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MGTOW Launches One-Man War on Hoo Has (And the Human Beings Attached to Them)

Isaiah4verse1 has more opinions on vaginas than your gynocologist
Isaiah4verse1 has more opinions on vaginas than your gynecologist

Do you remember Isaiah4verse1?

“Ha, who?” you ask.

You know, the Man Going His Own Way who famously described women as overpriced vagina buses? The guy who recently informed his comrades in lady hating on the MGTOW subreddit that his life had gotten so, so, much better now that he’s stopped thinking of women as “complete human beings?”

That guy.

Well, for a guy who’s supposedly given up women and porn, he still has a lot of things to say about vaginas. Indeed, he seems to think about vaginas more than Eve Ensler, Judy Chicago and all the members of The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists combined. In his comments on Reddit, he’s basically writing his own version of the Vagina Monologues.

Here are a few of his, er, insights.

Women are little more than a delivery mechanism for vagina.

I’m sorry, where did you get the ridiculous notion that I care what some filthy vagina carrier thinks?

(I’m not quite sure what Isaiah makes of trans folks, but then again I’m not sure I want to know.)

Women have no worth outside of their vaginas.

[W]omen are fundamentally lazy, ignorant morons who couldn’t put forth a male level of effort no matter how many governments and white knights she has in her stable.

Remember, you’re a woman. You have no worth beyond your vagina. No one really cares what you think. Stop pretending and do what you were born to do, spread your legs and lie on your back and shut up!

Despite being of the same species as human males, human females are millions of years less evolved than their male counterparts, essentially because they’ve been coasting on the power of their vaginas.

Women are disgusting (sub)human beings.

They have evolved little in 3 million years. …

And ALL women recognize they have zero worth beyond their vaginas.

Men who think they want “female company” really just want the vagina.

If you are lonely for female company then you need to realize that it is really her vagina you’re after.

Female company is nothing compared with the company of like minded MEN.

If not for their vaginas, men wouldn’t have anything to do with women.

If women didn’t have vaginas, men wouldn’t bother with them.

A “pussy worshiper” is a male who defers to women. Men do this for no other reason than to win favour and closer access to their vaginas. … Male support of wymynz rights is a desperate mating strategy by beta males.

Women’s main purpose in life is to lead men down “the filthy vaginal path to corruption.”

Women exist to corrupt men. That’s why they hate good men and love evil men. Like attracts like. Sadly, men choose to go down the filthy vaginal path to corruption than be noble human beings.

Even women hate women, and know they’re nothing without their vaginas.

Nobody likes women least of all women themselves. The only thing they have of value is their vagina. No one likes what’s attached to the vagina. 

Men who claim that there is more to women than the vagina are part vaginas themselves.

You are certainly not a man but a mangina. Toeing the line of female supremacy for the scent of vagina.

We’ve already discussed scientifically that women are little more than walking wombs and consumption machines. …

The truth is you really don’t care what I have to say. You just need to be SEEN to care by women to get that pat on the head and a couple brownie point from women … I hate to break it to you, mangina, but they’re not going to fly across the globe to suck your little pee pee.

You are not a man.

Women prefer when men pay for their vaginas in installments.

Women don’t like it when other women receive a one time fee for vagina. It is their goal to have the man paying in installments ad infinitum with interest.

Due to vaginal oversupply, the price of vagina has plummeted in recent years.

[W]omen made a miscalculation when they flooded the market with vagina. Now, men can get the milk without buying the cow and this is absolutely terrifying to women. The devaluing of the only value they have: vagina! So that’s why feminism has shifted to neo-Victorian ideals and government sanctioned chivalry.

Married men are slaves to “available vagina.”

I don’t think there’s anything more pathetic than a married man. … The number one fear that keeps married men enslaved is the loss of an available vagina. True story.

Even married men think of their “hambeast” wives as little more than “wet holes.”

I don’t consider receiving sexual rations in exchange for the immense cost of marriage with an aging hambeast a prize. …

You brag about getting sex because you put a lot of work into it. But even if I’m wrong and that’s not the case, you have reduced your entire marriage to an act that lasts one hour long at best. Your marriage summed up is an available vagina. I’m sure your wife will be pleased to know that she’s just a wet hole and no thought whatsoever is given to any other attribute of a “happy marriage”.

Women have so much blood coming out of their whatevers that they sometimes use rolls of paper towels as tampons. Also, women menstruate more when they’re mad at people on the internet.

LOL you women are so pathetic. You’re only power is the power to manipulate emotions and make people angreeeeeee! You need the drama in your miserable lives because you know y’all have no life, no personality, no genuine human feeling. This is the closest you girlies can get to being human. …

I think you’re the one whose pissed. I mean, you’re the one who replied to my comment first, and it wasn’t even addressed to you. You saw it, filled that roll of Bounty on a jumprope sticking out of your cavernous trough of a vagina with blood, and proceeded to post your thinly veiled anger in the form of a pitiful shaming comment. Cool huh?

Vaginas are not the cure for Hitler.

My favourite response to those who speak as if relationships are the universal cure is that Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito were ALL married! Looks like vagina isn’t the wonder drug you’d have us believe!

Well, ok, he is right about that last one.


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7 years ago

“misogynists are (not) closeted gay men ”

Totally agree that the majority are not ‘closet gay’ but a few probably are.

But a lot of the behaviour is standard male ‘pack’ stuff, jumping up and down about women to show to the other men you’re are not a ‘poof’. How this is done depends on pack norms, in this case his pack are misogynists so to ‘prove’ himself’ he tries to show he ‘hates’ women even more than the others.

Hate is a funny emotion, but for some it lets them temporarily resolve their own inner issues and doubts. The ‘gay hating closet gay man’ is such a trope, because it is true.

But when I read it and him going on and one and on about vaginas, my eyebrows raised a bit…… “is this guy trying to find a rationalisation to do what he has always wanted to do” I thought.
If you have internal homophobia it raises an emotional barrier to actually doing it, no matter how much you really may want to. So you then go through a process of ‘talking yourself into it’ by finding an excuse..

“No one likes what’s attached to the vagina. ” to me is a bit of a give away, so he hates women’s bodies…. prefers nice hard men’s ones perhaps?
Red Alert: “I have written a very thorough essay using extensive biblical support that proves women are evil. I know it sounds quirky and a joke but its absolutely true and everyone knows it but are too much under the spell (and smell) of vagina to admit it.”.
Double Red Alert: “I took one whiff of the vagina that you ladies believe to be encrusted in gold. It took days and several tins of Zyklon to get the smell out of my head.”
Triple Red Alert: “I am actually no longer attracted to females.”.

If it looks like a duck……..

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