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What do women want? “Some stupid savage to breed them,” Reddit MGTOW explains

Did they really need to bring The Breeders into this mess?
Did they really need to bring The Breeders into this mess?

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At long last, Freud’s famous question “what do women want” has been definitively answered. By some dude on Reddit.

In the midst of a thoughtful discussion of cuckold fetishism on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit — the MGTOWs are against it — a Redditor calling himself T0000009 explains how feminism has enabled “females” to push the “mating strategy” they’ve secretly been hungering for all along.

Which apparently involves them being raped by, well, let’s just say he uses a word that white people really shouldn’t be using at all.

T0000009 starts off with a standard denunciation of hypergamy, giving us a small taste of the racism to come:

Even married women who proclaim how pure and innocent they are, will f*ck some thug convict or dump whomever she married to chase some jackass because of hypergamy no matter how good the deal she has is. Every dating site is flooded with washed up over the hill St Single Mommy’s looking for a free ride because what she has wan’t good enough. All of those stupid broads already had a million offers, f*cked their way through life and married a man, then cheated, lied, and manipulated him before they filed for divorce.

Naturally, it’s all the fault of “girl power” feminism and Social Justice “retardation.”

With all the blatant propaganda being force fed to everyone for the last 40 years is it really any surprise to see this? All the girl power in every part of the media, gender switching of super hero’s, social justice retardation everywhere you look, and now they are pushing females real mating strategy out there which excuses all the 3rd world n***ers and ragheads females want to be raped by.

Woah, that took quite a turn at the end, huh? Apparently the alt-right is leaking.

Females do’t give a f*ck about culture or society, their family or heritage, they just want some stupid savage to breed them and it’s the only thing on their tiny mind.

Huh. The only people I see who are obsessed with this subject are the Internet Nazis who won’t shut up about “mudsharking” and “white genocide” and, of course, “cucks.”

Do you think it’s a coincidence that all their attention whoring revolves around showing off their tit’s and ass? The stupid broads don’t even care about their kids, or we wouldn’t see abortion mills, or the explosion in St Single Mommy’s because they don’t care if they have our “protection & provision” they just want Biff Badboy and his thug spawn and this is the next step to achieving their delusional fantasy.

Wait, his name is Biff? Biff? 

Dude, if you’re going to launch a racist tirade against “savages” and “thugs” and, well, I’m not going to repeat the other terms you used, at least have the sense not to give your archetypal villain what is literally the whitest name ever. 

MGTOWS: They’re even bad at racism.



139 replies on “What do women want? “Some stupid savage to breed them,” Reddit MGTOW explains”

@ Ellesar

“Biff Bang Pow”?? Wasn’t that the band Batman was in?? (… wow, am I dating myself there!!)

Handsome “Punkle Stan” Jack said

Blah blah evo psycho yadda yadda females mating plan is inferior to male mating plan meh meh white penis is superior for some reason bleh.

Inorite? Guess that’s why humans (and especially white ones) are so rare and hard to find! It’s that darned female mating plan!!

Jo, that hanging chad joke made me try to groan and lol at the same time. I think I hurt myself.

Bina – Hans Jonatan’s story would make a kick-ass movie that I would watch the ever-lovin’ FUCK out of!

Weird (not wired) Eddie – I did all of those things, but I never had but three 45s (loads of albums, though) but playing the stereo AND the TV at the same time was never going to fly at my house!

Oh boy, kitty talk!

My lovely old man kitty spent most of the last two days at the vet’s with low potassium on an IV drip. He’s home now, with a diagnosis of kidney failure and supplements and special food and possibly thyroid meds (that test isn’t back yet.)

They left the IV port in his left front leg which made him most unhappy, even while being home again cheered him enormously. I had them take the IV port out this morning and he’s WAY better (less stressed) AND he seems to like the special diet! ((happy dance))

He’s still got the potassium supplement to hate on for a while, though, and daily subQ fluids for a week or so.

I’ve been quite stressed the last few days, to say the least!

So, off topic: I went to work today, it was long and boring and my feet still hurt, but I was so tired, I got home, took a quick shower, and then went to check the mail (because if I sat down, I wasn’t going to get back up unless completely necessary), and I spent a good minute trying to shove the house key into the mailbox keyhole and I was genuinely concerned as to why it wasn’t working.

Still on the “women would rather get raped by [insert racial slur here] thugs than have sex with a white supremacist” kick? Geez, find some new schtick for godsake. No woman wants to raped by anyone of any color and few want a white supremacist’s sorry ass.

