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Attila vs the Lynch Mob Cult Savages: A Case Study in Twitter "Activism"

Attila Vinczer: The Men's Rights Revolution Will Be Well-Hydrated
Attila Vinczer: The Men’s Rights Revolution Will Be Well-Hydrated

Today, the first in what will be an occasional series of posts on the Twitter activity — sorry, “activism” — of Men’s Rights Activists and other misbegotten misogynistic miscreants.

Sorry about the cheap alliteration at the end of the sentence there, but I’ve spent the last few hours reading  Tweets from Attila Vinczer (@Alvhun) and I guess his penchant for tacky rhetorical special effects has rubbed off on me a little.

Attila, the “Activism Director” for Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, is an energetic Twitter “activist.” While not quite as hateful or vicious as his colleagues Dean Esmay or the now-banned Judgy Bitch (aka Janet Bloomfield), Attila has developed a Twitter style all his own, spewing forth minor masterpieces of overwrought incoherence that are the unintentional result of his attempts to pull off complicated literary maneuvers without a mastery of the basics. There is a kind of poetry to them.

I’ve written about Attila before; you may recall his not-altogether-successful attempts to dig up dirt on me. But I felt his Tweets deserved a more thorough examination. Enjoy!

As you read the following Tweets, keep in mind that this is not some anonymous rando spewing invective on the internet; this is the official “Activism Director” of AVFM, the most influential Men’s Rights site on the internet.

Attila is perhaps best known for “zingers” that are more befuddling than zingy:


attoiletAs this last Tweet hints, Attila has a bit of an obsession with the bowels:

atturd atturd2And a kind of horrified fascination with vaginas.

atvulvaIndeed, when another Twitterer accused him of having a “littledick,” he responded with posts suggesting that her clitoris is essentially an even littler dick.


He makes the “clit = small penis” equation a little more directly in this attack on the “MICROPENIS aka CLITORIS” of a feminist whose blog routinely skewers MRAs.

Attila’s contempt for women leaks out in Tweet after Tweet. Aside from calling women “twats” or “t-wats,” he is not shy about calling them “bitches” and “whores,” a trait he shares with many of his colleagues at AVFM.

atbitch2 atbitch

attwhoreHe seems to think that calling women “missy” is the sort of brilliant retort that ends arguments and wins people over to the Men’s Rights movement.

atmissyyWhen men challenge him, he tries to belittle them as insufficiently masculine.


Attila, by contrast, sees himself as “all man,” and regularly boasts of his fighting prowess.

attrainingattrain2 attraain3 attrain3 attrain4

He must be quite a man! If you look at the dates of these Tweets you will see that he somehow managed to undergo two years of training between last September and this January. He hasn’t been able to keep up the pace, alas, and has somehow managed to lose a year of training in the last month.

He has this to say about Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia University student who carried a mattress around campus as a way to bring attention to the school’s unwillingness to punish the fellow student she says raped her.


And he apparently thinks that Albert Einstein was a bit of an underachiever because he allowed women in his life.

atteslaFor someone who shares a first name with that of an infamous barbarian leader, Attila is quick to label his opponents “savages.”

atsavage atsav3atsav2Lately, Attila has been working diligently to introduce a new catchphrase. Can you guess what it is?

attlynchbig copy

This catchphrase, you may not exactly be shocked to learn, is not catching on; despite Attila’s enthusiastic promotional efforts, literally no one else on Twitter has picked it up.

Perhaps he will have better luck with these alternate spellings:

lyncmob lyncmob2 lumchmobNote: I plan to do a few upcoming case studies on several other AVFM staffers who are particularly energetic Twitter “activists,” as well as a couple of well-known PUAs. Please suggest any other Twitter heroes you think I should take a look at.


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7 years ago

to be honest i feel a little bad for atilla, dude is basically the irl uncle rico from napoleon dynamite and obviously has issues (aside from his hatred of women and those who support equality of course) but doesn’t realise that he is being used by a scumbag who abuses women and children.

7 years ago

“But there is a lot of good stuff happening, too. Sometimes you have to look harder for it, but it’s there. :D”

Yeah spindrift proved that to me with the article of a woman who raises money for a homeless man and for other homeless people too. My heroine. Iv seen a lot of great things like this that makes me happy to know that even if there are bad things in the world there are good things as well.

7 years ago

Attila seems the oddest little man. His words inspire laughter, not fear, yet he seems not to have a clue as to how clueless he is.

7 years ago
Reply to  fruitloopsie


6 years ago

MRA Tea Party lawmaker of the day:

“Texas GOP lawmaker: ‘Rape is non-existent in marriage, take what you want’”

6 years ago

FYI: Where these tea bagging Libertarian MRAs get their ideas:

“Libertarians get medieval on women – Debates on birth control in the US show how modern conservatism is just a neoliberal gloss on medieval domination.”

Koch-founded Libertarian Cato Institute/Tea Party funders: “The Education of a Libertarian” apparently includes encouraging hate against women:

How ar they different from Tea Party fundies? They’re not:

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