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Vox Day: Move to the suburbs to keep your daughter from dating a “rapper with a sub-80 IQ”

Vox Day and his readers: these dudes, except on the internet
Vox Day and his readers: these dudes, except on the internet

Fantasy author and sentient colostomy bag Vox Day has taken a few moments from his previously scheduled Muslim bashing to remind us all that he hates black people, too.

In a recent post on his Alpha Game blog, Vox posted a plaintive query from one of his racist-as-hell readers concerned that his daughter might be, as Vox puts it. a “mudshark in the making.”

In case you’re not up to speed on all the latest white supremacist slang, a “mudshark” is a white woman who dates black men.

My daughter is a junior high cheerleader and has the hots for a mixed boy on the basketball team. I have a problem with this. My main issue is that she will become a target, a mark so to speak for other black males. They will then think they can press up on this white girl. The Caucasian males will depart from her quickly as she has become a girl who is on the other side.

Vox advises racist dad to be blunt:

There is no reason a white father should hesitate to tell his daughters what sort of young men are approved and what sort are not, regardless of what his criteria might be. … If you’re not okay with it, then it is your duty as her father to tell her that you’re not okay with it, even if her reaction is to denounce you as a racist, sexist, transphobic bigot while filming herself being urinated on by an African rapper with a sub-80 IQ.

Apparently after writing this, Vox realized that he hadn’t said anything terrible about trans folks in hs post yet, and quickly rectified it with this, er, observation about the person he insists on calling Bruce Jenner.

If you don’t think fathers influence their daughter’s decisions, take one look at Bruce Jenner. Think that just MIGHT have a little something to do with the spectacularly bad decision-making of the girls he helped raise?

Then Vox returns to the issue at hand, advising racist dad to spare no expense to keep his daughter out of the clutches of black athletes:

[I]f you are seriously concerned about the situation, take drastic measures. Put her in private school. Move, if necessary. The historic white flight to the suburbs wasn’t all about crime.

Or at the very least, Vox suggests, don’t let her be a cheerleader for any team that has black guys on it.

It’s not surprising that she is drawn to the basketball players because she is a basketball cheerleader. As The Book of Basketball informs us, it is a black sport and therefore the alphas in that world are predominantly black. Girls always go for the alphas of their acquaintance …

If you don’t want your daughter to mudshark, then don’t encourage her to get involved in activities and sports that are dominated by black culture, particularly in her sexually formative years. Get her involved in gymnastics or tennis or skiing or swimming.

Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Naturally, Vox’s readers were totally on board with that whole racism thing.

One reader, perhaps drawing inspiration from Émile Coué, the French psychologist who urged his followers to improve their life by endlessly repeating the phrase “every day in every way I am getting better and better,” suggested that white parents inculcate “white pride” in their children with a slightly different mantra:

Ideally the parents should have begun inculcating pride into her ancestry at an early age. It can be as simple as “I am a White, Christian, American girl and I’m proud of my family and people.” Repeat often, and have them repeat the phrase as well so that it locks in.

Others thought the best bet would be to convince the cheerleader daughter that black people are ugly, and mixed-race children even uglier. To Michael, the best way to do this would be to take her to a soup kitchen:

If she thinks they are ugly( besides stupid), she won’t be dropping her drawers. You might think about volunteering at a soup kitchen with lots of them present. You can show her her future. In my mind, cheerleading would for basketball and other black sports would be a thing of the past a distant memory.

Bob Wallace had a simpler solution:

Show her a people [picture?] of the late mixed-breed Redd Fox and ask her if she wants her kids to look like that.

Cecil Henry managed to work Tiger Woods into the mix:

The first thing any human being thinks of when someone brags about having mulatto kids is how UGLY they are. When Tiger married that Swedish model he was destroying what he appreciated. Her kids will look like any other mulattoes. …

The product of miscegenation is generally ugly children and a dead society.

In addition to being racist as hell, Mr. Henry is apparently unaware that Tiger Woods is himself mixed-race, and that there aren’t a lot of people out there who think he’s especially ugly.

What a lovely bunch Vox Day’s readers are.


134 replies on “Vox Day: Move to the suburbs to keep your daughter from dating a “rapper with a sub-80 IQ””

I really have a thing against people that see other people and their relationships in terms something akin to breeding cattle and dogs.

I must be prejudiced.

@ EJ

Beaver bollock oil was believed to be a cure for epilepsy and a few other ailments; and was also used as a perfume base.

ETA: I still want to know who (and how!) discovered that expensive perfume works better if you add whale barf.

Whale barf still makes more sense than civet arse.

Man, this conversation got weird fast.

Beaver bollock oil was believed to be a cure for epilepsy and a few other ailments; and was also used as a perfume base.

Now that I did not know.

ETA: I still want to know who (and how!) discovered that expensive perfume works better if you add whale barf.

Whale vomit washes up on beaches sometimes; I’m guessing that someone’s dog rolled in it.

@ EJ

Snakeskin and earrings shaped like scythes also apparently. It was quite fashionable to fake epilepsy in Roman society as it was considered to be a sign of great leadership skills. Politics eh?

Applying your dog rolling theory I’m going to write to Chanel and suggest a perfume based on fox poo.

Civet is a weird one. Wonder what the slogan is: “For those times when tomcat piss just isn’t enough”?

I always wonder about their obsession with both whiteness and Christianity. How is whiteness related to an obviously non-white religion? Especially a religion that came from Judaism!

<I need to go to bed> Beaver Bollocks, Whale Barf and Civet Arse would be the weirdest superhero team ever. </I need to go to bed>


I think they’re the names you get if you’re adopted into a Native American tribe but they’re not very impressed with you.

