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That finance douchebag on Tinder is a perfect example of pickup artistry gone wrong

Mystery has taught you well, young douchebag
Mystery has taught you well, young douchebag

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By now you’ve probably seen the latest set of creepy PMs that’s making the rounds of the internet — you know, that series of sour-grapey insults some random finance asshole sent to a woman on Tinder who had gently rejected his crude sexual come-on. If you haven’t, I’ve pasted them in below.

Well, it turns out that this would-be Romeo is not only an asshole, but a wholly unoriginal asshole at that. Thinking that more than a few of his angry negs sounded vaguely familiar I did a bit of Googling and discovered that a couple of his more, er, polished insults came straight out of the pickup artist playbook. Quite literally.

That bit where he tells the woman he messaged that she’s “not hot enough to be acting like this?” An old PUA neg he literally may have discovered by cruising the message boards at, the website of everyone’s favorite PUA peacock Mystery, where one commenter described it as his favorite line to use with “highly egotistical women” he met in the club:

I tend to be particularly harsh with megabitches, because I don’t really care if they are responsive to my negs and get interested or I blow them the fuck out.My favorite line to blow a bitch out is “you’re not hot enough to be acting like this.”

I’ve used it a few times, and it’s great. You get to blow out Alpha style, and if you don’t blow em out, sometimes girls even go into check and cool it on the attitude.

Used this line on a 9 once, TRYING to blow her out.

We ended up banging twice that night.

Yeah, that totally happened. Did her boobs feel like bags of sand?
In any case, that line didn’t work quite as well on Tinder gal.
Another of the Finance Asshole”s insults — his odd contention that the Tinder gal’s “eyes are way too far apart” — may have been borrowed from a bit of angry dude copypasta that seems to be quite popular amongst the regulars on, a site especially popular amongst misogynistic douchebags (and one of the online hangouts of Elliot Rodger).
Oh, and it goes without saying that Finance Asshole’s crude opener — the bit about putting his meat in her mouth — isn’t original either; it’s a joke so old you can even get it on a t-shirt.
Some men are born assholes; some achieve assholeness; some learn how to be an asshole on the Internet.
Here’s the whole creepy saga:
fa1 fa2 fa4 fa5 fa6 fa7
Somehow I doubt that Tinder gal feels bad she let this catch slip through her fingers.


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LBT, welcome back; spy-hopping is cool. 🙂

Matthew Cline: omg your gravatar!!! :::resisting geek-out::: Do you ever say “In a mahen hell!” out loud? 😀 And hat ruiners…where’s that blasted Cthulhu when you need it?!?

Re: the accompanying photo to this post, I would *not* get within 50 feet of this bipedal mammal – he looks very confused and scary. Someone else upthread noted one or two of those features would be cool, but all together? :::shudder:::

I think the single best thing about living in Maine (yes, I do too) is the food available. There are times during the summer when cost per pound lobster is equivalent to ground beef. Portland’s restaurants are incredible and I wish I still lived there for that reason instead of up in rural western Maine. Also being generally fairly progressive with marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws that cover orientation and gender identity, not perfect by any means and out current governor is a gigantic jerk and I cannot wait for him to be voted out in November.

Does Maine have those beautiful, spectcular autumn colours some of the eastern states get? That’d be another reason to live there.

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