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Aurini: Seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens “is the equivalent of auto-castration”

Davis Aurini: He's a cowboy now
Davis Aurini: He’s a cowboy now

If you’re wondering what the racist cowboy cosplayer who’s also possibly the world’s worst filmmaker thinks of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, wait no longer!

Davis Aurini has given the film two burning crosses down — way down!

Aurini, the fake-skull-loving former Anton LaVey impersonator who now favors a sort of effete cowboy look, argues in an interminable “review” that J.J. Abrams’ contribution to the Star Wars franchise is essentially a hate letter to white men.

“Listen up, White Man,” Aurini proclaims.

J.J. Abrams hates you.  He relishes the thought of your extinction as he looks forward to a multi-culti matriarchy where instead of studying math and sciences, everyone sits around discussing their feelings. 

Aurini, a self-declared “huge white nationalist on paper,” also claims that the film is an insult to black men as well.

As for you, Black Man, he doesn’t want your extinction – you get to prance about doing monkey shine, so long as you obey your white, feminist overlords.

For anyone sporting testicles, Aurini suggests. “[p]aying money to see [Abrams’] film is the equivalent of auto-castration.”

Aurini makes a brief attempt at an actual movie review, declaring the film “derivative and copacetic.” (Apparently he’s unaware that “copacetic” means “excellent.”)  But he quickly returns to his main theme:

The underlying message of the movie is that men – and White men in particular – are useless, destructive, failures, who need to get out of the way so that society can finally progress.

Aurini is angry that Daisy Ridley’s Rey — whom he refers to dismissively as “Feminist Skywalker” — has the talents and skills one might expect from a main character in an action flick, even though she’s “an orphan with no finances or support structure.”

Making things worse, Aurini argues, the white guys left over from the first Star Wars trilogy have become a couple of creepy degenerates. Former interstellar wunderkind Luke Skywalker has become a “fat, burn-out, pervert,” while Han Solo is “a burned-up divorcee” who “dresses like a teenager” and probably has a thing for high school girls.

Perhaps confusing Solo with the skeezy ephebophile pickup artists who surround him in the manosphere today, Aurini perplexingly declares that

you can easily imagine him and Chewie making sexually-suggestive remarks to the sixteen year old girl working at the McDonalds drive through

Apparently there are McDonalds franchises in galaxys long-ago and far, far away.

But the true source of Aurini’s ire is, you guessed it, John Boyega’s Finn.

Indeed, Aurini is evidently so worked up at the very thought of a black male lead in a Star Wars film that he is unable to even say Finn’s name, referring to him instead as “Mace Dindu,” the racist nickname he’s been given by the white supremacists of the internet. (Mace Windu, you may recall, was the name of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the Star Wars prequels. “Dindu” is a recently invented racial slur.)

Aurini not only doesn’t use Finn’s name; he claims, bizarrely, that he doesn’t even know what it is.

I tried to google the character name, but even the websites decrying all of the rassism still referred to him as the “Black Stormtrooper.”

Either this is a weird, failed joke on Aurini’s part, or he genuinely can’t figure out how to look up character names on IMDb.

Aurini, like so many of his white supremacist pals, is convinced that The Force Awakens is really all about — you guessed it — the symbolic cuckolding of white men. The “Black Stormtrooper” is, as Aurini sees it, also a “Black Bull” playing out his role in a racist, sexual psychodrama engineered by “Feminist Skywalker.”

In Aurini’s eyes, Finn is a “coward” who only

nuts up and fights Not Darth Vader is because he got the scent [of] Feminist Skywalker’s White Pussy into his nose-

-and the first rule for being a Black Bull is that she makes the rules.  Grunt for her, monkey boy: the Cuck’s all Ego, and you’re nothing but Id.  The female Superego is your true master.

Yeah, it’s pretty ugly inside Aurini’s brain.

Aurini ends his review with a long, muddled, and more or less completely gratuitous attack on feminism and affirmative action and what he sees as “the sickness infesting our civilization.”

After declaring The Force Awakens to be “metaphorical for affirmative action, both the direct and indirect forms,” Aurini manages to accidentally reveal that it’s he, not Han Solo, who’s still got a bit of a thing for 16-year-old McDonald’s cashiers. Like countless “nice guy” Redditors before him, Aurini wants to let every mean girl who’s ever rejected him that she’s not all that anyway so there.

