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Tattooed hate girls: Are tattoos on women an attempt to repel men? One misogynist says yes.

I don't think the Militant Baker cares if her tattoos are offputting to assholes.
I don’t think the Militant Baker cares if her tattoos are offputting to assholes.

Misogynists hate, hate, hate it when women get tattoos. They just can’t all agree on why. The standard misogynist line on tattoos for women is that they are all, essentially, “tramp stamps” – a way of broadcasting that the woman displaying them is a slut, a skank, a whore. You know the drill.

But the “alternative right” racist/sexist/homophobe who goes by the handle agnostic has a rather different take. In a post on his blog Face to Face, he argues that women with tattoos are actually trying to broadcast their Puritan prudery.

Tattoos, you see, are just plain ugly, and help to accessorize a dreary look designed to repel men.

Notice how those girls dress in drab, dark monochrome colors, wear no girly jewelry, and sport flat hair rather than Big Hair. Their sassy, sarcastic, even nasty attitude echos their off-putting look.

Fundamentally, they are part of the larger trend toward drab dressing, and its signal of reluctance to get loose. Their personalities are more anti-social, so they express the neo-Pilgrim style in a more antagonistic fashion than the less abrasive girls in their generation, but they’re both variations on the same theme.

The tattoo-bearers are likely to be man-haters as well.

They are also part of the larger trend among women toward fear of or hatred toward men. …

In such a climate, women will alter their appearance and demeanor in order to deflate rather than excite the male libido. They act like prey trying to give warning signals to potential predators. The tattoo chicks are only the extreme version of this widespread trend. Girls sure don’t look or act as cute and flirty as they used to in the boy-crazy Eighties, when they thought of guys not as predators but as conspecifics who they wanted to court with engaging mating displays.

“Conspecifics” simply means “members of the same species.” Agnostic loves to drop that sciency lingo in order to make his prejudices seem  smart.

Anyway, he continues by arguing that tattoos are especially offensive to pickup artistes and other “assertive” dudes.

Off-putting style also serves to filter out the more assertive and independent males, who would rather spend time on a girl who looks cute, rather than settle for one who’s all marked up or not willing to show anything at all. … By inking themselves up, girls ensure that only the guys who are willing to get walked over and slapped in the face will approach them. Why go through the long hassle of having your new boyfriend fixed when you can advertise that only the neutered need apply in the first place?

Ah, but this last bit is perhaps more revealing than agnostic means it to be. Tattoos are an affront to misogynists because they’re seen as too assertive, too masculine – a challenge to traditional femininity, and to men who prefer traditionally feminine women.

Tattoos on women make misogynistic men angry because on some fundamental level these men don’t think women have the right to decorate their bodies in a way that displeases men –or at least their kind of men. It’s the same kind of creepy, possessive anger that many misogynistic men show towards women who cut their hair short. It’s as if these men on some level believe women’s bodies belong to them, and not to the women themselves.

And that’s pretty unattractive.

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When your feelings of ownership over your wife’s body are stronger than your trust that she’s making the right decisions for her own happiness, perhaps divorce is the right decision. For her, that is.


Seriously. When making a personal decision feels like an act of rebellion, it’s a sign that you feel that you don’t have agency and a huge red flag for a relationship.

My wife chose to have cookie dough ice cream for dessert last night. I would prefer for her to stick to vanilla or strawberry cheesecake, but does she listen to poor little me? NOPE 🙁


Nobody here cares about your sad boner, Nonya. Why don’t you step back and think a little bit about what motivated you to share your boner story with strangers on the Internet, hmm?


Let me break down your post for you and you tell me if you see something wrong:

1. I have a highly prejudiced, negative and personal view about tattoos.

2. My wife got a tattoo while she was drunk

3. I hate her so much for getting something that I find personally disgusting that I am only able to stay because I have kids.

4. I convince her to remove the tattoo at cost and lay on some heavy guilt on her for devastating our marriage.

If you don’t see anything off, replace ‘tattoos’ with another socially accepted norm, like ‘using toilet paper’. Or ‘wearing pantaloons’. Then you should also have a deep moment of self-reflection.

In fairness, divorcing someone for wearing pantaloons is entirely reasonable. Only monsters wear pantaloons.

To all the men and boys (especially nonya) who are upset thinking we’re calling them misognists for not liking tattoos
We’re not. We’re calling men and boys (even women and girls too) misognists for having to explain to us what we should do with our bodies to please men and boys if we don’t do as they say we suddenly lost all respect and are not human. That’s being a misognist.

Nonya, I feel sorry for your wife, she deserves better and hope she will be with a man who won’t treat her like property and won’t be such a overly sensitive, controlling, drama king.

WTF did I just read? I imagine your wife only ended up getting her tattoo removed after some serious fucking guilt-tripping that makes you the ugly disgusting piece of trash in that scenario, buddy.

Personally, I don’t care for tattoos- so I don’t have one. You know what I don’t do? Go around lecturing friends, family members, and people on the street about how tattoos are ugly and they’ve ruined their bodies. What other people do with their own bodies IS NOT MY FUCKING BUSINESS.

Thread Historically Necrotrolled With Boner Updates Receives Another Boner Update from a Necrotroll.

In other news, water is wet.

Dude, if you get that out of bent about a splotch of ink on your wife’s shoulder, maybe she’d be better off without you…

I have a very elaborate Giger-inspired tattoo on my upper left arm, I have to get in touch with this guy to find out what it all means.

@EJ and katz

So I’m in excellent company in other words 8p


P.S. Actually I don’t own any, BUT I SHOULD

That owl just looks so… annoyed.

He’s (or she’s? I’m not familiar with the species) just super unimpressed and is silently judging all of us for having a problem with it’s pantaloons.

