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MGTOWs think it’s hilarious that Charlie Sheen may have given HIV to “hypergamous” women


In the interview with the Today show in which he acknowledged that he’s HIV positive, Charlie Sheen declared that HIV is “a hard three letters to absorb.”

Over on Reddit’s Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, the regulars are responding to claims that Sheen may have had sex with 200 or more partners since becoming HIV positive with three other letters: LOL.

In a post with the told-you-so headline “Hypergamy Bites Back: Sheen Fucks 200+ Women After Being Diagnosed With HIV,” Redditor Factushima, whose comment history is filled with contributions to the MGTOW, MensRights and TheRedPill subreddits, declares:

Hypergamy Bites Back: Sheen Fucks 200+ Women After Being Diagnosed With HIV. (self.MGTOW) submitted 18 hours ago by Factushima Who would have thought riding the cock carousel was such a dangerous job. I'll bet right now there are hundreds of women who wished they had thought better of sleeping with a guy simply because he had money and had been on TV. What an insane waste of life.

The possibility that “cock carousel”-riding women may have contracted HIV from Sheen makes some of Reddit’s MGTOWs positively giddy. Some of their responses:

ransay3277 9 points 13 hours ago WINNING!

enry-invisible-h 4 points 16 hours ago They wanted the tiger blood. They got it.

Isaiah4verse1 2 points 18 hours ago TS for them! I don't know why they're suing him. They probably won't live long enough to spend his money. LOL

(I assume that in this context, TS means either “Tough Shit” or “Totally Sweet.”)

There were a few critics of Sheen as well. Like this gentleman with the lovely username “drippingdownherbreas” (sic).

drippingdownherbreas 2 points 7 hours ago Hypergamous whores. Sheen's still a giant asshole though.

As are you all, MGTOWs, as are you all.


112 replies on “MGTOWs think it’s hilarious that Charlie Sheen may have given HIV to “hypergamous” women”

@Buttercup Q Skullpants

While there’s absolutely still a stigma against people with HIV, I can’t help but wonder if the reason Sheen was so keen on keeping his diagnosis hushed up was to avoid the consequences of knowingly exposing people to HIV infection after the fact.


I see this has already been covered ^^ and yes, my rephrasing was lazy enough to only include the nitpick 😛

As a general rule, no science ever is dedicated to studying human nature as such.

As for hypergamy, it’s restricted to caste systems and in regards to marrying someone from an upper class. I guess it could be stretched “in a wide sense” to include “gold-diggers” but only when related to status (and money, lots of money).

MRAs use “hypergamy” to refer to anyone (haha, of course we mean women!) having a partner which is in at least one way better than the previous partner.

This is part of the “using science lingo to believe we’re doing science by pulling theories out of our rear ends” trope, generally followed by the “and use them to increase our hatred and bitterness and blame everything on women” trope.

Misogynists: women practise hypergamy/whatever other thing we dislike. Women cannot help it. It is pure instinct that serves evolution. That is why we hate them.

A bit odd how women are improving the human species according said reasoning while still being considered bad.

Yeah, I could have phrased that less clumsily – thanks for clarifying. :/ I was trying to say that hypergamy (in the original sense) exists but shouldn’t be a surprising phenomenon, while MRAs and adjacent groups have pounced on it as scientific holy writ with which to attack women and the mythical 20% of Chads who are hogging all the women. They’ve unmoored it from its previous meaning and broadened the definition to include any form of women seeking resources or having partner preferences. In the sense that MRAs use “hypergamy”, you can easily turn it around and say that MRAs do the same thing, only with fertility markers.

The other term they use for trading up to a superior partner is “branch swinging”, as if women who want to improve their lot are mindless (yet conniving) primates. I’m guessing these guys never get swung to, because they’ve broken off the tree and are sitting on the ground.

EJ: “Yiannopoulos” might not get tracked, but “Milo” sure does, and I doubt that’s all fans of Bloom County or Catch-22.

To me, Milo is a chocolate powder you mix into hot water to make instant hot chocolate. I practically grew up on the stuff. It never occurred to me that one would use that term for the world’s most prominently homophobic gay man.

If I’m going to track Yiannopoulos by his first name, I’ll have to do the same for Futrelle and Elam; and I suspect that fans of Michelangelo’s statue and of the founder of Christianity might provide a number of false positives on those.

I’m not as nice as some people. I have a hard time feeling sorry for horrible people went horrible things happen to them. I’m having a hard time feeling compassion toward Sheen but I do feel compassion toward his victims. Yes, I’m calling the victims. He’s a well known and proud male chauvinist pig. That’s why they didn’t even bother to change his name on Two and a Half Men. He was just playing himself. I hope they sue his ass and his balls off! I think they all made extremely poor choices in sleeping with someone who is a well known and proud male chauvinist pig, but there’s not much I can do about that now and it is actually illegal to knowingly infect someone with an STD if you are aware that you have one.

I maintain, “use condoms, dummy,” for EVERYONE, HIV+ or not. Your chances of getting HIV with a proper condom use are almost zero. Yeah, yeah, we all do risky things blah blah blah but your chances of risking your life eating one cheeseburger are a lot different from your chances of risking your life having one unprotected encounter. So, yes, fuck all you want, just don’t be stupid about it.

Is there anything they can do to cure their own HIV? No. Can situations like this be used as an opportunity to remind everyone to stop literally risking their lives? YES!

These Reddit men do realize that the women now exposed to HIV via Charlie Sheen will go on to expose other men to HIV, right? If they are so worried about men, shouldn’t they be worried about those men? It’s not as if all men only have sex with one woman for their entire lives.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants, I was applauding when you made this observation:

“…it’s human nature to seek the best partner out of the pool of available people. Not a remarkable observation, but MGTOWs think it’s a moral failing when women do it, and a moral imperative when they do it” [Whatever term you use for it.]

Then you said this:

“I remember this is MGTOW we’re talking about here. People who have the emotional maturity of a taco.”

And I lolled.

“Yeah, but they’ll probably only expose other Chads.”

Is Chad the new code for “alpha”? I thought 4Channers used as “male normie” and “alphas” aren’t “normal” are they?

I came here to this article while responding to a friend who told me about a “feminist” who knowingly spread HIV to 324 men in revenge for contracting it. As I pointed out to him, “that’s not feminism, that’s “crazy insane person.” That’s like killing people because the Devil told you to do it while speaking through your neighbor’s dog.”

Same thing here. Applauding because a disease was spread to attractive women who wouldn’t date you is just… idiotic, inane, and insane.

Also, I agree with Land Whale regarding the victims. They are victims. I’m sure that Charlie Sheen, like this Kenyan woman, are both perfectly capable of seeming normal, decent, and charming enough to convince someone to have sexual relations with them. Has anyone here NOT had an experience like that, where you thought someone was nicer in person than their reputation suggested, until you realized they were just that good at selling themselves?

(article about the woman: )

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