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You'll never guess what misogynistic gamebros did to these two women in gaming! (HINT: Drove them out.)

Sometimes the only way to win is not to play.
Sometimes the only way to win is not to play.

Congratulations, assholes! You did it! Your threats and harassment have driven game journalist/designer Jenn Frank and game designer/media critic Mattie Brice to leave the gaming world.

Frank, an award-winning writer and sometime game designer, came to the attention of the misogynist mob after writing a brief opinion piece for The Guardian decrying the widespread and vicious harassment of women in gaming. In addition to writing about the harassment she’s gotten — including someone trying to hack into her email account — she (as you might expect) also highlighted the misogynistic rage directed at feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian and indie game designer Zoe Quinn.

The new rule seems to be that any woman who writes about online harassment will herself be harassed, and in this case it didn’t take long.

The gamebro army, completely ignorant about how journalism works, decided that she had a “conflict of interest” — because, and I’m totally serious here, she had previously exchanged some tweets with Quinn and donated some money to her on Patreon. One critic, who put together a much-passed-around graphic outlining the charges against her, angrily denounced Frank for “vigorously defending [Quinn] while pretending to be impartial.”

There are a couple of giant problems with these accusations. First off, Frank never pretended to be impartial. She was not reporting on anything for the Guardian. She was writing an OPINION PIECE about a topic that obviously affected her. Editors don’t assign OPINION PIECES to writers who are, or who pretend to be, impartial. They assign these pieces to people WITH OPINIONS. You’re not going to get much of an OPINION PIECE from someone with no opinions.

Second of all, according to Frank (and I believe her), she had asked The Guardian to attach a brief statement to the end of her piece noting her — admittedly tenuous — connections with Quinn and Sarkeesian. The Guardian editors chose not to run it because they thought these connections were too trivial to merit a mention. They forgot that she was a woman writing about gaming, and that misogynistic assholes will seize on anything, literally anything, as an excuse for harassment.

After she started getting harassed for her alleged “conflict of interest,” Frank wrote a blog post dealing with the issue  clearly and straightforwardly, and convinced the Guardian editors to append a version of her original disclosure statement to the piece:

Update: Jenn Frank has purchased and is a supporter of Zoë Quinn’s work, although this is the first article she has written on the developer. Frank has also briefly met Anita Sarkeesian.

As absurd as it is for a woman writer to have to publicly confess that she “has also briefly met Anita Sarkeesian,” as if this is some sort of crime, Frank thus answered her critics directly. And that should have been it. But of course the harassment — sorry, the perfectly legitimate criticism — continued, and on Wednesday night Frank announced that she’d had enough:

The only “conflict of interest” here was the “conflict of interest” that Frank wrote about originally in her Guardian piece. After describing her horror on discovering that someone had been trying to hack her email, she wrote:

My unabashed love for video games, my colleagues and my work have a conflict of interest with my own terror.

And, at least for now, the terror has won.

Meanwhile, game designer and media critic Mattie Brice was also extracting herself from an industry and a culture that has been grinding her down. I’ll let her tweets tell the story. (See her timeline for more.)

Elsewhere on Twitter, the bullies crowed over their victory:

Another day, another couple of women ground down and spat out by the Great Internet Lady Harassment Machine, Gaming Division.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the gamebros haven’t forgotten about Zoe Quinn either.

Here’s the screenshot; click for a larger and more readable version — if you’re not triggered by violent threats, that is.

BwmSdi4CMAAnYju.png large

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Seriously, if you know, tell me, because I am fresh out of explanations for this level of blind hatred.

NOTE: This thread is a NO SHITHEAD thread. If you say anything that in any way even slightly excuses or justifies the harassment of these women, you can fuck right off to any of the eight zillion places on the internet where you can badmouth these women to your heart’s content. I and the other mods will be banning and deleting as necessary.



282 replies on “You'll never guess what misogynistic gamebros did to these two women in gaming! (HINT: Drove them out.)”