Pantaloon’ed Owl and Dapper Snake should hang out sometime, and bemoan the sad state of current fashion.

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo a lot lately. I was originally planning to do it when I graduate (it’s science related, so it fits), but it’s been on my mind so much lately that I really don’t want to wait any more. It seems like everything is telling me to just go ahead and do it (including this thread).

Far from the intended effect, our troll’s comment has actually pushed me closer to getting a tattoo. Congratulations (to me because I will no longer be attractive to these characters and I am thrilled about that).

I’ve been meaning to get one as well. Then again, the troll probably doesn’t care what I do with my body as long as I’m not inserting any part of it into a woman over whom he claims ownership, so it isn’t as much of a gesture of defiance.

I love tattoos. I’m getting a full back piece of GLaDOS once I find the money and a good tattoo place. Hell, I might even throw in the rainbow background for extra misandry points.


Err… I think if you did that you would actually make yourself way more attractive to gamers.

The normal ones I mean, not the ones filled with the Dark Side Of Hate.

Go for it 8p

Me loves tattoos too!!! ????

I have a dragon on my left shoulder called Fearless.

I want two more as soon as I can: The symbol of transfeminism with the phrase “destroy the cistem”, and the white head-scarf of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo with the phrase “no olvidar, siempre resistir”, from a local band and means (aprox) “not to forget, always to resist” (that grammar feels so awkward but I’m too stoned to do any better).

I was never interested in getting words tattooed on, until I had an ideology and got to know my people’s history.

Except for “Ayreon”, my favorite band ever, I should add that one to the list.

I want more images but haven’t found the right ones yet.


You should definitely do that, rainbow included. Here is a cat with a tattooed human to convince you:


That was the best response to the best pair of comments by the Ej’s.

I also support said tattoo. I support all tattoos, and approve of all tattoos ever, as long as they are consensual.

But really, that tattoo would be awesome and I’m so thrilled to be witnessing this moment of awesomeness.

EJ is my real-life name. I have a double-barrelled first name, which I abbreviate for pronounciation reasons. Getting that tattooed on me would therefore come across as narcissistic at best.

Also, there’s a nonzero chance that if ej and I meet to get matching tattoos, we’ll cancel out and both cease to exist. Be alarmed.

But they could be, like, mirror images of each other, and you could get them on your fists and then fistbump each other…

(Disclaimer: Everyone should get whatever tattoos they want.)

I see many butthurt tattoo folk saying NOBODY CARES about what the author says. Hmmmm, Yet they felt the need to seek this page and opine. Interesting. We have the right to judge tattoo people anyway we want and not even hire you folks. Funny , how you feel entitled. I lose money if I hire tattoo people. That are the most irresponsible, ugly on the eyes, more than likely smokers, which is a detriment for health issues and cigarette breaks and of course impulsive wannabes that feel the need to follow the crowd. For all the tattoo folks that are going to call me judgmental; Well, NEWSFLASH, we all judge . We judge the appearance of whom we date, whom we socialize and even the appearance of a restaurant and packaging of products. You can NOT just expect everyone to like your appearance choices. It is called life.

I see many butthurt tattoo folk … Hmmmm, Yet they felt the need to seek this page and opine. Interesting.

@ opining page seeker David, I hope your butt is hurting you less, now that you have shared that with us.
If your butt is still feeling a bit sore, maybe further venting would help. My opinions of this individual aren’t based on their proudly displayed tattoo, but I’d still love to hear your judgement of them.


The reason this thread was as long as it was is because jackasses like you keep necroing it with your boner notes. That’s the thing about boner notes. No matter how many times we tell you that nobody cares about your boner, you all keep telling us about it anyway.

@WWTH: Unfair! Opining Dave’s boner is a fine upstanding member of the small business community!

We have the right to judge tattoo people anyway we want and not even hire you folks.

It’s definitely not a universal right to discriminate against people with tattoos in hiring decisions in the US (where I presume you are). There are some cases, often retail, where a lack of visible tattoos is a bona fide occupational requirement, and you would have the right to discriminate on that basis. If they can conceal the tattoos while still wearing appropriate work attire, though, it is no longer legal to refuse to hire them for that reason.

There are also many situations where it is not legal to discriminate against people with tattoos, but employers do anyway and get away with it. That doesn’t mean it’s a right, it means they’re violating the rights of others and not getting caught.

@Ziva David

tattoo people

Is it just me or does this sound like an ethnic group or summat? Like, Dave’s sick of all these native Tattoos coming over here and terkin er jerbs!

You can NOT just expect everyone to like your appearance choices

There’s a pretty wide gulf betwixt “like” and ‘not necro a 2.5 year old thread to express meaningless occupational requirements about’


Scrolling up a bit

I miss @katz…

@necro troll

By “Tattoo people,” do you mean tattooed people or tattoo artists?

EDIT: Somewhat ninja’d by Axe! And he even threw in a bonus NCIS reference. Excellent.


I rest easy, knowing that your opinions represent a dying breed. To most younger people tattoos are unremarkable; they’re as noteworthy as a choice of hairstyle or makeup. They’re simple self expression without the slightest bit of stigma to the art form (beyond, say, tattoos on the face).

Enjoy the feeling of superiority that your judgemental attitude affords. The world is leaving you behind, so at least you’ll have that smug righteousness to keep you company.

I just tend to find our bodies more attractive the way they naturally look.
I guess I think of Nature as a better artist than most of us. X)

Is it fair to control what others do with/to their own bodies? nah
But is it fair to automatically consider someone to be hostile or sinister for not feeling sexually attracted to the way you dress, keep your hair, or treat your body?

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