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Would you like some racism with your misogyny? The Men's Rights subreddit serves up a toxic stew.

If you need me, I'll just be here in my box.
If you need me, I’ll just be here in my box.

Some days I can’t even. Here’s an actual discussion going on in the Men’s Rights subreddit today. How is it that adult human beings can believe these things?

ConfirmedCynic 8 points 10 hours ago   I'm sort of curious, in a morbid way, about the society which unleashed female hypergamy will create.  If they breed largely with the aggressive, physical sort, and the less dramatic, more productive and more thoughtful men get the cold shoulder systematically or just chose to GTOW, what happens as the character of generations change? Will it turn into one big battle ground? Who will do the steady grind of day to day jobs? Not everyone can lead or be an athlete or a thug.      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]AvgGuy101 1 point 3 hours ago   Curious about the potential results? Just take a look at the inner city neighborhoods in most large cities in the US. I also wonder who is going to pay for all of these "choices"?      permalink     save     parent     report     give gold     reply  [–]dogshits -1 points 3 hours ago*   I think things will change for the better and women will get the men they deserve; ones that won't take any shit no matter the amount of social conditioning they throw at them. That will finally lead to the most vile cunts being bred out and a second renaissance of a good complementary femininity.  A great failing of more other kinds of men is that they largely comprise of white knights. Men who derive all their social capital through women and basically trample over each other to protect women and moderate themselves to the point of castration. I've seen some improvement when they lift, hang with bros and basically grow a spine, but feminists are doing everything to keep large groups of men from assembling starting out from the very beginning with father and son.

Ugh. And these guys actually think that they’re the “less dramatic, more productive and more thoughtful men?” Sorry to break it to you, fellas, but YOU are what’s wrong with men today.

Anyway, I’m tapping out for now. I’m taking the day off. Maybe a couple of days. There’s stuff going on in GamerGate I should be writing about but, you know, I just can’t. I need to clear my head.


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87 replies on “Would you like some racism with your misogyny? The Men's Rights subreddit serves up a toxic stew.”

Buttercup: “complimentary femininity”
It sound like that Detachable Pussy joke that Wanda Sykes made a few years back. They have a bunch of these at the hotel. Just put them on people’s pillows.

MRAsshole logic:

“No one likes me because I’m so awesome.”

Sure. That must be it.

How much does the bitter belief that the black men are taking women who should belong to them sound like Elliot Rogers to you all? They even concoct a scenario where those women get their comeuppance because they earned punishment for not giving white dudes with delusions of grandeur complete control over them. The anger is there. The belief that as men they are inherent predators (and better than men who are not) who prey on women and that is as it should be is there. The delusions of persecution and conspiracy are even more fucked up.

They think that as straight, white, cis dudes who hate women, they are the best humanity has to offer. Yet, their privilege hasn’t handed them everything they want, especially not the women they want. So, they have decided that everyone but themselves are to blame. That’s what the anger at colleges, minorities and women is all about. They can’t earn the place in society they think should be theirs and that pisses them off.

They’re nothing but bitter, hateful bigots who think to the man that they’d be kings, if only the world were more like their fantasies, more like the days when they were the only people with rights. Reality and equality, it seems, are misandry and “reverse racism”.

Talk about dangerously stupid.

You gotta love the irony of those deluded assholes sitting around on their computers envisioning the day that women that can’t be controlled are supposedly “bred out”, but are too dumb to notice that they are the ones being winnowed out of the gene pool as we speak. Im sure its news to Mother Nature that she’s supposedly breeding out all the useless women and the most valuable men at the same time. /s

Its also funny that confirmedcynic hasn’t figured out yet that the less dramatic, more productive and thoughtful men are the beta white knights they are always whining about.

“Society’s going to screech to a halt because no woman is willing to bear the children I don’t want to raise.” Okay, but they’ve been saying the same thing for years. There’s nothing new about this line of disquisition. It’s as regular as the non-arrival of the Great Pumpkin. These guys regurgitate this stuff like monks reciting a rite.

