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“Without men, our species returns to the muck,” dude sitting on his ass posting to Reddit declares

Man building civilization, in his basement
Man building civilization, in his basement

There’s some classic we-hunted-the-mammoth-ing going on in the Red Pill subreddit today, with some dude calling himself HumanSockPuppet reminding his fellow dudes of all the fine work done by the dudes of the species over the years, with regard to raising civilization from the muck, holding back chaos, that sort of thing.

In a heavily upvoted comment crying out for a dramatic reading, HumanSockPuppet declares that

Men must understand that WE are the valuable half of a relationship.

We are the designers, the workers, the innovators, the protectors. Forty-thousand years of our species’ dominance on the planet is built upon our efforts.

So declares a dude sitting on his ass posting to Reddit, in a message aimed at other dudes sitting on their asses reading Reddit.

Without men, our species returns to the muck, ill-equipped for survival in a harsh and unfettered world. We are the sex that battles against chaos. WE ARE ORDER.

Dude, it’s not just men. Everyone who owns a cat fights the forces of chaos on a daily basis.

Seriously. The story of civilization has basically been a 10,000-year-struggle against cats knocking over our crap.

A bitch’s job is just to make more men.

Huh. And when these, er, bitches eventually die off, how are all those men going to make more men? Seems like that might be a teensy little flaw in the argument there, ORDER MAN.

Women have become accustomed to the ease and fairness of society. They believe ease and fairness are inherent properties of the universe. No. Ease and fairness are extracted forcibly from nature by winning in battle against it with blood, and sweat, and tears, and time.

Blood and sweat, and tears, and time. Well, here’s Blood, Sweat and Tears:

And here’s The Time, with Morris Day:

Not sure what any of this has to do with extracting fairness from nature but, I dunno, the songs are pretty catchy.

So when a bitch starts acting like she’s entitled to the ease and fairness that you fought to win, why are you just handing it away?

Uh, I’m not sure that sitting on your ass posting to Reddit technically counts as fighting nature, red in tooth and claw.

Your time is precious. And anything that you spent your time to earn is also precious. If your life is together, your body is strong, your mind is acute, and your assets secure, then your worth is already proven. If someone wants a piece of what you have, they don’t get it for free. They must earn your love and appreciation by first offering theirs.

Hold up a hoop, set it on fire, and command her to jump.

And if she’s all like, what the hell are you talking about you pompous weirdo, you could try the hoop thing with your cat instead. I mean, your cat owes you some kind of entertainment after knocking over pretty much everything you own on a regular basis.

Just leave out the bit about lighting the hoop on fire. Fur burns.

H/T — r/TheBluePill

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6 years ago


This kind of rant (“Men are valuable; women are not — make her bow down to you!”) is just wank material for these guys. The rant doesn’t have to be consistent at all. Writer and reader might not even believe what’s written. It just gives the woman-hating writer a thrill to write this stuff — and gives the woman-hating reader a thrill to read it.

Kat, my love of you(r analysis of the MRA mindset) grows every day 🙂

Brava yet again 🙂

Aww, thanks! I have to say that We Hunted the Mammoth has made me smarter — and savvier about these MRM types.

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
6 years ago

Someone needs to contact EpicLloyd and NicePeter, stat. This could be huge.

6 years ago

Oh in my break from all this I did miss human sock puppet. He was well, most likely a person and not an angry bot.

But funny angry, like pretending stuff is logical and fool proof when it’s so much angry rambling 🙂

6 years ago

I know that these people are just making shit up to justify their fear of cooties, but they would not be able to post shit on the internet without Ada Lovelace inventing programming, and probably they’re using Hedy Lamarr’s method of encrypting transmissions on public radio bands. These nerdlingers wouldn’t be anywhere without Mary Shelley inventing science fiction, and they probably don’t get out much because Sherna Cornerford ran the very first fandom conference, for Star Trek.

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