It’s not necessary to make them feel afraid, just to make it clear that their behavior is unwelcome and that if they keep it up people will stop talking to them.

Guess not.

It’s obvious that men are far too emotional to play video games and should therefore not be allowed to.

Just kidding.

Also, a massive fuck you to the shithead who wants to assault Zoe Quinn and injure her knees. Both my knees are bad and have been since I was thirteen. It sucks. Anyone who thinks permanently crippling someone is justifiable “punishment” for basically acting in a way they don’t like, needs to be shunned by society.

Cassandra, it’s also worth noting that the gaming community hasn’t actually tried repeatedly telling off and, if necessary, ostracizing gamers who act like these commenters yet. These particular gamers now believe that the only people in the gaming community who object to their behavior are feminists, whom they don’t even consider to be real members of the community. If the broader gaming community actually does confront members spouting misogyny, it could very well help clean up the place.

That’s the thing, I hear the guys who say they support women saying “that’ll never work” when it seems like it’s barely been tried so far.

I wouldn’t say #gamergate is about (actively) pushing women out of gaming. But it is redirecting debate away from sexism in gaming and towards their pet issue, in this case “journalistic integrity”. And hey, maybe that is a valid issue. But they’re still ignoring the misogyny issue and trying to paint it as outsider SJWs coming in to stir up shit and stepping on real female gamers who aren’t victims of misogyny. Who probably do exist. But their existence doesn’t erase the existence of women in gaming who have experienced misogyny.

The hashtag #notyourshield is currently being used by pro-#gamergate women, but I think the sentiment could easily be applied to the #gamergate people. They’re not your shield to pretend that the gaming community has no problems with misogyny, to ignore the people who speak out.

There might have been a time when disco was cool that boys were 90% of gaming or anything else currently deemed “nerd culture”, but this is 2014 and I would wager that the sway has shifted to at least 55% female audience (for gaming and comic books and movies and tv series, you know, nerd culture in general. This is because they are actually more loyal to stuff they like than boys are, true story, the stuff you claim to love exists because the ladies take the time to watch it as it happens and reward it when “they” do it up right) and still random idiots feel they need to crush that and get back to disco. Well I for one will tell you all that DISCO F’N SUCKS and I never want us as a people to re-explore that shite. It was garbage then and it is garbage now, while you’re at it learn to manscape you beligerant troll bastidges. The lady pants of the universe are every bit as equipped as the boys are to enjoy pop culture, not only enjoy it but pioneer it with new blood and creativity. Maybe fandom needs more men and less boys to see the monster that it is, evolve into something greater. I am so sick of idiot fanboys that if I could legally get away with “pay my trip to and from your house I would stomp you into a mudhole and walk it dry” plan of action, I would make it a real thing, and how I earned my living (I would charge a premium for my time travelling) because fanboys by and large with their stupidity make me sick. All fanboys that want to say, “well that isn’t me, I think it’s cool that girls are into the stuff I’m into, then you all need to make the same stand. We all need to slap these idiots down and get in their face, not because the ladies need us to (because they don’t, they are mighty and they WILL ROAR, but because it needs to be done. Intolerance to haters needs to happen and it NEEDS a BIG BOOMING VOICE). The current state of affairs is unacceptable and it’s time those who really DO enjoy all the goodies we are getting these days made a stand, lets face it, those of us that really do care about all of this stuff are in our 30’s and not only are we real men with respect, wives, children, etc… but we are finally getting a chance to see content that we’ve been dreaming about across all mediums since we were 12-14 years old. Love the lady pants that share the same vision of the world as you do, do not rape threat or hate on them because they ACTUALLY LIKE the same things you do and HAVE THE TALENT to help bring that content to you, you F’N IDOTS. IDIOTS, I can’t say that enough, IDIOTS and COWARDS because I am certain that you would never say that kind of garbage to anyone face to face (most of you, like 99.7%), the 0.3% of you talking that garbage would still find themselves picking up their teeth with broken fingers), there would be consequences if you did that and there should be because you are an IDIOT deserving of missing teeth and broken fingers. The only thing getting in the way of truly great pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy and games is this boys club BS the rejected of the male species are raising a stink about. If a woman feels attacked, odds are she let it slide a lot longer than she should have before saying anything about it. That lady put up with a lot more than you would have (before saying anything) than in your imaginary life where you actually think yourself to be as badass as Samus or Master Chief (you’re not, you are less than a toad you worthless sack of meat suit). Fanboys need to grow up, stop being stupid and show some respect because YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Good for them. Why should they keep making games for ungrateful asshats? Fortunately, there are many women who can write games for other women and non-asshat men instead of having to deal with this crowd of baboons. Let them flail and scream against the inevitable while their niche gets pushed towards the long tail of the market.


