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Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer thanks Orlando killer for “securing the election for Trump”

Photoshopped Omar Mateen selfie, found on The Daily Storner
Photoshopped Omar Mateen selfie, found on The Daily Storner

Yesterday, I wrote about some of the Alt-Rightists who have been energetically exploiting the Orlando massacre to push their agenda of hate.

But I missed one of the most brazen examples: Andrew Anglin of the neo-Nazi internet tabloid The Daily Stormer, who in a post yesterday thanked the dead killer for helping the far-right “[win] the culture war.”

“Today is a wonderful day,” Anglin wrote in his post yesterday.

Omar Mateen, an Afghani haji, just secured the election for Trump by carrying out the most deadly terrorist attack in America since 9/11.

And the best part?

Nothing of value was lost.

Fifty dead homos.

Anglin offered what he called “a sincere ‘thank you’ to Omar” for doing “what none of us could do.” Mateen’s murders, Anglin happily declared, has brought down the SJW “narrative.”

“The coalition of the failures has officially failed,” Anglin wrote.

Why on earth the Jews thought it made sense to try and push a narrative that women, homosexuals, the Blacks, the Mexicans and the Moslems were all allies is beyond me. …

It wasn’t really difficult to foresee this very thing happening.

And now that it’s happened… you can call all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, but they’re not putting this thing back together again. …

We just won the culture war.

See ya later, f***ots.

The proudly racist Anglin, who can’t resist his trollish impulses even in a post that by all indications is completely sincere, accessorized his post with a video of Kool and the Gang performing “Celebration.”

In a comment on his own post, he added:

It was an incredible kill count.

I wanna see the headshot ratio.

Once again, Anglin has said bluntly what a lot of other far-right ideologues and Trump supporters are thinking.

39 replies on “Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer thanks Orlando killer for “securing the election for Trump””

Toxic dialog. Let’s all hear it for toxic national dialog. Welcome back to the center stage toxic national dialog; we haven’t spoken for a couple weeks since you got trump the nomination in the first place.

I have to admit, I think the idea that this could benefit Trump in the election (it certainly will benefit him in the short term) is a very real and very terrifying possibility. Obviously Trump has no substantive or practical ideas for combating terror or gun violence, but he speaks to people’s primal, gut-level fears in a way that has propelled him quite far already. The truth is that since this is America, where mass shootings happen practically every day, there probably will be other, similar incidents before Election Day comes around – I hope the Clinton campaign is prepared for that.

Sorry, jerkface, but it is not that easy. You really think that the actions of one irrational person are going to stop us? No. This guy no more represents the Muslim majority than you represent the Christian majority. You clearly do not know this, but we do. Because basically, you are afraid of anyone different than you, and we are not.

Donald Trump can build a wall around himself and fortify it any way he wants. That`s fine with me. But I want no part of his walls. That’s because like you, Trump is afraid, but I am not. Nor are the people who stand with me. We are not afraid.

(Sorry to be so emotional about this, but this guy’s attitude makes me so angry.)

Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program to arm and finance the Afghan mujahideen prior to and during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, from 1979 to 1989. The program leaned heavily towards supporting militant Islamic groups that were favored by the regime of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq in neighboring Pakistan, rather than other, less ideological Afghan resistance groups that had also been fighting the Marxist-oriented Democratic Republic of Afghanistan regime since before the Soviet intervention.[1] Operation Cyclone was one of the longest and most expensive covert CIA operations ever undertaken;[2] funding began with $20–$30 million per year in 1980 and rose to $630 million per year in 1987.[1] Funding continued after 1989 as the mujahideen battled the forces of Mohammad Najibullah’s PDPA during the civil war in Afghanistan (1989–1992).

The irony is that it was always mostly the right-wing that supported radical Islam. It comes as no surprise because the right-wing and radical Islam share the same world-view.

The tragedy is that it is something that is little discussed in the mainstream media. So the general ignorant public comes to th conclusion that “radical Islam” would’t exist if the left-wing wouldn’t import it to the country…

How does this win the culture war for the alt right? The amount of Islamophobia is unchanged. It’s been high since 9-11. And anyone who isn’t complete garbage is horrified by this shooting. Most people have come out against the hate. In fact, it serves as a wake up call to potential straight allies who were complacent and didn’t think homophobia is that much of a thing anymore. If anything, this was an own goal for the anti social justice side.

