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In the Future Men Will Become Ladies for All Those Cool Lady Perks, Red Pill Dude Explains

Typical woman enjoying free government bon-bons
Typical woman enjoying free government bon-bons

Sometimes cis men who hate women get so fed up with all the unfair advantages women allegedly have in the contemporary world — the bon bons, the free dinners, the wide assortment of penis pics sent to them by their many suitors — that they threaten to become women themselves. Just to prove to you ladies how easy you have it!

Indeed, the Red Pill Redditor who calls himself a1004 is so convinced that women have it so easy that he predicts a giant wave of these gender upgrades in the near future, as more and more men realize how many cool perks they can get just by putting on a dress and proclaiming themselves women.

Or just by proclaiming themselves women, without even bothering to change their wardrobes, or anything else, at all.

A1004 — who clearly knows less about the realities of trans life than, I dunno, my cats –is convinced that within a few years, at most, Europeans and Americans will be able to officially change gender by just ticking a box on a government form.

As sexuality orientations are becoming more complex, and we are supposed to accept anything – like woman who change their sex just to became a gay man or the reversal – or even giving them more rights than people with standard and boring sexualities, it make sense to change just for the advantages.

Who knew that trans folks actually had “more rights” and easier lives than their cis counterparts?

Oh, and fellas, in case you’re worried about having your you-know-what you-know-whatted, don’t worry, you won’t have to bother with hormones or surgery or any of that stuff!

I don’t say you go into a terrible operation that will mutilate your body. You can be a woman’s mind trapped in a man’s body or whatever random crazy idea you decide. You will be able to change your gender in your legal documents just because you want, no questions asked.

Just think of all the advantages! Like, for example, getting to use women’s bathrooms!

No, really, that’s bullet point number four in A1004’s Top Five list of the amazing advantages you’ll get from making the switch. Apparently he’s cribbing some of his ideas from the fundamentalists and TERFs who consider the idea of trans women using women’s bathrooms as a sign of the apocalypse.

But let’s let him explain:

  • You can do sports in the women categories. From being amateur you can even became professional.

  • Probably if your wife have a baby, you will get the right to get double maternity leaves.

  • You will have chances to work in positions with female quotas, like engineer jobs. Your dream of working in Google is easier to get if you just change your gender instead of studding harder or getting an extra master.

  • You can start a social earthquake any time you decide you want to go to women’s restrooms. Because you can.

  • Are you getting divorced? It can be a great legal technique to get more assets or even the childcare.

But wait, there’s more!

Options are endless. Funny fact: probably not a single disadvantage. It will make total sense when women’s rights go through the roof (a pattern we see increasing constantly) and rights for weird-sexual people allow any kind of dissonance. In Europe, where same sex marriage is widespread allowed, it is a matter of months we will start seeing this.

So invest in bon bon stocks, because they’re gonna be going through the roof!

Naturally, the regulars on the Red Pill subreddit are convinced that this will totally happen, and that, oh boy, it’s going to piss off women — or at least those women who aren’t actually cis dudes declaring that they’re women out of spite.

As PandaMania3 sees it,

This is literally taking the Feminist bullshit and giving it an amused mastery upgrade.

Abetterarsonist, meanwhile, thinks of Dungeons and Dragons.

This is like min-maxing in d&d. “No, my character is a male who thinks he’s a woman, so he gets a +2 circumstance bonus to professional victim checks.”

For redpillstoner, though, even a boatload of lady advantages won’t convince him to give up being a dude.

No matter how many advantages women get I would never give up my masculinity and I’m willing to bet most men here feel the same way

Not changshuaidiao, a Navy man who says he’s more than ready to make the switch:

I’m in the navy, and I’ve already decided that if they allow transgenderedism in the navy I’m going to identify as a butch lesbian woman so I can grow my hair out and not shave, as based on some of the stache I see chicks sporting, there don’t seem to be any regs requiring females to groom their facial hair. All the perks without any drawbacks, and maybe some really open-minded lesbians will let me pound th… 

I’m just going to cut that quote off there. You can probably guess where it was going. Even when they’re pretending that they want to become women, Red Pill dudes can’t shut up about their dicks.

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Thanks, panda. Now adding this to phrases I will earnestly avoid ever using.

(Every definition I’d tried to think up was worse than the previous one. Mostly I was thinking about those times I’d eaten something which took intestinal revenge the next day– only to find myself in a one-stalled bathroom with no fan, and people outside the door waiting who could hear everything, and… you get the idea. 😮 )

Proudfootz — having accidentally slipped my hand between the seats in the local movies’s new “comfortable recliners”, it’d be willing to bet the ones in the women’s rooms are fairly grungy too! (Seriously people, don’t reach into those cracks, sure, the seats are nice, but god knows how old popcorn isn’t)

Use women’s restrooms? Well then. I look forward to him finding out it’s not as special and fabulous as he imagines and will in fact likely be finding pee on the seats because many if not most refuse to clean up after themselves in public restrooms. He’ll want to work on those leg muscles soon to be prepared for using the hover technique, lest he lose strength, topple backwards and his thighs be forced to touch the seat – which is probably peed on.

and won’t it be hilarious when he and the people who agreed with him realize women’s restrooms are all stalls and you probably won’t be seeing any genitals or boobies unless you’re going out of your way to peep over the top of a stall. Then they’ll run out screaming “CELIA! CELIA! CELIA! CELIA SHITS!” when he realizes women have bodily functions like men do. it will be misandry.