From what I can tell, there’s been resentment simmering over how most of the major gaming news sources have been in the pocket of the big companies.

This problem has been kicking around since at least the early 1990s once people started believing that reviews and coverage in gaming magazines effected sales. Since IGN and other sites have been around for reasonably long time as well, it’s pretty dodgy for any long time gamer to suddenly be whipped up into a frenzy about payola now.

. It also led to #gamergate blaming Social Justice Warriors for… I’m not sure what. Covering up the real issue? Invading the gaming space for their own agenda without knowing or caring about women in gaming?

That’s almost amusing because it’s Redditor MRA-types who’ve fallen madly in rage with this issue, non-gamers included. Almost amusing, but not actually amusing.

All the more reason to use the tag to talk about how people are using #gamergate and journalistic conspiracy to sidestep any serious discussion of bigotry. If I had Twitter…

I thought from Matthew’s comment that AlAnon is some gamerdudebro saying feminism is transphobic for not accepting gender roles as innate.

@ Brooked… I think hackers in general use the word “op”.
I imagine that usage is an…um….language artifact (if that’s what you call it) of hacker culture.
I also imagine that hackers who care about social justice are cringing at the goings-on.

Reblogged this on balarick and commented:
The depth of these people’s hate-filled, delusional thinking is beyond my ability to calculate or stomach. I’m so glad for people like David Futrelle who wade through the deep end of these guys’ bullshit and catalogue it for others to see and mock.

Sorry, not buying that what Julie said is ableist. She didn’t say anyone was a psychopath, or diagnose anyone. Personality disorders that are, by definition, harmful to others are not the same as mental illnesses.

I wonder if it’s something particular about video games that attracts virulent sexists, or if their presence is just particularly visible in that medium.

Speaking of gamebros out to destroy Zoe Quinn, they have been posting a lot more shit on 4chan and chat rooms how to attack her and the SJW. If there’s any good in this it’s that ZQ herself is screen capping a lot of the stuff here and is hoping to use this as evidence in court.

And it seems her ex is an MRA.

Zolnier ,
Well think about it. Where else are they going to be able to shoot sex workers and grope exotic dancers or see women treated to sexualized violence they can actively participate in with no consequences and surrounded by other men who think it’s fun? Of course the state of video games today attracts misogynists. To me, that seems like their favorite part of gaming. Why else would they lose it over Sarkeesian’s criticisms of tropes against women in gaming?

Maybe if games treated women like people, they would attract more players who consider women people.

I did not know that zoe’s ex was doing more than just that butthurt bucket of bitterness he posted on 4chan. I thought he slunk away after that but it turns out he is in the front lines of doxxing and harassing and coaching others to do it? My god he is grade A asshole. He must be MRA, it explains everything.

@Zolnier: there’s probably about the same amount of sexists as there are everywhere, but the games industry still has a complex from when it was the moral panic du jour back in the 90s. Any kind of external criticism is interpreted as an attempt to delegitimise the artform and stunt it in the way the Comics Code did; any kind of internal criticism of the grosser parts of it is seen as capitulating to the forces of censorship. It’s also an area where disaffected youth can regain some control over their existence, which leads to a bourgeois kind of mentality where all these companies are serving a very narrow definition of what games can do, defined by these ‘consumer-kings’. People like Zoe Quinn have always existed on the fringes – part of the anger is that there are people seeking out and writing about the fringes.

