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Trump’s worst fans turn “grab ’em by the p**sy” into their new favorite meme

Pussy grabs back
Pussy grabs back

After that Access Hollywood tape of Trump bragging that his fame allowed him to get away with sexually assault women on a whim, his supporters and surrogates seized on what they saw as the ultimate rebuttal to Trump’s critics. Borrowing the argument from a meme that had already been circulating on the Internet for some time, they declared that they were “much more bothered by what Hillary has done than by what Trump has said.”

This argument would be a lot more convincing if a) Trump hadn’t been talking about things he claimed to have, you know, done, if b) women weren’t coming forward to tell media that he had in fact done these things to them and if c) Trump’s apologists were actually bothered by Trump’s claims.

While there are no doubt some Trump supporters who are genuinely troubled by Trump’s remarks, many of his most fervent followers think his comments (and presumably the actions he was describing) are hilarious. To many Trump superfans in the Alt-Right, Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. And they have made it into their new favorite Trump meme.

In the latest “Memetic Monday” thread on Internet Nazi tabloid The Daily Stormer, you will find, alongside the standard racist caricatures and Hitler jokes and “Hillary for Prison” memes, a wide assortment of “grab ’em by the pussy” memes created by Daily Stormer readers or borrowed from other sites — some of them slick, some of them amateurish, and none of them funny.

Here are some of them. You will notice that some of the meme-makers have managed to work in some of their other favorite subjects — Hitler, Hillary being jailed, and even (I regret to have to tell you this) kittens. In the interest of keeping this post more-or-less safe for work, I’ve avoided the worst of the batch.









Of course, the “grab ’em by the pussy” memes were not the only jokes about sexual assault in the thread. Because these are neo-Nazi Trump fans, and that’s just how they roll.


Trump 2016: Every Day is a New Low.

EDIT: Added a reference to the women who have come forward to say that Trump had indeed sexually assaulted them.

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6 years ago

@EJ (The Orphic Lizard)

I’m quite sure it’ll be worse.

As currently stands our left has fallen apart into several small parties, partially thanks to the daytime soap thing, partially because our right wing media never stopped campaigning since at least 2002.

While on the right the Fidesz “ate” its competition except for the far faaar right party (Jobbik) which gained a scary amount of support (for “telling how it is” and playing into people’s worst instincts) in recent years.

Much of the populace is just very tired of and apathetic to politics by this point. And I can’t even blame them. :/

6 years ago


In short – men are stupid and deserve all thrown rocks.


I throw rocks at men morning, noon, and night. As do all feminists, particularly the feminists on this website. It’s fun!

We’ll happily share tips with you on what kind and size of rocks to gather, how to lie in wait for men, when to hurl the aforementioned rocks, and so on.

You’ve come to the right place, MyDickIsUge, to flush out feminists’ hatred of men!

6 years ago


it’s simple really, if it’s something that can be used to attack Trump it’s not a real issue, when you can criticize Hillary for being married to someone accused of sexual assault, sexual assault is a real issue, when Trump is accused and kind of admits to sexually assaulting people, sexual assault is not a real issue, if you know how to play Calvinball you know how to do it

6 years ago


USA has a series about different voter blocks and in the piece about rural America makes a pretty similar argument to the one in that cracked article that it makes sense that Trump’s campaign appeals to rural America


the propaganda war against Hillary is a huge issue, not just with Trump supporters but with a lot of the people, I feel like they kind of want to believe the propoganda. I’ve heard so many claims about Clinton that
I just had to quickly google to find out that it’s completely fabricated that I feel like people who believe the propoganda against Clinton do so because they want a reason to not like her

the real cie
6 years ago

One of my acquaintances on Facebook stated that she could forgive The Rump for what he said “privately about women” because “he apologized for it.” She could not, however, abide Hillary Clinton’s “sneakiness.”
Because, you know, The Rump was totally sincere about that apology and all. It wasn’t lip service, not one bit.
This same woman presented that ridiculous “if you are offended by Trump’s words but not by Fifty Shades of Grey, you’re a hypocrite” argument.
First of all, who’s to say I wasn’t offended by Fifty Shades of Gray?
Second, Fifty Shades of Gray isn’t running for office.
Third, a person has to pick up and read Fifty Shades of Gray. It is not walking up to them and forcing itself on them.

Dr. Groph
Dr. Groph
6 years ago

What’s worse, someone saying “grab em by the pussy”, or someone allowing national security to be compromised? Of course, feminists will say that I’m a nazi by defending him

Dr. Groph
Dr. Groph
6 years ago

I like how all of these Clinton supporters fail to realize that Bill Clinton has also been said to sexually assault women, and Hillary threatened them if they spoke out against him.

Oh, and about the e-mails, do you honestly think that Hillary was really sorry about them being leaked? Nope. She’s irresponsible, and it is a blessing she isn’t POTUS

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