Scildfreja, have you ever heard the story of Aud the Deep-Minded? Sounds like you’d love it if you haven’t. The Vikings didn’t leave evidence about many real-life, great women, but Aud is one of them. One of the first settlers in Iceland, she was a leader of men and seems like she was pretty darn well respected. (Apparently she was so strongly-spoken that the refrain of those being “advised” by her was, “Whatever you say, Grandmother”.) And she has the best nickname. Even by Viking standards, “Deep-Minded” is pretty darn epic.

Aud was amazing, I love her story. I don’t know a huge amount about her, mind you, but you inspired me to go hunting for details again!

I wish that we used Viking-style bynames. Life would be so much cooler.

Not just Vikings; epithets are common anywhere where a) there’s a relatively limited pool of given a names, and b) a rigidly defined system of surnames (commonly patronymics); e.g. if every village has a number of Olafs, and several Sweins, there might be 2-3 guys walking around who are Olaf Sweinsson, and you gotta be able to tell them apart. The Irish had it even worse, since everyone’s surname was the clan’s name, so the number of, e.g. Risdeárd Bourkes around in any given area could be fairly large. (The two I remember offhand are Iron Richard and his nephew The Devil’s Hook), who were both prominent chiefs in the16th century. You see it a lot in Rome too.

My personal favorite epithet is Æþelræd Unræd, usually translated as Æþelræd the Unready, although I understand that ‘Ill-advised’ is a more accurate translation.

Here’s tae Rob Anybody and No’-as-big-as-Medium-Sized-Jock-but-bigger-than-Wee-Jock Jock o’ the Nac Mac Feegle!

The Romans, especially the aristocracy, only had about half a dozen family names to go round. They were pretty limited on first names too. (Of course what was a family name as opposed to a first name wasnt that simple). Just think how many Caius there were, or Drusus. And if you were a girl chances are you’d be a Julia. That was if you were lucky enough to be a first child. After that you’d be a number.

I suspect the main driving force for all the conquests wasn’t territorial expansion or even the hope of being awarded a Triumph, it was just to get some new names (Germanicus, Brittanicus, Africanus etc)

Wait, I thought hypergamy meant going for the rich dudes. Now apparently it means going for “thugs” and “convicts,” classes of people who are generally not rolling in dough

Supposedly the thugs and convicts of today were the dominant alpha types in pre-agriculture tribal societies.

Of course a much more plausible explanation for “Hybristophilia” is the desperation and low self-esteem of the individual.

@PI, that’s been my *week*. I’m in an absolute fog. If it weren’t for my spellchecker I’d be entirely unintelligible.

I hope your job gets less exhausting! I’m sure it’ll get better once you’re back into the swing of it.


Im he has a lick of sense, he knew you were lying. I genuinely don’t know whythey bother to ask that kind of crap; everyone already knows the answer. It’s like ‘Why do you want to work here?’ If ypur talking about a game development company, or Greenpeace, that’s one thing, but when its Qwik Mart, it’s just ridiculous.

Translation story from my Russian teacher: Reporters in Poland interviewing a representative of the Soviet government asked what was going to happen to the leaders of the Solidarity movement, and the representative told them they would be shot. The reporters ran off to file their stories. A few minutes later the representative came after them–‘wait! I meant they would be FIRED.’

My personal favorite epithet is Æþelræd Unræd, usually translated as Æþelræd the Unready, although I understand that ‘Ill-advised’ is a more accurate translation.

Apparently unraed was a punning insult, as his name Æþelræd meant ‘wise/noble council’, though the case has been made that the insult was more toward his advisors. They gave him crap advice – that he listened to! 🙂

I thought sirens were typically winged ladies with alluring songs, but then just became any lovely lady luring sailors to their deaths, and then mermaids who lured sailors to death with their songs.

@ fishy goat

Yeah, apparently the Aethelred thing was considered quite witty back in the day because of the juxtaposition which created an oxymoron.

@Weird (Not Wired) Eddie

“Biff Bang Pow”?? Wasn’t that the band Batman was in?? (… wow, am I dating myself there!!)

Maybe you’re thinking of this band.

Romans do indeed seem to have said fuck it, just stick a number on ’em quite a lot.

Segundus, Tertius … Quintus, Sextus, Septimus, loads of Octavias and Octavians, Decimus … not sure about the firsts, fourths and ninths? Firsts more likely to get the actual name, as Alan said, but are there any called Primus … ?

As a system, I’m not sure that I don’t prefer that of the Nac Mac Feegle 🙂

So many descriptions and profession/occupation labels … Fletcher, Thatcher, Cooper, Smith, Carter, Fabricant/Faber, Courtois/Cortéz …

@ opposable thumbs

That’s an interesting thought. I can’t think of any examples off hand. I think first born sons usually just got some variation on their dad’s name.

I like the descriptive names that kids got. So Postumus if your dad had died before you were born, Agrippa if you were born feet first, Caesar if you were a hairy baby etc.