Obviously we’re talking about a minority here – games also attract some of the smartest people around, who see quickly that underneath the crass commercialism and the shitty parts of the fanbase there’s something incredibly interesting going on – but it’s a minority that’s loud, that feels entitled, and doesn’t really have the social niceties to explain how they feel in a way that’ll elicit empathy.

And that minority is catered to by a corporate infrastructure that feels it’s safer to just go along with them rather.


The comic code was of the industry’s own design. They didn’t even bother to stop and reflect on the fact that shooting themselves in the leg right now is going to seriously hobble them in the long run, so that isn’t even worth clutching pearl over.

And as far as I can tell, these fellows are doing all the heavy lifting for everyone who ever remarked that maybe we should delegitimize the current brand of pseudo-anonymous internet use for good.

Alex M – hahahaha, that link to the “special jamming OP”

“classical minorities”? Seriously, do they seem to think that no one in the universe can read what they say or that someone who is disgusted with their shit won’t tell anyone?

Since they don’t want “real SJWs” hijacking that tag, if I had twitter, that’s EXACTLY what I would do. Because it’s not like they own that tag and that no one can mess with it, though they’re fond of messing with other people’s tags. I’m actually laughing right now.

@Kakanian Oh god, don’t get me started on faulty analogies from the world of video games. One of game journalism’s obsessions for a solid decade was the “Citizen Kane of games”, which was… well it was different for everyone but presumably it was going to be the thing game journalists could offer up to Roger Ebert which would allow them to be real critics.

It turned out that no amount of thoughtful criticism from people with cultural cachet like Tom Bissell and Charlie Brooker meant anywhere near as much as the industry making fuckloads of money. Turning your nose up at a $50B industry while still appearing to be in touch with modern trends is a tall order.

I don’t think pseudonymity is the problem here – after all, we know the names of the people writing at AVFM and it doesn’t stop them. It’s the lack of consequences, and the lack of defence. More than a few people noticed that Twitter didn’t lift a finger to stop the account that was posting child porn directed at Zoe Quinn’s account, while someone with no history and no trust is allowed to put whatever they want into Zoe’s mentions. Most of the social internet is designed to be radically inclusive, but that means that every gatecrasher who wants to turn up is given their very own invite and they never have to leave.

Right? How are these jerks seeing him as a victim and Quinn as the villain? Can you imagine the response if the ex was a woman in this situation and Quinn was a man? Can you imagine the boiled bunny jokes?

I honestly can’t help but laugh at the IRC log thing.

They post the channel on 4chan repeatedly and expected that no one that was against this whole campaign would log their shit?

I did not know that zoe’s ex was doing more than just that butthurt bucket of bitterness he posted on 4chan. I thought he slunk away after that but it turns out he is in the front lines of doxxing and harassing and coaching others to do it? My god he is grade A asshole. He must be MRA, it explains everything

Remember when David first made a post about Zoe Quinn being harassed and a bunch of people came here to claim that her ex wasn’t involved and didn’t sic trolls on her? They claimed all he did was write about the “abuse” he suffered on a random WordPress blog and it just happened to go viral?


There were also a couple of people claiming to be feminists who were taking the side of the harassers. Of course, we all saw through that bullshit and after seeing that storify Bogdan shared (Thanks Bogdan!) it pretty much confirms that those “feminists” were misogynist trolls.

They post the channel on 4chan repeatedly and expected that no one that was against this whole campaign would log their shit?

You can be very smart when it comes to computers and stupid in other ways apparently. I’m sure they’re just so arrogant and entitled they thought the “SJW” is some house of cards that can easily be destroyed with a harassment campaign and they don’t need to be careful. As if people who care about social justice have only existed on the internet the past few years. It’s not like progressive movements have been happening out in meatspace for a very long time or anything!


