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Today in Breitbart Comments: Breitbartists urge gassing of “bagelite” Bill Maher

Even Bill Maher might be a little taken aback by some of the things Breitbartists are saying about him
Even Bill Maher might be a little taken aback by some of the things Breitbartists are saying about him

Today in Breitbart Comments: Breitbarters go all-out Nazi after learning that HBO blabber Bill Maher has declared that he would vote for Hillary Clinton even if she were dead rather than pull the lever for the “#TangerineNightmare” that is Donald Trump.

While that is pretty much my position as well, I’m not exactly a fan of Maher, who regularly says terrible stuff about, among others, Muslims, women, and trans folk.

But none of those things seem to be issues for Breitbarters, whose critiques of Maher center around a rather different set of, er, concerns. By which I mean that what they say about Maher sounds an awful lot like what one might expect to hear from the literal Adolf Hitler, were he alive today and commenting on Breitbart (and for all we know he is).

Funz • 6 hours ago (((Bill Maher))) All you need to know... 1 • Reply•Share › Avatar DEPLORABLE_geoffreylimes Funz • 6 hours ago OY GEVALT!

TheGoyWonder • 6 hours ago (((Maher))) is a gas. Change 2 little words. • Reply•Share › Avatar DEPLORABLE_geoffreylimes TheGoyWonder • 6 hours ago He bears the Mark of Cain, look at that snozz. Oy Gevalt!

useyourhead2 • 6 hours ago Hey Bill Maher: Roses are red and violets are blue, you've got a nose like a B-52! 1 • Reply•Share › Avatar DEPLORABLE_geoffreylimes useyourhead2 • 6 hours ago Hook nosed Edomite bagelite

DSB71 • 6 hours ago Slimy, filthy little Kapo quisling rat.

A “Kapo,” Wikipedia tells us, “was a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp who was assigned by the SS guards to supervise forced labor or carry out administrative tasks.”

Other Breitbarters have convinced themselves that Maher, in addition to being a “bagelite,” is also gay:

Areyoukiddingme • 6 hours ago Bill you should know better...being gay you shouldn't want the Muslims in america as they will throw people like you off the roof... oh wait who cares? 1 • Reply•Share › Avatar DEPLORABLE_geoffreylimes Areyoukiddingme • 6 hours ago Don't forget he's a Fundamentalist Bagelite too

Maher, for what it’s worth, was raised Catholic. “Until his early teens,” Wikipedia notes, “he was unaware that his mother … was Jewish.” Though he’s been dogged by rumors that he’s gay, he says he’s not (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Also, Muslims as a group don’t throw gay people off roofs any more than Christians as a group bomb abortion clinics. ISIS has thrown gay people off of roofs; extremist pro-lifers have bombed abortion clinics. Neither ISIS militants nor pro-life bombers represent the entire religions whose tenets they profess to follow.

That said, I should note that not all Breitbarters went with the “gay Jew” angle. Some offered thoughtful commentary on human mortality:

Lyn Portello • 6 hours ago Hey you big mouthed complete a**hole..that can be arranged! We'd rather see her "DEAD" too...most of america feels that way...come NOV.8th we will SHOW you how much..OK..dickhead!!! Go back to the sewer where you actually came're NOT funny... VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP 2 • Reply•Share › Avatar sweptarea • 6 hours ago Well, Billy-boy, I hope you do get the chance to vote for 'a dead Hillary'. And from a state of deadness yourself. ESAD you weasel.

Squarehead • 6 hours ago This clinton sycophant would probably want to have sex with dead hillary. • Reply•Share › Avatar Gave • 6 hours ago a snake-looking maggot • Reply•Share › Avatar ofnet776 • 6 hours ago Maher would sleep with a dead Hillary as well. 1 • Reply•Share › Avatar DOHCMach1 • 6 hours ago So says the tough talking, scrawny little leftist cųnt with the concave chest. T16

One might be tempted to label Breitbart a “basket of deplorables,” in the parlance of our time But that’s an understatement, to put it mildly. To borrow a metaphor from Twitter’s @OhNoSheTwitnt, Breitbert is more like a “gigantic burning dumpster of reprehensibles.”

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@ steampunked

My most current thought is mild hilarity at an out of control bush fire generated from a mistaken planned burn being called ‘overachieving’ by the state control center.

