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Confused Dudes Confused by Confused Cats Against Feminism

Sweetie Pie Jonus pities the fools.
Sweetie Pie Jonus pities the fools.

Oh dear. Some very confused dudes on the A Voice for Men Forums are angry at the Huffington Post for suggesting that Confused Cats Against Feminism might just be a parody of Women Against Feminism.

A guy calling himself Humansplaining w/ Jarred starts off the thread — titled “HuffPo tries – and fails – to politicize ‘Cats Against Feminism'” — with this little rant. (I’ve bolded some of the especially silly stuff.)

So, being that ‘Women Against Feminism’ is an internet phenomenon, through Tumblr as well as Twitter, the internet inevitably took this thread in the direction it takes EVERYTHING nowadays – cats.

If you read through all the ‘Cats Against Feminism’ memes, you’ll notice that they pretty much all revolve around, well…CATS. Go figure, huh? References to food, tuna, shedding, and biting predominate these posts. The references to ‘Feminism’ are basically incidental, since this is just piggy-backing on the viral success of ‘Women Against Feminism’. Those posting these memes never really express whether they are in favor of, or against Feminism. It’s clearly not meant to appeal to EITHER side of the issue. Rather, it’s simply a silly meme meant to produce a few chuckles for ANYONE that happens to run across them. Just like every other stupid cat meme on the internet, of which there must literally be TRILLIONS.

But HuffPo apparently sees things differently …

You know what? I think those CATS are smarter than the people at Huffpo that produced this article. THEY think that Feminism is a stupid and pointless human concept, and they wish you’d stop talking about it and fighting amongst each other, because they need you to FEED them!
Seriously HuffPo, learn to take a joke, and give the ideology a rest for 5 FUCKING SECONDS already.

Because the cats are laughing at YOU now…

AVFM forum dudes, I hate to break it to you, but the cats aren’t laughing at the Huffington Post. They’re laughing at you.

Maybe I need to start up a new blog: Confused Cats Confused by Confused Cats Against Feminism.

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Damn. That should be “succinct.” Auto correct catches everything but actual misspellings, it seems.

Catherine, I think you’re on target. Radical feminism is anything that might require Niall to do, say or think anything with which he is currently uncomfortable. Good feminism is that which does not.

Remarkable how that works.

naill’s thinks he’s winning because people are responding to him. Like, that’s pretty much all it takes for him to ‘win’ in his version of reality. Woohoo, they paid attention to me! I win!

Which is… I want to say pathetic, but that seems too nice.


The New York Review of Books series of articles on sexual abuse are a sobering and useful resource. If naill and other MRAs cared about male victims of prison sexual assault they should research the subject further on rather than derailing online discussions of rape without knowing what the hell they’re talking about, but what fun is that?

Sorry all, I’m way behind on reading (just got through all 922 comments on a previous thread…so much good food…/ahem), but this comment from Contrapangloss on July 31 is awesome. I can’t agree more with everything said. I have the same hope.

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