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It Came from the Trash Pile: MGTOW mad-libs edition

Bundta Dentata, a.k.a. Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake from Yummy Crumble.  Click on pic for more.
Bundtina Dentata, a.k.a. Star Wars Sarlacc Bundt Cake from Yummy Crumble. Click on pic for more.

Today, another little treasure from the trash pile — that is, a comment someone left here but that I decided not to let through but which I have since decided might be worth sharing with the world.

This particular commenter — an excitable Man Going His Own Way reacting to my post Women are overpriced vagina buses that won’t let you ride them — has a bit of a fixation on a certain word that starts with “C,” which he managed to use 14 times in his tl;dr rant.

I’ve taken the liberty of cutting out boring stuff, breaking up his wall of text into paragraphs, and highlighting some of my favorite bits. And, in the interest of making the world a slightly nicer place, I’ve replaced each instance of the word “cunt” with “bundt cake.” Who doesn’t like cake?

Let’s see what Poltergeist1981 has to say, shall we?

Wow – look at all the bundt cake-hurt on this comment section! Nothing but baseless statements, Strawmen, and a myriad of other logical fallacies combined with emotional trauma. Not amazed or surprised through, bundt cakes hate it when you call them out on their bundt cake bullshit, especially if they are biased feminazi bundt cakes. …

Damn. I’m hungry already.

What are the feminists doing now? Complaining about how men sit? Man Spreading they call it? Give me a fucking break you bundt cakes – we have something in between our legs that makes it uncomfortable to sit like you do! It’s too bad you can’t grow a cock and pair of balls to understand that, but none the less what a pathetic fucking group it has become.

Ah, manspreading. If what I’ve seen is any indication, the overwhelming majority of the talk about “manspreading” has come from men who are absolutely furious that anyone could possibly suggest that maybe they shouldn’t take up more than one seat on a crowded subway. With all the talk about the possible harm to their allegedly HUGE BALLS, it’s almost as though they’re afraid of some sort of symbolic castration.

Angry dudes: some people with cocks and balls as big as yours manage do this on a regular basis — in part to avoid getting harassed or worse by transphobes — so quit your bellyaching about having to keep your legs together for a few minutes on the subway.

Feminists need to fuck off about the first world – you have more than your fair share of human rights (way more than men now) – and need to start focusing on the middle east where they still force bundt cakes to wear burkas or however / whatever you call them.

Spoken like a real expert on gender in the Middle East. Are you by chance Richard Dawkins?

Do they really focus on that though? No – they focus on bullshit like man-spreading. You want to know why? Because first world bundt cakes are superficial – idiotic – and are only good for what is between their legs, and half of you aren’t even good for that now – fucking STD infected land whales.

Uh, if these “land whales” aren’t even “good for” sex now, how is it that so many of them (at least in your imagination) have managed to get Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Put the fork fucking down and close your fucking legs.

I would say “or” rather than “and” here. Nothing wrong with forks, or with sex, but combining the two may not be the best idea. You could put an eye out.

[A]ll you bundt cake are so extremely superficial, fucked up, nasty, no morals, can’t fucking cook, can’t fucking clean, just overall good for nothing, and you’re only good for sex assuming your bundt cake is clean and you’re not a fucking whale.

True, a clean bundt cake is preferable to a dirty one.

[I]t’s not that we can’t get laid – it’s because we just don’t want it from you anymore – it’s not worth our trouble.
I get more enjoyment from fucking a fleshlight to my favorite porn now than going through the trouble of being with some boring good for nothing / nasty / etc bundt cake to then eventually bust a nut with.

That poor, poor Fleshlight.

Also why would I or any of us want to have a “deep / intimate / close” relationship with you? You are not interesting, fun, uplifting, or anything what women USED to be back during the days where traditional conservative women were the norm.

I’m sure women who were systematically denied education were much more interesting conversationalists.

You say that “patriarchy” forced them to be that way when really, they simply just had more class than you.

Uh, that’s not how things work.