Love that.

My first ever case was representing a guard dog that had chewed through the pants of a visiting safety inspector.

“He’s not vicious; he just has a very strong work ethic”

“What sort of challenge are you looking for when you go wandering the progressive Web space?”

Just people’s thoughts. I’m interested in learning how entities relate. The intricacies of breaking down thought processes are extremely enjoyable – something to which you aspire through your work. Sites such as this allow me to exercise my cognitive muscles and test my preconceptions and assertions. In short – it’s my version of fun.

Still on the phone, but parked at least.

That explains the visits, but doesn’t at all explain the content! If you want to discover correlations and “how people think,” why do you always come in with some sort of diatribe? Specifically, diatribes that manage to insult and degrade half of the population of the planet?

I think that perhaps you are hiding something from yourself, Mark. There are far better ways to learn about how people act and interact. Just listening, or asking questions is a great start! That’s why I opened with a “how’s it going” this afternoon, even! Unless you have more motives that what you say, you’d get far better results.

Gonna agree with Dali here. “Libertarian” was coined by, and I think still rightly belongs to, the left – libertarian socialists, anarcho-communists, syndicalists, and others who want A: a government structure focused on protecting the rights of its citizens and B: workers’ control of economic institutions.

The term has since been picked up by the hardline capitalist crowd, but, well, the level of confusion that’s arisen over the term shows how well they’re handling it. If a right-winger says they’re a libertarian at this point, it’s even odds they’re a traditional conservative, an extreme no-government-only-corporations type, or a Nazi. It provides no useful information regarding their actual beliefs.

(Personally, I just go by “libertarian socialist” to take the guesswork out of it. It’s a pretty broad-church term on its own, and folks’ reactions to it are useful. If they’ve never heard of it, hey, they get to learn something new that day. If they think it’s an impossible contradiction, well, I know not to trust their judgement.)

(Also: huzzah for the Wobblies, solidarity forever, boo to the Starvation Army, hiss at bums on the plush, etc.)

Don’t you just love how MArky and all these other want-a-be intellectual trolls come in here and act like I.R Baboon Chanting “I are smarter”?

How can one disassemble a piece of text and, from it, glean whether the person who wrote it actually understood the thing that they wrote?

In a Turing test kind of way, or a automatic essay grading kind of way?

“Specifically, diatribes that manage to insult and degrade half of the population of the planet?”

But that’s how you initiate the best conversations. You say something controversial in hopes of garnering emotion and passionate replys. I see that here in every other post. “Fuck this…fuck that…fuck you Mark! Fuck men’s rights. Fuck MGTOWs.” Why single me out? Do I not bleed? Am I not human? Do I not have rights!? What about my feelings!? It’s still a free country, for the time being, right?!

I’m just enjoying the show – and learning. I gain much from you folks. I have just as much fun (learning) with the Breitbart folks – the TRADCONs that they are.

BTW, Maher is both a closet progressive and closet conservative – on purpose. He has purposely placed himself between two wrecking balls to ingratiate himself. He initiates controversial conversations and puts himself smack dab in the middle to gain comments, ratings and viewership…just like I’m doing. He’s the circus…you’re the audience…just the way he likes it.

No Marky,
It isn’t. It’s not at all.
This tells me so much about the level of discourse you’re acustomed to.

Just because we don’t like you or think you know shit from Shinola does not mean you have roused our passion. We’ve seen so many of you before. You aren’t even novel.

Yes, men have problems but here’s the thing men need shelters not a movement, Men have all the rights, Most leaders in history have been men, men are the ones who create and enforce laws, men are the ones who hold all the power.

Men don’t need a movement just like white people dont need a movement. We all have problems but certain people like men, white people, straight people, etc don’t need movements because they are already privileged.

There are lots of ways for you to get involved to help men and boys but people like you like to cry “what about the men!?” Every single time a woman opens her mouth or anything bad happens to a woman/girl but all of you don’t do anything to actually help men and boys because all of you don’t care about them, all you care about is to c**p on women and girls and then scream “misandry!” And play the victim card when we call out on your c**p.

People like you are nothing but Misognyistic hypocrites.


How can one disassemble a piece of text and, from it, glean whether the person who wrote it actually understood the thing that they wrote?

