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#ResistTrump today by subscribing to RESISTABLE and planning to march!

There are a lot of people feeling this way these days

Are you making your 5 calls today? Even one or two makes a big difference.

If you want to do more than call, there are rallies and marches taking place around the country (and sometimes outside of it) every day. But it can be hard to track down info about them.

Enter RESISTABLE, a daily newsletter providing info on upcoming protests put together by writer Marisa Kabas.

Today’s RESISTABLE, for example, contains a handy list of upcoming protests around the country coming this weekend. I’ve pasted in the basic info about each of them below. Click on the links for more details on each march; see the full RESISTABLE list here.

Saturday, February 4

10AM ET — We Are One Somerville: Sanctuary City Rally, Somerville, MA

1PM ET — Protest for Humanity, Philadelphia, PA

1PM ET — No Muslim Ban, Washington, DC

2PM ET — LGBT Solidarity Rally, Manhattan, NY

11AM PT — Medicare for ALL March & Rally, Los Angeles, CA

2:30 ET — No Ban, No Wall protest, Fort Wayne, IN

12PM MT — Utah March for Refugees, Salt Lake City, UT

5PM ET — March to Mar-A-Lago for Humanity, West Palm Beach, FL

3PM PT — No Ban No Wall SF, San Francisco, CA

Sunday, February 5

12PM ET — Trans and Queer Liberation + Immigrant Solidarity Protest, Boston, MA

1PM CT — Solidarity Rally Against the Ban, Iowa City, IA

10AM PT — NoDAPL NoKXL, Los Angeles, CA


Subscribe to RESISTABLE here.

23 replies on “#ResistTrump today by subscribing to RESISTABLE and planning to march!”

coooool!! I’d heard that all these protests were in east-west coast “liberal” cities… like Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Iowa City, Iowa. Though both of these cities do have 4-year universities, that’s NO guarantee of a liberal bent.

Some San Francisco events (and my petition again)

2/4 SF United Against Trump organizing meeting Womens Building 3543 18th St 1-3 pm
2/5 Town Hall at Sen Feinstein’s house 2470 Lyon – 12 pm
2/10 Federal Worker’s lunch rally SF Federal Bldg – 12 pm
2/11 Trump Must Go Now family rally and art installation at Ocean Beach 10:30 am

These can all be found on Facebook.

And another plug for my action:

I’m planning to print and hand deliver this petition to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco office during the federal worker’s demonstration on 2/10! Help spread the word – I’d like to make it impressive!

Don’t want to do I’ll be collecting physical signatures in SF at the rally at No Ban, No Walls on 2/4 and at Dianne Feinstein’s house on 2/5, and the federal workers’ rally on 2/10: look for the sparkly “liberal snowflake avalanche” sign!


Why is my state the one searching “Trump Pee Pee Tape?!”

Also, I think making a “Soros Shill” shirt would be great for protests. Just a thought.

Sean Spicer, responding to a question about Trump mentioning civil rights leader Frederick Douglass in a speech:

I think he wants to highlight the contributions that he has made. And I think through a lot of the actions and statements that he’s going to make, I think the contributions of Frederick Douglass will become more and more.

So I guess the White House press secretary thinks a man born in 1818 is still alive? Somehow?

How long before someone writes a novel about Frederick Douglass being an immortal badass who faked his death and now secretly contributes his fortune and talents to the civil rights movement? (Which of course he helped found under his 1960s identity.)

Former Norway PM held at Washington airport over 2014 visit to Iran

Kjell Magne Bondevik describes shock after being held and questioned at Dulles hub under new US entry controls

He was on his way to the National Prayer Breakfast. You know, where Trump asked everyone to “pray” for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on The Apprentice. What a jokester! No wonder evangelicals adore this man.

@Victorious Parasol:

How long before someone writes a novel about Frederick Douglass being an immortal badass who faked his death and now secretly contributes his fortune and talents to the civil rights movement?

Well, Fred Clark at Slacktivist has been trying to start an urban legend for a few years now about Frederick Douglass coming back every Friday the 13th to haunt some ‘deserving’ racist…

That is quite a hook indeed, Jenora.

(Still don’t think I’m the one to write it.)

@kupoooooo :DDDDDDD

I hope it sticks! And I really hope the BPS and DHS actually follow the court order!

(Also, I hope that Caleb guy gets buried in mockery :3 )

That map! The other states are searching for “Richard Spencer punched gif” and “Gay dance party Mike Pence”, and here’s Hawaii being all serious with “One-China policy”.

@Kat, ugh. I mean, my surprise is absolutely zero, but just – don’t make me feel empathy for that two-faced buzzard Conway. A lot of guys think that that sort of reaction from a woman is funny, it’s just playful, too – they think of it as flirting instead of being “fuck off you asshole”!

rrrrgh that’s annoying. These guys are utter slime.

I was at the rally but it was really crowded and I missed your sparkly snowflake sign. (We are all sparkly snowflakes now.) I’ll sign your petition online.

@Scildfreja Unnýðnes
Yeah, Steve Bannon appears to be an asshole exerting his privilege in whatever way he can.

I think that it’s very interesting that a high-status, former Naval officer thinks that it’s way cool to put his hand on his colleague’s ass in front of TV cameras broadcasting an event that is seen around the world.

I think that it’s even more interesting that he’s not humiliated by Kellyanne smacking away his hand as though he were a toddler.

Also interesting: he doesn’t seem to fear repercussions from Kellyane’s husband, ultra-high-powered attorney George T. Conway III.

@Cynical Optimist
We live in the same state!
New York wants to know if we can have Obama back. I want him back, too. He wasn’t perfect, but at least he wasn’t a complete train wreck like Lord Dampnut.

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