Women in today’s society graduate High School endowed with physical beauty, they enter a work environment with pro-female hiring quotas, they enjoy financial subsidies for schooling, are less likely to be harassed by the legal system, and the culture at large believes them to be naturally virtuous, hard working, and intelligent … .

But, really, it’s men who deserve all the credit for hunting the mammoth, literally and figuratively

The reality is that civilization is a result of men’s labour – technological progress has come from men’s inventions – even social advancement has come from men of great wisdom. The occasional female inventor or philosopher is thrown up to deny the truth of this, but even then you find that they are always – without exception – submissive towards masculinity. … 

Feminists have never – and will never – accomplish anything of worth, because they reject the masculine principle; the women of the greatest accomplishments are those who’ve submitted to it.

All this from a cowboy-hat-wearing pretend alpha male who’s apparently so inept at life that he can’t figure out the name of one of the main characters in the movie he’s ostensibly reviewing.

Growing more pretentious by the sentence, Aurini declares that

J.J. Abrams preternatural fantasies about female superiors are nothing more than the symptoms of a boy whose development was arrested at an early stage.  He longs for the safety of mommy’s apron strings, the pre-sexual intimacy of suckling at a milky teat …

His world of gender-fluidity sells itself as freedom, but it is anything but; what he sells you is slavery, to your lusts, to your hungers, to your weaknesses, to the governments and to the corporations. …

It’s time for all of us to find something worth living for, and to cast down the broken people who are held forth as idols.

So I guess there won’t be any Force Awakens figurines nestling on Aurini’s bookshelves alongside his toy skull McCarther.


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6 years ago

Look how smart I am! You think I’m smart, right? I have to be the SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD. That’s why I wear this hat!

I confess I LOL’d at this subtle and precise personification of Aurini’s (and many other’s) manlogik.

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Three Snakes
6 years ago

He reminds me of a really irritating, overprivileged white 18 year old who just took phillosophy 101 and came home for Christmas talking about Nietche like he’s written a dissertation on him (even though he barely understands the most basic tenants) And he grows out some horrendous moustache and starts pronouncing foreign words *extra* correctly, for he is a man of LEARNING now!

And you just described 95% of atheists on the Internet.

Three Snakes
6 years ago

@berdache in a previous life
I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I am looking forward to seeing Rey. A lot of people say she’s a Mary Sue (which a lot of powerful female characters have to put up with) but I want to see the movie before I make a judgment.

Scaly Llama
Scaly Llama
6 years ago


@ cyberwolf

the movie being derivative

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The first movie was just Lucas filling in the ‘Hero with a thousand faces’ template with bits from his favourite Japanese films; and it worked great. (Don’t forget he originally wanted to make another ‘Flash Gordon’)

Done well, derivation is fantastic.

Indeed! As Luke from the Sons of Obi Wan Lightsaber Academy put it on FB recently, TFA is like a really good remix of ANH. When I read that, I realised remix was exactly the word I’d been scrabbling for to describe things.

And like any good remix, it takes bits of the old and reshape a them with new elements to create something awesome.

6 years ago

I find it pretty amazing that Aurini still tries to talk PoC into believing he’s on their side, while in the same fucking article using racist slurs. And then he wonders why his only friend is Matt Forney.

Scaly Llama
Scaly Llama
6 years ago
Reply to  akhibrass



They had play a somewhat ineffectual, lowly, loser pining for a woman he definitely can’t have.

First,dude has just escaped from the First Order, arguably the most dangerous organization in the galaxy and he’s clearly panic. Fair enough, yet he still takes time out to hit on the girl.

I’m absolutely certain you watched a different movie. There’s no justification for the assertion that he “definitely can’t have” Rey – which is pretty insulting to start with since one doesn’t “have” a woman at all as that implies ownership. I’d say there’s also a perfect setup for romance between Rey and Finn, if the filmmakers take it that way. I hope they don’t because I don’t want Rey’s story reduced to the tired romance trope (nothing to do with Finn – he’s awesome and I totally want him to have a buddy flick with Poe). Literally the ONLY comment in the whole film related to “hitting” on anyone is when Finn asks Rey about boyfriends. It was out of place and when she shut off that line of enquiry he didn’t pursue it further.

