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The Fluoride Stare: The conspiracy theory catchphrase taking the flat earth by storm!

My contribution to the Flat Earth meme pool.
My contribution to the Flat Earth meme pool.

So last night, courtesy of Twitterer extraordinaire @SuperSpacedad, I learned of a new catchphrase that’s apparently catching on (or maybe not) amongst the internet’s conspiracy theorists: the Fluoride Stare, which is the blank-faced, glazed-eye look conspiracy theorists apparently encounter quite regularly when they start explaining their favorite conspiracy theories at great length.

Or, as @SuperSpacedad put it.

fluoride Staredad ‏@SuperSpacedad My new catchphrase is 'fluoride stare.' It's conspiracy crank jargon for 'person spacing out on my mad bloviating'

Obviously, that’s not quite how the conspiracy theorists would explain the look. Here’s one definition that @SuperSpacedad ran across:


Naturally, “fluoride stare” has become a meme. Here’s one that @SuperSpacedad found on Facebook:


I’m not sure where the original picture came from, but as someone pointed out to me on Twitter, that looks a lot like Thom Yorke there on the right.

But what a perfect illustration of crank magnetism: Of course the Flat Earth “Truthers” also believe that water fluoridation is part of a global flat-earth-wide conspiracy to “sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids,” as one famous fictional conspiracy theorist once put it.

The meme has made inroads amongst other sorts of conspiracy theorists as well:

Anyway, as soon as I saw this meme I realized that the mememaker had missed the obvious opportunity to combine it with this popular meme:



So I whipped up the meme at the top of the page and introduced it into the wilds of Twitter. Then I drank a nice cool glass of fluoridated water. No, I actually did.

Flat Earthers — you’re welcome!

Longtime readers of We Hunted the Mammoth — from the time when it was still known by the rather silly name Man Boobz — will no doubt recall the legendary MRA troll NWOslave and his obsession with the alleged evils of fluoride. Which he invariably referred to as “flouride.”

As Shaneon Garrity paraphrased his version of the theory in her legendary NWOslave Book of Learnin, which you can find in my post here:

Children are lined up and injected with a dangerous chemical called flouride to make them stupid.

NWOslave, a veritable magnetic pole of crank magnetism, had many other unique thoughts on medicine and science:

Mammograms cause breast cancer. Doctors advise women to get mammograms at least once a week until they develop cancer from it.

Evolution is impossible, because otherwise we’d be able to watch dogs evolve into super-dogs. Unless anyone can produce evidence of dogs with super-powers, evolution is a myth.

To be fair, he had unique perspectives on any number of topics:

The University of Cincinnati and all University of California schools have gotten rid of their engineering and computer science departments and replaced them with women’s studies and gender studies.

There are twice as many teachers and half as many students in U.S. schools as there were 20 years ago. These teachers spend class time walking around in their underwear to arouse elementary-school boys.

Spanish and Russian use the same alphabet. The Russians just have a funny kind of handwriting called cryillic script.

The musical Chicago is a polemic about how men should be shot to death. It was written by a female college student last year.

Women become sexually aroused by wearing clothes.

There are no poor women. Whenever a woman needs anything, she sits in the middle of the street and cries, and passerby throw food and money at her for free.

Without government, homosexuality would not exist.

Someday a straight white man will beat up a lesbian for molesting a five-year-old. Everyone in the world will sympathize with the lesbian and immediately legalize child molestation.

There are many more of these lovely “facts” to be found in the Book of Learnin.

I wonder if NWO slave has become a flat earther?

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ Bina

I wonder if any of these nimnuls realize that fluoride is also present in green tea

I never knew that. Cool. I do get through a lot of green tea as I’ve convinced myself it’s why the Japanese don’t get cancer despite smoking loads*. So it’s great to know it’s also helping my teeth.

(*Please don’t disabuse me of that belief with evidence or anything; I’ll happily take the placebo effect)

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
6 years ago


And that’s not even touching on how, until the ’80s (!!!), everything from headaches to compound fractures to terminal cancer was bundled under “Hysteria,” aka “B***hes be crazy.”

Or how it’s 2016 and science is still publicly arguing over whether or not the the female orgasm is a real thing that exists (the world’s greatest and most long-standing medical mystery that could be answered by simply asking 50% of the fucking species).

Or how the internal structure of the clitoris was only mapped last friggin’ year.

6 years ago

I actually worry a bit about NWOslave after reading that. They’re either a troll or they have some very strong delusions.

Anthony Fantano
Anthony Fantano
5 years ago

That Thom Yorke always cracks me up.

5 years ago

Actually sodium fluoride does lower your energy levels and ability to think. It was put into the water supply to improve dental health but has led to brown mottling of teeth. I’m against anything deliberately put into the water supply on principle. There are flourides added to most brands of toothpaste so no need for a fluoridated water supply.

The fluoride stare has come about because that is the general reaction of people when you talk about politics as traditionally politics is a taboo subject. But who cares as I don’t bother with traditions.

5 years ago

Contrary to popular belief x-ray mammograms do increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Any fool can see that compressing a breast hard between two plates and shooting radiation through it is risky and even much more than having a chest x-ray. Thermography is a much better alternative, much less painful, actually cheaper, more accurate and can diagnose cancer much earlier.

5 years ago

The fuoride in green tea is in the teabags. There isn’t a single plant or animal species that has the element of fluorine as an essential element, or fluoride as an essential ingredient. There is no such thing as fluorine\fluoride deficiency. That is why I don’t use teabags, I don’t drink tap water and I don’t use toothpaste. I drink borax and eat tamarind and algae and haven’t had a cavity or any teeth problems for a very long time now. I’ve convinced my mother to follow my regime too, which she did. She had arthritis, insomnia and thyroid problems and guess what? She now sleeps like a baby, excercises daily and her T3\T4 and thyroxine levels are perfect.

It is advisable to take everything with a grain of salt but don’t forget to take everything with a grain of sugar too, lest you become one-sided.

Rambo Rajatieto
3 years ago

What makes “fluoride stare” memes funny is that it is true. 🙂

Fluoride is causing 3rd eye blockage by calcifying it and that is the very reason why it is pushed out by the SYSTEM.

So those who are aware of it and have stopped using fluoride have got their 3d eye open more over time. Detoxifying the body is needed as well.
Meditation is very good for the purpose, and some herbs.

When pineal gland / 3rd eye is open one can see through deceptions that cabal / illuminati / deep state is doing for us.

That same elite which is formed like pyramid of wealth, filth and power… and which is owning huge bunch of media all over the globe.

Propably this site is sponsored by it too. Their / your way to battle at “infowars” against humanity.

That elite is calling ppl. in the bottom stairs of that pyramid, ordinary people as “sheeplets”.

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