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Trump fans spam Buzzfeed’s “Share Your Trump Story” page with rape jokes, Pepe references

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

With more and more women stepping forward with stories of being sexually harassed and/or assaulted by Donald Trump, Buzzfeed has set up an email address (and a Google Doc form) to make it easy for anyone with a “Trump story” of their own to contact Buzzfeed’s reporters.

Naturally, because this is the crappiest election year ever, Alt-Right Trump fans and other in Trump’s vast if unofficial shitposter army are spamming the form with rape jokes and Pepe references, and gleefully posting screenshots of the, er, hilarity on Twitter. Because what’s more funny than a presidential candidate facing numerous all-too-believable accusations from women who say that he actually has done to them the terrible things he’s regularly bragged about doing to women?

I found all of these Tweets on Matt Forney’s Twitter feed; I’m sure there are many more out there of equal hilarity.

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@Kupo: mind if I borrow that? I love cheese and tapioca! Thank you for posting.


Much better! Bookmarked, and it looks like I might be able to actually make these if I get the ingredients together. Thanks a bundle!

No problem! Just so you know, tapioca starch is sometimes called tapioca flour. Those two are interchangeable, unlike some other flour/starch products.

More typical inability to support ones opinion and asserting it as if it were obvious fact. Lazy fuckers…

Brackets and numbers added by me.

@Leo Lee

All these stupid fuckers in the comments.

They’re making fun of it because (1)[these claims are asinine]. (2)[Buzzfeed purposely making some fill in the blank for people to “share their stories” is asinine].

Not to mention how far (3)[they’re reaching to imply violence will happen on November 8th]. If I remember correctly (4)[that only significantly happened with Obama supporters last two elections].

Those things are called arguments. Act like it otherwise this is no different than name-calling.

@This hurts us all

Actually you’re all wrong. We’re offended at the (1a)[hypocrisy shown by everyone who supports Hillary] by (1b)[instantly giving unquestioned credit to last minute claims with specious credibility], when they’ve essentially (1c)[ignored the whitewashing Hillary herself has done to Bill Clinton’ victims].

Put another way, there’s (2)[as much evidence against Bill Clinton as there is Bill Cosby], and I’m fairly certain you all have a pretty strong opinion about Bill Cosby. Either be consistent in your outrage or expect the rest of us to not take you seriously.

Same as above except that your first empty opinion is three interrelated arguments, and the second empty opinion needs relevance to voting for Hillary on top of it being an empty opinion.

Ooh, stealth trolls back there. I don’t got much to do while I cramma-lamma a few million batch requests into my databases, so let’s go take a look at th-

aww, nothin’ good here. Is @Ya the first grammar troll we’ve gotten here? I mean, we have people whoa re picky about grammar, but I don’t recall anyone using that as an argument for why we’re all dumb and stinky.

@Leo Lee is at least making some sort of a cogent statement. Unsupported, but, you know. I don’t like to set the bar too high! Leo, sweetie, honey, you do know that the greatest domestic terrorism threat in the United States is from Alt-Right paramilitant groups, right?

@this hurts us all is, well. Dear troll, we ain’t voting for Bill, and Bill’s gross, and I’m pretty sure that belief is near unanimous here. Hillary’s certainly not perfect, but she’s also not anywhere near the ethical Ragnarok of Donald Trump.

Eeesh. It’s really a shame when you go all “a penny for your thoughts” and then you get change back from the exchange rate.


Hugs (if wanted) to anyone who has ever been ignored because of gender, race, orientation, or anything else you have no control over.

Hugs are nice. Thanks!

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