@ Lea, I don’t think it’s they can’t earn a place in society, it’s that the very idea of having to earn anything is anathema to them.

Earning things is misandry!

But, according to Paglia, when that women goes out into the real world without the safety net of college rape committees, she is left totally unprepared for the sometimes violent reality of male sexuality

So why exactly, as a society, are we tolerating this ‘reality of male sexuality’, even though it’s ‘violent’ and harmful?
Did Ms. Paglia have anything at all to say on this matter?

“All that wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least dull the pain with girls

I…just don’t see how anyone capable of writing this awful mess of a sentence would be in need of any kind of dulling.

Is it time to ignore GamerGate forever yet?

Please tell me it’s time to ignore GamerGate forever

Well, unless you are a woman and/or a member of an ethnic minority in gaming community there’s probably very little stopping you from doing so.
But then again, why would you even care about it in the first place?
Ok, enough of this for now.
Or else I might actually develop severe eye strain from constantly rolling them.

“women are not controlled 24/7 that’s opression for men”

“why are there so many men who protect women instead of running away from danger or beating them like us cowards I mean alphas?”

“I have no heart and no brain”

That’s what I’m reading in that discussion

and that word ‘Breed’ NOPE I’m out

Go to youtube and look at videos of old people getting puppies for Christmas. Do it. Doctor’s orders

Seconded. Those videos are amazing!

…feminists are doing everything to keep large groups of men from assembling starting out from the very beginning with father and son.

Ah yes, the famous feminist goal of keeping childcare the sole responsibility of women. That makes perfect sense.


Well, unless you are a woman and/or a member of an ethnic minority in gaming community there’s probably very little stopping you from doing so.

Yeah, if you’re deep in the gaming community, it’s everywhere you look unfortunately. :/ Lots of twitters I follow, lots of channels I subscribe to on YouTube talk about it, and even if that’s not being discussed, it’s always lurking in the background like a rank stench in an otherwise kind-of-nice house.

As for the notion that college is safer for women because of “rape committees”, I can’t help but laugh bitterly. SO many women get raped in college. It’s not “safer” for women there, that’s for damn sure.

Then there’s the woman who, for her seinor thesis, carried around her mattress because she was raped on campus, and the college did NOTHING to her rapist.

Women aren’t safe ANYWHERE. In college, in our houses, on the streets. :/ All kinds of assault happen to women more often than men, and then we ourselves get blamed for this shit like we should’ve known who was going to attempt to rape/beat/murder us all along like it was fucking obvious to everyone but them.

And then the chanting of the MRAs/regular jack-offs starts: “Why are you afraid of men?!”

And then we have the same conversation for the 1526545255th time. “Women are afraid of men because men as a whole have left us no other choice for our own safety and well-being.”

I’ve also seen the figure skating and gymnastics communities stereotype black athletes as being athletic but not graceful and artistic. Since artistry is part of the score in both sports, especially skating this is again not an advantage.

Yep. Still pissed off about Surya Bonaly not winning all of the trophies when I was a kid, tbh.

Also, “dull the pain with girls” – dudes, there is this thing called ibuprofen, you can buy it at any grocery store.

Ew. The first time I heard the title for that porn series I was like “Is it what I think it is? It can’t be. Nobody would do that, right*?”

Sooo… It is, then. Indeed it is. Ew ew ew.

*Yeah, I know, I’m not keeping up with the porn industry much these days.

fruitloopsie, I wondered if that would be the great tippy-toe kitty gif! 😀

I would really, really side-eye anyone jumping on someone being critical of porn on a feminist site.

It pissed me off so much as a kid that Bonaly was punished for being so much better than everyone she was competing against.

At Kirbywarp:

The first half of that idiot’s quote I can relate to, the second half not so much. Yes men do face many problems, financial and otherwise in the world, but whereas this idiot seems to try and make himself good by potentially raping young women (seriously, why else would people call him a rapist unless he was doing something very bad to women?) I am actually reading social justice books and trying my hand at activism to help the community.

You know, the rising tide lifts all boats vs I’ll be happier starving as long as I know that somebody else is starving worse.

