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Men’s Rights Redditor: “We live in a cuckolding culture more than a rape culture”

Cuckolding in progress!

The “cuckolding” obsession that has engulfed the nazi-lite alt right now seems to be spreading into Men’s Rights territory as well. In a recent post on the Men’s Rights subreddit that won dozens of upvotes, one anonymous cuck theorist explained his theory that “[w]e live in a cuckolding culture much more than a rape culture.”

How so, you ask?

After a rape: Most everyone are up in arms about it. All men are terrible and need to stop doing this heinous act.

After cheating/cuckolding: That was just being mean at best and you need to let it go; no shaming or calling it out, that’s misogyny against women basically just having sex.

I’ll have “Things No One Has Ever Said About Cheating or Cuckolding” for $500, Alex.

And when was the last time you heard anyone talking seriously about cuckolding outside of the manosphere (or perhaps on fetish porn sites, if you’re into that sort of thing)?

Any acknowledgement that it’s bad is sure to be explained with that male culture has set it up so that women are trapped in unnatural situations and forced to live out their natural and healthy desires in this way.

Yeah, this isn’t happening anywhere outside of your own fevered imagination, dude.

Quite often you’ll see cheating/cuckolding being touted as empowerment or liberation by feminists. 

Wait, what? There was that one article in New York magazine in which a man wrote about how being in an open relationship — one that was open for both partners, incidentally — made him a better feminist. Polyamory is not the same as “cheating,” and outside of internet nazi circles no one defines a consensual open relationship as “cuckolding.”

Where is this for rape?

You’re seriously asking why no one is celebrating rape as “as empowerment or liberation?” 

Thankfully it’s still an extreme, but it has often garnered support among feminists: Men who discover they have been successfully conned by a woman into raising a child as their own are castigated for leaving the situation in resentment.

I’m pretty sure most people would understand if the man in question were furious at the woman who deceived him in this way. But deserting a child you’ve raised as your own? That’s hideously cruel to the child, who is not to blame for the mother’s deception..

There’s this underlying understanding among feminists that women should be the sole arbiter of when a man is a father, irrespective of biology.

Wait, are you honestly suggesting that men should control whether or not women get pregnant?

Marital rape used to not be considered rape. Now it’s rape. Yet another rape culture indicator removed.

What a terrible tragedy!

No matter how you look at it all things rape are on the way out, but that can’t be said for cuckolding and cheating culture which, by all accounts, seem to be on the rise.

Only in your own mind, dude.

In the comments, a fellow calling himself thegrimraeper does the OP one better, complaining that

I don’t know what marital rape is and I probably will never know; they keep broadening the definition. as of the latest, it’s when you “beg for sex.” which leads me to believe that probably every couple that’s been together for an extended period of time has at least one party guilty of marital rape, if not both.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure none of that is true.

H/T — r/againstmensrights

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EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
6 years ago

“Cuckquean” is a good word, but be aware that it already has a meaning in kink circles. Specifically, it means this:

I’ve never heard of women fantasizing about their husbands having sex with other women

I have heard of that, and have (possibly TMI) dated women who were into it. As such, I recommend that we don’t try to reclaim it for any other purpose. Do you remember the humiliation that the tea party suffered when they tried to use the phrase “teabagging” without realising that it’s a pornography term?

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
6 years ago

Fuck cancer. Cancer can stop any time it likes.

Ghost Robot
Ghost Robot
6 years ago

Yet again, all the hideous insecurities of the typical MRA are laid bare for all to see. It also says a lot how these guys seem to think being cheated on is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a man. Imagine if they had to deal with the things many women endure from their male partners…

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