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Hey black ladies! Catapult yourselves out of poverty by snagging a white nerdboy

Interests include: Star Trek
Interests include: Star Trek

Are you saddened by the racial divisions in the United States?

One Red Pill Redditor who calls himself Cosmicicarus has come up with a bold new plan that he claims could put a dent in urban poverty — and also help nerdy white dudes get some attention paid to their long-suffering you-know-whats.

His proposal: Low-income black women should eschew ebonics, cultivate a demure femininity, and start hanging out in comic book stores in order to catch the eye of lonely white nerdboys who are sick and tired of stuck-up white gals and their icky feminism.

Cosmicicarus — who describes himself as a “black guy” who got to know a lot of white dudes in college — sees his plan as so logical and sensible he’s kind of amazed that black women haven’t already figured it out on their own.

On one side of the racial divide, he writes,

there seems to be a growing minority of [white] guys who are either lonely or are fed up with what they see as a growing anti-male feminist culture hostile to them.

And on the other side, there are black women stuck working at dead-end jobs in the ghetto, seemingly destined to live out the rest of their lives in poverty.

“[I]t seems to me,”  Cosmicicarus notes,

that from a low income/poor young black girls perspective the best choice she could possibly make to move up to middle class status is to make herself desirable to and to actively pursue young white men straight out of college as they are preparing their careers and older divorced white men fed up with feminism.

And what an opportunity these gals have in front of them! All they have to do to take advantage of it is to completely make themselves over into every white nerdboy’s fantasy.

[W]hite guys that go on to be successful can be pretty nerdy (star trek, star wars, xbox fanboys, comic books, dungeons and dragons, cosplay, card games etc) A lot of women can see some of those things as loserish so many of these guys end up complaining that white women don’t show them any love. Seems like this is a great opportunity for black women to do for those guys what the white women won’t. 

That’s right, ladies: you’re going to need to develop an interest in Star Wars and World of Warcraft. Or at least learn how to pretend that you’re interested.

Rather than wait for men to make the move as has been the historical norm low-income black women should actively hit on and ask out these sorts of guys out on dates. Go to where they hang out in college or go to comic book stores, gamestop etc… Those places can be like a buffet of single white guys.

But don’t be too forward, black ladies! Remember that these fellas want feminine women, not feminists!

BW should work on … developing the type of feminine qualities that these guys are looking for. The cute soft voiced girl who plays World of Warcraft type of thing.

And don’t scare off these sensitive young men by dressing like sluts! Think “sexy (but not too sexy) librarian.”

I think those girls should also dress in ways that hide their assets to encourage those mens imaginations. Instead of tight jeans I would think a librarian look might be more effective. 

And for goodness sake, gals, try not to come across as irretrievably ghetto.

Issues that could make this unworkable would be if they spoke ebonics/ghetto as many people look down on this. Doing drugs and other illegal activities would be a big no-no. Having children already would also put a lot of guys off and finally being slutty or being with a lot of guys would probably scare off these types of guys.Thinking they might have to fight off angry black guys might also be an issue.

So it seems like black women have some work to do if they want to catch the nerdy white dudes of their dreams (or at least of Cosmicicarus’ dreams). What do the nerdy white dudes have to do to make themselves similarly attractive to black women?

Apparently nothing. They just have to remain white and nerdy with decent career prospects.

Cosmicicarus admits there may be some issues that could render his plan “unworkable.” For example, some black women might not want to completely change their identities in order to appeal to WoW-playing nerds. And some white dudes might be too darn racist to want to have anything to do with black women, even the WoW-playing sexy librarian types.

If the reaction of other Red Pill Redditors is any indication, this last issue may well prove insurmountable. Red Pill types love talking shit about white women and their allegedly snooty ways, but they hate black women even more.

“Have you actually met a low income black woman?” one Red Pill Redditor wrote.

The majority are rowdy, obnoxious and classless. So bad that the majority of middle class black men won’t even date them, let alone a man of a different race.

“Black women need to work on themselves before attempting to seduce anyone,” wrote another Red Piller.

Unfortunately the strong independent women who don’t need no man rhetoric has been internalized by many females in the black community. Especially due to the large obnoxious black woman trope that Hollywood and the media force feed everyone.

Yet another Red Piller was even more blunt, declaring simply that “we don’t want em.”

Any hopes that Cosmicicarus had of becoming a sort of Martin Luther King of opportunistic interracial dating seem to have been dashed.


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Hambeast, Social Justice Beastie
Hambeast, Social Justice Beastie
6 years ago


Is there a librarian look style guide available? Are glasses mandatory?

For these guys? Of course! And don’t forget the mandatory bun that unfastens with one pin* to allow the cascades of perfect, wavy, shiny locks to tumble down once it’s time for the prim facade to be whisked away along with those mandatory glasses!

*how does that even work?? The only way I can make it work with my waist-length, super thick hair** is to use a huge and very not-invisible clip or roughly 1,000 hair pins. :/

**also, gray and often frizzy

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago

@ rhuu

Ha, yeah “politically autocorrect” strikes again (I daren’t look up that other word!)

Oh and seeing as it’s Pancake Day (more or less)

6 years ago

@ Alan Robertshaw

I daren’t look up that other word!

It’s an onomatopoeic parallel to ‘fap’, and refers to masturbation; which is used depends on the genital configuration involved.

6 years ago

What’s wrong with the phrase “librarian chic?” Actual librarians don’t have to wear it, but I can say it faster than “flats or wedge heels; dark slacks and/or a pencil skirt; a muted dress shirt, a greyscale turtleneck or a cardigan; wire or horn-rim glasses; and optionally either a pearl necklace or medium-dangly earrings.