Myself? 32 yrs old, Never married – 0 kids – make over 100k / year doing java programming, 0 STDs, Great body work out every day, Near perfect credit, awesome house, Ferrari (not an expensive one a modest one I got for a great price :D), and a PC master race gaming habit i’ll never leave.

Gosh, an angry MGTOW who’s a computer programmer and gaming enthusiast who thinks it’s hilarious to refer to himself as part of the “master race.” Way to dismantle the stereotypes, dude!

I love my life. Why should I fuck it up with marriage.

I’ll agree with you on this one. Do not fuck up your life — or, more to the point, anyone else’s — by getting married

I look at things like an economic transaction when it comes to women.

Boy, there’s a shock.


When you consider myself – the value I have will continue to grow as I get older – i’ll continue you make more and more money, and increase my market value.

Now take a woman – when it comes to most of you the only thing you’re really only good for is what is between your legs and your looks. That is what I consider a depreciating asset since eventually your looks will fade. Why should I have to MARRY you? No what I will do though – I will lease you. When our contract is up – I’ll replace you with a newer model.

Wait, weren’t you just declaring that women are worthless, and singing the praises of your Fleshlight? And now you’re bragging about “leasing” young hotties with your Java money? Money that could be spent on Steam, or on a replacement Fleshlight? You’re going your own way SO HARD that you brag about bribing women into having sex with you?

You ask who will take care of me when I get sick? My new model or you if you have not depreciated enough to be replaced at such a time. I will ALWAYS have a replacement..

Yes, keep telling yourself that.

Now if I found a woman that actually has many values / morals / etc that is worth keeping around – EVEN THEN – I would still not marry her. Why? Because a woman like that probably ALREADY has a job that pays really well, she can take care of herself, she does not need my money – she would be seeing me because we have mutual interests and SHE IS INTERESTING and not superficial –

I shudder at the thought of a women who has “mutual interests” with you, given that your main interest seems to be calling women “cunts” on the internet.

BUT SHE HAS ALL THIS MONEY??!?! So why should I risk losing HALF OF MY SHIT to a woman who is making as much IF NOT MORE money as myself? Where is the logic in that shit?

We don’t care if you don’t marry. I’d much prefer you didn’t.

Honestly until the laws that fuck guys financially GO AWAY from drivoces go the way of the dinosaur – MGTOW 4 fucking life. Fuck that shit.

And now we’ve reached the part of the rant in which the ranter descends into gibbering incoherence.

I would like to ask some of you bundt cakes. Is your pussy worth my life? Is it? I seriously fucking doubt it – and to the those who say Yes – it is – fuck off and die – you are what is wrong with the world and women today mmmkaY? kkthxbai

MGTOW 4 life, bundt cakes.

Bundt cake for life, MGTOWs!

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Paradoxical Intention
6 years ago

GrumpyOldSocialJusticeMangina | July 3, 2015 at 12:49 pm
Unless Hillary makes a whopper of a mistake (which I think she’s much too smart to do) or the Greek situation really blows up and causes a recession in Europe that spreads to the US, she is the next President. (Except for her vote to give W authority to invade Iraq, she would be President now.)

I personally kind of hope this isn’t the case. She’s good in theory, but that’s about it.

She has been the target of one of the most severe and longest-running slime campaigns in recent history — it hasn’t worked yet, and I don’t think it will. And I expect there will be enough sexist and ageist shit said about her to turn out the women’s vote. (One guy on a NY Mag blog called her “Ol’ Thunder Thighs” and “Grandma Pantsuit”, and tried to deny that that was sexist and ageist.)

I can’t help but feel like this would be blatant tokenism though. Voting for a woman just solely because she’s a woman and because she’s faced a lot of the same stigma that other women have based solely on their gender seems a little…naive.

Which, unfortunately, describes many a voter’s approach to politics. “Are they in my preferred party?” “Do I like what they have to say without research?”

Personally, I don’t like the mudslinging that goes on during these campaigns. I don’t care what ills your opponent has done. I’ve looked into them. Tell me what you want to do for me, dammit.

