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Fight for the real victims of prostitution: Pimps and Johns, idiot demands

Evil prostitutes exploiting men
Evil sex workers exploiting men

So The Independent recently ran a piece by Catherine Murphy of Amnesty International, explaining why the organization is calling for the decriminalization of sex work.

In the comments, someone calling themselves THEMISHMISHEH offers a unique take on the issue.

And by “unique” I mean “seemingly from another planet.”

Shades of Tom Martin, huh?

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I’ve figured it out: He didn’t come back every few days because he’s an obsessive creep*, but because he was furiously typing like the very fate of the world depended on it the entire bloody time.

Jesus fuckbucketing Christ.

*Not to say that he’s not an obsessive creep, of course, because they all are.

Oh hey — I missed the excitement! Super excited that the world is saved!

Thanks, Mammotheers, for a fascinating, insightful discussion.

@Alan, @Scildfreja
Thank you for the masterful job you did restating my arguments!

@Sinkable John

My father (who could be described as a proto-MRA) does exactly that with recordings of conversations. He then goes on to show people the doctored recordings to support his “point” that some woman or other is the absolute worst.

Woah, woah, woah!

And here I thought that my father was creative in his battles against everyone who wasn’t him.

I’m so sorry that your father attempts to gaslight people. In my experience, when a parent does that kind of thing, you kind of wish you’d never met them.

Fare thee well, troll. You shall be missed.

Wait who the fuck am I kidding.


Oh that ain’t even his creative stuff. He could school these trolls. 4chan got nothing on him. Although, he’s also such a freaking primer on misogyny that he might be able to accidentally turn even MRAs into feminists.

Like, “Is this what I’m becoming ? OH SHIT.”

Sorry yours was like that too. Much as I like to make fun of it, it’s never easy for anyone :/

The last few pages of this thread are a lesson in why it can be useful to feed trolls: reading the regulars’ responses to him has been both entertaining & incredibly informative. I fee like I’ve just come out of a particularly inspiring seminar.

Thanks to everyone for their effort!

It’s probably just as well you’ve banned Mishmash. You’re now all spared from my analysis of how his interpretation of the word ‘understand’ turns “Jaws” into a tragic tale of a man forced to shoot his best friend.

(It started with “I understand most shark attacks take place in less than 3 feet of water” and went on from there.)

Oh sweet Cthulhu, the verbosity and pretension of that one was astounding! It was great seeing everyone hunting the teal dear.

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