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Open Thread for Personal Stuff, December 2014 Cat Tree Edition

At We Hunted the Mammoth headquarters, the tree is already up.
At We Hunted the Mammoth headquarters, the tree is already up.

An open thread for personal stuff, continuing from here.

As usual for these threads: no trolls, no MRAs, no Iโ€™m-not-really-an-MRA-buts, donโ€™t be mean.


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gilshalos, ow! Are you okay?

Puddleglum, that’s the most amazingly placid kitty! None of my lot would put up with that for a second.

I dreamt our Thomas came back for a visit last night (he passed over in ’93). Very odd dream: it was in this house, I was lying on the couch, and he was stomping around on top of me and allowing himself to be sort-of cuddled. Tomtom’s a strict No Cuddles cat and whines pitifully when picked up – he hasn’t changed his attitudes at all since his earthly days! What struck me about the dream was how solid he was; no spirit cat, but his very heavy earthly self. Odd, but pleasant.

Just got done with an Expanded Scope EMT-1 Class, and will be taking Fire-1 in the spring! Class starts in less than 3 weeks.

Really excited, but also nervous. I mean, I’ve got the outside stuff down, and I love the EMS, but getting entry qualifications for burning buildings is kind of… intimidating.

Cool, but intimidating.

Wish me luck?

In the meantime, going home for 2 weeks, to see my folks and my kitty and my puppies.

Irony factors hurt!

That cat armour is amazing. Just – wow, stunning work.

If only the little buggers would deign to wear it!

More reasons I’m glad I had that reading done last week: it’s boosted my confidence that yes, when I’m sensing him, I’m sensing him, not imagining stuff. We were curled up on the couch tonight (watching Time Team, how unusual) and I could feel his heartbeat under my hand.

What a horrible week it’s been in the world. I hope everyone here is in a good place, physically and emotionally. I’ll be off-line for a couple of weeks for a tropical vacation! Ha! Fuck you, winter! (‘course, I’ll be very sad when I come back to face another three months of it, but hopefully a break will be enough.)

Speaking of vitamin D, my doctor just told me yesterday that I’m vitamin D deficient, and to get some sublingual drops from the health food store. 1000 micrograms per drop. This could explain my otherwise mysterious general meh-ness this fall.

Hey, have a terrific holiday, Unimaginative! You’ll certainly get your vitamin D boost on a tropical trip. (Now if only you could write it off as a medical necessity, like pretending something’s a business trip …)

I laughed at something Mr K said this morning: he’d made a comment which sorta-kinda contradicted (or clashed with) something he’d said the other day, and when I pointed that out, he just said “Do not hedge with me, Madame.” Doesn’t look all that funny in print but it always tickles my funny bone when he more or less pulls rank. If nothing else it means he knows he’s been caught out!

Yesterday morning, the kitty with heart trouble went from “fine” to “fighting for breath” within a few horrifying minutes. The emergency vet believed she threw a blood clot; a complication my regular vet warned me about. In the end, I had to choose between extreme measure with little chance of success, or to ease her passing. I chose the later, and was with her at the end.

As awful as that whole experience was, I’m glad I was there when it happened.

leftwingfox, so sorry to hear about your kitty. It’s good you were there and were able to ease her passing.

OK, I put in a bit for the lovely boy.

Got most of the Xmas shopping out of the way today. Apparently it’s a bumper year for cherries in SA this year. There are lots available and they’re juicy and yummy and reasonably priced (a few years ago they were over $15 a kilo) – but I didn’t splash out on the gift-boxed 2kgs for $28 special. And I got some gorgeous apricots, large and juicy, should dribble nicely down the chin while we’re waiting for the carvers to deal with the turkey, chicken, ham and stuff. And grapes. And nectarines. And a gigantic ham, we’re in for quite a few cold lunches from the leftovers.

Also got a few treats for a neighbour. His primary-aged son will be here for the big day, but he’s been out of work for a while and he’s only got a charity hamper for lunch and not much else. Got kiddo one of those ready-made stockings for Dad to give as a gift, and some bon-bons and other Xmas table thingies to make it easier for Dad to make it a special occasion.

And a Tshirt and pants for me to wear for the day.

Heath Ledger – The Joker
Johnny Depp – Sweeney Todd
James Marsters – Spike
Alan Rickman – Snape
Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice
David Bowie – Jareth
Gerard Butler – The Phantom of the Opera
Gary Oldman – Dracula
Tim Curry – Frank’n’Furter
Tom Hiddleston – Loki
Jason Isaacs – Captain Jas. Hook
Tom Cruise – Lestat

I’m surprised I only missed one – Spike (never watched Buffy). I’d go to the bar for Hook, Dracula and Snape. Possibly Sweeney Todd, but I wouldn’t accept any pies from him.

I’d quite enjoy watching Dracula and Lestat get into an argument, though.

Happy holidays, folks.

Last several weeks here have been rainy and windy and murky but now it’s suddenly colder and snowy and beautiful. I really needed this just to begin feeling any Christmas-y ๐Ÿ™‚

I had to find a new rental apartment on a relatively short notice, because my current contract can’t be renewed for reasons. I hate moving and my old flat is very cheap and conveniently located. Luckily I quickly found a new flat only two blocks away. It’s really nice-looking and whoa expensive but I can afford it at least for now. I’m moving in January.

It started snowing furiously on Sunday while I was out roasting some sausages on fire. This is like Finnish version of roasting marshmallows. It had promised to be a rare sunny day but when I got my sausages eaten there was 2 cm of new snow on everything and the fire was going out.

Last night there was more snowfall and the fresh fluffy snow lying on street muffled traffic noise so much I didn’t notice an upcoming bus while crossing the street. The driver at least saw me. Night visibility is pretty good with streetlights and reflecting snow and cloud cover. Days on the other hand are short and dim. There’s no proper kaamos (arctic night) at my latitude but a much diminished contrast between day and night.

Well, this is annoying. I just found out that my dad’s going to receive a Citizen Of The Year award on Australia Day. What the hell?

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