As I said before, I really like Bernie, but his having been mayor of Burlington as a socialist makes it impossible for him to be elected President.

I’ve seen quite a bit of support for him from the younger crowd, especially from Millennials old enough to vote on tumblr. It’s just a matter of getting more people informed about him and what he stands for.

And Bernie seems to get along quite well with the Millennials, and they seem to like what he has to say.

And this year, Millennials also have officially outnumbered Boomers and are more diverse.

So, while his chances are not assured, he still has some hope if people can get the word out about him.

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
6 years ago

It seems to me, from my outsider’s perspective, that Jeb would be a delight for the Democrats. I mean, the “Remember what the first two did? Do you really want to try again?” ads practically write themselves. Not to mention that they can plaster the country with Barbara Bush saying she thinks there shouldn’t be any more Bushes as president. They’d have to be careful if Hillary’s the candidate to clip out the “No more Clintons either” part, but even then, 2 Bushes is more than 1 Clinton, so…

Alan Robertshaw
6 years ago


Well, she seems to be giving it a pretty good go!

I live in the Duchy of Cornwall so technically Charles is already in charge. He’s always said though that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be King. Wouldn’t surprise me if they skipped and generation and went straight to Wills.

Charles might be fun though; he’s got a real Pagan streak and I don’t think he’d keep it hidden.

6 years ago

Wait, Trump and Bush are currently the top GOP contenders? What was the point of all the primaries a couple years ago then? What happened to those candidates?

Let’s see. Romney is a two time loser (primaries in ’08 and general in ’12), so he’s out. Santorum is running again. Ron Paul is old, so his son Rand is taking his place in the hip libertarian millenials often don’t realize he’s terrible slot. Cain and Bachman were scandal riddled. Rick Perry is running again. Did I leave anyone out?

6 years ago

Wait. Why is my comment in moderation? I don’t see a slur and there are no links, so I’m not sure what I did.

6 years ago

Well Sunny, I answered your question so it’ll be around eventually. For some reason it’s in moderation.


@WWTH: I’ve had a comment go into moderation for no detectable reason recently, so there seems to be a problem in the filter.

@PI: I’m a socialist myself, so I understand where you’re coming from. BUT I grew up in politics (my father twice got the Democratic nomination for our seat in Congress, which unfortunately was hopelessly Republican at that point) and I am a realist. Socialism is a dirty word in US politics in spite of the fact that we’ve had socialist programs for a long time (free public education, for example, not to mention Social Security, Medicare, etc.) Bernie can’t win the nomination, and if he could — assuming the R nominee is someone like Jeb!!!! and not Trump, Santorum, or Cruz — he would go down in a landslide, Goldwater/McGovern style, that would give the R’s a huge majority in the House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. They would then be able to privatize (i.e., gut) Social Security and Medicare and kill Obamacare if they wanted to. They would also probably get to add as many as 3 Scalias to the Supreme Couirt, leaving Kagan and Sotomayor an irrelevant minority. And even if Bernie could get elected, he would have no chance to get his programs through Congress.

Hillary is not just a woman — though it do believe it’s high time to give a woman a shot at the White House — she’s also the best, most qualified candidate who has a realistic chance of winning. Although she won’t be able to do much in domestic policy, there’s still foreign policy where the constitution puts the President in charge. She’s definitely more hawkish than would be my taste, but any other plausible candidate would be much worse.
Al Gore wasn’t an ideal candidate either, by any means, but I don’t think there’s any question we’d have been better off with him than W. And if progressives hadn’t voted for Nader’s quixotic campaign, we probably wouldn’t have the Iraq War.

I see this as a defensive election — trying to hold off against a Republican’t extremist catastrophic victory until the inevitable demographic changes in US society send them to the ashcan of history. We just can’t take any chance of a Republicasn’t in the White House at this point.

6 years ago

And just for the record, for non_USAians, Jeb is not his first name — it’s his initials (John Ellis Bush).

On a comedic note, I’ve heard that it’s now fashionable to pronounce it “Heb”, since Jebby declared himself to be a Latino (he’s not, but his wife and kids are.)