I have read that beaver bollocks are internal, so it wouldn’t be so easy to castrate them (then again, people used to “castrate” sows).

Anal glands of deer, whale puke, and there’s that very expensive coffee which is made from beans which have previously passed through the digestive system of a civet cat. Which apparently doesn’t much like eating coffee beans.

Mario Augusto Puga Valera:

Not to mention that the Ethiopians were Christian long before THESE guys’ ancestors stopped worshiping Odin.


…for example his description of how volcanic eruptions occur is absolutely dead-on, to the point where there’s a type of eruption which is today called Plinian.

*Almost* correct. Plinian eruptions are those which resemble the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE. It was actually described by Pliny the Younger. Pliny the Elder, his uncle, died in the eruption because he took a boat closer either to rescue a friend, or to get a closer look for scientific observation – depending on your source. The eruption of Vesuvius took many, many hours. It wasn’t something really quick from which there a was no warning. Plinian eruptions are spectacular!


Whale barf still makes more sense than civet arse

From a straight dope column on this topic:
Olfactory protoscientist #1: Man, this civet smell is rank.

Olfactory protoscientist #2: Yes, but it lasts a really long time!

Olfactory protoscientist #1: [Pause.] I’m not seeing how this helps us.

Applying your dog rolling theory I’m going to write to Chanel and suggest a perfume based on fox poo.

New from Chanel, Partially Decomposed Squirrel Carcass That Was On The Sidewalk.

Thanks. I’m learning a lot from people correcting me. And yes, Plinian eruptions are awesome.


Oh my! Did not realise until just now I used exactly the same opening sentence as Skiriki. Sorry!

Originality -1000

I only picked up about the Pliny thing because I studied geoscience. Volcanology was always my favourite subject and that was one of my favourite stories about obsessive volcanologists. They have something of a habit of dying in and around volcanoes. It’s a dangerous job, especially when you’re usually the one running into an area while everyone else is running away.

PROTIP – if even the volcanologists are running away, you should be too. If possible, try to overtake them.

@ scaly llama

Have you seen the t-shirt that’s popular with a lot of EOD personnel? “I am a bomb technician. If you see me running try to keep up”

(I met a Mossad chap once who had a shirt saying “My job is so secret even I don’t know what I do”)


Hah! Brilliant!

I’m sure the volcanologists, mega nerds as they usually , would love a similar volcanology themed t-shirt.

@ scaly llama

My favourite vulcanology quote was by some guy talking about Yellowstone. “We were looking for a volcano in the park; then we realised the park was in a volcano”.


Bahahaha! I think I saw that doco.

If Yellowstone caldera ever blows, we are all kinda screwed. But you can come to Australia – I think we escap the worst of it for a while!

@ scaly llama

That’s very kind of you, but as everything in Oz is lethal I think I’ll take my chances with the supervolcano. Also isn’t there some theory that if one goes they all go? So Yellowstone, Deccan Traps, the works.

(I think it was the ‘Horizon’ documentary)

I’m just out of range of the immediate Yellowstone supervolcano kill zone. It’ll be a slow death from breathing in ash for us in the Twin Cities. But at least I’ll get to mock all those MGTOW /Randroids who think they’ll be an alpha male survivor with a harem of women who are freshly HB8 + due to the post-apocalyptic diet before I go.

That sounds like an awesome film plot!

Not EVERYTHING in Australia is trying to kill you 😉

I’m sceptical of the claim all the big ones will go at once. There’s no good evidence in the geological record of such a thing happening in the past. And the Deccan Traps are a different style of volcano from super calderas like Yellowstone. There’s several of those, btw.

@ scaly llama

Yes they are. Even the seemingly cute things are just lulling you into a false sense of security. Unsolved murder? Koala assassins (they’ll do a hit on anyone for a few kilos of eucalyptus)

There’s an interesting theory about the KT2 extinction. Asteroid strike triggers Deccan Traps and messes up ocean chemistry. A sort of cascade effect. (I wrote a story once about dinosaurs trying to shield the earth from a lethal gamma ray burst by manoeuvring an asteroid to eclipse the source, and fucking it up)

Page three comments are a riot! I’m LOLing all over my office!!

I’m currently fascinated with and appalled by a show (What on Earth on the Science channel) about stuff scientists discover looking at satellite data. Some of it involves volcanoes. The most recent one I saw was about big holes in the Russian tundra from exploding methane. O.o


Giant exploding methane holes would be a great name for a band (and a not inaccurate description of much of the scum this blog is about).

@ scaly llama

Giant exploding methane holes

That would be a great swearword for a clean cut 1950s sci if adventure character. I might start using it.

My immediate reaction to the colostomy bag reference was to think that it was a bit unfair on colostomy bags. They’re only full of shit sometimes. Unfortunately it’s sometimes hard to make a joke without someone being offended and it’s not always obvious where to draw the line.
For instance this joke is a rape joke and should come with a trigger warning:

I’ve been raped myself and still think it’s funny. Others may disagree. So, maybe with disabilities there should be a consensus. I can see the need to be careful.

And I totally agree about the lack of mothers in fiction. It’s annoying. There is a meme about how Disney princesses would be so different if they’d had mothers. But they’re based on fairy tales.

David Futrelle,

One of the things I really love about integration is the fact that it practically makes it impossible for racist morons like this to stay away from black people. The fact is no matter where Vox Day or any of his pathetic supporters live, there’s always the possibility that someone who isn’t white will move into the neighborhood tomorrow.

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