@weirwood treehugger: I’m pretty sure a random MRA dude trying gymnastics would immediately and messily break his fool neck.

@Paradoxical Intention: That video was glorious. “Not to take anything away from you, because you’re female…” Oh you poor, ignorant man, those words were an invitation for her to leave elbow prints in your spleen.

I love how then he proceeds to say “I didn’t tap out, what is this?” like he’s trying to keep from losing more man points for having been tossed about like a rag doll.

@ paradoxy

You know what I’d like to see them participate in? The Women’s Division MMA.

I’ve always found it weird that the most popular brand of MMA attire is called “Tap Out”. That’s like an arms manufacturer being called “Raise the White Flag”.

Hilarious. All one of these MRA whiners has to do is ask a transwoman if it’s a great big party or not.

Guess what, boys? It’s NOT!!!

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this to happen. I’d love it if dudes started pretending to be trans! Then they’d have to learn something about it. Have fun with that!

“Who knew that trans folks actually had “more rights” and easier lives than their cis counterparts?”

Well as a trans woman that idea makes me fall down laughing. So easy…..not.

But a wicked thought comes to mind, is this them displaying their own inner doubts about their ‘masculinity’? That all this running around being ‘alpha males’ is just public cover for unresolved inner feelings? As in the ‘gay hating closet gay man’ syndrome?

We can but speculate.

“Who knew that trans folks actually had “more rights” and easier lives than their cis counterparts?”

Well as a trans woman that idea makes me fall down laughing. So easy…..not.

But a wicked thought comes to mind, is this them displaying their own inner doubts about their ‘masculinity’? That all this running around being ‘alpha males’ is just public cover for unresolved inner feelings? As in the ‘gay hating closet gay man’ syndrome?

We can but speculate.

Yeah I know. I guess heterosexual cis gendered white men like me are the ones who are really “oppressed” because of the fact that more and more people in our society expects us to respect your rights, and tolerate your existence, just like the blacks and the Jews. Seriously the idea that trans people have more rights than cis gendered people in any society is just nonsensical. If anyone can find me a society anywhere in the world where transgender people are regarded as normal and being cis gendered is seen as being inherently sinful and bad, and the law favors those who are transgender anywhere in the world, and I’ll give them a million dollars. Its pretty safe to say, unless you’re not talking about this universe, or at least not this planet, such a society doesn’t exist.

The logic of these statements is so backwards – like in what way equal marriage law is us getting more rights than straight cis people? But maybe I’m asking too much from people who genuinely suggest trying to live while presenting as trans to make their lives easier.

Also this had me laugh out loud:

You can do sports in the women categories. From being amateur you can even became professional.

dude women athletes would beat you in every sport and you would cry.

This reminds me of the guy who was so opposed to gay marriage that he swore if it was legalized then–purely in protest–he would divorce his wife and marry a dude. Who was already living with them. Uh huh.

These poor babies. I think they will be shocked to learn that as trans women they will have a HARDER time getting hired at Google, a HARDER time gaining custody in divorce proceedings, a HARDER time with. . .well, pretty much everything. That is if they can even manage to convince anyone they are women to begin with. To do this, they would have to change their body and/or wardrobe (or at least their name). Unfortunately for them, though, they simply hate femininity and femaleness too much to be willing to do that. I know it’s a common stereotype among cis people that you can simply wake up and “say” you are a woman, and you will believed, but this is not the case. Maybe it should be the case, but it’s not (and that’s gonna change any time soon). Not all trans women take hormones or get surgery and not all trans women wear women’s clothes. But all of the hundreds of out trans women I have personally met in my years in the community do at least ONE of these things (or intend to start). A male-assigned person who continued to wear masculine-looking clothing, no makeup, etc., AND hadn’t changed their body AND had no plan to do any of those things in the future simply could not say they were a woman and be believed. Honestly, I think even most trans women wouldn’t believe such a person! That’s because while many of us are working for a world where people are free to be themselves, we still live in patriarchy and gendered words still do have particular meanings. The transgender movement has made some of those meanings considerably more flexible and has come up with some new terms as well, but the terms DO still have meanings. And in our society, even among the MOST open-minded, it generally takes more than just words to demonstrate you are a woman. It also requires that you show some outward signs of a move to a more stereotypically “female” appearance, whether that means a dress or laser hair removal for your face or hormones or genital surgery or a more “feminine” tone of voice and body language or even just a purse. The more transphobic someone is the more of these things they will require you to do before they agree you are a woman, but almost all people will require you to do SOMETHING (even if they don’t come out and say that directly). But these are the sorts of guys who aren’t willing to even hold their girlfriend’s purse for five minutes because they are afraid of looking gay. They expect us to believe they would be willing to do ANY of the things I mentioned, that they would even be willing to look their male friends or male coworkers in the eye and say “I’m a woman” without smirking and then credibly defend that statement against the inevitable counterarguments, insults, and ridicule? Dream on, fellas.

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