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MRA History Korner: Women never worked outside the home because there was no air conditioning

Women totally not working in a cigarette factory
Women totally not working in a cigarette factory

A blast from the past!

Look who I found in the comments over on Janet “JudgyBitch” Bloomfield’s site! None other than the 2011 Man Boobz Troll of the Year NWOslave, offering up his unique (and in this case highly air-conditioner-centric) perspective on women’s history.

NWOslave • 2 days ago Women were never oppressed in the history of the world. Women didn't go to colleges in centuries past because it wasn't pleasant. There was no central air or heating so it was frigid in the winter and stiflingly hot in the summer, no cars so you had to walk or ride a horse if you were lucky enough to own a horse. Women weren't doctors in the past because that was hard and dangerous as well, no sterile hospitals, fully air conditioned. Some kid would go to the doctor of the area in the middle of a rainy night and say come quick ma is real sick, and sometimes ma would have a communicable disease and doc would die as well. Even secretarial work, no central air or heat, cafeterias, indoor plumbing, none of that stuff was available to the average person up until less than a century ago. It wasn't until enough men died inventing and building these incredibly comfortable wonders that women demanded a chair at the big table. Women as a collective should be praising men as a collective for being so damned nice as to allow them the luxury of staying at home while men worked themselves into an early grave millennia after millennia.

Brings back memories, huh?

Oh, and here are some photos I found of women in the pre-air-conditioner era sitting around at home eating bon bons while their husbands were at work. Bunch of lazy broads, if you ask me!





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I’m surprised how people haven’t mentioned how grueling domestic labour would have been without electricity, hot water, washing machines etc.

My mother (now sadly passed away), did all the housework, house maintenance and heavy work around the section while my useless father spent the weekends playing golf.


I should also mention, it was her money that went towards the house deposit, women not being able to take out a loan at the time. My dad barely paid any of the mortgage off then demanded half the value during the divorce. My grandparents life savings made it possible for us to remain in that place.

Spindrift | October 8, 2015 at 6:34 pm
Isn’t there an issue with office spaces being airconditioned to temperatures that women often feel are too cold, cause men find those temperatures comfortable? How does airconditioning help women work if it’s making them uncomfortable to prioritise men’s comfort?

Actually, there was an interesting article that cropped up recently on my tumblr feed that talks about exactly that!

So, even though we feeemales have our A/Cs now, the menfolk won’t stop running it to make us cold!

I think that some of the confusion – particularly noticed in the very conservative religious population here in the U.S.- comes from the mistaken belief that what is now termed a ‘stay at home mom’, was common for all social classes rather than something only possible for those with enough money/assets for such a ‘luxury’. Man and woman worked the fields when the general societal structure had serfs, merchants, nobility and rulers (usually 1 ruler and however many wives were the custom in a specific culture) and when the sun set they had to be inside their shelter/home for safety – safety from not only wild animals but also from other humans. The CPM churches seem to think that all women were like the Southern belles of fiction, and that all will be right with the world if only people would return to those better times – never mind the fact that it wasn’t better for everyone and the ‘good times’ are predominately a notion plucked from fiction that the beneficiaries can focus on and forget about the problems that part of history involved in a world that increasingly gives rights, freedom, and privilege to the ‘others’, not just them.

Why it’s come down to people thinking that everything is supposed to be black and white – this way or that way – no possibility for grey or flexibility…Believing that everything was peachy keen with men running the world without any contribution from women other than the gestation of progeny and only incubators who don’t try to disrupt the general order getting to enjoy everything – the largesse of the patriarchs. Humans wouldn’t have gotten to where we are without both genders (or asexual reproduction) and things aren’t going to go back to ‘how they were’ pre-feminism, pre-civil rights, etc…unless we collectively allow that.

Sojourner Truth said this in 1851, when no women at all worked because no airconditioning in the cotton fields…

We once showed NWO slave that speech. He concluded that Sojourner Truth was yet another pampered bon-bon-eater whining because men didn’t hold carriage doors for her, and he had it much harder than her because sometimes he had to stand on the bus.

I miss him so much.


Very good article, but bloody hell those comments. Even the people who posted in support of it all followed up with “Also, CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.” *headdesk*

Sometimes I wonder if it’s even possible to end toxic masculinity without ending ableism first. It seems like every time anybody tries to start the discussion, even the few people who’ll admit that it exists can’t help but drown it out with their favourite dangerous red herring.

I just read the NWOslave book o’ learnin’ post…this cannot be an adult male. It’s either a homeschooled 9 year old or a deliberate piece of performance art.

I miss NWOSlave too. The blog is going from strength to strength but the trolls are a pale shadow of what they were like four years ago. Remember when we had him, David K Meller and Mr. Al posting regularly at the same time.

