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“The goal of feminism is to turn women into rape-meat,” Roosh V pal Matt Forney claims

Matt Forney: Has opinions about rape
Matt Forney: Has opinions about rape

The bald blob of human garbage known as Matt Forney seems to be hungering for attention again.

The schlumpy ubermensch, a budding white supremacist and regular contributor to Return of Kings, has made a (terrible) reputation for himself with a series of clickhate posts sporting titles like “How to Crush a Girl’s Self-Esteem” and “Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved,” the latter posted without shame despite the fact that Forney is himself something of a fatty. (Full disclosure: I am also a fatty.)

Apparently inspired by his buddy and mentor Roosh Valizadeh, Forney also posted (then later deleted) what was in essence a date-rape how-to called “Why Girls Rarely Mean No When They Say No.”

Forney has now composed another masterpiece in this genre, a post in which he sets out to explain “Why Feminists Want Men to Rape Them.” Forney, himself recently accused of raping an unconscious woman, argues — and I use the term loosely — that

[e]verything feminists do, from holding up “Refugees Welcome” signs at airports to passing affirmative consent laws, is geared around encouraging men to assault them.

This isn’t a conscious urge. No feminist wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself, “I’m gonna try and get raped today!” …

But deep in the recesses of her lizard hindbrain, the average feminist wants nothing more than for a man to shove her into a wall and force himself deep inside her.

Forney tries his best to give this appalling nonsense a “scientific” sheen, asserting that “Feminism is an r-selected ideology, and rape is an r-selected sexual strategy.” K-selected conservatives see the world as a big competition in which resources are limited, Forney asserts, while r-selected lefties “want a world of free resources: free food, free money, free shelter and free sex.”

Life is to short for me to waste any more of my time or yours in trying to explicate Forney’s pseudoscientific “logic” here, so instead I’m going to simply quote seven of Forney’s most odious pronouncements from his post.

Rape “is an inherently leftist form of sex” because lefties are all about entitlement

Much in the same way leftists feel entitled to take other peoples’ money away through taxation and welfare, rapists feel entitled to stick their penises in girls’ vaginas. In fact, you could say that rape is an inherently leftist form of sex, which would explain why so many male feminists, such as Jian Ghomeshi and Hugo Schwyzer, enjoy assaulting and abusing girls.

Sexual assault is sexual socialism: redistributing nookie to the least privileged in society.

Feminists like rape because they want babies but are too lazy to have sex

From an r-strategist’s perspective, rape is a good thing, because it allows a female to have children without having to do anything, aside from breathe. …

Every feminist, deep down, wants nothing more than a rapist’s baby in her belly.

Feminists won’t condemn Muslim refugees as rapey monsters because they want Muslim refugees to rape them

In the darkest recesses of their minds, feminists want swarthy refugees to punch them in the face, tear their clothes off, and spit roast them like plump, juicy swine.

When feminists say we shouldn’t blame the victims of rape, it’s because they want more girls to go out and get raped

The oft-repeated feminist chant, “Don’t teach women not to get raped, teach men to not rape,” is an explicit call for girls to place themselves into situations where they’re likely to get sexually assaulted, then dodge all blame.

Feminists want women to get fat and cover themselves in tattoos so men will think they’re ugly

[P]ushing “fat acceptance,” tattoos and piercings, and encouraging girls to be “bossy” and sarcastic is about crippling females’ ability to compete for men.

Feminists are training men to be rapists

[F]eminists have been trying to train men to rape girls for years. …

Affirmative consent laws and “rape culture” claims are a two-pronged attack on masculinity, designed to advantage sneaky males and hurt masculine men, and there’s no sneakier male than a rapist. 

Feminists love Muslim rapists so much they’ve become traitors to Western Civilization. Also, Muslims have small penises.

Because feminists couldn’t create a rape culture, they imported one from the Middle East. …

The only thing that will stop the rape-lust of feminists and their poorly-endowed Muslim abusers is Western men having the courage to call it out. There can be no compromise, no peace with these traitors inside the walls.

I have nothing clever to say here. Forney is a stain on humanity.

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6 years ago

@Jarnsaxa – I agree 100% with you. We hope that he’s some mostly isolated case, but the reality is a disturbingly large amount of men and women think like him.