Now I need to take a shower to erase the gross feeling I have for being forced to think of this horrific event in terms of political points.

What a disgusting, ghoulish vulture.

Also, what “narrative”? Not all Muslims hate lgbt people. In fact there has been outreach from Muslims to the Orlando lgbt community. Some muslims are queer too. This event doesn’t disrupt any beliefs I have. This guy, like all terrorists is an outlier. All bigots who do this are, really.

This attack will inflame islamaphobia, like all terror attacks have. This scares the hell out of innocent muslims, they have been killed over this. This is part of the reason for them reaching out and helping in the aftermath, to lessen any tension between us. And queer Muslims are grieving over the loss of their queer siblings too.

This might also lead to pinkwashing, and I’ve seen Muslims and middle easterners, queer or not, and queer non muslims unite against it. It exploits queer tragedy, ignores homophobia in the home country, and justifies war on Islam, so it’s toxic to all of us.

The “Kool” of “Kool and the Gang” is of course Muhammad Bayyan and, yes, Muslim.

Two reasons he’s wrong:

1) It’s too early in the campaign. Some other shiny thing will distract the American people before too long.

1a) Trump’s fundamental incompetence with money means that, even if he wanted to turn Omar Mateen into the new Willie Horton, he wouldn’t be able to even start trying until the Republican Convention. Meanwhile they, who were actually hoping for an infusion of cash from him, are similarly hobbled.

2) Donald Trump blew any advantage he might have gained from this with his self-congratulatory tweet. Even Fox and Friends are pushing back against it, however gently.

Why would people (who aren’t already big fans of the Hell Toupee) vote for a homophobic douchebag over someone who helped push through same-sex marriage because another homophobic douchebag murdered LGBT+ people?

Ya know, he mighta been right about this, if Don Turnip hadn’t spent the post shooting hours telling everyone how smart he is. Any politician worth her (hint, hint) salt will crush him for that in the fall debates. Wishful thinking? Hope not
And what the fuck is he talking about vis a vis the social justice coalition? Since when have all nonwhitebros been allied together? Ever? I mean, nonwhitebros is 68.2% of the country, so I wouldn’t say no to all of us uniting to fix this shit. It’s just weird that he thinks this already happened. Did I sleep thru this mythical rainbow coalition of progress? Oh, but it was the spess Jooz all along. Makes perfect sense now.

Why on earth the Jews thought it made sense to try and push a narrative that women, homosexuals, the Blacks, the Mexicans and the Moslems were all allies is beyond me. …

Whose “narrative” is that again?

The only people who constantly accuse anyone who isn’t a misogynistic straight white male of secretly conspiring to destroy The Great Western Civilization is racist right wingers, who ironically are the natural allies of Islamic extremists (who also love the idea of a “Clash of Civilizations”).


When the Buddhas at Bamiyan fell, the people who cared were “tree-hugging libtards”. Before 9/11, the people who cared about the plight of the RAWA were “tree-hugging libtards”.

Now they care. And now they think they see a path to rolling back social progress with the blood of those they have been demonizing with the very same bigotry as their murderer.

No one’s buying, assholes.

A comment by A.Anglin under his post – TW: Homophobic slur (partially censored by me).

“What it is going to do is make f**s anti-immigration.
It’s just basic self-preservation.
Even if they lose some of their “rights” under a right-wing system, at least they’ll still be alive.”

These nazi types really *just don’t get it*. They don’t get that homophobic mass-murders aren’t going to help their agenda. They don’t get that people who are used to being unsafe, who have to fight tooth and nail for every right, every freedom, *aren’t* going to give up hard won liberty for being kept “safe” by the ppl who usually MAKE their lives unsafe.

Seriously, white supremacist; a group that hate LGBT people just as much as, if not more than, islamic extremists – and who have *literally tried to systematically eradicate them* in the past – GENUINELY don’t understand why most gay ppl won’t surrender their rights and freedoms in exchange for their “protection”.

It baffles the mind!

