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What is We Hunted the Mammoth? A blogger who hates me offers answers.

This mammoth fights back!
This mammoth fights back!

Lucy Walcott, who publishes a blog called NotParticularlyPauciloquent, isn’t afraid of the big questions. The tough questions. The important questions.

And in a recent post she takes on what is perhaps the most important question of our age: What is We Hunted the Mammoth?

To paraphrase the great Marge Gunderson, I’m not so sure I agree 100% with her police work.

To me, it seems like an arrogant blog made for one purpose and one purpose only, to attack MRA and anything that feminists don’t like.

Uh, what about the cat pictures? I post a lot of cat pictures too.

This blog has no substance, none, none at all.

I’m getting the impression that this isn’t going to be a good review.

It’s about lying about the other side and mocking them all of the time.

As everyone knows, quoting people verbatim is the most insidious form of lying there is.

Oh, I can’t write on the comments section of it, however, because it’s comments are so havily moderated that not a single word of criticism of the sites content can get through. Literally, look at the comments section, about 100% pro-WHTM.

Uh, you’re free to post what you like. I don’t ban for disagreement, As long as you don’t threaten anyone, or make rape jokes, or post victim-blamey shit about people who are already being harassed by half the internet, or post a hundred comments in an hour, or do something else that’s totally vile and/or annoying, you’re pretty much good to go. Trouble is, a lot of the “critics” who come to this site actually do one or more of these terrible things.

Because a lot of them are assholes and/or trolls. Because the Men’s Rights movement is little more than a collection of assholes and trolls.

Now while I am not a MRA, I will state that this site goes above and beyond The O’reilly Factor to become the next Rush Limbaugh of blogging. The sites logo literally says that the whole purpose of the site is to mock.

Also “track.” As in, monitor and write about. You know, like, say, Right Wing Watch, or HateWatch, or Justin Bieber Watch.

Oh, wait, that last one literally is a Justin Bieber watch.

The blog is seeping with arrogance: “I reserve the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason I want.” is just the tip of the iceberg.

Actually, everyone who has a blog has this right, and most of them take advantage of it from time time. I pointed this out explictly, because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life explaining to some asshole rules lawyer who came up with a new and unforseen way to troll the blog why I’m not letting him post any more.

This blog is filled with this head-up-your-ass style of talk. This high-and-mighty level of talk while the blog itself only quotes specific people while refusing to even acknowledge anyone else.

Wait, what? I quote “specific people?” Am I supposed to quote, er, unspecific people? Or groups of people? Or everyone on planet earth?

And it HATES the MRM. Completely, totally, unethically, laments it. Mocks it. I may call out feminism on many points, but I never mock it for shits and giggles.

I mock the Men’s Rights movement because writing about it seriously all the time would be really fucking depressing. Because MRAs are, by and large, shitheads. I mean, seriously, have you ever looked at the horrible things they say and do?

If you haven’t, let me suggest you go through the archives of a most fascinating website called We Hunted the Mammoth for countless examples.

This blog is only around for the notion of inviting a fringe minority of people who seriously hate anything non-feminist.

Really? I like a lot of things that aren’t feminist. Cats. Pizza. Music. I mean, I love Kathleen Hanna and all, but most music is by people who aren’t feminists. And guess what, I don’t automatically hate it because of that. Same with art. Same with books. Same with, well, people. Feminism, historically speaking, is a fairly recent development, and it’s still mostly a minority taste. Which means that most people, and most things, in the world are non-feminist.

If I were given a job hating things that aren’t feminist, I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to do it. I’d have to hire assistants. Lots of assistants. Assistants who, unlike my current assistants, aren’t cats.

Luckily, the job I’ve assigned myself with this blog is a lot less ambitious than that: I track (and, yes, mock) a relatively small number of people, mostly but not exclusively dudes, whose basically devote their entire lives to coming up with new excuses for hating women.

And yes, I will confess that I’m not really very fond of these people. Except as a source of material.

Which doesn’t help the feminists either. This mocking drivel seems to be very much the thing that many feminists seem to bash male feminists for. Sorry David, but even the Feminist Current wants you to just sit down and shut up.

Huh. Most feminists I know don’t really have a problem with jokes at the expense of MRA asshats. They have a problem when male feminists act like entitled asshats themselves, as I’ve learned by doing just that and getting called out for it. Sometimes sitting down and shutting up is the right thing for male feminists to do, provided that they don’t sit there sulking instead of listening.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of people who could benefit from sitting down and shutting up from time to time. And in some cases, all of the time.

