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MGTOW channels Molly Bloom in stream-of-consciousness rant against “worthless abusive neglected finger pointing self made drama whores”

Typical Woman (Artist's Conception)
Typical Woman (Artist’s Conception)

The final chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses, as all former English majors will tell you, consists of what has become known as Molly Bloom’s soliloquy, a punctuation-deprived 24,000-word stream-of-consciousness rush of words reflecting the thoughts of Mrs. Bloom as she lies in bed next to her husband Leopold Bloom.

The soliloquy is famous as much for its smuttiness as for its style, ending with a much-quoted passage in which Mrs. Bloom basically invents the notion of Yes Means Yes:

how he kissed me under the Moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes.

Molly Bloom might seem an unlikely Men’s Rights heroine; as a sex-obsessed mother of two, she is what most Red Pill dudes would call a post-wall slut.

Yet her famous monologue remains an influential literary inspiration to this day, even amongst the misogynists of this world.

I know this because these dudes regularly deposit long, punctuation-deprived stream-of-consciousness soliloquys in my comments section on a regular basis. They are, alas, much less charming than Mrs. Bloom’s.

I don’t usually let these walls-of-text through, but the one I got today, from someone calling himself FA, was too good (by which I mean terrible) to keep to myself.

Though it may be a little hard to tell, FA’s angry monologue is in response to my post about Aaron Clarey’s proposed boycott of Mad Max: Fury Road.

FA starts off by (I think) suggesting that I am a “broad.”

get real men, a broad wrote this trying to tell you what is going on in her self created drama of myopic shelf life ruin the world with chemical abandon in her never ending search for the Face Cream of Life so she can keep putting her holes up against the next set of losers holes just so they can cuntinue to parasite off mankind and shower him with udder disrespect.

FA is evidently a bit of a punster.

women are children their entire lives, men and women know this is true, thing is men accept it, women make every excuse and remain children who need to be led through life, protected, corrected, taught and loved. no woman knows anything of love, just the running scared empty feeling void inside they rush to fill with anything they can get their grubby little materialistic hands on while taking Mr. Wallet for a ride because he cares and is capable of caring while all a woman WANTS is attention to beat out the next natural born sluts Marcy and Stacy over there, etc.

Well, at least FA is a little freer with his punctuation than Mrs. Bloom, who only managed two periods in her monologue.

Pathetic. And pathetic men have to put up with a creature that constantly attacks them because they made the wrong choice so very long ago. The Great Whore is a mentality and women have it. They think they are so smart but they left themselves behind with their laziness.

Should there be a Godwin’s Law for misogynists, too? Like, whenever someone compares women to the Whore of Babylon they automatically lose the argument?

Or maybe it could be a drinking game.

One word of advice, do not ever fix what a woman breaks – it’s all a ploy to get you to ‘feel’ for her to get you to do it for her and waste your life on something that wasn’t worth it in the first place.

Well, I’m no good at fixing anything anyway.

by their own choices. wonder why women are all up in publishing = to rehash just what they got to work with – gash, tits and ass and that’s it.

I had no idea that women were editing manuscripts with their vaginas. How many kegels do they have to do before they can hold the blue pen firmly down there?

NAWALT = just another excuse so a woman can keep lies in her pocket to pull out and use because none of them anywhere have any H.A.I.R.E. much less loyalty… they’re always shopping around, including for men but notice how they chastise men for women be an easy lunch?

What’s H.A.I.R.E? Why are we talking about lunch?

Hey, if anyone is going to JimmyJohn’s, can you get me a turkey and bacon sub on French bread?

yeah, it’s called the double standard and they know nothing of G-D. they made their choices, made their beds and they want YOU to take their places?

A guy who used the made-up-word “cuntinue” in his first sentence won’t spell out “GOD?”

nope. they did it to themselves and Obama was right = a nation of women because you fukn pussies are pussified when it comes to what is really going on.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a particularly accurate paraphrase of anything Obama’s ever said.

