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Young women with tattoos are “dickless Queequegs” abusing their freedom, possible threat to Men’s Rights

A tattoo of the NotoriousRBG will drive the misogynists away. Tattoo by Nikki Lugo of Tattoo Paradise. Click for her Instagram
A tattoo of the NotoriousRBG should work to drive the misogynists away. Tattoo by Nikki Lugo of Tattoo Paradise. Click for her Instagram

Are tattooed women a threat to Men’s Rights? Last week, the editors of A Voice for Men decided to promote “compassion for men and boys,” as the site’s old motto had it, by publishing a long and exceedingly creepy jeremiad against young women who taint their “radiant” young skin with icky tattoos, thereby ruining things for the men of the world.

In a post titled “Tattoos, good judgement and women,” Doug Mortimer, a self-described Man Going His Own Way of long standing, reminisces at length about the good old days, when the dancers at his favorite “topless bar” were as free of tattoos as they were of tops.

I used to occasionally pay a visit to one of the many local topless bars – pardon me, gentleman’s clubs – so I could wallow in a state of beer-buzzed, middle-aged, semi-arousal.

Sorry to put that image in your head so early in the day. (Or, whenever you happen to be reading this.)

By the late 1990s, tattoos were all the rage. It was almost impossible to see a dancer without a tramp stamp or some other symbol or picture, meaningful or meaningless (to me if not to her). I simply could not fathom why a young woman, with her skin at its peak of radiance and health, would do anything to detract from it.

Readers with sensitive stomachs may want to skip the next bit here.

Flat-chested or full figure; statuesque or petite; blond, brunette, or redhead, healthy skin tone is a key component of neoteny and nubility.

I’m not sure I really needed to hear a dude who was already middle-aged two decades ago wax poetic about the “neoteny and nubility” of women young enough to be his granddaughters.

In 1998, Mortimer tells us, he grew so frustrated by the tattoos adorning the “female flesh” he was paying to ogle that he quit going to “gentlemen’s clubs” altogether.

Despite Mortimer’s bold and principled stand, the young women of America continued to get tattoos. Today, Mortimer reports with horror, one survey found that “25% of all men under 25 have at least one tattoo; for women in that age group, the number is 47%.”

He warns young men to think twice about getting into relationships with these terrible tattooed women.

After all, you’re going to be looking at them every day, possibly till death do you part. Do you really want to cuddle up long-term with a dickless Queequeg?

Mortimer goes on to suggest that the popularity of tattoos amongst young women suggests that maybe they really don’t deserve freedom after all.

Ultimately, you have to seriously question the judgment of a young woman who would make a permanent commitment to something as trivial as body art. Of course, good judgment is only rarely associated with young women, which is why young women are kept on a short leash in traditional societies. When young women are given freedom, they often fuck it up.

Mortimer doesn’t address this directly, but presumably he believes that young men handle their freedom far more wisely, despite considerable video evidence to the contrary.

Mortimer is quick to assure his readers that he is well aware that young women without tattoos can also be terrible freedom-abusers who should probably be kept on a “short leash” as well.

That doesn’t mean a tattoo-free woman can’t be fucked up, but one who is tattooed…well, no matter what the design, it might as well be a big red warning flag.

Well, no. But, given the disgust that Mortimer and many other denizens of the manosphere feel towards tattooed women, tattoos could perhaps be better described as magical talismans offering protection from a certain kind of creepy woman-hating shitbag.

In any case, it’s pretty hard to imagine Mortimer’s post convincing any self-respecting woman, young or old, to cancel an appointment at the local tattoo parlor; I suspect that, if anything, it could have an opposite effect.

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Paradoxical Intention-Thanx for sharing those awesome tattoos. Water colour tattoos are lovely! I wanted a tattoo for ages, but could not afford to have one done in a decent size. I designed a tiger tattoo ago.

The drawing is crap (I am not the best at traditional art mediums, photography and digital painting are more my thing), but I’m sure the artist could develop something out of it. I want it to be a similar style to the traditional Japanese or Chinese watercolour paintings of tigers. Kinda like this dude’s.

Yeah. I drew this tiger tattoo AAAGGGGEEEESS ago, not the best drawing I have ever done. Anyway…..Tattooing is an amazing and ancient art form, so that moron can go and stuff himself. >:-(

Lord knows what that dear old lady called him, but there’s a reason Scully named him Queequeg.

Because her father’s nickname for her was Starbuck (FEELS) and she sees Mulder as Ahab (ALL THE FEELS).

I… may be a bit of an X-Files nerd.

That is a TERRIFIC owl. I haven’t seen an owl tattoo that impressed me in ages (not that they’re required to – as long as the buyer is pleased with the product – but I’m surprised to be seeing one that’s striking to my eye.) That is really beautiful and distinct.


This just makes me even more antsy to get the Mystery Science Theater 3000 silhouette tramp stamp I’ve been wanting for five years now. How many minds would I blow with that thing?

I prefer the term “ass antlers” for no particularly good reason, but that would unarguably be the best one ever, according to me, because MST3K is the best show ever.