@Seraph Trump called in on that Fox and Friends and among other things implied that President Obama is a terrorist sympathizer if not an actual state sponsor of terrorism. I didn’t hear them call him out on it, so I’m guessing that he’ll just keep saying it until Senator Warren or Mrs. Clinton point it out. Did Joe McCarthy ever call Eisenhower a Pinko on a live radio broadcast?

Well, that’s a neat little self-perpetuating system. Abuse the citizenry, sow fear, then offer “protection”.

If we don’t negotiate with terrorists, we’re certainly not going to negotiate with extortionists.

This was a horrible, senseless tragedy, but it was not a coordinated attack on the scale of 9/11. I love how they think everyone is scurrying for the safety and reassurance of a grownup, and that Donald Trump can be that grownup.


How shocking that Anglin has not done his history homework. How many gay men who died of AIDS would still be alive if the Reagan administration and other conservatives didn’t file AIDS under “gay disease, who cares, they probably deserve it” and refuse to do anything about prevention and research.

Plus there’s the fact that gay people were killed during the Holocaust.

Does Anglin really think that right wingers, let alone blatant Nazis are the ones dedicated to keeping gay people alive?

Fuck him.

My hardcore conservative mother-in-law thinks, and HOPES, that Hillary will win in a landslide. Drumpf has probably driven away more people than he’s attracted. Will the GOP ever recover from this disastrous election season?

I just find the lack of human empathy baffling. Even as a child of 1980’s Britain who despised Margaret Thatcher with the hatred of a thousand suns; when she died I didn’t consider it something to celebrate.

As for Trump, that tweet of his just put me over the edge. He used to be an absurd buffoon and it was amusing to watch him dance. Now he just makes me feel slightly nauseous.

Bleh. Why do people apologize for (or in this case outright admire) murderers? Does Anglin choke on his bile and wants everyone else to choke on it too? uuuugh

So let me get this straight: Talking about guns and gun control after a massacre is bad, but exploiting it for electoral gain is good?

I think I’ll live out the rest of my days in Nunavut, thank you very much.

@ Imaginary Petal

Will the GOP ever recover from this disastrous election season?

One can only hope not, but they’re kind of like cockroaches except less personable.

@Scented Chairs

Because for a lot of people the idea of being killed by a Foreign Enemy triggers an instinctive fear that is all out of proportion with the actual problem. That sends them running to someone who offers the illusion of strength to beat the Scary Other back, regardless of if that would actually work. I doubt this attack will sway the election, but a few more could, especially near election day. And you can bet ISIS will try to because they want Trump elected to keep recruitment high.

And that is why, I’m just going to say my piece here, we need to stop having a giant feargasm every single time there is a terrorist attack. Terrorism overall is a small problem in our society, you’ve got better odds of dying from an underpants fire then from being killed by a terrorist. And on top of that, terrorist attacks have been growing steadily less common over the last few decades. Now this particular attack can help start conversations about Homophobia and Gun Control, which are bigger problems then terrorism but overall we need to stop acting like every terrorist attack is an event of earth shattering importance. We should just see them the way we do any other random tragedy. Next time one happens just tell you “It’s only terrorism, it’s not a big deal.”

The brain bleach thread from the other day hasn’t been posted on since yesterday and it’s probably going to be left behind as more threads get made, so I’m putting this here. I hope Matthew Mercer’s singing can help lift everyone here’s spirits, and remind you all that people can create great suffering but also great beauty.

pretty sure white dudes commit most of the terrorism on usa soil

send white dudes back to europe

From what I can tell, the Pulse massacre has galvanized many members of the LGBT community all right, but not in favor of Trump. They’re demanding better gun control laws, and fighting hate with love. They’re angry that gay men can’t donate blood to their friends and chosen family, and they’re grateful that some Muslims are lining up (during Ramadan, no less) to donate blood in place of those who are legally barred from doing so.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants:

Well, that’s a neat little self-perpetuating system. Abuse the citizenry, sow fear, then offer “protection”.

That’s the modus operandi of a number of terrorist groups in their own home countries, when you get right down to it. Guarantee there’s no hope of peace or middle ground to drive all the ‘moderates’ under your control…

Why does Anglin think there aren’t anti-immigrant gays? FFS, Milo is not unique. “Gay” is not a political designation.