Also, as Alan has already strongly hinted, many other countries are nowhere near as air-conditioned as the US. I too have never worked or lived in an air-conditioned building, and such things are still rare enough in the UK that you really notice when you walk into one. So if that’s what the suffragettes were really campaigning about, the struggle continues to this day.

“Nah, there’s the possibility you can get information out of a black hole.

Nerd mode: off”

One of the hypothesis is that there is a litteral fire wall between the singularity and the outer world to deal with that problem. It seem to apply to MRAs at least.


My husband and I are good, thanks for asking.

It started raining last Monday night, and the downpour did not stop for a full 7 days. About 10% of the time, we had drizzle. The other 90% was full on, open sky down pour. I have never seen anything like it.

I’m glad to hear that the two of you are safe. Sending good thoughts to you and the rest of South Carolina.

@raysa, SFHC

That salon article is a good read.

Did you see some of the comments? Ugh.

Very good article, but bloody hell those comments. Even the people who posted in support of it all followed up with “Also, CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.” *headdesk

No, I didn’t read the letters. But I know that when this kind of article is published on Salon or Slate, the comments from the MRAs pour in, and each MRA is likely to comment again and again. I’ve been busy with work, dinner, and carefully and delicately removing mats from my cat’s fur. She rewarded me by scratching my bare forearm and biting me right where the bone is. Ouch. Next time, I’m going to wear my puffy jacket.

The U.S. is a big country with a wide range of climates. I live in northern California, which has a mild climate similar to the U.K.’s, and most buildings here don’t have air conditioning. But most of the country has more extreme weather.

It’s still rare for college dorms to have air conditioning. My historically female college doesn’t have air-conditioned dorms, and certainly didn’t when women started studying there in 1860.

I think A/C is becoming more popular in Europe although it’s not that much of a necessity here. My university building has A/C, which is nice for laborants* running around a lot in lab coats, people with offices on the sunny side, and for the freezers generating heat in the basement. Grocery stores in Finland are partially refrigerated because people want to pick their fresh produce from open shelves. In recent warm summers some people have bought A/C machines for their homes even though Finnish homes are generally kept fairly warm.

* Spellcheck suggested “labor ants”, I tip my hat for that.

We did have that recent troll (Dar) who said women never worked until feminists brainwashed them and working on the farm didn’t count. He never did explain why it didn’t count or if he thought farming wasn’t real work when men do it.

If I weren’t so lazy I’d test my supposition that thermostats in the US are set to setpoints inversely proportional to the outdoor temperature. To make it a paper is need some sociologist coauthor to wax poetic about why.

The coldest I’ve ever been indoors was in Houston; I’ve been cold in summer in New England and in Chicago, but never like Houston. And I’ve sweltered in Maine and Wisconsin in winter.

Canada doesn’t appear to have this problem. The office isn’t too hot in winter, and is only a bit cool in summer. But where people live in Canada doesn’t have nearly the range of temperature that the US has, so it might just be a lack of data.

Yes, I understand the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was nice and cool.

Insulting ignoramuses.

Don’t swear – Humberside was an administrative abomination. You’re either from Yorkshire or Lincolnshire.

I’ve had people tell me that it’s not “real Yorkshire” either. “Humberside” was its name when I lived there, so I use that for precision.

My condolences if you’re from Hull.

Hull postcode, but comfortably outside the city limits.

Oh gods, I haven’t thought about NWOslave in forever. I swear there were a couple of times I thought we were making the slightest bit of headway with him, and then he would close right back up again. It was like he couldn’t bear the thought of a life of not being ridiculous.

Of course just to be pedantic, the city is Kingston; it’s the river that’s the Hull. The Humber is the estuary bit.

It’s all Yorkshire though. And bearing in mind that but for the civilising influence of the bridge people in Lincolnshire would still be painting themselves blue and hiding from eclipses I think that probably counts as a Yorkshire protectorate.

Women were never oppressed in the history of the world. Just ignore the many documents, scrolls, and tablets detailing the oppression of women that date back thousands of years. They never said “women don’t have to work because it’s too dangerous and they’re so precious to us”. They usually said things along the lines of “women are inferior and it would be a waste of time to educate them so they aren’t allowed, only men can participate in public society or have basic rights and bodily autonomy, and you can beat your wife if you feel like it”.

I once volunteered to teach literacy in the Ouelessebougou area of Mali. The women there walked six miles a day to get water from the nearest river-three miles there and three miles back. They carried several gallons of water on their heads at a time, usually while carrying a child on their backs, and frequently while pregnant. And the water from the river was so dirty that you felt full after drinking it. And they occasionally had to fight off venomous snakes that could poison and kill them. And then they cooked food over open fires and choked on the black smoke. And then, after all of this, they would spend two hours a night by candlelight learning to read. And then they wake up the next day and do it all over again.

I doubt NWOslave has ever worked that hard in his life.