Patriarchy? Ummm, nope try whore MATRIARCHY… but oh, it’s a man’s fault. women are pretty little desperate do nothing liars by choice = not your problem men, you have a world to keep building while they tear it down for attention because men are creators, women destroyers, men know and women never will.

Well, to be honest, some men are destroyers too.




they can’t. this is why G-D HAD a wife also, past tense, LQQK around, see where she is? yes. it’s just like that. now there are good women – your job is to avoid them and not to feed the whores of Cain’s of life.

Evidently, G-D is a G-D Going His Own Way.

all a bitch ever has, is an excuse – backed by lies, to get what she wants. know why they’re confusing? because they’re fukn with you, lying to you, cheating on you… men, go fuk ’em all… it’s what they obviously want – but oh, you can’t do that. be a man. or be a worthless abusive neglected finger pointing self made drama whores bitch.

I believe that should be “whore’s.” And I think there are some hyphens and commas that could go in there as well. Too bad there’s no woman editing his rant with her vagina.

hey ‘ladies’ – your feelings don’t pay the bills ya babies, but your tits and ass just might… since it’s all the currency you really have for your udderly disrespectful attitudes and choices.

I think I prefer Molly Bloom’s dirty thoughts to his.

also notice a woman always attacks first, always… with the excuse of being threatened, notice they always hit first because they’re children, notice how they have every excuse – and Americunt High Society thinks they’re a bunch of smart hoes running men…

Ah, that brings back memories. Did anyone else read those Americunt High books when they were a kid?

Will she?
Jessica is such a worthless abusive neglected finger pointing self made drama whore.

It’s possible I may have gotten the name of that book series wrong.

nope, just a bunch of rude whores who aren’t worth it because guess what WHITE AMERICAN ANGLO SAXON MALES = YOU ARE THE APEX PREDATOR OF THIS PLANET… AND THE TARGET TO USURP BY ALL HER LIES.

APEX PREDATOR OF THIS PLANET! Well, at least until these things get here:


Is that the sound Predator makes? I have to admit I haven’t seen the movies.

nope, there’s real women, but let’s get real here – most are just self used up natural born whores who gender bent a system to refuse to give men respect. they also started all the chaos for WWi and II…

Er, what? I guess I should have been paying more attention in Totally Imaginary Completely Untrue History class.

remember, G-D HAD… a wife too – till he kicked her ass out to the gutter where she chose to belong… choice a = be a real woman choice b = be a whore and they all choose b BECAUSE IT’S SO LIBERATING. They do not care about anything – but sure lie and say they do. nice space shuttle they built, eh? … know your place, men do – but some whores want to be men.

Yes, it was a nice space shuttle these women helped to build.

I’m all for real men and women who play life straight and come correct with manners and respect – ya know, a human being. the rest, fuck your feelings, you’re shit and nothing but parasites and worthless fodder to make examples of. you do not care so neither do I. but for those who are True and do care. ” ) Hello. to the rest… fuck your feelings scabs and parasites. worthless human garbage. time to go.

Well, so long, then! It’s been unreal!

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Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

And here I thought I was only going to hell for being a pagan, witchcraft-practicing, pansexual girl who doesn’t want to have kids.

7 years ago

A guy who used the made-up-word “cuntinue” in his first sentence won’t spell out “GOD?”

Maybe he thinks it’s like Voldemort, if he spells it out then he’ll summon God, who will be angry and just, I dunno, smite us all or something.

7 years ago

When you get into the crazier ends of Kaballah and other bits of Jewish theology, there’s lots of stuff about “emanations” or “aspects” which is vaguely analogous to the avatars of Hindu theology but not quite.

Several of the aspects of YHWH- I think they’re the Sepheroth?- are feminine, often in pairs with masculine ones. They thought a lot more about it.

And lol, yeah, the whole “church is the bride of God” is mostly there to handwave away the porniest parts of the Song of Songs.

7 years ago

Sorry, maybe “far fetched” is better to describe the wild-out deep end of pre-Christian Jewish mysticism, but I dunno if I like that.

Esoteric, maybe?

