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Women are overpriced vagina buses that won’t let you ride them, Man Going His Own Way explains

Woman. (Not pictured: vagina.)


On Reddit’s MGTOW subreddit, one brave fellow calling himself Isaiah4verse1 lays down some hard truths about the mysterious creatures we call “women” (and sometimes “females”). It turns out that they aren’t actually creatures at all. They’re buses. Buses with vaginas.

Isaiah starts off his sermon by noting that women/vagina buses have pretty much no value outside of said vaginas:

The only thing of any value a woman can offer a man is an untouched vagina. This goes without saying and anyone who is looking for anything more from a woman (love, companionship, etc) is only kidding themselves. It has been/is/and forever will be a business exchange of provision and protection for sex and offspring.

Alas, in today’s fallen world, very few of these vaginas remain unblemished; there are only “a miniscule amount of virgins” left for good-hearted women-hating men to ride. This leads Isaiah to his sad conclusion:

So essentially women today are public vehicles. But rather overpriced public vehicles.

Go on.

Take the cost of a date, dinner and movie. I’d wager, it’s about 20 bucks per person including refreshments for the movie and dinner at a decent restaurant will run you about 60 bucks per person bare minimum. That’s $160 right there. Throw in about 10 for transportation and you are up to $170.

Ok, that’s a ridiculously expensive dinner, and half of that cost is for you. Also, you don’t actually have to date anyone who expects all that. Most women don’t. Lots of women actually pay for their own dinners. Sometimes they even pay for their dates.

Now imagine waiting for a city bus, an older city bus that has been ridden by many.

Suddenly, Rod Serling seems to be whispering in my ear: “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.  That’s the bus stop up ahead – your next stop, the Vagina Bus Zone!”


But you start in the morning when the bus has just come from the garage clean. Imagine when it arrives stuffing that $170 in the fare box. Anyone sane would think you mad.

Possibly, because that’s, like, a ridiculous amount to spend on bus fare. Don’t you have a fare card?

But you don’t get a ride, instead the money goes down into the fare box but the driver ejects you from the bus before you can even step beyond the white line.

Wait, paying for dinner doesn’t actually guarantee you sex? It’s an outrage!

The bus goes on its way. You wait there at the same stop for the same exact bus to reach the bottom terminus, come up the other side towards the top terminus then come back down to you. You then take another $170 and stuff it in the fare box. Same deal, driver doesn’t let you on.

Huh. Maybe you should try another bus? Or just walk?

You wait again for the same exact bus to go down, come up the other side and then come back down to you. Not all dates cost $170 and we also have to factor in gifts. So this time you stuff $250 into the fare box. Driver doesn’t let you ride. 

Dude, take the hint. That bus is just not into you.

You wait again for the same bus to come back to you.

By this time it is already afternoon and the bus has already been patronized by many others. It comes back down, you drop, say, another two bills in the fare box, but this time you get to ride (sex). But as the bus has already been ridden all day your seat is dirty, maybe even wet!


The seat is WET?

Do you actually think that most women are literally having unprotected sex with dudes all day long every day so that every woman you might be able to have sex with is literally filled up with other men’s semen? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Everyone else got to ride for 3 bucks but you’ve already dropped nearly EIGHT BILLS in the fare box (that’s about 4 dates and 2 cheap gifts) only to sit on a seat where many others have sat.

Dude, women are allowed to date and/or have sex with guys other than you. Why do you care? Vaginas survive when entire baby humans pass through them; they can survive a few penises that aren’t yours. Also, you know, IT’S NOT YOUR VAGINA.

This is what dating modern women is and we have millions of blue pilled men doing this and in many cases dropping a lot more money into the fare box only to get in return, a ride aboard a public vehicle that many others have ridden and paid far less a price to ride.


All it takes is one. Remember, an untouched vagina is all a woman has to offer a man. It takes only one person to get infected.

Are you talking about STDs here, or do you think that contact with another man’s penis will give a woman some sort of incurable penis cooties?

Women shame men all the time for not wanting to pay full market value for a used NYC taxi or an RTS from LA. This is more than just about cost/reward but about health. 

You’ve heard of condoms, right? Safe sex isn’t completely safe, but neither is crossing the street. Talk to a doctor about it. Even better, talk to a therapist to figure out just where you got all these toxic ideas about sex.

They want you to not only date/wife up these sperm recepticles, subsidize said recepticles but above all risk your health on them.

Dude, if you think of women as sperm receptacles, trust me, no one wants you to date or “wife up” anyone. Please stick with your hand. Go your own fucking way — all the way — with yourself.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, here’s Isaiah 4:1 (King James translation):

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

Sorry, dude, but I’m pretty sure that there will never come a time when the women/vagina buses of the world, or even seven of them, are going to come to you begging forgiveness and asking to be your wives.

H/T — the Blue Pill subreddit

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Headless Unicorn Guy
Headless Unicorn Guy
8 years ago

Regarding incels, I’d qualify under the basic defintiion. Real late bloomer whom no female ever found attractive, with some bad experiences that gave me a deep distrust of women.

I didn’t throw a social media temper tantrum. I didn’t shoot up Santa Barbara leaving behind a Manifesto and a shitload of selfies. I didn’t start an online cult taking it out on anything and everything without a Y chromosome. I GOT A LIFE FOR MYSELF THAT DIDN’T DEPEND ON BEING ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN OR BEING SEXUALLY ACTIVE. THESE MANOSPHERE MRA/PUA/LSD/WHATEVERS MIGHT WANT TO TRY THAT FOR A CHANGE.

Headless Unicorn Guy
Headless Unicorn Guy
8 years ago

P.S. That “buses with vaginas” imagery is just creepy. Somebody’s been seeing how far they could climb the crazy tree.

Lmfao I'm crying
Lmfao I'm crying
8 years ago

Unblemished vagina here, not settling for an unblemished penis. Or to paraphrase, a man who rides the bus *wink*.

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