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Complete idiots respond to the #WomensMarch on Twitter

Trump’s worst nightmare?

You may be wondering what the dregs of humanity are saying on Twitter about the Women’s March.

The answer? Some pretty amazingly dumb things. Here’s a sampling:

That last one makes me embarrassed to be a David.

Let’s end this with a few tweets from the lovely Ann Coulter. She mad.

What really strikes me about so many of these Tweets is how defensive they are. These are people who know the world is against them and are desperately trying to convince themselves that this is not the case. Get used to it, guys.

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Another thing about the pink hats: they made it impossible for Trump or his supporters to use aerial shots of the protests and pretend they were the inauguration crowd.

TW: I’m feeling really great about the turnout and peacefulness of the women’s marches worldwide — but I feel compelled to address the issue that Leda Atomica raises, which entails some seriously negative energy.

@Leda Atomica

I was booted without a warning. Unless “bye” counts as a warning.

I’m sorry to hear that.

You might be interested in this Ms. article from 1976:

TRASHING: The Dark Side of Sisterhood
by Joreen

It made me cry because I’ve had experiences similar to yours.

As I recall from reading the original article, the subhead was “Sisterhood Is Powerful: It Can Kill.” The word kill isn’t meant literally. But it can seem as though your spirit has died!

Internet hugs if you want them. Stay strong.


Another thing about the pink hats: they made it impossible for Trump or his supporters to use aerial shots of the protests and pretend they were the inauguration crowd.

Excellent point!

And you know that otherwise they would do just that.

I’m rereading the article, and I want to acknowledge that trashing (aka gaslighting) isn’t the same as disrespect, which might apply to your situation more than the word trashing does.

Nonetheless, both are serious issues that mess with a person’s head. Politically progressive groups should work to minimize (eliminate) this kind of behavior.

<3 Leda. This isn't a safe space, but I hope you feel safe here nonetheless.

Progressive groups need to be self-critical and gentle with those who are trying to be better, but at the same time they need to be hard and oppose wrongness. It's a weird paradox that's hard to fulfill.

Thank you for the article, Kat, it was very good.


Sophie Labelle of Assigned Male Comics was unhappy about the march, and I think it’s safe to say she isn’t a troll:


I’m sorry you were excluded from your group without being given a chance to defend/adapt your position.

This morning I’m reading about quite a lot of contention over what some people took be exclusionary behavior. I can’t link as these are Facebook discussions and not public ones.

I’m not sure what to think. Trump used the word ‘pussy’ when bragging about assaulting women, and I think the hats were a cute way of referencing that. As others have pointed out, everyone was welcomed to wear one. I mean, the fact is, people with vaginas and uteri are targeted for violence and oppression, and simply talking about this shouldn’t be upsetting to a person who doesn’t have those things should it? Surely it’s all about showing solidarity?

@ Kat

Thank you so much for linking that! I would love to dissect it a bit but it gave me so many thoughts I will have to make a separate post for it (and possibly either sleep or make some pretty feisty tea).

@ Scildfreja Unnýðnes

Thank you! I am a fan of this particular space and the awesome posters here. I know I don’t chime out often but I have been in a place where I haven’t had the energy to focus my thoughts, besides usually someone has already said what I would have had to put in, and much better as well. This blog is a source of joy to me!

I don’t actually “go for” safe spaces. The group I was in was the only one discussing anarchism from a feminist point of view without an onslaught of manarchists coming to a well, actually.

The reason I said I felt unsafe in the group of late is not because I had expected a safe space. It was more upsetting than that. I felt unsafe around my fellow feminists, who were just so blatantly denying the trauma of SA Trump-bunny’s “locker room” comments brought on to so many people. And pointing out there is oppression based on genitalia made it worse. It felt very wrong and violating.

@ Fishy Goat

(Sorry if my hugs are bitey, I mean well)

@ Snork Maiden

Yes this is confusing to me in many ways.

“I mean, the fact is, people with vaginas and uteri are targeted for violence and oppression, and simply talking about this shouldn’t be upsetting to a person who doesn’t have those things should it? Surely it’s all about showing solidarity?”

This is how I felt. And the admin who kicked us out didn’t have those experiences. I felt we were not heard.

Edit: Sorry gor the gibberish. Normal me would make it more readable but am a bit out of capacity atm (blah blah blah me not slept blah blah blah dentist drugged me).

Well, I’m truly peeved now.

Apparently the jerkfaces have decided that all the pink hats were manufactured, bought, and distributed by Soros or some other billionaire. That’s bullfeathers. Anybody who thinks that ignored the stories of crafters knitting/crocheting/otherwise making gifts for hurricane victims, or for other people who need blankets, hats, etc.