And I’ve suffered in my life but instead of (possibly?) raping women I’ve tried creative writing. Which is in short supply on the Chan/Reddit part of the net

Hmm… maybe the overt racism will be a wake-up call for some people who didn’t care as long as the redpillers only hated on women? (Trying hard here to see a bright side to those disgusting, vile posts.)

@cassandrakitty: Wow, that link made me sick to my stomach. I know there’s an undercurrent of racism in a lot of porn of the “interracial fetish” stripe, but this isn’t an undercurrent, this is overtly trying to sell rape porn by appealing to sending those filthy illegals back. I don’t even.

Surya Bonaly used to come practice at our rink for a brief period in the ’90s and holy hell was she fast. It was fun to watch. She was like a Ferrari among Yugos.

Midori Ito was another skater who got unfairly pigeonholed as “athletic” (and yes, that is the standard euphemism for “ungraceful”). Female figure skaters who get classified as ethnic have a harder time fitting into the European-inspired classical ballet mold that still predominates in the sport. Programs featuring non-Western music, unusual beats, choppy footwork or angular, jerky motions have a harder time scoring top artistic marks from the judges. There was a Chinese coach who once commented that he had to train his skaters to “pass as ladies”.

Figure skating is definitely one arena where femininity and whiteness get conflated.

Figure skating is definitely one arena where femininity and whiteness get conflated.

It’s not the only one, and there’s a lot of history behind denying nonwhite women “the right to be women,” because even though “womenhood” as a concept has historically been associated with restrictive gender roles, it’s been a marker of class privilege. Making class privilege fall along racial lines is the goal of racism. The claim that only white women can be “feminine” is just one manifestation of that. It’s pretty much everywhere, at least in American society.

Re figure skating: hmm, when I was a kid and watching the Olympics with my mom, Tai Babilonia was the reigning champion of figure skating. That was back in the late 70s, so if by this time skating (and ballet!) are still seen as the domain of wispy white ladies, it’s due to sheer willful ignorance and just not wanting to know.

Figure skating is definitely one arena where femininity and whiteness get conflated.

I think that’s turning around a bit for Asian skaters. Kim Yuna and Akiko Suzuki come to mind as recent skaters who get high artistic marks. Mao Asada was concerned a jumper without much artistry early in her career but at the end was doing well artistically. For black skaters though I think the bias is still there.

There’s actually another black French skater who I think unfairly has the athletic but not artistic label. Her name is Maé-Bérénice Méité. One of the ways a skater is judged on artistry is if they perform well and connect with the audience. In my opinion she does that very well. Her spins aren’t as strong as a lot of the other elite level skaters, she seems to not be as flexible. But other that, I don’t see the criticism.

Porn is segregated in most outlets by having non-white people listed as specific fetishes. The industry has an habit of appealing to the lowest of the low common denominator and makes use of every stereotype in the book. Is it really a wonder that there’s so much racism?

Thinking about it, wasn’t Elliot Roger basically the real-life version of Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver? There’s that exact same resentment of the world and women in particular for not dating them, and Roger’s Youtube manifesto sounds a lot like one of Travis’ voiceovers, specifically “Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is a man who stood up.” Actually, that sounds like all MRA speeches come to think of it.

There’s also the fact that Bickle himself was based on a real man called Arthur Bremer, who shot US senator George Wallace. Bremer’s (now published) journal specifically states that he wanted “to do SOMETHING BOLD AND DRAMATIC, FORCEFUL & DYNAMIC, A STATEMENT of my manhood for the world to see.”

@filmrunner But wasn’t Bickle more a sensitive guy who was just disgusted by all the depravity around him and snapped rather than “I deserve to date a hot girl and can’t get one! Waaah!”?

Also figure skating is mostly fixed anyway. Any sport which is judged by humans is not going to be fair.

He’s saying college guys are like safely domesticated animals in zoos, and women shouldn’t complain about a few friendly scratches or nips… It doesn’t prepare her for going out into nature, where the wild men roam. Wild men don’t have zookeepers. Wild men are horrible violent beasts that women need to be prepared for their whole lives.