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
6 years ago


… My first thought there is the gross MRA/white supremacist (haha, like there’s a difference) meme that women who have sex with black men “Catch blackness.” I sincerely hope Jeb didn’t mean it that way and was just failing at outreach.


@SFHC: Jeb!!!!! has clearly inherited a generous dose of the Bush family foot-in-mouth disease.

6 years ago

I like Bernie too, but he’s for white people. He’s never courted the minority vote and you can’t win a Democratic primary without it anymore. Plus he’s, you know, not actually a Democrat. So he’s no dice.

However, him running is a great thing because a) it proves that a socialist candidate can have traction, which will help push the far left back into acceptable politics, and b) it forces Hillary to actually campaign in the primary, which means she’ll have to position herself as more of a leftist instead of a centrist.

Wishing for a better candidate than Hillary is just a bit chimerical. I mean, yes, you certainly can wish there was someone better than her, but given that the election is what it is, she’s the best realistically electable candidate and she’s also the most likely to win, so I’m inclined to be happy about this election.

6 years ago

I think if people stopped assuring voters that Bernie isn’t electable, he’d have a much better chance. (Not picking on you. Every single time I hear his name mentioned in media it’s “Oh, he’d be amazing, but there is no chance so why bother”.) He’s the bast choice. He could be president.I think we should stop counting him out. It’s a self fulfilling prophesy. I’m voting for him. I want to see a socialist in office.

6 years ago

As predicted, soon to be Ex-Hubster is back on track. I think he kind of panicked because this is such an upsetting and difficult change. Big hugs and tears all around today. This is a change we both need. We’re gonna get each other through it. We see the lawyer next week. (We were going to skip it and do the filing ourselves but with all the heartache and upheaval there is no way we need to take that on too.) I have a job interview. Progress.

I think of it like a surgery. No one wants one, but sometimes people need them and they are happier for having had them.

Call me silly, but (Silly-butt! Silly-butt!) I’m so proud of him. He got his shit together like a boss. That is why we are BFF.

6 years ago

That’s right. Bast chooses Bernie. I meant to type that.
*shifty eyes*

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)
Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)
6 years ago


I’m very happy for you both!

…You know what I mean.


And the Republican’ts are all praying that Bernie gets the nomination, because they’d have a huge win and be able to do all the things the Tea Party fantasizes about.They’d be able to put the country back to 1938. By the time they finish with the attack ads, 60% of US voters will be convinced that he’s Joe Stalin’s long lost son.
Anyway, I don’t think Bernie thinks he has a chance or really wants it — he’s just trying to push Hillary a bit to the left and speak up for progressive ideas. And he’ll do that well.
Even if Bernie could be elected, things won’t be much different from what they will be when Hillary is elected, because no Democrat is going to get anything that has to go through Congress. As I say, this is a defensive election. I myself am to the left of Bernie, but I have no illusions as to where I stand within the US electorate. I’m out of the mainstream, and I know it.
Lefties didn’t vote for Hubert Humphrey in 1968, and we got Nixon and five more years of Vietnam War. Lefties voted for Nader in 2000, elected Bush, and we got the Iraq War among other things. I learned the lesson — I believe it’s Hillary or disaster.

6 years ago

My first thought there is the gross MRA/white supremacist (haha, like there’s a difference) meme that women who have sex with black men “Catch blackness.” I sincerely hope Jeb didn’t mean it that way and was just failing at outreach.

Oh, I think he DID mean it that way. And that he was just hoping that either no one would notice, or that the prevailing racism of white goobers (is there any other kind?) would render it a nontroversy. The entire Bush clan has not only the worst case of foot-in-mouth disease ever, but also a raging dose of the racist.

6 years ago


I hope it goes well. Much as it sounds like it’ll go as well as is possible it’s got to be a wrench facing such a huge change.
Best of luck to both of you!

EJ (The Other One)
EJ (The Other One)
6 years ago

Best wishes to you and to soon-to-no-longer-be-Mr-Lea.

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