Anybody on Ravelry knows the call went out to make hats … and it’s not a difficult pattern at all. It’s beginner-level. Even with the simplicity of the pattern, there were variations based on whether the crafter was working with sticks or hooks, and what kind of yarn was used. Yarn stores reported a pink yarn shortage – that’s why some of the hats were more purple than pink, or more red than pink.

Trump and his ilk have pissed off America’s crafters, and we don’t much care for that.

@ Vicky P

I do now have a delightful image of George Soros knitting away like a demon. Please don’t take that away from me? 🙂

@ Alan

Oh, imagine away, by all means. 🙂 After all, it’s not just women who knit, and I’m sure at least some of the pussyhats were made by men.

@ Vicky P

After all, it’s not just women who knit

I know a few special forces guys who knit. Its something they can do on long surveillance jobs and there always a bit of a demand for stuff like warm gloves and balaclavas in those circles.

Before I became the knitter I am now, I made two “pussyhats” years ago. (I don’t know the official pattern but I saw people in the marches wearing the exact kind I made.)
I was a beginner, knitted a “tea cosy” big enough to wrap around my head and sewed the corners to make cat ears. I wore those for a few winters in my teens.

They weren’t pink, so maybe that’s why no one called me a big corporation.

@ Leda

I’ve seen patterns for knitting in the flat and in the round. The flat is basically a big ol’ swatch that’s seamed along the sides. The round is a cylinder that’s knitted and then kitchenered or finished off with a 3-needle bindoff.

“a big ol’ swatch that’s seamed along the sides”

That’s what I did!

I have to check it out, I think someone posted the pdf. in another group.

@ vicky p

I know at least one male astronomer who knits

I like the idea that he’s making a big telescope cosy.

@ Leda Ah, how can I be upset when that gif is sooooo adorbs? *melts into happy goo*

@Alan Robertshaw Your comment reminded me of ‘cock cozies’ :3

Wow… this is 10,000 tweets that show CLEARLY why 1,000,000 people marched in resistance to trump.

I just find it amusing how neatly/accurately “pussyhat” translates into Finnish: mirripipo

My mom recently participated in a Finnish campaign to knit blue-white hats for babies born in 2017 (100th Finnish independence anniversary). Then she called me and was like, “I’ve started knitting again! What’s your sock size?”

@Victorious Parasol;

Apparently the jerkfaces have decided that all the pink hats were manufactured, bought, and distributed by Soros or some other billionaire.

George Soros is the “Goldstein” character for the Alternate Reality Media. For those not versed in “1984” * , Goldstein” was the character that the Inner Party blamed for everything that didn’t fit their propaganda direction.

from Orwell’s prescient work…

The speech had been proceeding for perhaps twenty minutes when a messenger hurried on to the platform and a scrap of paper was slipped into the speaker’s hand. He unrolled and read it without pausing in his speech. Nothing altered in his voice or manner, or in the content of what he was saying, but suddenly the names were different. Without words said, a wave of understanding rippled through the crowd. Oceania was at war with Eastasia! The next moment there was a tremendous commotion. The banners and posters with which the square was decorated were all wrong! Quite half of them had the wrong faces on them. It was sabotage! The agents of Goldstein had been at work!!

Soros paid all the protesters that demonstrated after the election $15 hour (though none of the Alternate Reality Media seemed bothered to explain HOW this payment took place… did they turn in time cards?), now he’d bought and distributed the pink hats (again, there’s logistical problems with that), and probably we’ll find out soon that he paid the protesters here as well.

The Alternate Reality Media can drum up a “Sandy Hook was a complete fabrication” conspiracy based on threads so flimsy they’re nonexistent like “how else do you explain the SHADOW in this PHOTO!?!?!?!”, and they’re completely on board with the generation of a wave of one MILLION people protesting in HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT PLACES based on nothing more than a fucking CRAIG’S LIST ADVERTISEMENT!?!?! Alternative facts, indeed!

* I fear that for the “trumpening”, we’re going to need a “Godwin’s Law” metaphor for determining the half-life of a discussion thread before someone brings up “1984” 😉 🙁

ETA: RESIST!! (forgot that, not good!!)

@ Arctic Ape

Never thought of that!

And yay your mum!

Oh and hello from Finland. 🙂

I’m knitting carepackage socks for my friend in Trumps US, as per her request.

I’ve been reading accounts of people criticizing the pink pussy hat theme and calling them cissexist, because ‘pussy’ is in reference to vaginas, and not all women have those.

I’ve seen that, along with some complaints about pictures of uteruses and such on signs. In general, I think there are a lot of kids out there now who have convinced themselves that talking about the ladybits of most ladies is cissexist (and also gross).