A woman I know has a Dr. Steve Brule tattoo. (He’s a character on Tim and Eric, but I suppose if you know about Tim and Eric you probably know that.) Turns out there are a few other people who had the same idea. Hers was better than most of these here, though:

In other news: I removed a Buffalo Bill reference from the post; a commenter pointed out that the character was really kind of a transphobic nightmare. I also removed a comment someone else here made with the same reference.

Henceforth, when people mention the Superb Owl, that’s the owl I’ll think of.

I already have a few small tattoos, but this article makes me want to go to a parlour right now and cover my body in ink. Body art has always been an interest of mine, but now knowing that it repels misogynist asshats just makes me love it even more.

So it’s ok for an old man to lust after young women, but not for that same young woman to have a tattoo? This man is a perverted, sicko who actually believes women find him desirable. If having a tattoo keeps pigs like him at bay, then we should tattoo all of our girls and women.

“Women shouldn’t have rights, because my boner disagrees with what they’re doing”, part 43972

Oh boy did this bring back some memories! Tattoos are one of my dad’s favorite rants. According to him, young women who get tattoos aren’t virgins anymore because they have let another man permanently mark their bodies. I kid you not. According to his reasoning the woman then “belongs” to the tattoo artist, and cannot be free to marry.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:


That’s a great horned owl.


Eh, eh?

*quietly leaves*

I’ve been itching for someone to come up with a set of Drake equations to estimate the number of women these guys consider dateable.

Here, I’ll take a wild stab, based on some rough googling of US data.

Age 19 – 25: about 8% of women
Long hair: about 70% of women
No tattoos: about 60% of women
Normal or below-normal BMI: about 30% of women
Heterosexual: about 97% of women
No prior sex partners: about 12% of women (in this age bracket)
Not in a relationship: about 60% of women (in this age bracket)

Multiplied all together, that gets us down to approximately 0.07% of women.

That means that only 7 out of every 10,000 women meet their minimum acceptable criteria. You could whittle away at that tiny number even further: dyed hair, wearing pants, having a job, not wearing makeup, looking at their cellphone in public, wearing earphones in public, talking, and just generally existing. Now we’re getting into .0001% territory, or around 1 in a million.

Wow. No wonder these guys are so bitter. Their chances of finding a submissive unicorn HB10 are less than the chances of finding an intelligent civilization in our galaxy.

Actually, I forgot to include “HB8 and up” in the above equations, which eliminates an additional 90% or so of the teeny tiny remnant of acceptable women. Yeesh. We’re going to have to start using imaginary numbers soon.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants:
Certainly, only one out of every i women I know would sleep with Valizadeh.

Oh no! I got my first tattoo last year BUT I TOTALLY FORGOT TO ASK HIM FIRST IF IT WAS OK! Now that I think about it, I forgot to ask ANY man first! What ever will I do?

I’m thirty-six (today! :D) so I’m pretty sure my nubile and neotenous days are well behind me. Am I allowed a tattoo now, or will I still be horribly tainted and insufficiently feminine?

(…trick question. I actually already have four.)

@Octo That’s actually a pretty great concise summary of pretty much everything AVFM have ever written. I’m fairly sure you could replace the entire site with that one sentence and nothing of value would be lost.

Hey, Queequeg was no angel. He ate his previous owner.

Did he really? Huh. I missed that.

Pandapool -- The Species that Endangers YOU (aka Banana Jackie Cake, for those who still want to call me "Banana", "Jackie" or whatever)says:

Oh, going back to gaming tattoos, that tat I wanted since i was 12, the heart with bat wings? That’s from The Urbz. I remembered that when I passed a tattoo parlor today. 😛

Kaz- Please remember that you hope to be part of a “past generation” some day- because the alternative sucks. Don’t blame this past generation for asshats- every generation has its own share. But asshats are working hard at Darwinian extinction (only 7 women in 10,000?) if they think like this one, so maybe things will get better. We need the numbers from those seven women’s points of view to be sure.

I know I’m well behind, but oh, Scented Fucking Hard Chairs, those puggles were a blast from the past! I remember! There was even a whole store!

Oh my! There still is!!

(Hope that worked, I have no clue what I’m doing.)

Would like to add to that list of MRA acceptable feeeeemale traits that on top of all that the women need to actually want to sleep with them.

I was concerned for a moment that I fit the criteria on Buttercups comment but then I remembered that I have medium short hair and am 26. Phew! Crisis averted.

getting a tattoo today. seriously. and now that I know the powerful juju contained therein in keeping creeps away…I will keep getting them.

An MRA doesn’t want to date a woman with tattoos? Looks like I’ve got all the MRA repellent I need. (Well, combine that with being a feminist, having short hair, being outspoken, having a bold personality… I don’t think I’ll ever be at risk).

I’m sorry but women who have tattoos & body piercings (with the exception of ear rings) are UGLY. It’s like defaming a picture of the Mona Lisa with graffiti. I don’t care who well those tattoos drawned/colored. It’s ruins the youth & beauty of the female figure. Plus it makes you ladies look trashy. No thanks.

Women with tattoos & piercing are ‘broken’ women

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