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Jared Fogle: Men’s Rights martyr?

Jared Fogle: Men's Rights martyr?
One MRA is declaring “Free #JaredFogle ! Jail the feminazis!”

Yesterday, the official Subway Twitter account posted a carefully worded statement declaring the actions of the sandwich chain’s now infamous former spokesman Jared Fogle as “inexcusable,” and noting that the company had already severed ties with him.

It’s certainly no surprise that Subway wants to have nothing to do with Fogle, who “has agreed to plead guilty to one count of traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor and one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography,” as CBSNews reports.

What was a little surprising was seeing some who responded to Subway’s tweet actually defending Fogle. And while some of the “defenders” were almost certainly trolls, Fogle’s most vociferous defender was completely sincere — and a self-described Men’s Rights activist.

The first to respond to Subway’s Tweet, he declared:

holo1 holo2

So who is this Holocaust21? On his website — it seems pretty clear he’s a “he” — he claims to stand for “Men’s Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights.”

The “men’s right,” that is, to have sex with girls as young as 12. He thinks age of consent laws are a plot against men and that “feminist inspired paedohysteria, sexual offence & child protection legislation is leading to a holocaust of men.”

In a seemingly neverending stream of combative tweets, he has defended Fogle as “a good chap,” declared that there is “absolutely nothing wrong with banging teenage girls” and told one critic of his views that “[y]ou’re just jealous that #JaredFogle isn’t interested in fat old hags like you.”

As he sees it, he explained over the course of two Tweets,

Age of consent laws just make it easy to convict innocent ppl, to exert rigid social control on normal behaviours

Here are some of his other thoughts:





While Holocaust21 is clearly on the fringes of the Men’s Rights movement, he’s not the only MRA obsessed with the alleged evils of the age of consent; the blogs Human Stupidity and The Antifeminist have staked out similar positions.

Tom Martin, one of the best-known MRAs in the UK, has argued that child prostitutes “exploit” pedophiles for money, and Judgy Bitch, A Voice for Men’s “social media director,” has described the teenage victims of the late Jimmy Savile, British “entertainer” and pedophile, as the real abusers.

You may also recall the gentleman who showed up at AVFM’s conference last year to support his pet project of lowering the age of consent to age 12. After first suggesting that the man, a registered sex offender named Albert Calabrese, was a plant sent to the conference by their enemies, the powers that be at AVFM relented, with head AVFMer Paul Elam suggesting that he wanted to run a video by Calebrese on the site.

And so it is not altogether shocking that Holocaust21’s blogroll includes not only Human Stupidity and The Antifeminist but Judgy Bitch and A Voice for Men. And that, if you look through his followers on Twitter, you will find a number of MRAs amongst them, including such familiar names as Tom Martin, Elvind Burge, former AVFM radio host Jack Barnes, as well as Mina Smith, the antifeminist sea lion who so tediously “debated” me the other day. (It’s a small world after all.)

Looking through Holocaust21’s timeline over the past few days, I see that he’s retweeted Roosh V, #GamerGate’s pet “journalist” Milo Yiannopoulos, and an anti-Semitic caricature of Anita Sarkeesian.

It’s a really small world.

Will any other MRAs embrace Fogle as a Men’s Rights martyr? I guess we’ll see.

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6 years ago


“Pedophilia isn’t an illness; it’s an inappropriate desire which can never be expressed in action because it’s a crime to have sex with anyone without their consent, and children can’t consent. The best thing we can do is to offer pedophiles counseling and other treatments to prevent them from offending, and there are a whole lot of them who don’t want to offend, who really don’t want to hurt children. But the laws in the U.S. make that nearly impossible when mental health professionals are required by law to report to legal authorities any self-identifying pedophile–even those who’ve never offended and are proactively seeking help so that they remain non-offenders–and the individual can get caught up in the criminal justice system, despite never having committed a crime, and have their entire lives turned upside-down.”

Yes, this times a thousand. I read about a similar case recently, where a boy with OCD was suffering with obsessions to violently rape a classmate. He went to get help with his obsessions, the dipshit he got help from notified the police, the police notified the girl, launched into this big investigation, and basically went hysterical over someone who was not violent, and was not a threat. OCD causes the brain to fixate on things that cause anxiety; if he was violent he wouldn’t be anxious over raping her. Obsessions are completely different than fantasies.

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