7 years ago

I…this is honestly almost incomprehensible. Like, what? God had a wife? Women caused WWI and WWII? Whaaaat? He’s just delusional and angry (so so so very angry); just like the rest of ’em.

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
7 years ago

“Esoteric” has a specific meaning when you’re discussing religion. I believe – but am not an authority by any means – that much of Judaism is technically esoteric, even today, so calling part of it esoteric wouldn’t really be meaningful. I would go with simply “odd”.

7 years ago

@Paradoxical Intention

According to my sources, Liberals from California are destined for the worst depths of hell where they will suffer for all eternity because they 1.) Elected Obama who brought the country the ACA and extra-super-religious types hate health care for all; 2.) Something about supporting planned parenthood, and; 3.) The abhorrent way that California Liberals want to do what they can to help the liberals in other states who are opposing one thing or another over silly claims about violating civil rights and such. Religiously demanding that everyone give up things like separation of church and state, assuming moral superiority thus having the right to turn the U.S. into a theocracy where they can repeal objectionable statutory and case law/restructure the government to “shrink” it down both in services to the public and operational budget expenses, and restore the religious patriarchs to the “good old days” they fondly recollect and long for – the Victorian age.


I had a Siamese who would climb the window screens alternating with launching herself at them thanks to the neighbor’s habit of feeding pigeons so well they decided on a semi-permanent residency – good thing this scenario never played out to it’s logical conclusion because sailing out a two story bedroom window stuck to the metal framed screen panel (which she had a fondness for licking…) with a high probability for injuries upon crash landing, all to have netted zero pigeons in the process would definitely set me up for serial run-by-bitings. I can say with certainty that my life and continued physical well-being were in danger several times (at a minimum!) in 15 years; if she didn’t need me capable of walking independently as well as operate a motor vehicle to procure and deliver food, I would have taken a header down the stairs ‘on accident’ all due to a clever bouncy ball trap – I fear that the dog would have had it worse should such a trap have succeeded, puling around the Cat Mistress chariot like a strange version of the horse chariots from Ben-Hur and whatever else being the cat’s “bitch” (literally even!) would entail. Yeah, my cat tried to kill me and committed acts of kitty vengeance often in the middle of night but that’s just how her little black heart expressed love and I’d put up with fangs sunk into my shoulder waking me up, a thousand times to have kept her around longer,

All this to say I know that click-chirp and feeling the need to take precautions against the kamikaze strike of a late night bored cat.

7 years ago

You can always tell a true cat lover by their willingness to embrace the imminent threat of death and/or evisceration. :3

epitome of incomprehensibility

I know this is a couple of days old, but the mention of Molly Bloom AND Sweet Valley High hit me right in the teenage nostalgia. I was all about the great literature!

Oh, and besides the “udder” thing, there’s also “hoes,” which is how you spell the garden tool. The abbreviation for wh*re is just “ho” (unless it takes an “e” when you make it plural, like potatoes. I dunno. I’m thinking too hard about this.)

7 years ago

“I have to admit I haven’t seen the movies.”

I highly recommend watching them – the first two predator movies at least (the rest are mostly garbage) – those films are classics, and this is coming from someone who didn’t watch them originally (I just thought they would be crappy b-movies), but they are on par with Alien/s/terminator 1&2.

7 years ago

I read about half of his rant, but I love the way you compared it to Molly Bloom.

All I could think is that obviously he doesn’t know that FA is a way of saying ‘fuck all’, unless maybe he is some kind of edgy nihilist!

7 years ago

The G-d thing, unfortunately, implies this man was raised as an Orthodox Jew. Part of following the commandment not to take G-d’s name in vain is to not spell any of His names out. As an Orthodox Jew myself, I am ashamed on his behalf.

Name Required
Name Required
7 years ago

I’m new to this um blog I guess. I’m curious as to your particular philosophy on feminism or your general view upon how men and women should behave towards each-other. It’s not that I don’t think that this dudes writing is anecdotal, it’s that I didn’t find your writing all that too amazing either. Criticizing grammar ? really ? Also why such heavy rules on comments? Is it that bad to let people give their raw opinion?

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