I urge you to watch it again without the filter of your assumptions. You’ll be surprised.



6 years ago


Reporting from the Department of Credit Where Credit Is Due:

Say what you like about Aurini, but at least he’s prepared for everything. If the roof of his house were to suddenly disappear, allowing the pitiless December sun to beat down upon his skull, he’s got that hat for protection.

Ha, ha! Genius observation.


The obvious emotional and social inadequacies of ALL of these men is so telling about their movement, and honestly just sort of fascinating to behold. Roosh begs for stupid, compliant young girls to bear his children in posts that are an absolute caricature of male hyperinsecurity and terror of intimacy, Jordan Owen obsesses over Anita Sarkeesian to a degree that could be described as pathological, while Davis Aurini makes grandiose speeches (using big words he doesn’t actually know the meanings too) while obsessively collecting obviously false affectations to prove to people that he’s smart and interesting.

Another genius observation.

I see a film with these fascinating characters, fictionalized to avoid lawsuits. Roosh (Bruce?) could be from Scotland. And taller. Jordan Owen (Mr. XY?) could be buff. And smarter. Davis Aurini (Buzz?) could have luxuriant, flowing locks. And be a vegan.

Other than that, no new material need be written.

It would be a tragi-comedy.

Rethinking: They’re public personalities. So perhaps nothing needs to be fictionalized. The film would write itself.

6 years ago

At least one very judgmental racist with lots of problems credits Aurini’s review with saving his life:

6 years ago

I generally lurk here, but I feel compelled to open my mouth for a moment.



First,dude has just escaped from the First Order, arguably the most dangerous organization in the galaxy and he’s clearly panic. Fair enough, yet he still takes time out to hit on the girl. To try to put his “mac” down, even while the lazers are flying and the bombs are dropping. It just played into stereotypes about black men that I really don’t want to go into.

I totally get where you’re coming from. I really do. I am sensitive to those stereotypes myself.

However, FWIW, I thought the film’s portrayal of Finn was positive. For many reasons. For starters, except for Rey being a Jedi, they’re equals on the battlefield; Finn, who has no special access to the Force, can even use a lightsaber! They can both hold their own against stronger and better-trained opponents. Unless I missed something, their relationship is more about two heroes helping one another out than his rescuing a damsel in distress.

I also thought that a lot of Finn’s behavior was about his being the heir to the young Luke Skywalker dynamic. His disorientation, fear, awe, and curiosity are being played for laughs. “Is it a boyfriend? A cute, cute boyfriend?” was just another example. Boyega doesn’t deliver the line lasciviously, it’s the kind of humor that shows up in a thousand Disney movies as well as the OT, it didn’t strike me as the Hypersexualized Black Man Stereotype or even the Black Guys Always Prefer and Worship White Chicks Stereotype, and I came away from the film convinced that a white actor would have received the same script.

Also, Finn’s attachment to Rey is mutual. It’s not necessarily romantic, but, whatever it is, it’s mutual. And it’s Rey mourning over Finn lying in a coma, not the other way around.


6 years ago


The Cloud City catwalks have got railings. Vader dramatically slices holes in them like 5 times.

Scaly Llama
Scaly Llama
6 years ago
Reply to  Orion


The Cloud City catwalks have got railings. Vader dramatically slices holes in them like 5 times.

So, they have railings which are destroyed during a fight. So…not really effective railings then.


mc simon milligan
mc simon milligan
6 years ago

So, they have railings which are destroyed during a fight. So…not really effective railings then.

Destroyed by laser swords and telekinetic projectiles. To be fair to the engineers and designers of the Imperial Era, they didn’t usually have to build stuff with magical space wizards in mind. See, for instance, the Death Star.

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Social Justice Necromancer
5 years ago

Female superiors? Not submitting to the masculine principle? Whatever is this world coming to?

Victorious Parasol…mind if I faint onto one your fainting couches?

*Slathering on the sarcasm as if it were sunscreen*

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