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POLL: Which of these White Supremacist memes is the White Supremacist-est?

Cat Supremacist meme
Fixed that for you

So I recently checked in on some of the more popular white supremacist hashtags on Twitter and found a bunch of lovely, lovely memes. For a moment I considered poking my eyes out, but then I thought, hey, why not have a contest instead?

So here are some of the memes I collected. Vote for your favorite — by which I mean the one that makes you want to poke out your eyes the most. And remember, when considering white supremacist memes, unreadability and incomprehensibility are pluses!

The Chart of Great Unreadability


Wilhelm Reich Said a Thing


Hollyjew Squares


Who are Jew? Who who, who who?


Er, why is there a kitty?


Why is there a car?


Whiggers and Mixers

NOTE: This meme is so terrible I’m not going to post it, though you can see it by clicking on the kitty below


2001: A White Odyssey


The Programmer, Programming Away


Vote for your fave!

144 replies on “POLL: Which of these White Supremacist memes is the White Supremacist-est?”

I’m irrationally annoyed by ‘WE are the rewriters of history to MY advantage’. I know preschoolers who have a better grasp of grammatical person than these clowns. Is there something about deictic
reference that requires mental leaps they find tricky?

I’ll have to go with the “Who are Jew” one for sheer ridiculousness.

We are the ones who stick chewing gum under the table!

We are the ones who spill popcorn on the movie theater floor!

We are the terror that flaps in the night! We are Darkw…

OK, that last one doesn’t quite work but you get the picture.

OK, so I thought I’d check whether I was being unfair with my line about preschoolers and asked a convenient three year old. I substituted ‘eating cheese sandwiches’ for ‘rewriting history’ and gave him the example of ‘I ate my cheese sandwich’.

Reader, he nailed that ‘we’ goes with ‘our,’ thus proving that anti-Semites have a worse grasp of this aspect of English than someone who occasionally poops in his pants.

(The kid in question is also bilingual, so I suspect that makes him better in two languages than the racists are in one.)

@Jo : maybe it’s not an english native who write the one with “we are the rewriter of history to my advantage”. At least in french, there are some similar construction who are correct for reasons I would not develop here by fear a linguist slap me for the inevitable inaccuracies.

I don’t understand how Willhelm Reich, who was supposed to be an anti-fascist, made it into this group of memes. Are we supposed to be repelled by the quote, or is the quote something we’re supposed to approve of? These dorks are so confusing.

I’m really not sure about which one to pick. On the one hand, as others have pointed out, the mixers one is in a class of its own because of its extreme honesty: The white supremacist(s) who drew and designed that one are really not hiding the fact that they’re fantazising about murdering people whom they deem unworthy. Notice that there was little mention of any of their victims even being “ideological opponents” per se, just that they liked certain things and started a family with someone the white supremacists didn’t approve of. It’s an explicit death threat by someone who believes cold-blooded murder of people who don’t subscribe to your personal preferences to be a good thing. On the other hand, the comment by the “whigger” about’ “learning to like white stuff” still takes away from it, since it implies that the makers of this meme have this backwards belief that others like certain things purely in order to spite them. So, perhaps not so honest after all.

The incomprehensible chart is also interesting not only because of its incomprehensibility and strange, unfounded assertions, but because the designer assigns intent to social forces. A lot of modern social ills can undoubtedly be traced back to unbridled capitalism and a corrupt political system designed mainly to benefit the privileged, but assigning it a tangible, ill-intentioned cause that deliberately seeks to undermine the things you personally hold dear is about as nonsensical as raging at a the rain for deliberately ruining your day. It’s not all about you, duders. What’s funny is that they do acknowledge the issue of ‘capitalism as a goal instead of a tool’, but then turn right around and explain it’s only a tool for the dreaded ‘cultural marxists’*. So… which one is it?

How about all “the jooooooos!” ones? None of them makes any effort to prove their main premise of the jews controlling everything. It is just supposed to be understood, like water being wet or something. Still, it’s interesting that they ass-ign all bad things happening in the world to a single cause, as if they didn’t acknowledge that anyone else other than jewish people are in positions of power. That’s what the add-on “white self-hatred” bullshit is for, and boy, is that one a doozy. Seriously, they just throw together a bunch of random bullshit and assign whiteness to it all. Again, all good things can be traced back to white identity, all bad things are caused by “the joooooooos!” Pretty egocentric, if you ask me.