Overly Long Name
Overly Long Name
6 years ago

Going to try posting again and hope my post doesn’t get eaten, though this is a modified version of one of the post I wrote that did get eaten, so it might just not get posted because duplicate posting, sorry to all of you guys if I’m being a bother, I honestly just want to post this, and get some discussion on what I was thinking about from people who are better at considering these things then me.
Also sorry if I don’t come of as genuine, if I do some “mansplaining,” use massive amounts of pseudo-science or if I can’t remember half the things I wrote before, know it’s born out of incompetence not malice.
Also Also Teal Dear ahead, so feel free to skip right on over this, especially if I’m necroing this thread.

It’s somewhat remarkable how consistently RP/PUA advice tends to boil down to placing people into broad categorical groups, and then thinking of a simple set of steps for Group A to interact with Group B such that they get Result C.

All you really need to do is introduce the fact that people are in fact individual people and you can’t rely on some weird statistical model to interact with them, and pretty much everything they say falls apart.

sorry if this is off topic, but do you guys notice that these guys (and others) typically invest a lot of their identity in a single aspect of themselves like “nerd” or geek or “intellectual?” I feel like they invest so much of themselves in one part of their identity partial because going about and exploring their whole identity might mean they have to confront the lesser aspects of themselves, the privilege they have from wherever they come from and other things they may rather not acknowledge. So they simple identify as “nerds” or “geeks” or “intellects” to make themselves feel like underdogs fighting against the people who disdain them for daring to be those things. This could also be both a cause and/or an effect for their behavior. A cause because they identify so much with only one aspect of themselves, they project that onto other people and expect them to be only one thing, and refuse to acknowledge that those people may be more complex. An effect because they are unable to form solid identities for themselves they then have to focus on single aspects (which again may lead to the projection).
I think this also sort of plays into the “fake geek girl” thing. In how these people identify so much with being a “nerd,” “intellectual”, and that either because of already pre-built in biases agaisnt women and thus refuse to acknowledge them as sharing their identity out of fear that it will reduce it somehow, biases that develop because they don’t want to acknowledge that people could be better then them, and thus scapegoat women, and they don’t want to feel reduced or lesser then anyone, or biases they develop because they don’t want to admit to being wrong and will only allow people to identify as “geek” or “nerd” if they share their interests or more importantly opinions. It’s also very possible that there is a combination, and that may be why people like this are so against feminism that since they see women holding different opinions then theres and sharing a tittle with them, they try to take that tittle away to devalue the feminists opinion in their eyes.
I mean I deal with a lot of feelings, and I think a lot of this might relate sort of to typical teenage behavior, and how we typically form identities in groups of friends or people we share interest or aspects, before then, but when we reach around that age we typically begin to form our own identities. These people I think may have been scared to divulge from the identities they already had, and then lashed out against others because they wanted them to explore more of their identity.
Also brought to my attention that this sort of strong identity association can happen with any aspect of identity someone may have. I think things like “you don’t act black” or “don’t act white.” It seems like people feel like they can judge what is a “true Scotsman” and judge other people simply according to those aspects.
Now none of this excuse their behavior, the fact they are hurting people because of insecurities or defensiveness or whatever, doesn’t excuse the fact they’re hurting people. And for all I know they do these things for completely different, or mores asshole reasons.
Sorry if this is overly long, repetitive and or nonsensical, I just was sort of free writing, and not super thinking everything through as much as I probably should.

6 years ago


Be fair, now: there are two shrewish prudes.

6 years ago

Kat said:

And I must apologize to actual assholes, who IRL perform a very necessary function, without which all animals would die.

Arthropods technically count as animals, yes?

Behold! The Demodex mite:
‘Tis a tiny little animal with no anus. They live their dastardly little lives out on skin and in eyelash follicles, then when they die, they asplode, and bring misery in the form of blepharitis and (allegedly) rosacea.

And they are still more welcome and wonderful than the aforementioned assholes.

6 years ago

I’m sorry if I’m being a white savior or racist myself but I just want to say that Black women are just as beautiful and amazing as every other race and they can date whoever and like whatever they want and did this a-hole just admit that white men are not exactly oppressed?

If every black woman you meet is obnoxious or whatever maybe you’re the problem? I understand why some black women are angry they have to deal with misogyny and racism.

But hey if they’re so angry then why aren’t they the ones shooting up schools, malls, movie theaters and such?

Gosh these red pr*cks don’t know what they want, they’re impossible to please.

6 years ago

If every black woman you meet is obnoxious or whatever maybe you’re the problem? I understand why some black women are angry they have to deal with misogyny and racism.

It’s not really so much that… it’s more like, entitled white men being loud and angry about things which are often fairly trivial is considered normal behavior. So they don’t stand out that much. But women and certain minorities (black people especially) are supposed to sit down, shut up, and listen to mister white dude, and quite often stay quiet out of fear. So it’s not considered normal. Thus it stands out more when they really have to speak out. And it often appears to be a surprising or extreme reaction in comparison to the reserved way that such people are usually perceived to be, even if they’re objectively not acting all that angry.

Because it’s often easy to dismiss angry entitled white dude’s outrage as being trivial (because sometimes it is), and minorities often face issues which other groups lack the personal experience to evaluate their relevance… it’s too easy to believe that they’re angry about nothing, on top of that.

5 years ago

Hey guys CosmicIcarus here. I found this site by accident while doing some googling. Just wanted to let you know how funny I think it is that some of you took that post so seriously. A big clue that it was a troll post is that it was posted in the Red pill section instead of a section where real black women would actually read it. Can’t believe none of you figured it out this was a joke. lol

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