That said, despite the media narrative of aggression, politically-active queers tend to be anti-hate. That is our fight. Not anti-straight or anti-religion. So: nothing has changed, there.

Several years ago, I visited the zoo and saw an enclosure full of meerkats. I like meerkats, so I stayed to watch them eat. The interesting thing about meerkats eating is that whenever they do it, they post one or two sentries. Like this:

These sentries are there to look out for lions whilst the others are eating. Of course, there are two glaring problems with this:

A) There are not, nor will there ever be, lions in the meerkat enclosure in the zoo.

B) Even if there were, these sentries have never seen a lion and so would be unable to recognise one if it appeared.

As a result, I imagine them looking around at rocks, trees and humans, going “Look! Is that a lion? Could it be a lion? Lions exist, right? That thing must be one! It looks kinda like I imagine lions look!” Meanwhile, the other meerkats are getting kinda annoyed but also energised by it, because they went to all the trouble of posting sentries and so they want to know that their vigilance is paying off.

This is very much how the alt-right people’s behaviour strikes me.

A) There is not, nor will there ever be, any victory for the alt-right.

B) Even if there were, these people have never seen actual victories and so would be unable to recognise them.

As a result, they’re standing there going “Look! Is that a victory? Could it be a victory? Victories exist, right? That thing must be one! It looks kinda like how I imagine victories look!”

Anglin, you may think of yourself as a strategic mastermind, but you demonstrably have the tactical prowess of a meerkat. Not even a wild meerkat, but a zoo meerkat. This is a low bar, but you have somehow managed to stumble over it.


This is not how this works, they’re yours now!
We have our own disgusting excuses for human beings to deal with.

As an aside (while looking at pictures of Anglin): Why do white supremacists propagating ideas about the master race always look like they only have one set of grandparents?
Here’s a hint: You having 13 toes doesn’t make you 1.3x better than me.

I would be willing to bet there will be more Americans murdered in the next 5 years by Daily Stormer readers than by those who swear allegiance to ISIS.

In a comment on his own post, he added:

It was an incredible kill count.

I wanna see the headshot ratio.

He’s literally fist-bumping ISIS with GLEE. I’d call him a fucking ghoul, but Ghouls & Goblins Local 420 has insisted their fine name not be dragged into this.

I just… I can’t understand how these people can be so completely unmoved by actual real fucking death, it terrifies me. Talking gleefully about kill counts and headshots – it makes me think of the 4chan shooting threads we’ve seen before and I just. How do you have so little recognition that people exist outside yourself that you think a massacre of innocent people is a fucking video game? Because that’s what’s happening here, they don’t register the dead and wounded as people, just as points, and that’s sickening and scary. I have to admit since the shootings I’ve been in a constant upheaval, I can’t settle and I’m so sad and scared and panicky I hardly have room for anger, but even if you don’t respond that strongly you have to at least fucking RECOGNISE that actual real human people with lives and families and friends and jobs and hobbies and passions fucking DIED HORRIBLY because of this man’s actions, it’s not a JOKE or an abstract number.

(sorry. I just. Like I said this has knocked me out of stability completely. I’m trying to be calm but I haven’t been able to get through anything the past couple of days)

These people have actively dehumanized themselves, to a point where these jokes are all they are capable of in the face of horrible crimes.
I mean, look at the Third Reich and to a lesser extent Mussolini’s Italy.
The ideologies in both states propagated death in the service of the ideology as one of the highest honors that could be achieved. They saw mercy and compassion for those not part of the group as character flaws.
The consequences of such principles could be seen after the war, during the liberation of the death camps and the trials that followed: People that made lampshades from the skin of their victims. That liked to shoot prisoners in the camps from watchtowers, like hunters.
But the most chilling part was their lack of regret, or even the realization, that what they had done was barbaric, or even morally wrong.

I take comfort in the fact that Anglin’s name will be remembered (if at all) in the same way we remember Amon Göth and Ilse Koch.

Have these doofuses never heard of the Stonewall Inn or the Upstairs Lounge? Attacks of this nature only raise LGBT issues in the public conscious, leading to further civil rights reform.

As a political strategy, it’s an abject failure.

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