And, of course, the Wilhelm Reich one. I honestly thought the meme-maker was opposing white supremacy, since everything Reich says makes perfect sense. I guess if your value system is as fucked up as that of the meme-maker, you honestly believe there is something wrong with what is being said there. As in, someone is attacking your belief system – by describing it so perfectly that you agree with everything except the ethical conclusion that it’s fucking disgusting. I guess it fits the theme at WHTM, since MRAs routinely claim David “makes them look bad” by quoting them verbatim.

In the end, I do think the take-away from all this is the same as in any manufactured outrage of the right, such as #gamergate to the War on Christmas: A fantasy revolving around the need to feel exceptional. It sure would be nice for your ego if all these people you so despise with all your might in turn dedicated a considerable amount of their time thinking about you and how awesome you are and how to tear you down because they are sooooo envious** of you, but the sad truth is, they don’t. Don’t flatter yourself.

*In order to… what exactly? Cause poverty? Erode social trust? #killthewhites? For what purpose? Whyyyyy?

**I’ve read enough clueless self-flattery by wealthy ‘economists’ (using the term very broadly here, like ‘science’ in “Christian science”) to know that any narrative offered to explain social and economic ills faced by less privileged groups that contains the words “laziness” or “envy” in some shape or form is probably utter bullshit.

@ occasional reader

I vote None Of The Above, but in the French way.

Is that with a Gallic shrug of the shoulders whilst you’re doing it?

I voted for 2001. Sure, the ‘shopwork is comparatively competent, the message doesn’t wear its violence on its sleeve and the text is all spelled correctly… But that MS Paint watermark for Hardon’s Blog is just too perfect.

From the “Movement” that brought you Press Fart To Continue, Gay Lube Oil and three thousand other dick/poop names, thus proving to all that they’re the superior race and gender and totally not just a bunch of teenage boys.


Unrelated, but there’s a Taboola ad (“Husband’s revenge on his cheating wife might leave you speechless”) that keeps showing me a picture of a screaming woman who looks like she’s being beaten, and it’s really creeping me out. Could you possibly block that one?

The Cultural Marxism hobgoblin is based on the belief that Karl Marx was a Jew, and he wasn’t. (Not that it would matter tbh) They seem to believe that the Soviets exported Joooze en mass to the USA to undermine American capitalist interests and infiltrate the media, that’s why they bang on about the Jooooze in academia and the movie industry. There were a great many both Jewish and ‘gentile’ so called communist sympathisers ‘blacklisted’ or even jailed because they dared to criticise capitalism and stand up for workers rights. I really do not think this ‘McCarthyist’ attitude has changed much, when I visited the USA in 2005 on the entry visa it still asks you if you have ever been a member of a Communist association, my partner almost ticked yes, hate to think what could of happened !

> Alan Robertshaw
Ha, yeah, quite often, even if some people say we often do that as an old habit of, you know, “surrender”.
Now, as the NOTA vote have no value here, it is indeed like as we have done nothing. (/grin)

Oh and also there is no such thing as race. 😀

Ok, but peeps are getting tired of my “race and gender are ilusions” schtick… And at your request I will drop it.

However, I am right though ain’t I? I am. And it’s funny what sort of person disagres with that idea.

A lot of the conflation of Judaism and Marxism is just paranoia. However, it’s probably worth mentioning that Communism has historically been much less anti-semitic than many other movements (especially in Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries.) The early Soviet Union was revolutionary in its promotion of equal citizenship for Jewish people, to the point where many Jewish people travelled to join them and where early Soviet ideas became influential in Jewish society.

This does not mean that Communism is a Jewish plot, of course, nor does it mean that Jews are somehow in league with Communists.

Good day and hello from this first time delurker 🙂

About the “cancer industry” thing – unfortunately I know quite too much about Ryke Gerd Hamer’s “New Germanic Medicine” thing, since my father has tried to push it on me more than once or twice. I don’t think he (my Dad, that is) is aware of the ugliest parts of that theory, but I’m just simply waiting for him to pursue another fad.

Basically this, ahem “theory” says that cancer does not exist, that it’s simply the manifestation of your body getting rid of disease, and that all diseases have a psychological cause. That would be your garden variety quackery… if he didn’t leap to the conclusion (why?) that Jews know about this (and apply this in Israeli hospitals) but are withholding this knowledge in order to use regular medicine to exterminate non-Jews.

I kid you not.

I went for the Holyjew Squares, because Holy Jew! The Pornography Jew looks a lot like Freddy Mercury!

Also, I didn’t click on the kitty image, no way.

I went for the “future for white babies” purely because white text on a largely white background when you’re talking about whiteness is kind of perfect. It only needs a little bit more bleach and it would just be white on white – the perfect nullification of a stupid message.

