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#FreeWarMachine: A hashtag for the worst people on planet earth

War Machine, thinking positive thoughts about himself.
War Machine, thinking positive thoughts about himself.

If you’re worried that your view of humanity is excessively sunny, well, here’s one way to fix that: take a look at the hashtag #FreeWarMachine on Twitter, full of people who seem to honestly believe that mixed martial arts fighter and sometime porn actor War Machine either didn’t beat his ex-girlfriend nearly to death, or that, if he did, she probably deserved it anyway.

In other words it’s a virtual parade of the very worst people currently living on planet earth. I’m posting some of the, well, milder tweets below, but even though I’m avoiding the worst you should seriously consider heeding this TRIGGER WARNING and visit @CuteEmergency instead.






So here are the sorts of people in War Machine has in his corner:

Oh, but it gets worse. The most active commenter in the hashtag is a hyperbolically racist troll (in all senses of the word) whose name contains a racial slur. You’ll have to go through his history to see the terrible, terrible things he’s saying; there’s no way I’m posting them here. Be WARNED: His Twitter page is illustrated with a giant photograph of the severely injured Christy Mack.

What’s stranger than this outpouring of support from foul misogynistic shitheads is that War Machine is also getting what appears to be utterly sincere fans who think that he is the real victim here.

Meanwhile, this woman, whose thoughts proved too expansive for Twitter, gave the whole situation a New Age spin. Citing the so-called “Law of Attraction,” she argued that War Machine had only turned bad because he’d brought a bad person with bad energy into his life. That person being the woman he (allegedly) nearly killed.

I would sic a hardcore curriculum of LAW OF ATTRACTION on his ass.

I almost did… he read a book I sent him when he was in jail… and he seemed to turn things around for a while. But the material didn’t stick. It requires almost the same level of dedication and practice that MMA itself requires.

And Mack was just a huge fucking wrong turn for him.

“You are who you hang out with.”

“You become the thoughts you most repeatedly have.”

Mack gets fucked all the time = WM is now fucked. Big-time.



I pray that the judge hates the porn industry…maybe her husband left her for a porn star… and maybe hence, the judge will have some sympathy for WM…lol.

I suppose I have to give this woman credit for originality. Victim blaming is more an art than a science, and this is artful indeed.

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I’m increasingly coming round to the view that these people are really quite unpleasant.

I wish I could say that any of this asshattery surprised me, but I’ve been a nurse too damn long and seen too much. This kind of BS happens all the time, just with less famous people, so no one other than the principals ever knows about it. George Carlin was right, the best most people can do for you is not kill you today.

The assault was bad, but predictable (he has previous assaults). People defending him was bad, but predictable (there’s always a jerk who wants to victim blame. Always). And, now, there’s a woman who seems to think that she can fix him. I’ve seen this BS too often. I’ve watched over the dying while the police circled, hoping for a moment of clarity so they could get a statement and the whole damn hospital was on lockdown to prevent the perps from preventing that statement too damn often.

I am so very tired.

I also hope Christy Mack makes a totally miraculous complete recovery.

OMG, did you see the link at the top of David’s tweet feed (on the sidebar)? Holy Hannah these guys are vile.

And their “humor” is predictably toilet-worthy, too.

Apparently there’s no one so vile and clearly in the wrong that someone, somewhere, won’t stand up for them.

Well, considering that he was in porn too, I guess that phrase really does cut both ways.

Oh, but men don’t get fucked, they fuck. Completely, totally different and of coruse mroally superior, like everything men do. Which is why men may own their women, and treat them like that if they “misbehave”.

Arrgh! But it’s apaprent that is how those people think.

The only consolation I see is that all those tweets seem to be written by teenaged analphabetes. So at least the strong correlation between holding those views and being extremely, incredibly stupid is readily apparent.

Hey now, there are plenty of ugly meatheads who aren’t wife-beating maybe-rapists.

Ok, this is terrible and I don’t get how anyone can defend this guy (with the exception of the poor sap nominated as his public defender, unless he gets a lawyer himself).

This guy is a horrible person who did committed a horrible violent crime against another person.

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