I disagree. Most women do in fact have these anatomical bits, although some, both cis and trans, don’t, or don’t have all of them (and conversely, some trans men do). They have been associated with womanhood for a very long time. And they are specifically politicized here, both because of Trump’s talking about grabbing ‘pussy’–not ‘whatever genitals a woman happens to have’–and because of legal, economic and social issues of health and reproductive justice related to those specific parts.

I think there’s a distinction between acknowledging and honoring and supporting trans women and promoting their issues as issues the whole feminist community should be concerned with, and pretending that it’s just sort of a flip of the coin who has a uterus and who doesn’t, and that talking about women having uteruses is oppressive of women who don’t.

I get a little annoyed with this, because especially on Tumblr, I see a lot of people trying really hard not to be cissexist, and sometimes it comes out ‘no one wants to hear about your gross vagina and uterus, shut up’, and I think, well, thanks, chica, glad to know that several of the major feminist issues of our day have been reduced to ‘don’t talk about dirty things’. I think that’s where we started from!

I could be wrong. I’m still just starting to learn about trans issues. But that’s where I stand until someone whose opinion I respect explains different to me.

@Leda Atomica, Snork Maiden, others
I don’t have a lot of spoons for this discussion today, but the short answer is that yes, there are a whole lot of valid concerns about the lack of intersectionality involved in the Women’s Marches, and yeah, transmisogyny and transphobia are definitely part of it, and no, people complaining aren’t just trolls.


Oh and hello from Finland. 🙂

I’m knitting carepackage socks for my friend in Trumps US, as per her request.

Hello, and props to you for that.

The baby hat campaign was only in Pirkanmaa region (I live in Helsinki) and it greatly exceeded the goal (projected number of babies).

Re: pussyhats
I’m not sure why it has to have been trolls complaining. It seems a valid enough concern. I’ve neither the experience nor the knowledge necessary to determine whether pussyhats are or are not phobic, but they might be, ya know? I didn’t think about it that way. Trump said he grabbed pussies, so I get the point here. It’s clever. Still, if this is the ‘Women’s March’, it could be a bit… passe to standardize a symbol which excludes some women. Again, IDK. And that’s far more than anyone needs to hear from me on this subject, so… *walks off awkwardly*

Usually takes a few dozen beligerently bullshit posts for someone to get banned over here, and they’re over there just handing out bans. I get it, but dayum. At least some people over there realize the hammer fingers are too hot…

@Axe Thank you for the welcome package and link to the story.
Also thank you for the reminder, I couldn’t possibly leave out HRC. The attacks on her saddened me considering how much good she has done. I believe I was just thinking about the most recent events (but there’s still plenty of them blaming her for everything still)

@Oogly Thanks for the welcome and as for Sanders, I was hoping for the BernieBro types to treat the other Dems similar to Sanders and give them the same amount of nuance. Regarding the prescription amendment, Booker voted for the Wyden amendment which was an amendment aimed at decreasing prescription drug prices so I’m inclined to give him the benefit of doubt.

@Scildfreja Thank you for the welcome as well and the adorable floofy pigeon. I think they’re wonderful birds and people far too often think of them as pests. I was hoping for the toxic “left” to calm down after the election but it seems to me that there was even more of a flood of attacks on Dems after the election. I’m worried that if this continues, 2018 and 2020 will also be in danger if they manage to split the party again.

As for the hats, I guess I couldn’t say since they originated from something the orange monstrosity said. I saw a few at our rally. I do think that there needs to be more of a conversation on trans issues since trans people are usually pushed to the side when it comes to LGBTQ issues.

Ann’s fucking hilarious

Were was she again when glen beck virtually called Obama Hilter every freaking show or those stupid Tea Party signs

Second no ones trying to stop the transfer there protesting the fact the power is in the hands of a sexist douche who will act on his sexist douchery of course coulter doesn’t care she would happily be enslaved and love every second of it

The problem with the argument that we should be talking about pussies because trump is specifically targeting them is that people with them aren’t actually in more danger of being assaulted, sexually or otherwise. When trump or a trump supporter goes to grab someone by the pussy, they aren’t going to know whether they’re gonna get one or not.

Now, playing that out, what do you think happens in that scenario when they grab for pussy and get what I got?

We are the most vulnerable group of women, especially when transness intersects with race. The pussy hats are cute and they’re pithy, and they’re a direct response to something he said, but it’s also really easy to forget that the attack on our right to exist in public (through bathroom bills/panics) was the wedge that kickstarted this recent wave of legislation on women’s bodies.

If our insistence on constantly reminding others that we exist at every opportunity leans on the aggressive side sometimes, know that its only because we’ve seen how easy it is to be forgotten and left behind as collateral damage when it’s expedient to do so.

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