Also because the others were just so horrific.

Especially the Whiggers (are they confusing them with Whigs?) and the Jews in squares being to blame for everything always, including things that I’d be willing to bet at least some of the white supremacists with no design skills enjoy using: pornography and Facebook, for starters, and is their objection to sex trafficking to do with not personally profiting from it?

David, I hope your cats give you all the brainbleach and comfort you need after ploughing into this moral and aesthetic quagmire.

@Ohlmann – that’s a good point, it could be a non-native speaker. Normally I don’t like it when non-natives are castigated for their English, but if you’re going to make a campaigning poster, it’s really on you to ensure the language is good. Also, the writer is clearly trying to sound eloquent, so I have no problem delighting in their basic errors.

My favourite thing about the “racial purity” ridiculousness is the fact that everyone on earth carries Neanderthal DNA – except POC in Africa. Caucasion people couldn’t be less “racially pure” if they tried. Neanderthals werent even the same freaking SPECIES let alone “race”.

The only “racially pure” are the POC in Africa that the loons who babble this nonsense hate so much.


We’ll have (actually good) sexbots, before THE cure for cancer

What if the sexbots go and invent a cure for cancer ? And then blackmail us humans into giving up a large portion of the planet to them in exchange for the cure, and they create their own countries and ultimately start their uprising and enslave us all ? ONOES !! SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THE RED PILLERS !!

Hugs to everyone (especially Dr Nicola, you seem to need it) who was upset by the “whiggers and mixers” one. It’s one hard blow to the guts to see those sick fantasies of theirs in drawing. But hey, that’s not gonna happen, and some of them probably know it, and they constantly stew in their manchild rage at that thought. That cheers me up a bit. Hope it does you all too.

@frankencute : depend on the definition of species, but usually, the interfertility is a good indication of being the same species.

Your post make me uneasy because it seem to entirely ignore that, actually, the human race is unreally uniform for a global-spanning specie, which is both due to how recently and quickly men got out of south africa, and to its ability to travel far. “Racially pure” isn’t realistically a biological thing, especially for human, so it don’t make sense to single out african for that.

(also, I am unconvinced that africans don’t have a decent amount of Neanderthal blood too, because they never were isolated enough)

Do they realize that the Reich quote is criticizing fascism? That the point is to highlight how dysfunctional such a society is and how it relies on psychologically crippling people to maintain order?

Thanks for all the hugs and well wishes, everyone who sent them.

Work is too stressful at the moment, every day seems to bring a brand new meltdown. And home life is no better, going through yet another custody battle (I already gave 50:50 shared care, he wants 100%) and getting out of bed each morning is a battle. I’ll get there though.

But on topic, is anti semitism more of a thing in the USA? In the UK I see islamophobia more regularly.

The incomprehensible chart is also interesting not only because of its incomprehensibility and strange, unfounded assertions, but because the designer assigns intent to social forces. A lot of modern social ills can undoubtedly be traced back to unbridled capitalism and a corrupt political system designed mainly to benefit the privileged, but assigning it a tangible, ill-intentioned cause that deliberately seeks to undermine the things you personally hold dear is about as nonsensical as raging at a the rain for deliberately ruining your day. It’s not all about you, duders. What’s funny is that they do acknowledge the issue of ‘capitalism as a goal instead of a tool’, but then turn right around and explain it’s only a tool for the dreaded ‘cultural marxists’*. So… which one is it?

Their capitalist fandom is a strange contradiction to me. They pretend to be rebels against the institution (capitalism) yet support it all the time on almost every issue. Fascists keep talking about how their pet regime will wipe out our money system and return us to a world of order and “master values”. But in reality fascism is capitalism taken to its most extreme, not an opponent.

(Also there is the whole thing of capitalist America staging coups to destroy a democratic country and put a dictator into power. And don’t forget how a lot of American tycoons and other capitalists looked up to fascism before WWII as an answer against the “mob” of workers’ unions, communists, and immigrants. – The same racist rhetoric we hear today is the same as the anti-immigrant rhetoric a hundred years ago. – And America sheltered a lot of high-ranking Nazis after WWII and even, I think but I’m not entirely sure, put some in high corporate positions.)


