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Vox Day: Too many black people make “the continuation of Western civilization impossible”

Vox Day on his throne. Oddly, this is the same expression I get on my face whenever I read his blog
Vox Day on his throne. Oddly, this is the same expression I make whenever I read his blog

In case you’ve forgotten just how much of a racist numpty poopgoblin Theodore Beale — aka “Vox Day” — really is, well here’s a reminder. In a post on his Vox Popoli blog today, the fantasy author and Hugo-award-wrecker asks the question “are blacks worse than atomic bombs?” and answers it with a “yes.”

Comparing the Hiroshima of today — which has been substantially rebuilt since it was destroyed by an atomic bomb in World War II — with the bankrupt, depopulated mess that is present-day Detroit, Beale concludes that Detroit’s troubles are all the fault of … black people:

The evidence is very clear that a black population in excess of an as-yet-undetermined percentage of the overall population renders the continuation of Western civilization impossible. This has been observed everywhere from Capetown to Detroit, and the comparison with Hiroshima only underlines the cultural, economic, and physical devastation that an excessively black population is likely to wreak on a society.

Yeah, not so much. As Beale is well-aware, since he mentions it, Snopes has already debunked an assortment of memes trying to make a similarly specious point — that the fall of Detroit is the fault of evil Democrats — by pointing out the rather obvious fact that the real culprit here is, you know, the shutdown of the auto plants that used to drive the city’s economy.

According to Scott Martelle, an author of a book about Detroit whom Snopes helpfully quotes,

The collapse of Detroit has roots in intentional de-industrialization by the Big Three automakers, which in the 1950s began aggressively spider-webbing operations across the nation to produce cars closer to regional markets, and to reduce labor costs by investing in less labor-friendly places than union-heavy Detroit. Their flight was augmented by government policies that, in the 1970s and 1980s particularly, forced municipalities and states to compete with each other for jobs by offering corporate tax breaks and other inducements to keep or draw business investments, a bit of whipsawing that helped companies profit at the expense of communities.

So Theodore Beale is not only racist, but a blithering idiot. Blaming black people for the bankruptcy of Detroit makes about as much sense as blaming Obama for the war in Afghanistan, as Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson did on CNN yesterday.

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occasional reader
occasional reader
6 years ago


Mr Beale thinks the Black persons are some kind of disease for civilization ? I am not sure that Black Plague means what he thinks it means…
And i wonder which civilization had force-transfered (under slavery) Black persons in a bloody conquered place.

I suppose introspection is not for the True White Mens…

Have a nice day.

6 years ago

VD was born in America, but hasn’t lived in the US for a few years now. Exactly why is not entirely clear, but given that his father is a convicted tax evader who managed to conceal a couple megabucks from the IRS’ watchful eyes, an uncharitable soul might suspect that VD is deliberately evading an in-depth heart-to-heart chat with a team of the IRS’ finest forensic accountants.

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