There was one interesting one, Proculus. That was when you’d somehow managed to be born despite your dad being away on military service. It wasn’t used a lot.


are there any called Primus

That would be like calling a movie “Rocky 1”. :p

The ninths probably just skipped over nine to be the tenth. Seems more significant.

@ IP

That would be like calling a movie “Rocky 1”. :p

Trivia: the earliest recorded use of “First World War” was in 1914.

The writer was emphasising ‘world’ though rather than being prescient or unduly pessimistic.

@ IP

According to some quick internet research (and you know my views on how much reliability I put on that) ‘World War 1’ came about, perhaps unsurprisingly, around the start of WW2. Initially the British started using ‘First World War’ in the sense we now use it. Then American journalists transliterated that as ‘World War 1’.

But perhaps of more interest, especially to Scildfreja maybe, is that some tenth century Norse poem/prophecy (“Völuspá”) used a term that can be translated as ‘First World War’

“folcvig fyrst i heimi”

ETA: The earliest use of ‘Second World War’ in the modern sense came about just after the end of WW1 when lots of people were predicting that in both political discourse and speculative fiction.

Re names being numbers:

When I was small, I was taught about how the Romans invented two more months (July and August) and named them after notable leaders (Julius Caesar and Augustus.) The idea of there having only been ten months once upon a time was just weird, and it took a while before I grudgingly accepted that I wasn’t just being lied to.

Shortly after that, I came across a fictional Roman character in a book who was called Quintus Quartus, and immediately realised that the Romans must have invented the numbers five and four in order to name them in his honour. They had done it to months, after all, so why not numbers?


Fletcher, Thatcher, Cooper, Smith, Carter, Fabricant/Faber, Courtois/Cortéz

, anything ending in -wright (Cartwright, wainright), Knecht, Tanner, etc. Apparently in Sweden many people have got surnames like Skold (Shield), Granath (Grenade), etc. on account of their ancestors being in the army where the ‘Olaf Sweinsson’ problem became acute, and the officers just started tagging people with surnames related to their specialty, or to the military generally.

Names being numbers, sure, but what about numbers being names?

Sorry, had a messed up discrete-math dream last night; these cold medications are doing a number on me for some reason. I’m still sorta trippin’. Numbers are super weird you guyse. Like, they aren’t even things. It’s the empty set, all the way down.

It’s fictional, but the Quaddies in Lois McMaster Bujold’s sf universe are given a first name and a number, the number being the number of other people with that name+1. e.g. Joan 6 or Leo 423 (There’s cultural reasons for the latter name being extremely common)

That sounds like it would be hard to keep track of! And sorta long winded! Like, if Leo’s a common name, either the populations are incredibly small, or there’s some poor Leo 4,482,334 runnin’ around, bein really upset that he can’t get a nickname!

There’s not very many of them (Only about a million all told) and they have access to all of human history and cultures to pick names from. Leo is used an order of magnitude more than most names, because it’s the name of the guy who saved their ancestors’ lives and brought them to the system they now inhabit.
More detail can be found in the novel Falling Free

@Dalillama & Scildfreya

Tentatively on-topic Swedish naming trivia: in the region of Dalarna (Dalecarlia) the Sven Svensson problem was solved by simply referring to people with the name of the farm where they lived. A farm might be called something like Hill or Forest or Newacre (except in Swedish, obvs), or named after its first owner, male or female: Jon’s or Lena’s. So Sven Svensson of the farm Hill would be known as Hill Sven.

This “name” normally changed if you moved, regardless of gender: if Hill Sven married Newacre Anna Andersdotter and they moved to her place, he’d be known as Newacre Sven. Or if he married Lena’s Anna Andersdotter, they’d be Lena’s Anna and Lena’s Sven respectively. Sometimes the genitive wasn’t used, which leads to people being known as Lena Sven or Jon Anna. (Take that, misogynists!)

The cool thing is, this usage is still alive to a degree, and protected by a special clause in the naming law (even though official forms and paperwork often doesn’t quite know what to make of it).

It’s like ‘Why do you want to work here?’ If ypur talking about a game development company, or Greenpeace, that’s one thing, but when its Qwik Mart, it’s just ridiculous.

With me, the answer always revolves around my dislike of starving in the rain!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because it SO bears repeating–friendly reminder to all those who say that being an asshole to women makes you irresistible to them: When a gal screams “Fuck you!” at you, that does not mean she wants to. Sure there are some of us that do like assholes for various reasons, but guess what? That’s because we’re not a freaking monolith! I, for one, dislike assholes…so don’t EVEN try that shit on me!

Heh, sorry for the unscheduled rant…that’s just something that has always ground my gears.

The hamstering is strong with these guys. They’ll make up anything to support their pseudoscience and ridiculous narrative.

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