Oh, you mean like…FRATBOYS?

Yeah, that idiot who wrote that…you could tell HE never went to college. My first day at uni, before I even got to campus, I was assailed by signs on student-ghetto houses reading “Kiss your virginity goodbye” and “Shave yer dotter’s box” [sic]. If that’s any indication of the domestication levels of college guys, I don’t want to see the wild motherfuckers. I don’t NEED to. The fact that we were constantly warned about the risks associated with drinking too much, while the guys were NOT told to refrain from raping…well, so much for the “aggressively vulnerable”, ultra-protected status of college women. Truth is, we were aggressively held to blame for everything any guy ever did to us. The guys got off scot-free. Still do.

And yeah, how about that “border patrol” porn. I posted that very link to my Facebook page yesterday morning, with a the comment: “Rape is NOT sex. But trust the porn industry to blur that not-so-fine line.” The idea that porn can teach us anything worthwhile about sex sure does crumble in the face of shit like that.

PS: Surya Bonaly is awesome. Fuck the haters; I always found her incredibly beautiful. Not every great skater can look and move like a Balanchine ballerina, fergawdsakes. And they shouldn’t have to. Some move like acrobats and gymnasts, others (Elvis Stojko being a case in point) like martial arts experts. The lack of diversity over what constitutes “artistic” has always bugged me, even though I love to watch skating. Several years ago, Ms. magazine described figure skating as “a sport out of whack”, and they were right. It was that way long before the whole Kerrigan/Harding kerfuffle, too.

They really ought to call it “conformity” instead of “artistry” in my opinion; skaters true to a clearly artistic vision have tended to get punished for it if it didn’t stay inside a very narrow range. Two other Frenchwomen whose careers overlapped with Surya Bonaly’s, Laetitia Hubert and Vanessa Gusmeroli, were consistently undermarked for programs that were usually far more interesting than those of the vast majority of the competitors. And after hearing her knocked for years as “unconventional”, I greatly enjoyed seeing Denise Biellmann figuratively getting the last laugh by becoming the modern standard.

All that wouldn’t be so bad if we could at least dull the pain with girls. But we’re treated like paedophiles and potential rapists just for showing interest. My generation are the beautiful ones



We’re nothing but drugs to them! I think I get it now. We might be annoyed at best if our advil suddenly started talking back and saying we couldn’t swallow it unless it wanted to be swallowed. You’re a pill, advil! You were developed to relieve my pain! Stop talking! That’s how they think of us. As things that were developed for men’s needs and shouldn’t have wills of our own, but do.

dull the pain with girls. But we’re treated like paedophiles

And that is just so fucking creepy. It’s basically that “age of consent is misandy” bullshit. Won’t someone think of the 30 + age men who can’t “relate” to women over 18?

You’re a pill, advil!

For some reason, this made me cackle way too much.

Painkiller Dude can stumble over all the Legos, and I hope he’s out of Advil.

One of the reasons I’m pretty insistent that the MRA movement is wholesale racist, other than that it’s a bunch of white guys being hateful, is that the precious 1950s white suburban lifestyle that the MRAs have a movement-wide fetish for was pretty much a world in which people of color don’t exist. Add that in with the fact that the MRA’s interpretation of maleness is a strictly Caucasian/Western/Northern concept of gender, and you’ve got a level of structural racism within a movement that, when advocated by a posse that’s almost exclusively white men, arises to that it’s a white supremacist movement.

i always laugh at the “give gold” option on reddit posts. probably because i’m not really familiar with the context but to me it’s like reddit being all “would you like to give some ACTUAL GOLD BARS to the person who wrote that really shitty cringey thing? like come on they REALLY DESERVE IT”, it’s so hilarious

by the way first time commenting here if that’s even a thing

keep up the good work <3

@fotocopiadora: Hello and welcome! If you scroll down and look below the Lavender Seal (which is right next to this comment on my monitor, at least) you’ll find a candle: That’s the link to the WHTM welcome package, which explains a lot of community rules and injokes.

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