no trolls allowed open thread

Open Thread for Personal Stuff: January 2016 Prairie Dog Hug Edition

I love you, dog!
I got you, dawg!

An open thread for personal stuff. As usual, this thread is a NO TROLLS/NO MRAS zone.

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6 years ago

Okay. I’ll throw together a surveymonkey or something, hopefully later tonight, to collect contact info for gaming mammoths.

6 years ago

@Dalillama: Well, there I go, forgetting to account for different play styles. Sorry.

I do sometimes get tired of playing games where we have to rush everywhere. I had to ask the DM in my last game if Beloved and I could swap out our item creation feats because there wasn’t enough time between adventures to use them (and we didn’t have the alternate, instant-creation rules from Unearthed Arcana).

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