clear agreement on what constitutes the centre-ground, and many people are extremely pro-state in some of their beliefs and very anti-state in others. (I’m probably a good example: I’m in favour of the enlargement of the welfare state and also the dissolution of the military. Am I pro-state or anti?)

@occasional reader,

Thanks for the help. I knew it was a long shot asking here about it, but I figured I had nothing to loose by doing it. Besides, people around here have recalled stranger and more obscure things than that, so….

I guess the next time I’m in that town with some free time, I’ll have to revisit that library and see if the book had/has somehow survived various “we need to make room for new books” purges and a move to a different building. And if it’s still there, see how well my mind has actually remembered the details of that mysterious comic hamster….

I finally got to seeing Hidden Figures. Loved it!

The tension when you don’t know whether Glenn made it alive! (And then I remembered he gave my commencement address, which suggests he had not died. But still, tense!)

Man does Paul Stafford come out looking like an idiot in this retelling. Most of the white people are some variant of insufferable, even the “good guys” like John Glenn. Only Stafford looks actually lacking in intellect.

My dad (yay, I can go watch movies with my parents again like when I was a kid!) was under the impression that everything NASA happened at Johnson in Houston. This despite his growing up in the space race times, in the D.C. area.

David, in my technology wishlist for this site: a way to sticky the open threads to the bottom of the first page of posts, so they stay active rather than every thread becoming an open thread.

I wanted to highlight this story where the CBC actually addresses a men’s issue, in a feminist lens:

The suggestions there:
* help boys stay in school.
* pay more for “women’s” jobs.
* recruit men into nursing etc, just like lately we’ve started recruiting women into engineering etc.

I bet MRAs would blow a gasket reading this.

I bet MRAs would blow a gasket reading this.

I read a lot of the comments, they did.

Spoiler: It’s all the feminist’s fault.

Oh dear. I forgot to warn y’all NOT to read comments on a CBC story about anything. Not even the comments on a story about puppies and kittens getting saved by firefighters.

Well, feminists probably put those puppies and kittens in that situation to begin with, and besides, if we gave the kittens and puppies firearms as is their right, they could have saved themselves instead of being beta cucks waiting around for Chad Firehosecock to rescue them.

Time to halt equalization payments to the kittens. It’s all Notley’s fault they were stuck in that tree anyway.

I just read the comments on a CBC-NB article. Holy shit flashback to my childhood. All the anti-french bigots that faded away via infighting back in the 90s, that’s where they ended up! All of them! The asshats who called me a frog are there shitposting right now.

@ guest, I was just trying to comment over at your economics page but I’m not sure if it worked so Imma just post it here as well, ‘scuse me 🙂

Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed this set of posts – thank you!
Interesting to consider that there may have been considerably more economic clout wielded by women pre-1830s than most people would guess, partly on account of relative invisibility; it makes me think of the dual process of airbrushing women out of authorship in the arts and literature (firstly by anonymity and/or male noms de plume, then by conscious or unconscious exclusion from canon) and how this becomes self-perpetuating; we continue to assume there were few or no women doing x y or z because we’ve never heard of them, and think the handful of names that have survived were the only ones.

Mainly, though, just thank you so much for this fascinating and informative read!

@opposablethumbs OK that was weird–I just had a brain wave to come over and check this post! I just double checked and it looks like comments are open to anyone, including anonymous, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t have worked for you. So I’m glad I spotted your comment here–thanks, I’m really pleased people are getting something out of this crash course in 18th century English economic history…. Yes, it’s depressing how women are airbrushed from history in pretty much every area. Two books to check out, if you haven’t seen one or both of them before:'s_Writing

In the latter Dale Spender mentions somewhere that every time women do something it’s forgotten in the next generation, and that seems to be true. Men’s work, and men’s history, seem to be progressive–men can build on the work of other men to continue to accomplish new things. Women’s work, and women’s history, seem to be cyclical–we periodically find ourselves right back where we started, with no collective memory of we had accomplished before.

I actually just had another thought about women in, as my friend likes to say, ‘history days’–will go write about it on my own new blog….

Glad you saw it, guest! (probably me messing up somehow – I are rly quiet goed at messing up stuff on line)

How to Suppress Women’s Writing is a great book. Had it since … well, it’s been a while :-), I’m well overdue to re-read it! And thank you for the other rec too!

Argh, no! How to suppress women’s writing is REFERENCE ONLY at the library! How am I supposed to read it now? ;__; Nooo so is the second one nooooo.

I’ll just have to try to remember to keep an eye out when I’m in a used book shop, I guess!

So with all the coining of new terms that’s happening all over the place, I thought I’d contribute.

From this article :

I’ve heard some of my colleagues (at the Utah Legislature) say here today that they had shipped in liberals to give him a bad time

Let it be known that some shmuck on the WHTM comments section has officially coined the term “mail order liberals” for the so-called paid protesters that are showing up all over the place in conservative’s imaginations.

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