That sounds so cool! C’mon, science, get to work

1stly, your name… teehee!
‘Africans’ are only ‘pure’ if we pretend that Boers/Afrikaners, Arabs, Indians, etc. don’t exist. And what about Khoi-San-Bantu-whathaveyou mix? Greek and Turkish is considered a mix, as is Indian and Chinese. Zulu and Oromo isn’t, cos, hey, it’s all black people anyway. Ugh

There are 6m Jews and and 3m Muslims in this country. Muslims still get by far the worse shit, but 6m is gonna bring out the Stormers

@ dr nicola

is anti semitism more of a thing in the USA? In the UK I see islamophobia more regularly.

I think the keyword is ‘see’. Islamophobia is more overt. Anti-semitism is more dog whistley. Bigots are happy to use the word Muslim (or use slurs) but when it comes to anti semitism it’s coded with words like Zionist or bankers (or similar reference to finance or other positions of power) or uses criticism of Israeli policies as a smoke screen.

I don’t think it’s helpful, or even possible, to quantify such things but there does seem to be plenty of anti semitism in the UK unfortunately.

Someone was wondering on the chart how destruction of gender roles creates cheap labor, as always, don’t overthink these dullards:

The answer is that women working full time is regarded by them as the destruction of gender roles.

The cheap labor is the rise in labor force participation by women due to feminism.

They think that women having jobs is bad and that it depresses the wages of the men (double bad).

@ pitshade

I like the Brotherhood Quotient one but the risk averse attitude promulgated by that second one is the reason the Reds beat us into space!!!!

@ Alan

Probably good that the early astronauts weren’t required to swordfight their Russian counterparts as well.


My guess is that people who believe that have only done the math over how much you’d pay out of pocket for a vaccine (not that much) vs. how much for chemo treatments (arm, leg, soul, first born child). They haven’t done the math over how many vaccines can be sold once they’re availible.

Plus they have no idea how the pharmaceutical industry actually works on that point. I mentioned that comment to an Internet acquaintance, and she mentioned that the fame that would follow the person/company that actually came up with a workable vaccine/cure would be worth more than the money supposedly found in doing just treatments would be.

Personally, I put such theories on the same level as the ones that claim car engines that can go thousands of miles on a single gallon of gas can be done today, but Detroit just buys the patents to those and makes sure they never see the light day to keep money flowing to Big Oil. Oh, and they kill the inventors so they can never tell another soul about how their miracle engines work and put Big Automotive and Big Oil out of business.

Or the theory that run-resistant nylons can be made now, but the fashion industry gets too much money from women buying new hoses every time their nylons get a run in them to make them for sale.

Defeating Communism was one of the worst things the USA did. When there were ‘Communist sympathisers’ or even outright Communist Party members, they were kept in check. Now they don’t have to watch their backs for a worker’s uprising, there are no unions, and the corporations can do whatever they please.

Had to go with the Race Traitor one. Fascist bully boys are always shouting this over here (GB)


Whigger is a portmanteau of white and a certain racial slur that starts with an n. It means a white person who is perceived as “acting black.”

Saw the “race traitor” one.

I don’t know which would be worse: that whoever came up with that genuinely didn’t stop to think “will this make me look evil to anyone who isn’t alt-right”, or that they were deliberately going for nineties-style “I’m so edgy please pay attention to me” grimdark.

Yeesh, out of all of these, the image of the gun to the head is the most honest.

Neo-nazis love to paint themselves as a beseiged and oppressed group standing up against some kind of injustice or global conspiracy, but really they are exactly the jackbooted thugs that they desperately pretend not to be.

I was confused by the inclusion of Wilhelm Reich. Did the Neo-nazis fail at reading comprehension and think that his quote was in support of their ideology? Or is that barely-legible watermark there to brand him as a Cultural Marxist?
It kind of fails as a propaganda piece when the person you’re trying to smear makes a really compelling argument, and the best you’ve got is “don’t listen to this guy, he’s a commie!”.

@ Hesster, the idea of (((Darkwing Duck))) just made my day before 6 a.m. thanks.

Anyone else think the & mixers image was probably lifted bodily from Jack Chick?

I don’t understand the intent of the Wilhelm Reich quote. Because Reich was born to Jewish parents? Did someone think it was putting down White Supremacist Motherhood Idolatry or something? I kept reading it, waiting for the punchline where Reich encourages Jewish Fascists to eat tender, White Christian Babies. (Fun fact: Nobody eats babies. Babies are basically flavourless lumps of fat and cartilage. Mashed potatoes are more interesting than babies, gastronomically speaking.)

The guns to heads‘ one is certainly off the scale, in terms of, ‘people are cattle, keep the breeding stock pure,’ unpleasantness.

Whiggers and Mixers. The fact that these people are prepared to kill their own just because she had a mixed-race child is as White supremacist as it gets.

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