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“The goal of feminism is to turn women into rape-meat,” Roosh V pal Matt Forney claims

Matt Forney: Has opinions about rape
Matt Forney: Has opinions about rape

The bald blob of human garbage known as Matt Forney seems to be hungering for attention again.

The schlumpy ubermensch, a budding white supremacist and regular contributor to Return of Kings, has made a (terrible) reputation for himself with a series of clickhate posts sporting titles like “How to Crush a Girl’s Self-Esteem” and “Why Fat Girls Don’t Deserve to Be Loved,” the latter posted without shame despite the fact that Forney is himself something of a fatty. (Full disclosure: I am also a fatty.)

Apparently inspired by his buddy and mentor Roosh Valizadeh, Forney also posted (then later deleted) what was in essence a date-rape how-to called “Why Girls Rarely Mean No When They Say No.”

Forney has now composed another masterpiece in this genre, a post in which he sets out to explain “Why Feminists Want Men to Rape Them.” Forney, himself recently accused of raping an unconscious woman, argues — and I use the term loosely — that

[e]verything feminists do, from holding up “Refugees Welcome” signs at airports to passing affirmative consent laws, is geared around encouraging men to assault them.

This isn’t a conscious urge. No feminist wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself, “I’m gonna try and get raped today!” …

But deep in the recesses of her lizard hindbrain, the average feminist wants nothing more than for a man to shove her into a wall and force himself deep inside her.

Forney tries his best to give this appalling nonsense a “scientific” sheen, asserting that “Feminism is an r-selected ideology, and rape is an r-selected sexual strategy.” K-selected conservatives see the world as a big competition in which resources are limited, Forney asserts, while r-selected lefties “want a world of free resources: free food, free money, free shelter and free sex.”

Life is to short for me to waste any more of my time or yours in trying to explicate Forney’s pseudoscientific “logic” here, so instead I’m going to simply quote seven of Forney’s most odious pronouncements from his post.

Rape “is an inherently leftist form of sex” because lefties are all about entitlement

Much in the same way leftists feel entitled to take other peoples’ money away through taxation and welfare, rapists feel entitled to stick their penises in girls’ vaginas. In fact, you could say that rape is an inherently leftist form of sex, which would explain why so many male feminists, such as Jian Ghomeshi and Hugo Schwyzer, enjoy assaulting and abusing girls.

Sexual assault is sexual socialism: redistributing nookie to the least privileged in society.

Feminists like rape because they want babies but are too lazy to have sex

From an r-strategist’s perspective, rape is a good thing, because it allows a female to have children without having to do anything, aside from breathe. …

Every feminist, deep down, wants nothing more than a rapist’s baby in her belly.

Feminists won’t condemn Muslim refugees as rapey monsters because they want Muslim refugees to rape them

In the darkest recesses of their minds, feminists want swarthy refugees to punch them in the face, tear their clothes off, and spit roast them like plump, juicy swine.

When feminists say we shouldn’t blame the victims of rape, it’s because they want more girls to go out and get raped

The oft-repeated feminist chant, “Don’t teach women not to get raped, teach men to not rape,” is an explicit call for girls to place themselves into situations where they’re likely to get sexually assaulted, then dodge all blame.

Feminists want women to get fat and cover themselves in tattoos so men will think they’re ugly

[P]ushing “fat acceptance,” tattoos and piercings, and encouraging girls to be “bossy” and sarcastic is about crippling females’ ability to compete for men.

Feminists are training men to be rapists

[F]eminists have been trying to train men to rape girls for years. …

Affirmative consent laws and “rape culture” claims are a two-pronged attack on masculinity, designed to advantage sneaky males and hurt masculine men, and there’s no sneakier male than a rapist. 

Feminists love Muslim rapists so much they’ve become traitors to Western Civilization. Also, Muslims have small penises.

Because feminists couldn’t create a rape culture, they imported one from the Middle East. …

The only thing that will stop the rape-lust of feminists and their poorly-endowed Muslim abusers is Western men having the courage to call it out. There can be no compromise, no peace with these traitors inside the walls.

I have nothing clever to say here. Forney is a stain on humanity.

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Imaginary Petal
Imaginary Petal
6 years ago


Don’t worry. The Otter is not a complete idiot. 🙂

6 years ago

So, in the past, I’ve thought, for slightly misogynistic men, it’d be great if they ended up fathering daughters. My thought was, of course, that it’s difficult to maintain one’s dislike for a particular group when one has a deep and abiding love for a member of said group. But, after reading through some MGTOW forums and seeing this guy’s comments, I recant that perspective. Now, I really hope these dick-bags can get exactly what they want: a place to live where there are only men, no women. Also, preferably, this magical vagina-free island should have no options for internet connection. Huzzah! Teh menz!

5 years ago

Funny how you can’t debunk any of it, but that’s none of my business.

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