Just to add to many of the good examples you gave, I’m fat, and when I went to my female doctor to get an IUD installed 10 years ago, she looked me dead in the eye and told me I didn’t need it because “fat girls don’t get pregnant, you need to have sex to get pregnant”.

Completely horrifying. And this wasn’t in some country backwater either, I was in London, UK at the time.

6 years ago

Holy crap. I feel like I would have a really hard time keeping my emotions in check if a doctor told me that.

6 years ago

I love the “science” of the manosphere! Long live the binary! Left vs right, man vs woman, square pegs jammed into round holes, and squishy ideas smushed into place.

6 years ago

K-selected conservatives see the world as a big competition in which resources are limited, Forney asserts, while r-selected lefties “want a world of free resources: free food, free money, free shelter and free sex.”

Objectification means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity.

“Unlike access to clean water or healthcare, which should be considered human rights that all people deserve simply for being human, access to a woman’s affections, her body, or her sexuality is not a right owed to anyone except herself,”
-Anita Sarkeesian

Judas Peckerwood
Judas Peckerwood
6 years ago


A sentient ham calls other people meat. That’s rich.

I dispute your interpretation of “sentient”.

6 years ago

Wouldn’t the conservatives be r-selective and the liberals be K-selective because conservatives have more kids? Oh, who am I kidding, I just now put more time into thinking about the logic of this system than he did.

Victorious Parasol
Victorious Parasol
6 years ago

greyskye, I hope you found a better doctor.

6 years ago

I got my tattoos because I like them. That they repel assholes like Forney is a bonus.

6 years ago

This makes me wanna scream and punch rapists in the nuts and teeth. incoherent rage & cussing.

6 years ago

*reads title*

comment image

6 years ago

That’s a horrible story.

But I’m wondering if by least privileged he doesn’t mean that rapists are poor. He means they’re all not conventionally attractive and/or socially awkward. Evil women aren’t touching their boners, so they have to rape! It’s only fair and just!

A lot of the manosphere thinks that way.

6 years ago


“Evil women aren’t touching their boners”

Because of this, feminists have tried to legislate masculinity away through “affirmative consent” and “yes means yes” laws, which force men to explicitly beg for permission at every step of a sexual encounter

Affirmative consent laws and “rape culture” claims are a two-pronged attack on masculinity

The only message I can read from Matt Forney is an implicit assertion that Masculinity=Sexual activity, men have to “beg” women to become, in effect men.

Take sex away (you can’t take away something unless someone already had ownership of it) and you take masculinity away.

6 years ago

Matt Forney and his buddy serial rapist Roosh Valizadeh are both made from the same material.

Also it is important to note that there are several Police reports against Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh.

Roosh silenced through intimidation, rape threats, death threats and harassment multiple women to talk against him:

Roosh V found some of her nude photos, and went after her online.

“He posted it and incited people to wonder if they would sexually assault me, saying that he would.” she says. “I received a lot of death and rape threats on Facebook, online, on his forum, my nude pictures have been posted everywhere.”

Nix has pressed charges against him with the Montreal police.

More disturbing advices directly from Roosh’s mouth or from his rape manuals “Bang”:

“When No Means Yes” Roosh V blog and his rape guides

“Here’s a guide:

“No!” when you try to take off her jeans or shirt means… “Yes! You need to turn me on a lot more.”
“No” when you try to take off her bra means… “Yes! Try again in five minutes.”
“No” when you try to take off her panties means… “Yes! Don’t give up now!” ”

[Roosh has apparently never had consensual sex. He says he’s always told No! by women, usually many times. He brags about raping a woman who said no 50 times]

“How Many No’s Does It Take To Enter A Vagina?” Roosh V blog and “Best of Roosh volume 1” rape guide

“It will be rare that you have sex with a girl who gives you no resistance before sex. You will
always receive some No’s

Receiving a “No!” simply begins the seduction process.

Therefore when you first try to take off her clothes, she will resist even though she may
absolutely want to have sex with you. Simply pause your escalation and try again a few minutes
later. If you really believe the first “No!” that she gives you in the bedroom, she will think
of you either as a fool or a homosexual.