Way to be against misogyny by telling women who aren’t for feminism that they are sad and mockable individuals.

Again, there are lots of women who aren’t feminists. I don’t write about them, much less mock them. The women I write about on this blog are a small minority of these women – mostly female MRAs who are as actively hateful as their male counterparts, and who devote much of their time to, yes, mocking and sometimes viciously harassing other women.

Do they deserve to be called out for that? Well, yeah, as much as any #GamerGate dickhead posting shit about Anita Sarkeesian does.

I am actually starting to think this site is a troll site meant to get feminists to agree with obviously man-hating propaganda to use against them later on.

This is the favorite insincere “criticism” from people who don’t like this blog but who haven’t actually read enough of it to even begin the process of assembling anything approaching a real critique. I would say [citation needed] for the alleged “man-hating propaganda,” but I’ve said that to countless people before and I’ve yet to get a single example of the misandry that is said to be everywhere here.

But sadly, this site is everywhere, and I cannot go anywhere without finding this radical Feminist Rush Limbaugh blog.

Well, that’s a new one, at least. I’ll give you credit for that.

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8 years ago

Oh my gosh, the reply to the first comment: “I am sorry, but what the fuck are you talking about? The MRM and anti-feminists rarely, if ever, threaten rape, murder, or drive people to suicide. That’s probably feminism you are thinking of.”

Someone either has on some really big blinders of lives in a cave. CNN reported on Brianna Wu the other night and Sarkeesian cancelling her talk in Utah has been all over the web.

The Truffle
The Truffle
8 years ago

This lady is dumb as a rock.

“The MRM and anti-feminists rarely, if ever, threaten rape, murder, or drive people to suicide. That’s probably feminism you are thinking of.”

Really? She typed this with a straight face?

The best way to handle this feMRA is to have a few laughs at her expense. I checked out her blog comments. She lives in her own little world. And she doesn’t watch the news, it seems.

Yeah, I am on Team No-Name-feMRA-Wants-Clicks-For-Her-Lame-Blog.

8 years ago

Do you get that thing of wanting to know more about minor characters in stories, especially ones who hardly get mentioned before they’re gone? I feel that way about Dior, Elrond’s grandfather, Luthien and Beren’s son.

Here’s where I hide my face, because I thought Elrond was Luthien and Beren’s son, not their great-grandson.

Well, Wikipedia says Elrond was Eärendil’s son, so that’s where I must have got it wrong. Both Beren and Eärendil are sailors.

@bluecatbabe — So that makes everyone here three degrees separated from Dr. Tolkien. Cool!

8 years ago

After not having dropped in on this site in forever, this is somewhat disappointing to see.

Compelling writing and self-google-alerts don’t really lend themselves to one another. Really hope you go back to doing more of the former.

8 years ago

David wrote one post like this recently. He’s been mostly covering gamergate recently. Before that, the AVFM conference. Thanks for the completely helpful and well informed opinion though! The Feminist High Council will inform David that he’s ruined feminism again.

8 years ago

I have actually seen her blog before! She accuses all feminists of being ignorant man-haters who don’t use enough facts to support arguments. Instead of focusing (at least) on the actual self-identifying feminists who do these things and citing facts, she fills her blogposts with cusswords and vile insults directed at anyone who dares label themselves a feminist, whether or not they have actually killed or raped men – as she claims on her blogposts. She fancies herself an intellectual who is objective and solely relies on facts to support her arguments, while not citing any facts or reliable sources whatsoever.

8 years ago

As everyone knows, quoting people verbatim is the most insidious form of lying there is.

You nailed it! My husband used to be a reporter and people hated being accurately quoted in the newspaper for what they said in public meetings. Why? Because they sounded like assholes in print. Funny, they didn’t mind sounding like assholes in public.

8 years ago

Took a look at her blog. She waves away the misogynist MRA’s as if they are random, fringe members of the movement and completely loses her marbles if someone simply calls themselves a feminist or when a feminist suggests there is misogyny in video games. Even if you don’t agree with people like Aneeta, I don’t understand how her actions are more unforgivable than the disrespectful insults Lucy Walcott writes on her own blog. She also baselessly accuses all feminists for condoning violence and rape, and goes batshit crazy if someone mentions men raping women. And she calls herself egalitarian.

8 years ago

As I guy who also thinks the Men’s Movement is insane, I like this place. I’m going to hang here a bit. 🙂

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