This goes back to an earlier point in this comment thread about why guys send these pictures. What on Earth makes them think that a stranger wants to see that?!? He actually said that he “thought you would like it.” Why?!? I am so confused.

He didn’t think she wanted to see it. He knew she didn’t, because she had told him so. He was deliberately violating her boundaries and that’s what made it thrilling. It’s exactly like that link way back on page one or two about the guy who was putting his semen in a coworker’s coffee, and claimed he just wanted her to notice him. Guys don’t force women to look at/touch/consume fluids from their dicks for attention, or because they don’t know what women want. The ability to force women to engage with them in a sexualized way is the entire point.


So… they claim it as a victory, and I can’t see how they’re wrong. They’re quite successfully undoing years of hard-fought social progress, by running out people who stand up against their bigotry.

It’s like the KKK in the south attacking and sometimes killing people(of all races) who stood up for equal rights.

Or Operation Rescue taking their protests from abortion clinics to churches that refuse to join them in front of the abortion clinics.

Samantha: you mean like the girl who was sent a dick pic on a dating app and forwarded it to his mom?


Yep, that is EXACTLY what I mean…and thanks for the link. Seriously, hateful and nasty men HATE it when they are busted to their moms. It is a wonderful way to shame and humiliate them (which they richly deserve) and it has the added benefit of forcing them, even if only for a little while, to face themselves. Most of these guys want their mothers to think well of them, which is kinda hard when they have to explain to mom what they are doing and why.

I know at least one of your sons has written here before, and from what I can know froma forum like this, my guess is that you have raised sons who would never behave like this in a trillion years. A good thing, too – they probably are pretty attached to their hides.

That they are, grumpycat. Happily, their dad would never tolerate this behavior either. We are very happy with our three sons and one daughter. And it can be difficult when they come home from school behaving like jerks because that is what they see in the larger world.

But now for the real question: is Gamergate just a distraction about Benghazi?

I’m actually struck by the similarities: a trumped-up charge (albeit a more serious one in Benghazi) is transparently used as cover for people to hate on a minority who has managed to make it into what they see as rightfully their own territory.

But the gamers are amateurs compared to the political right wing, and so fail to come up with accusations that would be worth getting that upset about even if they were true (which, so far, they either aren’t or there is only the proof of an angry ex-boyfriend who likes to harass his ex… not the most reliable or witnesses).

I know at least one of your sons has written here before, and from what I can know froma forum like this, my guess is that you have raised sons who would never behave like this in a trillion years. A good thing, too – they probably are pretty attached to their hides.

That they are, grumpycat. Happily, their dad would never tolerate this behavior either. We are very happy with our three sons and one daughter. And it can be difficult when they come home from school behaving like jerks because that is what they see in the larger world.

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*Mod hat off*

Maybe I misunderstood the original “thonk” comment. Mea culpa!

In any case, I think the extremely limited dox of “sent this to your mum” is FUCKING PERFECT. Let her know how these assholes treat women who aren’t her…words will be had!

I appreciate you being in total panic mode because Zoe “Fraud” Quinn was exposed for the duplicitous hypocrite that she is, but hopefully your quest to get laid by pretending to be a feminist doesn’t continue humiliating you 🙂

You know, it’s shit like this that has had me basically leave geek circles. Comics bullshit is pretty similar, though in my opinion breaking down (I’ll spare you the economics comics rant) but the specific brand of geek misogyny just grosses me out and pisses me off like no other. It’s the mix of vicious territorialism and victim complex.

RE: ikanreed

It’s like the KKK in the south attacking and sometimes killing people(of all races) who stood up for equal rights.

Oh come on. The KKK focused their attacks mostly on black folks. Saying “of all races” makes it sound like they attacked everyone equally. Don’t be a dickbutt.

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