I haven’t measured how many average “No!”’s I received before banging, but sometimes it surpasses

I also get three or four “No!”’s when it comes time to sex. If you
aren’t getting no’s at these stages, that means you are taking way too long to escalate (God
knows how many bangs you’ve lost out on because of it).

With one of my more recent seductions
in Poland on a girl of accomplished beauty, I received over fifty No’s from start to end.
Thankfully, I did not give up before receiving my wonderful prize.

American Girls Don´t Use Condoms Anymore by Rooshv

“Middle class white girls are, hands down, the dirtiest, filthiest type of girl I’ve been with. Most of them only care about using condoms for the first instance of sex, and a sizable percentage don’t even care if you use one at all for that first time, whether or not it’s a one-night stand where she has only known you for a couple hours.

Raise your hand if you’re scared of AIDS.

I don’t see many hands out there. The only people scared these days are OCD freaks who can’t get laid, because it’s just not on the radar anymore. It’s a way they can rationalize their miserable, sexless existence. I even sense that a lot of people have accepted they’ll contract HIV at some point in their lives. Girls have told me in sweet embrace that I probably have it, but are willing to bang without a condom anyway.

If I was as dirty as them, I could probably have raw dog sex with 95% of all white girls, regardless of socioeconomic background. I only have met one girl that was super serious about using condoms, but I eventually fucked her without a condom too, so actually I change that to 100%. I could bang every white girl who lives in the United States without a condom if I desired, within three dates. I’m not kidding. I could do most of them raw dog on the same night. Here’s how to do it…

1. For the first time appear really studious about using condoms.Tell her “I like to be safe” and “I’m very careful.””

Now, Roosh explains that he lies about his STDs, and that all the men should lie about their STDs or if they were ever tested, this way assuring that raw unprotected sex will happen.

” 2. Ask her if she’s been tested a few minutes after the first bang. Say, “I’m not trying to get anything.” This makes her think you’re extra cautious. She’ll ask if you’ve been tested. Say “Yes.” Don’t worry, she won’t ask when you were tested, how many girls you fucked raw since you were tested, and what you were actually tested for. Even if you’ve never been tested, you can say “Not recently, but I’m 99% sure I don’t have anything,” and that’ll be just fine for her.”

At the next step, Rooshv simply instructs men to straight out rape:

“3. When gearing up for the second act of sex, just diddle her vagina with your dick and stuff it in. If she objects, try again next time. By the fourth of fifth time, you’ll be banging raw guaranteed.

I’ve had several girls insert my beautiful naked cock inside them while chanting “Get a condom !” ”

Then Roosh rationalizes his rapes, by saying it was the girls´ fault, because they are all “sluts”:

“At first I thought I was just sleeping with the sluttiest of sluts, but I looked at their middle class background (sometimes upper class), and their circle of seemingly normal friends, and realized that it wasn’t the type of girl but the culture that she was raised in.

I’ll tell you when I should’ve been scared straight. Years ago I was dating this girl for a while (“a while”—hah) and did it raw dog one time. She wasn’t on the pill so it was the exception, but in that moment of weakness I ravaged her with my snake.

Girls who love sex can’t go long without it, so some prying on my part revealed that she fucks quite a bit. In order words, I was on the tail end of a cock bender so legendary that it’s a miracle her vagina offered any resistance at all upon penetration.

A couple weeks afterwards I asked her why she let me have sex with her without using a condom.

“I trust my instincts,” she said.

“What exactly does that mean?” I asked.

“Well, do you have anything?”

“No. Well, I’m 99% sure I don’t.”

“Okay then. So then my instinct was right.”

There are women whose “instinct” told them that having raw dog sex with me was safe! Me! A guy who basically fucks women for a living! I continued to have the “occasional” slip

Girls are supposedly the more intuitive of our species, but if so many feel right about fucking me without a condom, then I must conclude that they don’t know shit. They’re all dirty little whores who truly disgust me with their sex habits. I don’t care if she’s a lawyer, government worker, or environmentalist—if she lives in a metropolitan city and fucked you by the third date, she’s a bucket of disease”

A larger list of the many documented actual rapes that Daryush Valizadeh admits to himself:

The first of the very many girls that Roosh V describes raping:

“While walking to my place, I realized how drunk she was.

In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she legally couldn’t give her consent.
I was sober, but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated.