I’m a copy editor. I see some similarities between your work and mine.

I interrogate each letter, each piece of punctuation, and each word: Do you belong here? Do you make sense? Is there a better way to say this? Are you consistent with the rest of the text?

Did the author understand what he or she wrote? Context will tell me that.

Some manuscripts require that I query the author a lot. With any luck, those queries will help the author to understand the text better. My queries might inspire the author to do more research and think more about just what he or she would like to communicate.


Just because we don’t like you or think you know shit from Shinola does not mean you have roused our passion.

Isn’t it amusing how they all (at least claim to) believe that?

If I shared my opinion with others and they frowned or disagreed or yelled at me, I wouldn’t think, Ha! Got them excited — they obviously love me!


People like you are nothing but Misognyistic hypocrites.

You’ve summed it up nicely.

@Dork Diggler:

Why single me out? Do I not bleed? Am I not human? Do I not have rights!? What about my feelings!? It’s still a free country, for the time being, right?!

In response to your questions:

Because you’re a troll who appears to be all of 12 years old;
I dunno, you tell me;
You might want to start acting more like one and less like an ogre;
Men’s Rights is a crock, you have rights already, and what you’re whining for is a continuation of privileges which are NOT rights;
Fuck your feelings, you piss all over ours so I don’t care about yours;
I dunno, you tell me. But understand one thing: I’m Canadian. My country’s freer than yours in so many ways. (And I’m gonna rub your nose in it, too.)

And honestly, the biggest men’s issue is one you MRAs, MGTOWs and other menzer alphabetsoupians aren’t tackling. Namely, MISOGYNY. Try losing yours first, then come back here and for the love of Cthulhu, try to have an actual rational conversation. Right now, your puerile combo of insult-comic-dog-pooping and whining about your hurt widdle fee-fees isn’t exactly winning you any friends or influencing any people.


That is the best description of a guard dog I have heard in some time!

The fires are also called ‘bonus hectares’ – the fireys have to burn a certain amount each year, and if they get out of control, why, that’s bonus hectares! I asked if they get paid more for those, but actually, half the time they don’t seem to get paid at all…

However, for Mark (or anyone else), I am not a fire person. I’m a UX designer working for the Federal Government in Australia. I ‘do’ emergencies fairly often though, out of interest. This year it’s fire, previously it’s been floods or tsunamis.

@Kat – that sort of thing is invaluable for me, if I have a checker like you looking over my UX assumptions, it’s easier for me to see where I’ve blindly toddled away under my own vision instead of what is actually needed.

Ignorin’ all that, did you know you can help men easily!

Yep, if you are in Australia, talk to ARC – the Asylum Resource Centre. They need lots of supplies RIGHT NOW. Halal foods preferred, but there’s lots of stuff to give that are not food related.

The transition of “libertarian” in public consciousness is a good example of the right co-opting the narratives and language of the left.

Rand made a point of describing herself as a laissez-faire capitalist instead of libertarian, which she associated with socialist anarchism. Makes it fairly clear how recent this is.

I’m old enough to have been around when “libertarians” fitted in quite comfortably alongside the Heinz 57 varieties of good communists, best communists, best of the best communists, artistic socialists, religious socialists, ratbag socialists, well-behaved anarchists and all the rest of them. And they all produced their own newsletters or newspapers. Most importantly, the most rabid enthusiasts with stalinist and maoist leanings could also be pretty prudish – just like the home-grown sorts.

Didn’t sit too well with many of the folks who’d got to their political views through anti-nuclear and anti-war activism. Libertarians favoured open slather on drugs and sex and otherwise could be anything from half-hearted socialists through to hardline communists wanting to nationalise everything. Though the 60s and 70s version of “openness” on sex wouldn’t pass muster nowadays.

I know the joke is getting old and it ain’t exactly relevant here, but well… that description also applies to Marky anyway. So here we go.

Do I not have rights!?

Well, as it turns out, no.

@markymark Jesus you are so ffing boring. You don’t ruin these threads because you insult us, or arouse any passions. You ruin these threads like a wasp you have to keep batting away from the picnic. Or a page crashing while you’re trying to read it. How do you get entertainment from being a dull interruption? And how are you stupid enough to think “Urgh, you again?!” = intelligent debate? Odd, just odd.

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