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Pledge Drive: Kittens With Cash Edition

Kittens love money.
Kittens love money.

As the telltale “cats with money” pic indicates, the time has come for the Third Quarter 2014 We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive!

To repeat my simple pitch from my previous pledge drives: If you enjoy this blog, and can afford it, please click on the “donate” button below and send a few bucks my way. Or, if you’d prefer, a lot of bucks. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate; you can use a credit card, and there are other options as well. If you’re outside the US, PayPal should be able to handle your weird foreign money.

Oh, and the PayPal page will say you’re donating to Man Boobz; don’t panic! That’s just the old name of the blog.

As always, your donations are all greatly appreciated, whatever size they are. They keep me, the cats, and this blog going. Oh, and that other blog of mine as well, that Confused Cats thing.

Big thanks to everyone who donated during the last pledge drive. Thanks as well to those who’ve donated since the last pledge drive, and to those especially generous souls who donate on a regular basis. And to those who donate in other ways, from our amazing commentariat to our outstanding mod team to all of those who’ve offered their talents and expertise to this project and this community.

If for whatever reason you can’t donate, don’t feel guilty. Seriously. I know what it’s like to be broke.

We Hunted the Mammoth is reaching more people than ever these days, racking up close to 3 million more page views just since the Second Quarter Pledge Drive only a little more than 3 months ago.

And the number of comments is not-so-slowly but surely creeping towards half a million. No, really. We recently topped 450,000. Holy crap. That’s a lot of comments.


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Thanks, everyone!

Tired Texan, I’m not sure than any amount of treats could possibly unconfuse my cats. But they do like treats. Well, one of them does. The other one weirdly doesn’t give a damn.

David, have you considered starting a Patreon campaign?

I literally came to post this. Now that you have more than one blog going, it seems like it would be more efficient. In any case, I made a donation. Thank you for covering all this terrible stuff so well, and making it funny when you can.

Do you have a fat cat and a skinny cat, David? That’s a good combo.

And where might I get one of those cash kittens featured in the above picture? I like their big heads and the stuff they’re nesting in.

A little off topic, but can I say as an Australian how weird the concept of a one dollar note sounds?

It’s weird to me as a Canadian too. The loonie (our one dollar coins have a loon on them, you see) came into production just before my birth and the $1 bill was withdrawn the year after I was born.

I remember when the toonie came out! I was eight years old. Some kids used to pop the middles out. Fun stuff. Oh! That was also around the time iced capps came out at Tim Hortons and it didn’t take us long to realize toonie = small iced capps, so we would pair up and go during the lunch hour.

$1 bills are weird. lol

I was clerking at a store in the late 90’s, and an American came in to buy something and dumped a PILE of loonies and toonies on the counter for me to pick through. He didn’t know what they were worth (‘cuz apparently the numbers imprinted on them were confusing) and was so frustrated. Seriously, the pile of coins was almost $100, for like a $20 purchase. Poor schmuck.

I’m always alarmed when Americans, unsure of what’s what re: Canadian money, carry a change purse full of coinage and they have no idea they’re carrying enough to pay for a nice dinner for two.

Also, WTF, why are my fellow countrymen so confused by the idea of coins of high denominations? Our fucking country has dollar coins still (not many, mostly in subway change, but still) and used to have twenty dollar coins. It’s not that difficult a concept.

*lived in NZ a while so got used to dollar+ coins*

Paper money doesn’t *necessarily* get destroy if you wash it, but it will fade and become warped, like any paper product would. If it’s a particularly vigorous cycle, though, I’ve seen them come out as anonymous little wads of spitball. Mind you, this was a long time ago, when Canadian money was paper, so they may have change the composition. I doubt it though. Always check your pockets before you throw your pants in the laundry.

RE: Zolnier

US paper money will survive a wash, but it’s not advisable. I’ve had bills turn into tiny wads that required very careful unfolding, and it certainly won’t be quite the same afterward.

Passports, though, now THOSE can get fucked up by a wash. (I know this because of reasons. <.<)


A little off topic, but can I say as an Australian how weird the concept of a one dollar note sounds?

Whippersnapper! I remember being annoyed when the $1 and $2 coins came in. More damn weight in the purse.

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