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The 12 Most Inadvertently Hilarious Moments in Misogyny, 2015 Edition

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Ah, misogyny! When it’s not horribly depressing, it can be pretty damn funny.

Here are a dozen of the Most Inadvertently Hilarious Moments in Misogyny from the past year, as chronicled here on WHTM.

MGTOWs are planning to take over Puerto Rico and start their own lady-hating country there. No, really.

MGTOW: Women literally hypnotize men with their zombifying vagina goo

Tweets from totally real feminists supporting FEMCON2015, a totally real conference and not a 4chan scam

Men! Fight the "seductive succubi eager to harvest us for our resources" with this tasty chicken recipe

Enjoy These Delicious Patriarchy Sandwiches, With All the Fixins

I thought that I would never see / A PUA write poetry. But then I did and holy crap it's awful.


Lisa is Nothing But a No Good Uppity B*tch: Red Pillers Take on … The Simpsons

The Soft Totalitarian’s Hole of Choice: MGTOW Poetry Korner

Plate Sextonics: Your crockery-related Red Pill questions answered at last!

Attila vs the Lynch Mob Cult Savages: A Case Study in Twitter "Activism"

Any woman in tech could be a false-accusing feminist honey trap, addled open source guru warns

MRA History Korner: Women never worked outside the home because there was no air conditioning

Yep, an actual NWOslave sighting! Ah, memories!

If you’re wondering why this list contains no posts about the often inadvertently hilarious Paul Elam, or Roosh V, or Dean Esmay, or the Sarkeesian Effect, don’t worry! I will get to their inadvertent hilarity in future posts! Stay tuned as well for the most baffling misogynistic memes of 2015, the year in White Genocide, and more!







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I am an evil zombie who walks around trying to detect a target whose resources I will harvest. 🙂
Ok! 🙂
The fear of women they have makes me feel powerful. It is weird.

I have been wanting to ask about that Karen…has anyone noticed she always talks about herself? In podcasts or youtube comments…you can find out everything about her relatives, family, friends, neighbors, pets.
I do not understand that… ?

That controlling vagina goo stuff is gold!

I was at the grocery store with a friend last week when my husband texted me. The text said “OMG LADY BUTTER WEARING OFF SO CONFUSED DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO HELLLLLP”.

I get a text like that at least 2x weekly. But I am easily amused.

And trying to explain to my friend what was so funny was interesting. So. 🙂

Bluecollarnerd, the Sarkeesian Effect is getting its own post!

Sue, the Roosh Bum-wipe complaint is from 2014. But I have plenty of Roosh stuff from 2015 that I will do in a separate post.

The chicken recipe, oh I forgot that one.

Any man going his own way needs to eat an incinerated lump of shit that is raw in the middle to feel all man.

Also David’s pistachio surprise. Serves one.

I’m so glad to see the chicken recipe post again! I just scrolled through the comments, and now that I have my own little cookbook notebook, I wrote down Katz’s recipe for chicken!

Now I can make it later this week! Hooray!

I’ve been working on a plan for next year to put up some stock of my vagina mind control-zombie goo for the winter months when I’m most likely to be wearing pants (I wear other clothing on my lower half when it’s warmer if anyone was suddenly concerned that I was going out in public totally pants-free/nude from the waist down, which would be a crime called indecent exposure, if near a school it would be that plus lewd acts etc etc…I’m not interested in jail so I don’t do either of those…) kind of like canning but for vagina goo. If I find myself a cosmetic chemist I might have them make vagina goo topical spray though I’m not sure what I’d do with it…

Heh….never mind, I know what I’d do with it. 😉

I turn my zombifying vagina goo into deodorant stick usually. Another good option is to make scented candles out of it. Once you lure a man into your house, you can just light one of your vagina goo scented fucking candles and make him your servant boy for life.

My boyfriend has this chicken-related anecdote to share:

It was raining and all the wood was wet, so we couldn’t build a fire. But we were hungry — mighty hungry, Boy Scout hungry. We had 4 matches in a waterproof container. We were able to singe the skin of the chicken. We ate it. That’s what a real (13-year-old) man does. I defy any manospherian to eat raw chicken outside in the cold, the dark, and the rain. We weren’t Marines or anything — but we could’ve been.

I don’t see why Femcon2015 is on that list! I was there and it was totally real and not fake at all.

May we have top ridiculous or horrible memes? I have several in mind, one of them being a AVFM meme reading men who wear feminist shirts is like the taliban forcing women to wear burkas and another women having their own spaces including women only gyms is like the segregation among white and black people. And no I’m not joking these memes exist.

Thank you for this site. I just recently started to post here regularly and I’m glad it’s not full of detractors like in other places who constantly derail shit just to ask whut ab0ut teh menz! God, I hate that!

Keep up the great work at mocking these people into 2016. They deserve all the ridicule they get. It would be nicer if these people would just colonize a lonely little island in the Pacific keeping each other company with their hatred and let humanity push forward already, but mocking is decent substitute.

I’m so glad to see the chicken recipe post again! I just scrolled through the comments, and now that I have my own little cookbook notebook, I wrote down Katz’s recipe for chicken!

Now I can make it later this week! Hooray!

Well, I don’t know if it can compete with chicken thawed in salmonella and burnt to a crisp, but I hope you enjoy it.

That FEMCON2015 story is absolutely hilarious. It’s one of the best examples of how incredibly clueless these guys really are.


I am quite recent here, but the “copuline” post was terrifyingly funny. Imagination knows no limits, but ludicrousness too.
I sometimes wonder if they really believe what they write or if this just a part of some kind of daily humdrum of growling against the same subject.

Have a nice day.

…and another women having their own spaces including women only gyms is like the
segregation among white and black people. And no I’m not joking these memes exist.

That theory has persuaded a disturbingly large number of people. I’ve seen someone (who I know in meatspace, and believe to be arguing in good faith) making that claim recently on a mailing list I moderate.

Another vaginal goo fan here!

Also, one time I got lost on the weird side of youtube and found this obvious MGTOW cooking video:

WWTH-Scented candles sounds like an excellent delivery mechanism for the zombifying goo. Soon you will have an army of servant boys to do your bidding!

The chicken “recipe” (and I use the word in its loosest possible sense) is an all-time classic – a look at how genuinely helpless these revolting people are underneath their Internet-enabled bravado, which he made absolutely sure to remind people of throughout explaining the procedure.

Thanks for keeping us laughing through what was honestly a pretty awful death-y year – and welcome to the new people posting in this thread! This community is wonderful 🙂

Why on earth did the youtube link to a playlist? Let me try that again.

(Gahh please joke, don’t be ruined!)

MGTOW cooking:

Happy new year!

EJmas is on Sunday, so if I don’t see you before then, happy EJmas everyone!

Did Jordan Owen post any videos or pictures of himself without a shirt in 2015?

The first Sarkeesian Effect “backers’ update” of the year was a series of pictures of empty public spaces. As such, it showed no shirts, nor clothing of any description.

Every single Star Wars post should have made it, but ESPECIALLY BB-8 the white cuck ball. That one has injury-causing laughter potential.

Don’t know how I missed the first poetry post! Hilariously bad poetry.

bah. me sick, can’t write.

A wall plug in scent diffuser is the ideal method of ensuring vagina secreted copuline is properly dispersed. I got a couple of Feliway feline pheromone dispersion units for a nervous moggie in their new home and now use them for suppression and behavior modification of another male in the house.

Totally real, all of it, or nearly all. Would you believe I use them for essential plant oils to keep my plants properly behaved?

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