Ahistorical bs. I’m surprised that no one challenges any of these jokers when they make claims that are blatantly untrue. It’s almost as if you cannot be sexist and truthful at the same time.

@Raysa I didn’t think I would see another South Carolina resident here.Hello! After living for so many years in the south, it was bizarre to move up to a colder climate. I was suddenly in a place where it was not a given that every apartment worth more than $300 a month would have some form of AC. I also had to learn about non-electric heating. It has been quite the culture shock.


There’s a reason I strongly believe the washing machine is the most positively feminist piece of household mechanisation known to humanity.

You’ll like this TED talk from Hans Rosling then. (I just loooove the ending when he shows us what we get from washing machines that isn’t laundry.) There are also lots of images of women doing laundry without washing machines.

Gee all this time I thought women had been fighting to be ALLOWED in the universities! I have a bone to pick with my lying grandmother.

Also, ever notice you never see men with babies on their backs in field work photos? Old and recent? Even in contemporary workplace women are doing the lions share of childcare even though we work just as much. And we get paid less to boot!

Like we really just sat around until ac was invented, and said “what the hell, I guess I’ll work. As long as it’s comfortable.” Really???

Lol funny because I’ve never liked air conditioning….I was born in August, and I like it hot and humid!! I’d rather work in a building that gets to 140° F inside than a refrigerator. I put on a jacket in 90°+ weather when I walk into Walmart. (I freeze in Walmart. )

Women never worked as doctors? Female midwives? What are those? Women being pushed out of the medical industry almost altogether during the Enlightenment because all midwives and medical practitioners were then required for have university degrees, but women (even those midwives who had shared their knowledge and experience with the Enlightenment developers of modern obstetrics) were not allowed to attend college? What was that?

Women never worked as doctors? Female midwives? What are those? Women being pushed out of the medical industry almost altogether during the Enlightenment because all midwives and medical practitioners were then required for have university degrees, but women (even those midwives who had shared their knowledge and experience with the Enlightenment developers of modern obstetrics) were not allowed to attend college? What was that?

Those pushy doctors also made childbirth exponentially more dangerous as they would attend a woman at home after having just come from surgery or autopsy without even washing their hands.

Echoing others here, the electric washing machine was definitely the most important labour-saving device introduced in the first half of the 20th century.

If there’s something that keeps astonishing me in this debacle, it is how people like NWOslave do not understand that when it comes to working class and/or poor people, women have always worked hard, their fingers to the bone, just like their men. At home, at fields, in factories, on top of domestic work. And children were not excepted from this work.

Everywhere. In America, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa.

Being an idle do-nothing is a luxury afforded to those of wealth and upper class, and even there if we go back in time, it is not actual reality as it is a fantasy, a life where in reality you also worked the fields and milked cows, you just had money/resources to hire a bigger pool of people to also do that job for you (so you accumulated more wealth faster) and possibly allowed you to dodge the dirtiest and more dangerous jobs, and in the end of the day you all shared one room in a building (possibly with your horse and best cow) to sleep on a collective bed of hay until next morning.

Bay Area homes almost never need AC. Like Shaenon said, it’s pretty mild around here. There’s, like, a week in June where some of us start thinking really hard about having one, but for the most part it’s just kinda nice.

In information that’s a little more on topic, MRAs seem to be utterly ignorant of the fact that (textile & clothing) sweatshop labor has been predominantly women since the Industrial Revolution; that is when it wasn’t girls. Fabric is stereotypically a women’s domain.

lmao yall salty af tho xD like u cant come up wit any legit rebuttals so u gotta resort to makin lame jokes bout strawmen that u urself invented lol o ye my b strawwymyn ;))

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


I kinda hope you’re being sarcastic, but let me break down some millennial lingo for ya’ll.

Laugh my ass off ya’ll [are] salty (angry) as fuck though xD like you can’t come up with any legitimate rebuttals so you gotta resort to makin’ lame jokes about strawmen that you yourself invented laugh out loud oh you maybe strawwymyn ;))

So what they’re saying is that this post is made up and that we’re being “angry” over something not real. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I mean, MRA peeps think vaginal secretions take over men, I think this is the least weird and fake thing I could think of them believing in on this website.

I just love that he’s all “you can’t come up with any legitimate rebuttals” in a thread that’s nothing but rebuttals, many of them sourced.

… Can I get a translation from Blithering Moron to English?

Hmmm…lessee if I can take a stab at it:

lmao yall salty af tho xD like u cant come up wit any legit rebuttals so u gotta resort to makin lame jokes bout strawmen that u urself invented lol o ye my b strawwymyn ;))

I think the troll is accusing us of making this guy up. Sorry to disappoint ya, trolly, but NWOslave is a real live idiot with crackpot theories out the wazoo. Just like you. What a coinkidink!

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