I won’t rationalize my actions, but having sex is what I do.”

The second:

“I got down her bra and panties, but she kept saying, “No ! No !”
I was so turned on by her beauty and petite figure that I told myself she’s not walking out my door without getting fucked.

At that moment I accepted the idea of getting locked up in a Polish prison to make it happen.

I put her on her stomach and went deep, pounding her pussy like a pedophyle.”

3rd girl that Roosh V describes raping:

“It took four hours and at least thirty repetitions of “No, Roosh, No !”
until my penis entered her vagina.

The sex was painful for her”

“The True Nature of Women” – by RooshV

“Within every woman on this planet, regardless of her education or background, is a bitch, a cunt, a slut, a golddigger, a flake, a cheater, a backstabber, a narcissist and an attention whore”

“6 Qualities Of A Good Rape” – by RooshV

“I just saw the movie 300, which had an awful rape scene — it didn’t arouse me at all.

Here is what makes a good rape:

The key to a good rape scene is seeing the girl change from hating it to loving it.

She has to want to be raped again.”

“I did not get aroused during that scene,
like I normally do when watching rape.”

6 years ago

“fat girls don’t get pregnant, you need to have sex to get pregnant”.

That’s so clueless it’s actually hilarious. Looks like someone doesn’t actually know any real fat women! Good grief.

Fortunately, there are plenty of men (and women, and whatever gender you like) who aren’t this stupid. 🙂

6 years ago

I’m really confused about all the people coming into the comments to ‘splain Roosh to us. Are they bots?

6 years ago


Can i add some baby platypuses? Or is it platypi?


6 years ago

The only thing that will stop the rape-lust of feminists and their poorly-endowed Muslim abusers is Western men having the courage to call it out.

The reason why there’s always been an overlap between the seemingly hedonistic manosphere and the more traditionalist alternative right

Presumably, they were not the traditional alt-righters Matt was referring to.

6 years ago

no kupo, this blog’s setting does not allow such bots.

although it is possible that most people see your account as being a bot account, because almost all your comments are completely off-topic sadly, and contain unecessary vulgar words

“Holy crap. I feel like I would have a really hard time keeping my emotions in check if a doctor told me that.”

Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
6 years ago


Fuck off with that shit.

6 years ago

If the word “crap” offends your delicate sensibilities, this is not the right fucking blog for you.

6 years ago

Yes, I did find a better doctor, but first I had to teach the one who made that clueless and potentially dangerous comment to me a lesson. I responded with humor (because how else can you respond to something so ridiculous) – I told her that she’d need to tell my boyfriend that he’s not supposed to be having sex with me at all considering that right now it was several times a day, and that my only concern with the IUD was that his dick was so big he might feel it, as he already had to hold back a little so as not to ram my cervix.

She went several great colours at that. Then I insisted on booking an installation of the IUD I wanted, she couldn’t refuse so she booked me in for a week later.

I got some body glitter soap and on the day gave my cooch a good scrub with it. The nurse nearly peed herself laughing when I spread my legs and the good doctor again went several more amusing colours as she inserted the hardware while I cheerfully regaled the nurse with outrageous sex stories like the time we banged in a limo going down the highway in the middle of the day.

From the way the nurse was engaged, I got the feeling this doctor wasn’t very well liked. I hope she was less of a tool after that.

Doctors often dislike me because I do tend to prove the “fat people are unhealthy” myth a lie with my low cholesterol, average blood pressure and otherwise good health. But the one I have now is great, so they are out there.

@Zer what the very fuck are you on about?

6 years ago

I’ve read this blog a long time, and usually after reading a post I think, “Sheesh, these GUYS!”. But this one got to me more than usual, some of the things this fella wrote are physically nauseating.

BTW I am also a fattie, and when I was pregnant the first obstetrician I saw did not bother to hide his disgust – that not only was I fat, but I was also BREEDING. He made sure to tell me it was a really bad idea for me to go through pregnancy at that weight and at my age (I was 5’7″ and 170 lbs, 36 years old at the time), and I believe he was trying to get me to terminate. Yeah, I dumped him immediately and got a wonderful OB/GYN right away.

Fat hatred: the last truly permissible hatred. You don’t even have to hide it!

Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
6 years ago

Fatties unite!!

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